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  1. [WARNING] FDA signs off on DANGEROUS diabetes drug

    [WARNING] FDA signs off on DANGEROUS diabetes drug

    A major drug company has got a diabetes drug that’s so dangerous… the instructions almost BEG you not to take it.

    Not at first, anyway.

    It says it SHOULDN’T be “first-line” treatment for the disease.

    When you consider how bad many of the “first-line” treatments are, that’s saying something.

    But instead of taking the financial hit you might expect after relegating the drug to “second-line” status… company shares just jumped.

    And you’re not gonna believe why.

    They took a BAD idea… made it even WORSE

    And they’re spreading it as WIDELY as possible.

    Don’t worry, there IS a “first-line” treatment that’s so goodso safe… and so effective

    You’ll NEVER need to consider a drug like this one.

    All you gotta do is ignore just about EVERYTHING they’ve been telling you!

    The TRUE risks of this dangerous diabetes drug

    In a normal world, a drug THIS dangerous would be DOOMED to low sales, as patients would avoid it in droves.

    Instead, it’s getting a major new push that could earn its maker BILLIONS.

    See, semaglutide (a.k.a. Ozempic) has been ONLY available via injection. And that alone is a natural brake on the sales.

    Not everyone wants to jab themselves every time they need a dose.

    But the FDA just approved a pill form of it.

    So instead, patients are going to EAT this thing up – literally.

    The main reason it’s not a first-line treatment is a link to possible thyroid tumors, based on animal studies.

    It’s also been linked to pancreatitisdiabetic retinopathy complications… acute kidney injury… and more.

    This is the kind of drug patients need to stay far, far away from.

    So, I’m going to turn back the clock to a time when you could control blood sugar… WITHOUT having to stare in a mirror while you fondle your throat to check for tumors.

    Start with these natural therapies:

    • chromium
    • berberine
    • Gymnema sylvestre, and
    • vanadium.

    But don’t stop there.

    The best way to REVERSE diabetes if you have it… and even CURE it completely… is to keep the sugar out of your system.

    If there’s no sugar in the blood… there’s no disease, period.

    You gotta restrict sweets and most of the other carbs, too.

    For the occasional treat – hey, we all need it – limit yourself to a little raw honey and/or real maple syrup along with some cinnamon, and use only unrefined flour (and even then, in very limited amounts).

    You won’t make anyone rich off of this plan, which is why you never hear BOO about it.

    But you WILL get healthy… and stay that way.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. STOP prediabetes from turning into diabetes in 2 easy steps!

    Make no mistake about it…

    They WANT you to get sick. They WANT you to have diabetes.

    And most of all… they WANT you to NEED their meds for the rest of your life!

    If you think that’s a wild conspiracy theory, I’ve got news for you, my friend.

    There’s a new study out right now that exposes the mainstream’s true agenda

    And that’s to feed you drugs until the day you reach the grave.

    But today, I’m going to write a NEW agenda…

    One that ends with you living a full, healthy life WITHOUT meds… WITHOUT diabetes… and WITHOUT effort!

    There’s just one catch, especially if you have prediabetes.

    You need to start right now.

    The disease-blocking protocol that will END diabetes

    A recent report claims older folks with prediabetes should stop stressing the condition and treat it like that pesky kid back in grammar school.

    Ignore it… and it’ll go away.

    It claims just 13% of older patients with prediabetes go on to develop the disease -- with or without ANY kind of treatment.

    Yep, keep the donuts flowing, it doesn’t matter, it’s pretty much a lottery… where the “jackpot” is a lifetime of disease.

    But that’s just plain BUNK…

    Because there’s a little detail hidden deep inside the study that shows it’s NOT a lottery… and it’s NOT just a matter of luck.

    Folks who stayed obese were more likely to develop diabetes… while folks who lost weight didn’t.

    Those pound-shedding folks also had a LOWER risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

    But it’s in the mainstream’s interest to make you THINK it’s up to fate.

    See, if you listen to them… if you IGNORE prediabetes and just HOPE it goes away without DOING anything to protect yourself… you WILL develop diabetes (and a whole lot worse).

    And then you’ll need treatment and meds.

    You’re not healthy… but you sure are PROFITABLE!

    I’ve got 2 steps you can take right now that can ensure you get the only payoff that matters – a.k.a. your health!

    1. Switch to a low-carb diet. If you commit to this, you won’t even need step 2, it’s that effective (especially if you’re not yet a full-blown diabetic). You know how this works… quit the sugar and refined carbs. And if you need something sweet, have a piece of fruit. Not juice, just whole fruit.
    2. Try natural therapies to help bring blood sugar under control. Chromium, berberine, Gymnema sylvestre and perhaps a little vanadium will all work wonders.

    That way, you’ll NEVER develop diabetes… or any of that other nasty business, for that matter.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

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  13. Feds admit: Skin-protecting sunscreen might be POISONING your body!

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  16. Could you be pronounced DEAD too soon… just to get your organs?!

    It’s like a scene out of a crime thriller… You wake up in a bathtub full of ice -- with one of your kidneys missing. Except this ain’t a movie… and there’s a good chance you’ll NEVER wake up. Hospitals are in such a rush to harvest organs from donors that in at least some cases, they’re trying to pop the...
  17. Is this common med turning you into a MONSTER?

    If you’ve ever had the SNEAKING suspicion that you’re surrounded by psychos, zombies, uncaring creeps, and various sociopaths… I’ve got news for you today. You're 100% right! People are worse to each other than ever. You see it on TV -- on what passes for “news” in these crazy times -- and you see it out there in the streets...
  18. [SCANDAL!] Feds’ latest move on fluoride is a silent confession

    There’s a MAJOR health crisis in plain sight… and the mainstream is taking action to STOP it. But don’t give them too much credit here. In fact, don’t give them ANY CREDIT at all… They’re the ones that caused it! The feds just quietly announced a plan to cut the allowable levels of added fluoride in bottled water. This comes...
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