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  1. REAL relief from fibromyalgia pain and fatigue [FINALLY!]

    Want to read your doctor’s mind?

    Just read his prescription pad!

    If he gives you an antibiotic… there’s a good chance he has NO IDEA what’s wrong but is hoping it goes away in a few days.

    If he gives you a painkiller… he’s saying he can’t actually FIX the pain… but, again, is just biding time to see if it goes away on its own.

    And if he gives you an antidepressant… but you’re NOT depressed?

    Well, friend, he may as well just slap you right across the face – because he’s saying that WHATEVER you’re suffering from is ALL in your head!

    There’s no condition where they do that more than fibromyalgia.

    But if you have this condition, it’s NOT in your head. And you DON’T need an antidepressant.

    The problem isn’t YOU.

    It’s a REAL condition… confirmed by tests in the world’s leading medical institutions.

    Now, new research confirms something else…

    There IS a way to get the relief you deserve… with no drugs needed!

    The PINE BARK secret for fibromyalgia relief

    Fibromyalgia isn’t just pain.

    It’s pain that can strike ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE

    And includes burning sensationsnumbnessstabbingtinglingelectrical shocks… and more.

    And that’s STILL not all of it.

    It can also trigger migrainesfatiguebrain fog… and sleep disorders

    Just to name a few.

    Doctors are often STUMPED – and some lash out at YOU with bogus “treatments,” such as antidepressant drugs.

    But new research reveals a much better solution – one that can truly treat the condition without side effects, and without insulting your intelligence.

    It’s a patented form of pine bark extract called Pycnogenol.

    In the new study, less than 1 in 5 patients in the control group had any improvement in pain from stiffness when they followed the usual advice about stretching, relaxing, and aerobics.

    But following that same advice… along with taking Pycnogenol… made a WORLD of difference

    With more than HALF getting relief.

    It was almost the same story in patients with pain from fatigue

    Of those given the Pycnogenol, nearly 60% improved… versus just 14% of those following the usual advice.

    In other words, it was 3X more effective for stiffness pain… and more than 4X better for fatigue-related pain.

    The extract was also…

    • 3X better for migraines
    • 4X more effective for other headaches
    • 10X better for brain fog, and
    • 2X as effective for fatigue.

    And it was far better for fighting off stress… and preventing the “pins and needles” feelings that plagues so many people with fibromyalgia.

    Now, ALL of these women who participated in the study showed ELEVATED levels of oxidative stress at the beginning…

    And Pycnogenol is a strong antioxidant known to HUNT DOWN free radicals to stop them from short-circuiting your cells.

    So that may be what’s going on behind the scenes with Pycnogenol and fibro.

    Here’s the best part…

    Pycnogenol is already widely used around the world. It has a long and spotless track record for both safety and effectiveness… and for dozens of common conditions and complaints.

    In other words, this ISN’T something new and weird with unknown risks.

    It’s something that’s been tried and tested – and passed with flying colors.

    So, if you have fibromyalgia yourself… and have gotten the runaround from your own doctor… consider giving this stuff a shot.

    It’s pretty widely available from established supplement makers like Swanson… Nature’s Way… Puritans Pride… Life Extension… and more.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. [URGENT] How QUITTING an opioid could WRECK your health

    They rushed to get you ON the painkillers… and now they’re rushing to get you OFF.

    And in both cases, they’re not only WRONG…

    They’re leading to TRAGIC consequences for America’s seniors, who are caught in the middle of an increasingly BIZARRE and totally UNSCIENTIFIC approach to pain.

    Yes, friend, this one’s about the opioid drugs that have sucked the soul out of entire American communities.

    This one has hit patients battling nearly EVERY form of agony:

    • back pain
    • knee arthritis
    • neck pain
    • neuropathy
    • migraines
    • injuries
    • …and more.

    If you’re NOT taking them now… make sure you NEVER get started.

    But if you or a loved one ARE on one of them right now… there’s something ELSE you need to know about these drugs.

    Quitting can be just a dangerous!

    The looming opioid ‘cliff’… and how NOT to fall off it

    You’ve seen it in movies, when junkies on hard drugs howl in pain on a dirty mattress as they go through the DTs after they’re cut off from their supply.

    Well, friend, that ain’t just in pictures.

    That can happen when you’re cut off from opioid drugs suddenly -- especially if you’ve had high-dose and/or long-term use.

    Common withdrawal symptoms include:

    • more pain
    • suicidal thoughts
    • psychological distress
    • anxiety
    • nausea
    • sweats and chills, and
    • rapid heartbeat.

    This isn’t a movie. This is the NIGHTMARE facing ordinary Americans, as a new report finds the rug’s being YANKED right out from under them.

    They’re calling it the “opioid cliff” -- and right now the majority of pain patients are PLUNGING off it.

    According to this latest report, the number of Medicare patients PULLED off opioids has increased by nearly 50% over 5 years…

    And in 80% of cases, it’s cold turkey (or close to it)… despite the well-known problems of this approach.

    Even the guidelines urge docs to ease off slowly to help patients back into normalcy.

    Clearly, just as they DIDN’T get the message about the dangers of opioids in the first place, they’re NOT getting the message about how to help patients quit right now!

    If you’re on these meds yourself, it’s long past time to take a DIFFERENT approach.

    Just don’t go it alone. And definitely DON’T jump off that cliff.  

    If your doc hasn’t suggested it yet, ask about tapering. And if he tries to pull the plug on you at once, DEMAND that tapered treatment.

    But don’t stop there.

    The opioids might be gone… but your pain will still be around…

    And you DESERVE relief. Real, safe, lasting relief.

    The best approach will depend on your specific pain, but some good places to start include…

    • B vitamins for nerve pain
    • platelet-rich plasma for slow-healing injuries
    • acupuncture and/or massage for back and knee pain
    • UC-II collagen for arthritis damage
    • drug-free topical ointments for quick on-the-spot relief from life’s everyday aches.

    If your doc ISN’T open to these safe, proven pain treatments… tell him to go take a flying leap

    And find an integrative doc who’s NOT going to leave you high and dry.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  3. The doctor’s FIRST choice for gout… is also one of the WORST!

    Imagine fuel that causes your car to STOP… or a meal that makes you HUNGRIER. Or, try to picture an air conditioner that makes your room HOTTER! That’s nothing compared to what you could get from a popular drug for gout -- one that has the FULL backing of the mainstream. Because BEFORE it makes you better… it can make...
  4. REPORT: What ‘aspirin therapy’ can REALLY do to seniors [Yikes!]

    Every time I see yet another aspirin commercial, I’ve gotta wonder… What in the HECK ever happened to truth in advertising??? Clearly, it’s a concept that DOESN’T exist anymore… Because if they were REALLY forced to give you the truth… they wouldn’t be ALLOWED to market it as some heart-saving wonder drug. They’d have to show frantic phone calls… ambulance...
  5. Feds approve new back pain therapy – but don’t get ZAPPED just yet

    Tweak it, strain it, poke it, bang it, hit it… or just plain twist it around. I’m betting at some point or another… ALL of that’s happened to your poor, overtaxed back. And if you’re like me, you’re feeling EVERY SINGLE ONE of those old injuries act up as you get older. I’ll share how I get relief from my...
  6. When NSAIDs could be the WRONG CHOICE for you

    The advice is confusing and frustrating – and right at a time when Americans need it straight. Instead, they’re left bewildered and even frightened. Can you take an NSAID like ibuprofen for a fever? Or is there ever a time when you might avoid it and try something… ANYTHING… else??? Well, friend, you’ve come to the right place today...
  7. Big Pharma pushes scary drug for cognitive problems [YIKES!]

    It’s the kind of bird-brained scheme Wile E. Coyote might come up with. Just disguise some bird poison as an important and life-changing medicine… filled with hope and promise… And wait for Road Runner come along and eat it up. MEEP! MEEP! In the cartoons, you know the Road Runner’s never really fooled… But out in the real world, the...
  8. MIRACLE CURE for chronic pain, RA, fibro, and more? [Shocking]

    MIRACLE CURE for chronic pain, RA, fibro, and more? You’re not going to BELIEVE what I’m about to recommend to you today. There’s NEW HOPE for millions of Americans facing the horrors of some of today’s most agonizing conditions. This cutting-edge treatment can help not only with some of the most complicated and difficult diseases in the world… It can...
  9. [BUSTED!] Pain ‘advocates’ caught hiding an ugly secret

    Well boo-hoo-hoo! Some of today’s “top experts” on pain are practically WEEPING in public… but it’s not because of pain. No, it’s because several “pain groups” – organizations that claim to advocate for patients with chronic pain– are going belly-up. “Oh no!” the experts are weeping. “Who will speak for the pain patients now???” But don’t break out the tissue...
  10. Is this common med turning you into a MONSTER?

    If you’ve ever had the SNEAKING suspicion that you’re surrounded by psychos, zombies, uncaring creeps, and various sociopaths… I’ve got news for you today. You're 100% right! People are worse to each other than ever. You see it on TV -- on what passes for “news” in these crazy times -- and you see it out there in the streets...
  11. New back pain ‘drug’ is really a cheap natural remedy… with a JACKED-UP price!

    The mainstream is pleased as punch. They couldn’t be happier with themselves. It’s for doing what they’ve always claimed to be practically IMPOSSIBLE. They say they’ve discovered a way to help ease back pain in some of the toughest of all cases… without dangerous and addictive pain pills. I’d stand up and pat ’em on the back, except for one little...
  12. [Breakthrough] WIPE OUT pain with this ‘miracle’ oil

    It’s the latest craze in healthcare… a proven natural therapy for everything from pain to cancer. But it’s pretty much doomed already. It’s got FOUR big “problems” working against it … It’s safe. It’s cheap. It’s effective. It’s natural. Now, I know that none of that SOUNDS like a problem. Of course, It’s NOT a problem for you –  but it’s a BIG problem for Big Pharma! If it ain't...
  13. ERASE gout pain without DEADLY drugs… in 4 easy steps

    I just love it when the FDA pretends to talk tough… like they’re doing now as they try to “tackle” a gout drug. The drug was DANGEROUS when they approved it. It REMAINED dangerous after it hit the market. And naturally, it’s STILL dangerous today. Nothing’s changed… The drug febuxostat (Uloric) will increase your risk of death from heart disease by more than...
  14. Wintergreen Oil Uses To Boost Your Heath

    uses wintergreen oilYou’ve heard about menthol as a pain reliever. And capsaicin. But have you heard about the way wintergreen can relieve and soothe your pain, and improve your health? If not, you should know about them – because wintergreen oil uses go so much further than just flavoring your gum! Continue reading →
  15. What Physical Pain Does to Your Body

    pain physical No one wants to live with physical pain, let’s be honest. At the same time, though, people tend to think of pain as something you should just deal with….adults shouldn’t be crybabies…everybody hurts a little as they get older… But those attitudes are as much a problem as your physical pain! You should not “just deal with” physical pain. In fact, doing so can actually be unhealthy for you. Continue reading →
  16. A Cheat Sheet for Treating Sciatica

    sciatica treatingOfficially, sciatica is “pain in the lower extremity resulting from irritation of the sciatic nerve” – but that doesn’t come close to capturing how sciatica feels, what it’s like to live with it, or just how important treating sciatica can be. Because that “pain in the lower extremity” can mean a constant, nagging ache that never seems to completely go away. Or a shooting pain that radiates through your buttock and down your leg. It can mean never being able to roll over in bed because you can’t sleep on the affected side. Or not being able to sit for a long time, because the discomfort becomes too much. And it really means that treating this pain can become a top priority, so that you can have a reprieve from the constant ache and shooting pains. Continue reading →
  17. Joint Pain and Fatigue: Is My Joint Pain Causing Fatigue?

    fatigue and joint painYour joints hurt. And you’re tired. But is your joint pain and fatigue related? Could your joint pain actually be causing fatigue? And what – if anything - can you do about them? You’ve got questions. Luckily, I’ve got some answers… Continue reading →
  18. Do You Have Unexplained Nerve Pain? Nerve Pain Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

    nerve pain unexplainedYou’re not 100% sure when it started, but you know it’s happening more often. The unexplained nerve pain that have changed your life. Skin burning and tingling. Feeling like you’ve got pins and needles running up and down your arms or legs. Even an electrical sensation under your skin. Some days it may be so bad that even a loving hug or a supportive touch can be too much. But what causes nerve pain? And more importantly, what can you do about them? Continue reading →
  19. Stress and Pain: Is Stress the Cause of Your Pain [take this quiz]

    pain and stressDoes your pain cause your stress? Or does your stress cause your pain? We’ve known for a long time that stress and pain are connected. But how do you know which came first? This quiz may give you an indication of which came first, and if stress is actually causing your pain. Continue reading →
  20. Sciatica Relief Exercises: Pain Free in 1 Minute a Day

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    Sciatica ReliefSciatica Relief Exercises: Pain Free in 1 Minute a Day Sciatica pain is a pain unlike any other. It hurts when you walk, sit, or lie down. If you try to sleep on one side, or roll onto the other, it doesn’t matter. If you have sciatica, it all hurts. Period. But you really can be pain free in 1 minute a day with sciatica relief exercises. What is Sciatica? And What Can Be Done About It? The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your entire body. It starts in your lower back, and runs down the backs of your legs. When this nerve gets irritated or compressed for any reason, the pain you feel is sciatica. Only your doctor can diagnose sciatica, but some tell-tale signs are butt, hip, or leg pain that isn’t caused by a known injury and isn’t in the joints. And even though the sciatic nerve starts in your back, back pain isn’t necessarily a symptom of sciatica. Continue reading →

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