1. DODGE sepsis death with this crazy… but PROVEN… concoction

    Every two minutes.

    That’s how often an American DIES of a devastating form of infection known as sepsis.

    By the time you’re done reading this, five more lives will be lost to it.

    Every year, sepsis is responsible for 1.7 million hospitalizations -- more than the populations of 11 U.S. states.

    But NONE of those people have to SUFFER… and NONE of them have to DIE!

    Because there IS a fast and effective cure.

    This life-saving miracle therapy WORKS so well… it has close to a 100% success rate.

    It’s something hospitals don’t talk about – and most REFUSE to accept it, even when research has EXPOSED the truth!

    The DEADLIEST hospital risk?

    And every year, 270,000 sepsis patients die -- more than stroke and lung cancer combined.

    But these are just the “official” numbers. The TRUE numbers are MUCH higher! 

    And the death rate keeps RISING… as hospitals fail to act.

    Hospitals LIE about sepsis… because the truth costs them money.

    They get penalized when readmissions and deaths are caused by shoddy care.

    Since sepsis patients are often sick to begin with, they’ll do everything they can to make it SEEM like the original illness did them in.

    In reality, sepsis often begins with nasty germ – a virus, fugus, or bacteria – from dirty equipment or staffers who don’t wash properly.

    This new infection can trigger an overwhelming immune response that SHOCKS the system, causing multiple organs to fail at once.

    But you and your loved ones DON’T have to suffer!

    If you’re going into a hospital for treatment… or if you’re recovering in one after a heart attack or stroke… ask in advance what their plan is for sepsis.

    If they say it’s “the cocktail,” be pleasantly surprised…

    You’re in a rare joint with common sense.

    The “latest version” of the cocktail is a blend of high-dose intravenous vitamin C delivered with the B vitamin thiamine and the steroid hydrocortisone.

    In one recent study, close to 40% of patients given “standard” sepsis treatments DIED versus just 8.5% of those given the cocktail (all from their original conditions, rather than the sepsis).

    This is considered “cutting edge” in some circles…

    But in reality, it’s been in use since the 1940s, when Dr. Fred Klenner pioneered this treatment.

    In fact, he had MORE success using HIGHER doses of C (and WITHOUT the steroids).

    And by the way, he wasn’t some lone wacko out in the fringes.

    He published his research in legit journals… yet it’s been largely ignored.

    That’s changing -- but not quick enough, as hospitals are still too focused on saving THEIR you-know-whats rather than saving YOUR life.

    Be proactive. Talk about this early – BEFORE it strikes – to ensure you get this life-saving treatment when you need it.

    And if the cocktail isn’t “standard” care at your hospital, DEMAND it.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. [BUSTED!] New exposé reveals Coca-Cola’s ‘science’ is going FLAT

    Coca-Cola is NOT honest and straightforward when it comes to science???

    Omigosh, SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!

    A new report just out finds the carbonated beverage company is funding “research”…

    But it’s under shady terms that allow it to essentially control what gets out.

    Coke is KILLING any results it doesn’t like!

    Not exactly the scientific method at work there.

    But, I mean, this is Coca-Cola. Who’s surprised by this?

    What Coke is REALLY up to with its ‘research’

    The media, that’s who – and they’re stunned to learn that they’ve been repeatedly duped by Coke’s fake science!

    These are the same media clowns who, about five years back, filed breathless reports over a study that claimed to have uncovered the REAL key to weight loss.

    DON’T count calories, they said. DON’T watch what you eat. DON’T cut back on sugar.

    Just move a little more!

    Well, that study was funded by… drumroll please… Coke.

    The company even helped create a group called the “Global Energy Balance Network” that was gonna be all about teaching people this new simple secret to weight loss.

    The subliminal message?

    When you’re done and all hot and sweaty… just crack open a nice, cold Coke.


    Then it was revealed that Coke was behind it, and the whole thing got shut down.

    The media vowed it wouldn’t get fooled again.

    Yet here we are, five years later…

    And new findings show that Coke is up to the same old tricks.

    The mainstream is STUNNED to find that the company is STILL tossing money at sticky-fingered “scientists” who are only too happy to cash those checks.

    All they have to do is SURRENDER all ethics and independence.

    According to an examination of 87,000 pages of research documents, Coke’s research contracts allow the Big Soda company to review the data before it gets out.

    Company bigwigs can step in and kill ANY study at ANY time for ANY reason.

    But really, why is this some big shocker?

    Coca-Cola is only interested in “science” when it can be manipulated to convince Americans to buy more of its products (and not just soda; remember Coke sells everything from tea to juice to “Vitamin Water”).

    Trusting THEM on nutrition science is like trusting Joe Camel to run a tobacco study!

    So, here’s the deal.

    Whenever you read ANY eye-popping media reportabout a study that claims this, that, or some other thing…


    Media reports might leave out who funded the study… or mention it as a quick aside at the very end.

    But the disclosures section in the original study will tell you EXACTLY who’s paying each researcher involved in the project.

    If you can’t find the funding source at all, DON’T trust it… especially if it sounds too good to be true.

    And ESPECIALLY if it’s telling you it’s OK to drink soda.

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    Yesterday’s “voodoo”… is tomorrow’s mainstream medicine! And if you need any more proof, just take a look at the latest news on fasting. Let’s start with the fact that there IS news on fasting! Back in the day, fasting was as quacky as it got. It was right up there with bat’s breath and eye of newt. The mainstream wouldn’t...
  7. [Shocking] Is POLIO making a SECRET comeback?

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  8. URGENT warning for those about to go under the knife

    When they put you on a blood thinner, they’ll INSIST it’s to save your life. They KNOW the dangers. Even a paper cut can make your home look like a crime scene. The risks – which also include internal bleeding – are INFAMOUS. But take it anyway, they’ll say. Take it EVERY DAY.Never miss a dose, and never quit. But there’s...
  9. This Superfood REVERSES Aging

    If you love mushrooms, you’ve got lots of company. After all, mushrooms taste good… and they’re great for perking up a pizza or sassing up your salad. But mushrooms have also treated more patients for disease than you might believe. And the reason is simple – mushrooms learn to survive in some pretty tough environments. That means they develop specific...
  10. Do These 3 Things RIGHT NOW to Keep Dementia Away

    For generations, the odds of getting dementia -- or hopefully, avoiding it – pretty much came down to luck. Essentially, you would get older and hope that most of your cognitive abilities remained intact. But no more. These days, researchers have learned that avoiding dementia is possible, and more importantly, relatively easy. The three keys to avoiding dementia include these...
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  12. New research finds omega 3s and vitamin D are vital for lupus patients

    Dear Reader, The Lupus Foundation of America calls the disease a "cruel mystery." But what's really mysterious here is how in the world two natural, safe, and effective treatments for this autoimmune disease keep being left in the dust... while risky meds continue to sell like hotcakes. One thing is very clear: If you or someone you love is suffering...
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    Now, there’s something that combines the two – warm water therapy.

    In fairness, warm water therapy has been around for thousands of years, but we’re finally understanding how and why it actually works to ease stiffness, pain, and just about every other symptom of musculoskeletal conditions. Continue reading

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    Especially this time of year, when it seems like holiday tables are sagging under the weight of desserts!

    If only there were such a thing as a healthy pie…

    Well, guess what? There is!

    Not only are there healthy pie recipes, but there are ways to make your favorite pie recipes a little healthier without making many changes at all.

    Read on for healthy pie tips AND healthy pie recipes. Continue reading

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    Because yes, organic foods cost more and fresh foods cost more – generally.

    But they don’t have to.

    You can eat healthily, well, and feel full even on a strict budget.

    It just takes a little planning and creativity. Continue reading

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    It’s almost winter and that means it’s stuffy nose season.

    Colds, flu, dust, even allergies can all cause a miserable stuffy nose.

    But it could be something else, too. Something that’s supposed to help, not make it worse.

    To understand it, though, it helps to understand how and why your nose gets stuffy in the first place… Continue reading

  17. My Eyes Are Dry - Now What?

    dry my eyesWhen your eyes are dry every day feels like an annoyance.

    No, there’s nothing seriously wrong, but there’s certainly nothing right, either.

    On bad days, life can become an itchy, scratchy irritation one just has to get through.

    That’s no way to live life!

    Luckily, just because your eyes are dry doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

    Let’s take a closer look at dry eyes, and the natural ways you can manage them. Continue reading

  18. How to Enjoy Good Sugars this Halloween

    sugars goodHere’s our secret – we haven’t eliminated sugar from our diets completely.

    The occasional treat is simply too delicious for us to get rid of it completely.

    After all, have you seen our BenVia Gold brownie recipe?

    Have you tasted it? So no, we haven’t given up sugar completely.

    The key, though, is that we use good sugars the majority of the time, and save traditional sugars for very occasional indulgences.

    Which makes Halloween tough, because there are chocolates, candies, and desserts everywhere this time of year.

    And none of those bags you see at the grocery store are sweetened with good sugars, you just know it.

    We aren’t, however, willing to throw away our occasional taste of traditional sugar on the mass produced stuff that will fill trick or treat bags later this month.

    Luckily, we don’t have to – and neither do you. Not with these good sugar desserts that taste just as good as anything made with traditional sugar! Continue reading

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    But with winter upon us, it’s sensible to wonder if you’re doing everything you can to fight a cold and stay healthy.

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    It’s hardly something people think about.

    But if you’re looking for an ear wax treatment, suddenly you wish more people would talk about it!

    Because even if you’ve never thought about it a day in your life before now, by the time you need an ear wax treatment, you’ve probably been thinking about it a lot! Continue reading

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