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The side effects of dangerous prescription drugs are a harsh reality of today's medical world. Get up-to-the-minute news on the FDA, prescription drugs and safe, natural options to get and stay healthy on the NorthStar blog on prescription drugs and FDA issues.

  1. Did you get the WRONG DRUG by accident? Here’s how to tell!

    Well, here’s one heckuva MIXUP for ya.

    Two very different kinds of medications were recently RECALLED

    And unlike the OTHER recalls lately… it’s not because they were CONTAMINATED.

    Not in the traditional sense, anyway.

    It’s because they were the WRONG med!

    And I gotta warn you before you go any further.

    As serious as this is… as DANGEROUS as it is… this one’s probably gonna make you laugh at least a little, because of one of the drugs involved in the recall.

    It was sildenafil, a.k.a. the “little blue pill” that puts the lead in guys’ pencils.

    Imagine taking THAT without realizing it!

    But once you get past the snickers, there’s a very serious side to this.

    It should concern not only users of the OTHER med involved in the mixup… but anyone and everyone taking meds for any condition at all.

    Fortunately, I’ve got a surefire way to tell if you’ve got the right pills in your bottle -- no matter WHAT you’re taking.

    From disappointing… to dangerous

    So, here’s the story…

    Both sildenafil and an antidepressant drug called trazodone were recalled recently when they were accidentally packaged TOGETHER.

    Y’know. Like the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups commercial… only WEIRDER.

    “You got your sex pills in my mood meds!”

    “You got your mood meds in my sex pills!”

    And while it might SEEM funny… it’s no laughing matter for someone with depression who isn’t getting the treatment they rely on.

    Although, I guess it’s another way to “get happy,” if ya know what I mean.

    On the flipside, if you were hoping for some sex meds and got an antidepressant instead…

    Well, let’s just say you probably had a disappointing night in the sack

    Especially if you suffered from some of the classic side effects of trazodone such as headache… nausea… and “bad taste in your mouth.”

    The drug can also cause sleepiness, so at least the bed might get some use after all… just not in the way you had hoped.

    But listen, this ISN'T just an oddball one-off situation.

    Drug mix-ups happen ALL the time.

    One study found that 2% of all prescriptions involve a mistake -- often a mixup where the patient is given the WRONG med, or the WRONG dosage of the RIGHT drug.

    Stuff happens.

    So, here’s the situation…

    For any NEW med, check out the pill closely to make sure you got what was prescribed.  The shapes, colors and tiny writing on them aren’t random… but are used to help identify them.

    You used to need a book – The Pill Book – to see what they all looked like. But now, you can go online and Google the name of the drug you’re taking and the dosage… and hit the “images” tab to call up specific pics of what your drug should look like.

    If it’s ANY different, call the pharmacy.

    Ditto for any med you’ve been on a while. You know what it looks like by now… if it suddenly looks different, DON’T assume it’s a rebranding.

    Check it out closely -- and if you have any doubts or questions, speak up.

    And if you experience any NEW side effects from a drug you’ve been taking a while… double-check to make sure the pharmacist didn’t pull the old switcheroo on you!

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

    P.S. A diet rich in zinc can put some lead into your pencil, too. Try adding animal fats and seafood if you’re looking to “perform” a little better “down there.”

    And if your mood is down in the dumps… you may not have to let your doc DRUG YOU UP! Click here to find out how B vitamins can help make you “right in the head.”

  2. UTI-killer could kill YOU… but this Thanksgiving staple could SAVE you!

    Somehow, they’ve just managed to make scary urinary tract infections even more horrifying than they already were.

    If you’ve got a complicated UTI… there’s a powerful antibiotic they may try to give you.

    It’s called cefiderocol.

    On the one hand, it seems to work just great… CURING 72.6% of patients in studies, compared to just 54.6% of those given the older meds.

    On the other hand, if it doesn’t CURE you…

    It just might KILL you instead!

    It’s got a SHOCKINGLY high death rate, with the patients who need help most … those who’re sickest to begin with… facing the biggest risks of all.

    But that didn’t stop the FDA from approving it!

    Fortunately, you might NOT necessarily need it.

    Here’s why.

    Scary death risk… from an antibiotic?

    A normal – or “uncomplicated” – UTI is just what it sounds like. A run-of-the-mill… everyday… painful… but mostly common UTI.

    The same germs that cause it can also be linked to a complicated UTI…

    But what makes it “complicated” is that you’ve got something else going on

    From bladder issues… to heart problems… to other forms of illness and infection.

    It’s like when you pick up a UTI while hospitalized -- especially common if you’ve got a catheter, a.k.a. germ tube, poking into you.

    And on paper, that’s who this antibiotic drug is aimed at.

    But in studies, while some patients got protection… others DROPPED like flies.

    After two weeks, 18.8% of the folks given the new drug died, versus 12.2% of those on the older meds.

    That’s a 50% jump in deaths!

    After four weeks, 24.8% on the new drug died, versus 18.4% on the other meds… an increase of a third.

    Since the drug is aimed at sicker patients in the first place, that makes for a crazy catch-22.

    DON’T take the drug… and possibly DIE. Or TAKE the drug… and possibly DIE.

    That’s not a choice you should have to make.

    So, what do you do?

    Stop the UTI from turning complicated in the first place.

    If you’ve been prone to UTIs over the years, sugar-free cranberry extract and d-mannose can help make sure the germs behind the infection can’t CLING to your bladder wall and make you sick.

    If you’re NOT at that desperate stage of a scary infection, doctors may be willing to first try intravenous vitamin C, which spills into the urine and then kills off bacteria once it gets there.

    When it works, it works fast – sometimes immediately.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

    P.S. There’s another way to prevent UTIs – one that also can BOOST immune function. And I shared with you recently how the latest science officially PROVES their value.

    Interested in finding out more? Just click right here.

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  4. REPORT: What ‘aspirin therapy’ can REALLY do to seniors [Yikes!]

    Every time I see yet another aspirin commercial, I’ve gotta wonder… What in the HECK ever happened to truth in advertising??? Clearly, it’s a concept that DOESN’T exist anymore… Because if they were REALLY forced to give you the truth… they wouldn’t be ALLOWED to market it as some heart-saving wonder drug. They’d have to show frantic phone calls… ambulance...
  5. New probiotics guidelines are a SMEAR campaign – to STOP you from taking them!

    They’re spittin’ mad now… steamed at YOU. The crime? You had the NERVE to take matters into your own hands… PROTECT your own health… and TRY something they don’t like. Americans are turning to probiotics -- including some you can find in things like yogurt and sauerkraut (just don’t eat them together, blech) as well as from supplements. Good reason...
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    I don’t know what it’ll take to get people off the aspirin wagon. There have been WARNINGS… but the warnings were pooh-poohed. There have been STUDIES… but the studies were ignored. And there are about a gazillion people who can tell ya first-hand about the toll this drug takes on the gut… ripping up the walls like you swallowed a...
  9. How getting a flu shot could be BAD NEWS for avoiding coronavirus

    It’s the kinda thing where I have to laugh… if only to stop myself from SCREAMING! I’ve seen them yammer on about it on TV… and they’ve slipped into news articles, too. It’s even on The New York Times webpage about protecting yourself from the deadly coronavirus. Get a flu shot!   They know it won’t do a THING for...
  10. When NSAIDs could be the WRONG CHOICE for you

    The advice is confusing and frustrating – and right at a time when Americans need it straight. Instead, they’re left bewildered and even frightened. Can you take an NSAID like ibuprofen for a fever? Or is there ever a time when you might avoid it and try something… ANYTHING… else??? Well, friend, you’ve come to the right place today...
  11. [INSANE] Mainstream plots to DELIBERATELY expose you to MORE radiation

    There’s ONE THING standing between you and a potential case of cancer years from now…. So naturally, the mainstream wants to LITERALLY strip it right off your body! There’s a new push by the establishment to do away with the lead aprons used during imaging tests. They’re what’s supposed to stop stray radiation beams from going where they shouldn’t. During...
  12. The drugs your doc should NEVER give you… but MIGHT anyway

    The worst kind of addiction isn’t a street junkie looking for a fix… And it’s not an American in pain struggling with opioid drugs. It strikes your doc… and EVERYONE else in mainstream allopathic medicine. They’re ADDICTED to prescribing meds you should NEVER get!  Even when they KNOW they’re bad for you… And the studies PROVE they’re more likely to...
  13. Big Pharma pushes scary drug for cognitive problems [YIKES!]

    It’s the kind of bird-brained scheme Wile E. Coyote might come up with. Just disguise some bird poison as an important and life-changing medicine… filled with hope and promise… And wait for Road Runner come along and eat it up. MEEP! MEEP! In the cartoons, you know the Road Runner’s never really fooled… But out in the real world, the...
  14. Don’t fall for this BOGUS safety alert about your heartburn [False alarm!]

    Americans are DITCHING some of the most dangerous drugs in the pharmacy… and turning to SAFER options for acid reflux. We should CELEBRATE that, right? Well, friend, you’d better believe the drug industry ISN’T celebrating. They’re in full-blown PANIC mode! See, they don’t look at the part where drugs for reflux such as PPIs are DANGEROUS. No, they’re only looking...
  15. ‘Brain drain’ drug risk is REAL… but they’re BRAINWASHING you to ignore it!

    Me? In a CULT?!?!? Never woulda pegged myself as a cultist… But that’s what the mainstream is calling me -- just for opposing statins, because they can cause memory problems and muscle pain. Agree with me? Welcome to the cult! A new report on the MedPage Today website for medical professionals claims we’re engaged in “fear-mongering.” Now, WHERE could we...
  16. Frightening new UTI cure packs scary death risk

    It’s a scary infection… but somehow, they’ve just managed to make it even more horrifying. They’re out with a new treatment for complicated urinary tract infections. On the one hand, the powerful new antibiotic cefiderocol seems to work just great, essentially punching a hole in the cell wall of the bacteria that’s making you sick. In studies, it CURED 72.6...
  17. [BULLETIN] Phony scare over natural heart supplement

    You don’t have to be a “Breaking Bad” fan to know the first move in the illegal drugs biz. You gotta wipe out the competition… any way you can. Well, turns out the LEGAL drug industry isn’t so different… They’re out with a whole new series of cholesterol meds… from expensive injections to cut LDL to pricey new synthetic fish...
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  19. ‘Failed’ Alzheimer’s med RESURRECTED… and could get approved anyway

    A new beta-amyloid-busting drug for Alzheimer’s? That’s what the media says… that’s what the drug industry claims… and that’s what the FDA seems hellbent on approving in a hurry. But don’t get your hopes up! This drug that’s being hailed as a breakthrough… is already BROKEN! I’ll put the pieces back together in a moment and give you the inside...
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