1. Eating Cheap: How to Feel Full on a Strict Budget

    cheap eatingWhen you’re on a strict budget, it’s easy to think that you can’t eat well.

    Because yes, organic foods cost more and fresh foods cost more – generally.

    But they don’t have to.

    You can eat healthily, well, and feel full even on a strict budget.

    It just takes a little planning and creativity.

    1. Think fresh and freeze. Fruits and vegetables in season cost less than when they’re in season. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them year-round. Buy them cheap when they’re fresh and freeze them for use in six months, when the prices are up at the grocery store. Are the fruits and vegetables you want to eat out of season – and expensive – now? Remember the frozen section of your store. Frozen vegetables are as healthy AND cost less than out of season fresh ones. Plus, you can often find great deals, think 10 for $10, on frozen vegetables. Which ties into…

    2. Do your own prep work. Yes, pre-sliced vegetables are incredibly convenient. Unfortunately, it’s a convenience you pay for. Grab bunches of carrots instead of the prepackaged sticks, loose lettuce instead of the bags, whole cauliflower and broccoli rather than pre-cut. Then, prep them when you get home and it’s time to use them. For a little extra time, you can save a lot of money. And don’t forget the meat…

    3. Prep your own chicken. Have you looked at the difference in price between chicken thighs with skin on them and the skinless, boneless chicken breasts that have been so popular since the 1990s? There’s a huge savings to be had there. And here’s another tip – chicken thighs taste better. They’re juicier and more flavorful. So save some money and get better flavor, all by being will to skin your own chicken thighs.

    4. Stock up. When you find those sales on frozen veggies, load up. But also make sure your pantry is stocked with staples. While smaller, individual sizes may seem to make more sense, the larger portions of dry goods tend to be less expensive, so work better on a tight budget. Get the largest size of foods like flour, rice, pasta, and spices, that you have room for and you’ll save enough to enjoy the fresh foods you love, too!

    5. Stretch your food. Soups, stews, casseroles, even meat can be filled out and expanded with the addition of beans and grains. Small servings can become budget-friendly full meals simply by throwing in some brown rice, quinoa, or legumes. Those are dry or canned staples that are inexpensive to purchase, last a long, and taste good in so many different dishes that they’re perfect when you’re eating on a tight budget.

    6. Make the most of leftovers. Not much is less appealing, or will have you reaching for the take-out menu, faster than the thought of a reheated plate of last night’s dinner. But if you’ll take the leftovers and turn them into something new, you’re more likely to stick to your budget. Soups, casseroles, and omelets are all delicious, creative ways to repurpose leftovers. Which is easier to do when you…

    7. Stay organized. What does staying organized have to do with eating on a strict budget? Well, it doesn’t matter if you save your leftovers or prep your own vegetables if they get shoved into the back of a crowded refrigerator and you don’t see them for a week or more. By keeping your fridge organized, you can find your food and use it in a timely manner, rather than having to throw it out because it spoiled in the back.

    8. Think “nutrient dense.” When you’re on a strict budget, it’s important to get the most bang for your buck. That’s where nutrient dense foods come in. These are foods that offer many of the vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber you need in one small serving. They fill you up, nourish your body, and give you energy without needing to eat huge amounts of them – or anything else – just to get all their nutritional benefits. Nutritionize your meals with foods like salmon, eggs, and blueberries.

    Eating on a strict budget doesn’t have to mean eating badly or eating too little. You don’t have to choose from those two options!

    Not when you can tweak your shopping, your pantry, and your meals just a little and eat well – and cheaply – all year long.

  2. Your Stuffy Nose Could Mean Something More

    It’s almost winter and that means it’s stuffy nose season.

    Colds, flu, dust, even allergies can all cause a miserable stuffy nose.

    But it could be something else, too. Something that’s supposed to help, not make it worse.

    To understand it, though, it helps to understand how and why your nose gets stuffy in the first place…

    Let’s Talk About…Mucus

    While no one wants to talk about mucus, if you’ve got a stuffy nose, you’re thinking about it. And as unappealing as it is when you’re sick, mucus is actually an important part of your body’s defenses.

    It keeps your sinuses from drying out. It captures foreign containments like dust and dander before they can get into your system.

    It even contains antibodies that help protect you and keep you healthy.

    The most common causes of stuffy noses are the ones you think about every stuffy, sniffly day: infection, allergies, and inflammation.

    And all three of them can cause a build-up of mucus and that can lead to a stuffy nose.

    Generally speaking, mucus is clear. But that doesn’t mean you should be concerned if it’s not. Mucus can turn the color of the particles it picks up, even black and gray.

    The only time you need to be really concerned is if it’s dark red, because then it could be a serious infection that’s causing bleeding.

    But of course, if you’re ever concerned about your stuffy nose, you should see your doctor.

    When Your Stuffy Nose is Unproductive

    You may feel like being unproductive when you have a stuffy nose, but it means something different in this context.

    When talking about congestion, your sinuses being productive means you are able to produce the mucus and remove it from your body.

    So, being unproductive means you are unable to produce and remove the mucus.

    In other words, you blow and blow and nothing happens.

    That’s because your stuffy nose isn’t being caused by congestion, it’s being caused by inflammation.

    Often, when you catch a cold or have an allergy attack, it causes your sinus tissue to become irritated and inflamed. Once that tissue swells up, your nose is as blocked as if it was full of mucus.

    Some people find this even more frustrating than congestion because it seems as if there is even less you can do about it.

    No matter how often you blow your nose, it’s not going to clear out. In fact, blowing may make it worse because it keeps irritating the tissue.

    But What If You’re Not Sick – or Not Getting Better

    Acute sinusitis – the type of stuffy nose we’ve been discussing – is when your sinuses get congested or inflamed, but in a week or two (or three) they clear up and you can breathe again.

    But if your sinuses aren’t clearing up, or worse, you don’t have any other symptoms of a cold, flu, or allergies, you may need to look in your medicine cabinet.

    When you first felt your nose get stuffy, did you reach for an over-the-counter nasal spray?

    While there are so many reasons over-the-counter nasal sprays are bad for you, when you’re miserable, you aren’t necessarily thinking about your long-term health.

    You want to feel better and you want to feel better now. So, it’s understandable if you went down this road. Nasal sprays are supposed to work quickly and thoroughly – but nobody talks about their health concerns or the fact that they’re addictive!

    So much so that there’s a condition known as rhinitis medicamentosa, and it’s only cause is overusing nasal spray. This nasal spray rebound can happen with the very first cold.

    Eventually, your sinuses stop responding the way they’re “supposed” to and you find yourself reaching for the spray more and more, until you’re using it several times a day and getting more stuffed up in a shorter period of time.

    Now, the Good News

    Luckily, you can relieve your stuffy nose, if it’s caused by mucus congestion, inflammation, OR nasal spray rebound, with any of these safe, all-natural solutions.

    1. Get a humidifier. When your environment is particularly dry – like it may be when you’re heating your house in winter – your body responds by making more mucus to insure your nose stays healthy. Dry air can also cause the sinus irritation that leads to inflammation. But all that can make your nose stuffy. So get a humidifier, so your environment isn’t as dry, and your nose will be.

    2. Use steam. Steam can help loosen mucus and make it productive, and soothe irritated inflamed tissue. If you take a hot bath, or breathe over boiling water, your stuffy nose will clear up if you just give it some steam.

    3. Flush your sinuses. Not at all the same thing as a nasal spray, a saline flush can help clear out the mucus and ease the irritation in your nose. Use can use a saline spray, a Neti pot, or a bulb with saline solution. The key is to get a sterile saline solution into one sinus and let it drain out of the other, thus rinsing both sides. You can over-do a saline rinse, which will cause irritation in its own right, so hold this to once or twice a week until you’re feeling better.

    A stuffy nose is uncomfortable and unpleasant. No one can deny that.

    But you don’t have to live with it, and, if you manage it properly, it won’t stick around for long!

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