1. Vitamin trick gets SURPRISING stamp of approval from mainstream expert

    Time to SHUT DOWN the haters… CHASE AWAY the “gloom and doom” narrative… and get a dose of something positive for a change.

    Scientists now believe they’ve identified a common factor among some of those who have survived the worst of the COVID-19 infections.

    It’s NOT just a matter of agepreexisting conditions… or even sheer, dumb luck.

    There’s something else – perhaps an OVERLOOKED piece of the coronavirus puzzle.

    Now, one Ivy League expert has emerged from the “dark side” of the mainstream…

    And has come over to the “bright side” with one SIMPLE recommendation!

    [SHOCKER] The mainstream turns to vitamin D

    I’m not surprised too often, especially when it comes to the medical mainstream.

    So, believe me when I say this…

    I was STUNNED to see them rally around this one.

    A growing number of studies… gaining acceptance by the mainstream… point to a humble vitamin as a factor that could help some coronavirus patients.

    I’m talking about good ol’ vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin.”

    And with summer just starting, this emerging evidence couldn’t come at a better time.

    It’s not the recommendation itself that SHOCKED me…

    After all, vitamin D plays an essential role in the immune system, especially against viral infections.

    One study… done before this coronavirus pandemic materialized… found that people who took D supplements had a 12% lower risk of getting respiratory infections.

    And in people who took the supplements to correct a severe D deficiency, the risk of respiratory infection DROPPED by 70%.

    One study of coronavirus patients at three hospitals in South Asia finds that people with LOWER levels of D have the MOST severe infections.

    Patients who entered the hospital with a D deficiency had 8X the risk of the MOST severe form of the COVID-19 infection!

    Another study out of Europe finds that countries where people are known to have lower D levels overall have MORE coronavirus cases… and MORE deaths.

    A small study here in the U.S. found similar results among ICU patients.

    Now, you know what they say…

    Correlation doesn’t necessarily equal CAUSATION.

    And not ALL experts agree at this point. Some studies have seemed to contradict these findings.

    But for people with lower D levels… either because they’re not outside as much or don’t get it from diet… Dr. JoAnn Manson of Harvard Medical School published a commentary in Medscape that claims, “It’s quite reasonable to consider a vitamin D supplement.”

    Here comes the shocker…

    This ultra-mainstream expert is urging people to get HIGHER levels than what’s listed in mainstream guidelines! She’s calling up to 2,000 IU per day a “reasonable” target for right now.


    Look, clearly this is EARLY and OBSERVATIONAL research. We don’t know what role… if ANY… vitamin D will ultimately play in the infection.

    But we do know SOME things.

    We know that we NEED vitamin D… yet MANY people fall short.

    And supplementing with D can get our levels up to par.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. Allergy relief NOT worth killing yourself over [Are they KIDDING?]

    It’s not just you…

    Allergies ARE getting worse.

    And they’re not just limited to spring anymore.

    MORE people are MORE miserable for MORE of the year -- including right now in summer, when allergies USED to at least tail off a little bit.

    Not anymore.

    But of course, the drug industry sees that as a chance to push MORE sales of MORE drugs!

    And today, I’ve got the scoop on another “more” they hope you never hear about… as the FDA has delivered a warning over a common allergy drug.

    Turns out it has MORE risks than you’ve been led to believe!

    But don’t worry… I’ve got a way to get MORE relief, right when you need it most.

    The BEST way to beat seasonal allergies

    Earlier this year, AccuWeather warned that the 2020 allergy season would start SOONER

    And last LONGER.

    Worse yet, folks who have grass allergies in particular “will face a long and severe season into summer.”

    It’s not just grass; the rest are worse than ever, too. In some parts of the country, ragweed season is now 25 DAYS longer than it used to be.

    That explosion of allergies has led to an EXPLOSIVE market for medication – and not just for antihistamines.

    More than 30 million Americans now take a prescription-based anti-inflammatory drug known as montelukast (a.k.a. Singulair).

    The FDA has a frightening new alert for all 30 million of them.

    Turns out the price for a breath of fresh mucus-free air could be… are you ready for it?… SUICIDE.

    They’ve added a black box warning to the drug’s packaging over the risk… and they’re telling docs to STOP giving it out so quickly and easily.

    They now say the drug SHOULDN’T be a first option… especially for people with allergies… and ESPECIALLY for people with mild symptoms.

    But guess what?

    It NEVER should’ve been ANYONE’S first choice for allergies in the first place! And it certainly NEVER should’ve gone into widespread use like this.

    This risk ISN’T new.

    This drug has a long and scary history of doing weird things to your brain -- and not just causing suicidal thoughts or actions.

    It can lead to depressionaggressionnightmaresheadaches… and more “severe neuropsychiatric symptoms.”

    Call me crazy, but there’s NO need for any of that – not when studies show OTHER ways to ease the worst of allergy season.

    Even if you seem to have allergies in EVERY season, you can try these 4 simple tricks…

    1. TWEAK your diet. Processed foods can make allergies worse, and gluten in particular can stimulate mucus to enhance the misery. On the flip side, spicy foods can CLEAR mucus… and local honey can help you build tolerance to local pollens.
    2. PURIFY your air. Get a good purifier with a HEPA filter and use it in spring, summer or whenever allergies strike. Some have a specific “allergy” setting to suck in pollens. Just remember to change the filter.
    3. GO herbal. Natural therapies including nettle, goldenseal, butterbur, and/or astragalus can all help. Some people absolutely SWEAR by them.
    4. LOAD UP on vitamin C. Try increasing your intake into the multi-gram range.

    There’s also one other option, but I gotta warn ya…

    Your doctor will absolutely HATE it!

    It’s homeopathic medicine – which most mainstream docs DESPISE and SWEAR it can’t possibly work.

    But it DOES… with a catch. In this herbal practice, there’s no one-size-fits-all remedy for allergies.

    It’s all based on specific triggers and symptoms – so, do a little research, maybe mix and match a little to find what works.

    For more help, speak to a naturopathic doc with experience in homeopathy.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

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