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  1. EVERY senior needs this ‘repair kit’ nutrient to SLASH risk of death

    You have a repair kit in your closet… in the garage and/or shed… and I’m guessing one in your car, too.

    You no doubt have what you need to fix anything -- whether it’s a torn shirt, a broken pipe, a flat tire, or a creaky door.

    But what if I told you there’s a repair kit for your BODY, too?

    There IS one – one that can UNDO the damage of everything normally blamed on age and disease.

    And you won’t believe how easy it is to get!

    EXTEND your life with this overlooked vitamin

    This REPAIR KIT nutrient is plain ol’ vitamin C.

    But don’t dismiss it just because it’s so simple and basic.

    It’s also so FORGOTTEN, too!

    Many people don’t even bother with it – but research reported on by Life Extension showed what happens when you make an effort to raise your levels.

    Over the course of more than 16 years, folks with the HIGHEST vitamin C levels had a…

    • 25% lower risk of death from ANY cause
    • 28% lower risk of death from cancer
    • 28% lower risk of death from stroke, and
    • 35% lower risk of death from heart disease.

    Seriously, if a drug did that, how much do you think they’d charge for it?

    Whatever you’re guessing, I’d say double it. Maybe triple it. Heck, quadruple it… and they’ll still probably charge more.

    But YOU can get it… right NOW… for literal pennies.

    The study theorizes that the reason for the benefit is that vitamin C fights off oxidative stressprotecting your DNA from damage and enhancing the endothelial layer of the blood vessels to fight off heart disease.

    And sure, it’s a neat antioxidant.

    But it’s also the #1 component of collagen, which is top repair protein in the body.

    Anything that needs fixin’ needs good collagen – and the only way to get good collagen is with the right levels of vitamin C.

    That makes vitamin C the most important tool in your body’s repair kit.

    And along with the benefits found in the new study, higher (intravenous) levels can carry out even more complicated “repairs.”

    Specifically, it can KILL OFF nearly any bacteria… and WIPE OUT cancer cells (and almost any type!).

    Those cancer cells in particular LOVE vitamin C. Well… they THINK they do. They suck it up like sugar, pulling it in faster than normal cells.

    But they essentially POISON themselves with it in the process.

    The C disrupts their cellular metabolism, and they DIE.

    So, for general daily support, protection against infection, good heart health and an overall longer, healthier life… boost your C.

    If it makes you gassy or whatever, split up the doses so you’re taking it three or four times a day. Over time, you may build tolerance and can handle fewer, higher doses.

    And if you’re fighting off a serious infection or a “deadly” disease like cancer, get yourself hooked up with intravenous C from a naturopathic medical doctor.

  2. Sick of your low-salt diet? It’s probably not working anyway!

    You’ve heard the advice so often… you’re probably sick of it.

    And maybe you’re even TRYING it now…

    If only to shut your doctor up about it.

    After all, every time he checks your blood pressure, he nags you about it.

    He probably sounds like a broken record…

    Cut your salt. Cut your salt. Cut your salt. Cut your salt. Cut your salt….

    Well, friend, it’s time to switch albums – because this one isn’t just broken.


    New research finally exposes the low-salt torture for the baloney it is.

    Except… that’s not how they’re selling it.

    Maybe you’ve seen the headlines that claim it’s “proof’ that the low-salt diet “works” for cutting blood pressure.

    But I’m here today with a fact-check – because that’s NOT what this study found at all!

    The TRUTH behind that low-salt study making headlines

    Scientists replaced the salt in certain South American communities with a special “low-salt” blend that had 25% less salt.

    After a few years of this, blood pressure levels dropped.

    That’s the part of the study getting attention – the big “win” for the low-salt diet.


    The average drop was just 1.23 (systolic)/0.72 (diastolic).

    They’re calling this “PROOF” that YEARS of following a low-salt diet “works?”

    What utter nonsense!

    There are DOZENS of ways to get much BETTER results… much FASTER…

    Like basic mineral supplementation with calcium, potassium, and magnesium… as well as proven natural therapies such as hawthorn berry.

    Here’s another one that gets no attention at all: probiotics.

    They’re supposed to be good for digestion… and they are… but a study a coupla years back found that regular probiotic use cut BP by 3.56/2.38.

    That’s TRIPLE the “success” of the low salt diet in the new study -- yet NO headlines and NO celebration.

    Hmmm… maybe that’s because it flies in the face of the ol’ drugs-and-diet garbage they love to push on us.

    There’s one more trick you should know… and it takes SECONDS, not YEARS.

    If your doc takes a BP reading… and says “Hmmmmm”… he should take a second reading.

    Close to 100% of the time, your BP will be more than 1.23/0.72 LOWER than on the first reading.

    If you continue using salt… as you should)… it should be an unrefined variety, with all the many minerals contained therein.

    Your choices include Himalayan pink, “Real Salt” by Redmond, Celtic Sea Salt, or others.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  3. Mainstream DISMISSES these 3 PROVEN memory boosters [Under attack!]

    The New York Times is out with a big exposé… and who do you think they’re going up against? They’re not going after crooked politicians… They’re not taking down corrupt business for stealing your hard-earned dough… And they’re not attacking Big Pharma for selling poison pills to desperate American patients. Nope. They’re going after your vitamins! They’re attacking the supplements...
  4. [WARNING] FDA signs off on DANGEROUS diabetes drug

    FDA signs off on DANGEROUS diabetes drug A major drug company has got a diabetes drug that’s so dangerous… the instructions almost BEG you not to take it. Not at first, anyway. It says it SHOULDN’T be “first-line” treatment for the disease. When you consider how bad many of the “first-line” treatments are, that’s saying something. But instead of...
  5. STOP prediabetes from turning into diabetes in 2 easy steps!

    Make no mistake about it… They WANT you to get sick. They WANT you to have diabetes. And most of all… they WANT you to NEED their meds for the rest of your life! If you think that’s a wild conspiracy theory, I’ve got news for you, my friend. There’s a new study out right now that exposes the mainstream’s...
  6. MIRACLE CURE for chronic pain, RA, fibro, and more? [Shocking]

    MIRACLE CURE for chronic pain, RA, fibro, and more? You’re not going to BELIEVE what I’m about to recommend to you today. There’s NEW HOPE for millions of Americans facing the horrors of some of today’s most agonizing conditions. This cutting-edge treatment can help not only with some of the most complicated and difficult diseases in the world… It can...
  7. WARNING: Common autoimmune drug linked to deadly new risks

    If you watch any TV at all… you’ve almost certainly seen the ads. They show happy, active autoimmune patients bouncing through life without a care in the world -- thanks to the magic of tofacitinib (a.k.a. Xeljanz). Just pop a pill or two, and you’re off to climb the Himalayas… audition for the NFL… skydive with the Army Rangers… wrestle...
  8. EVERY senior facing heart risk needs these 2 nutrients ASAP

    Here it is: absolute proof that following mainstream medical guidelines will DOOM you to pain, misery and an early death. We have new research that now PROVES two critical nutrients work in the most desperate of all patients. Not just in folks hoping to avoid heart disease… But in people who already have it… they can CUT the risk of...
  9. Do acid reflux drugs pack the world’s most DEVIOUS side effect?

    Here’s a question for ya today… If you got on a plane and the pilot announced it was a “largely safe” aircraft… and that he has a record of landing intact “for the most part”… what would you do? I know I’d calmly get up from my seat… and walk right back out the door and straight to the rental...
  10. Mainstream now admits THIS can beat diabetes [MAJOR turnaround!]

    It’s time to update that old saying about fooling some of the people, some of the time… At least when it comes to diabetes. No one’s being FOOLED by the mainstream anymore! They’ve figured out the truth: You can STOP, REVERSE, and even CURE this disease… And you can do it without drugs. I’ll tell you EXACTLY how in a...
  11. [REVEALED] Scary new risk of joint replacement surgery

    Thinking about replacing a joint? When you hear the latest news, you might want to think again… The feds just admitted that there’s a MASSIVE problem with the replacement parts. They’re NOT giving you some kind of Bionic Man upgrade, with a shiny new knee that’ll make you better… stronger… faster. The FDA warns that you might get something else instead...
  12. [BUSTED!] Pain ‘advocates’ caught hiding an ugly secret

    Well boo-hoo-hoo! Some of today’s “top experts” on pain are practically WEEPING in public… but it’s not because of pain. No, it’s because several “pain groups” – organizations that claim to advocate for patients with chronic pain– are going belly-up. “Oh no!” the experts are weeping. “Who will speak for the pain patients now???” But don’t break out the tissue...
  13. [URGENT] Popular sleep meds in DEADLY new link

    It’s a lesson in how NOT to warn Americans about a dangerous drug! There’s an entire class of medication out there… taken by millions of Americans, especially older folks… nearly every single night for sleep. A new report finds… they’re ALL poisonous. ALL of them.EVERY… LAST… ONE. THAT should be the headline, right? Of course, that’s NOT how they covered this. The...
  14. Breakthrough CRACKS the ‘Alzheimer’s code’… and helps SAVE your brain from these ‘killers’

    If you feel your memory getting worse… or find you’re more easily confused than you used to be…  The mainstream has ALREADY failed you.   Most docs are getting it all wrong (even if they mean well) – because Alzheimer’s drugs simply DO NOT WORK.   But I’ve uncovered a MAJOR medical breakthrough – one that can help REVERSE memory issues.  This...
  15. [WOW!] NEW vitamin can power your internal batteries and SLOW aging

    Move over ABCs… There’s a new nutrient in town -- and it just might be the most POWERFUL one yet! Cutting-edge research reveals how a single compound… locked inside hundreds of plants as well as green tea… could give you the upper-hand against aging. And when I say upper-hand, I mean this stuff could help you with just about EVERYTHING you might...
  16. Feds admit: Skin-protecting sunscreen might be POISONING your body!

    The feds just issued a HUGE confession. They admitted that the sunscreens they’ve been URGING you to rub all over your bare bod are shockingly… horrifically… and demonstrably unsafe. The FDA now admits that common sunscreen chemicals… including some linked to CANCER and other risks… can penetrate the skin and slide inside your body. And they can rapidly reach alarming levels. Fortunately...
  17. [BUSTED!] New exposé reveals Coca-Cola’s ‘science’ is going FLAT

    Coca-Cola is NOT honest and straightforward when it comes to science??? Omigosh, SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!! A new report just out finds the carbonated beverage company is funding “research”… But it’s under shady terms that allow it to essentially control what gets out. Coke is KILLING any results it doesn’t like! Not exactly the scientific method at work there. But, I...
  18. Could Big Pharma’s constipation ‘cure’ make you want to OFF yourself? [Scary]

    I’ve heard of plenty of ways to describe constipation. Painful… frustrating… exhausting… embarrassing… and a few I can’t print here! But I’ve never – not once – heard anyone say they’ve thought about KILLING themselves over it. But if you take the new gut-clearing med, that’s EXACTLY what could be running through your head! That’s an ACTUAL RISK linked to...
  19. Could you be pronounced DEAD too soon… just to get your organs?!

    It’s like a scene out of a crime thriller… You wake up in a bathtub full of ice -- with one of your kidneys missing. Except this ain’t a movie… and there’s a good chance you’ll NEVER wake up. Hospitals are in such a rush to harvest organs from donors that in at least some cases, they’re trying to pop the...
  20. Is this common med turning you into a MONSTER?

    If you’ve ever had the SNEAKING suspicion that you’re surrounded by psychos, zombies, uncaring creeps, and various sociopaths… I’ve got news for you today. You're 100% right! People are worse to each other than ever. You see it on TV -- on what passes for “news” in these crazy times -- and you see it out there in the streets...

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