1. [Senior alert] The key to a frustration-free ‘virtual visit’ with your doctor

    They make it sound so simple, don’t they?

    Wanna see your doc, just fire up your computer or cellphone… and you can do EVERYTHING from the comfort of your sofa.

    Sounds GREAT. Why didn’t we think of this YEARS ago???

    Well, when you actually try it out… you SEE why we didn’t think of this years ago.

    They call it “telemedicine”… as if it’s a phone call…

    But it’s usually much more complicated than that

    It requires either a laptop or smartphone connected to the internet… as well as apps, logins, passwords, email, and whatever else Bill Gates has cooked up in Silicon Valley.

    You gotta be some kind of tech whiz to make it work!

    Friend, I’m going to put you one step ahead of the game… and show you EXACTLY how to get the help you need

    Even when you’re NOT ALLOWED in the clinic!

    How ‘telemedicine’ has left seniors in the dust

    If all this makes your head spin… you’re not even close to alone.

    A new study finds that 1 in 3 older adults have trouble with the tech end

    And nearly 40% say they feel they’re “not ready” for telemedicine.

    Do they CARE that the sudden rush to telemedicine is leaving many seniors in the dark?

    No, they don’t.

    And even though you’re using LESS of their office space… staff… equipment…

    And you’re not even getting a PHYSICAL exam…

    I’ll betcha NONE of your docs have cut their rates or copays!

    What a nice little scam this turned out to be – FOR THEM.

    Let me help you get a leg up on all this.

    Yeah, I’M your tech support today!  And I’ve got 5 steps to hiccup-free “house calls.”

    STEP #1: Contact your medical provider and find out what they use for virtual visits, like a special phone app you’ll have to download and create an account for.

    Here’s the part I can’t stress enough: Write your password down twice. Put one in your password book or night stand… and one on the fridge or another place so there’s a backup. Losing a password is how too many seniors get “locked out” of their docs’ virtual offices.

    STEP #2: Write down a list of questions and concerns… and leave space to write his answers. Even more important, don’t feel rushed during the appointment – if you need to, ask the doctor to slow down and even repeat himself.

    STEP #3: Choose a spot in your home by a window in daylight or with a nice bright lamp facing you. Place your phone, tablet, or laptop onto a table where it’s secure and won’t move around… and sit back a few feet so your doc can see your whole face clearly.

    STEP #4: Use a headset if you have one. If you don’t, you’ll have to place your smartphone on “speaker mode” (or what we used to call “speakerphone”). And here’s the hump that lots of seniors can’t seem to get over – take yourself OFF mute!

    STEP #5: After your “appointment,” go over your notes while everything is still fresh. If anything slipped your mind during the appointment, don’t hesitate to contact your doc – either by calling him directly or by messaging him through the app.

    And if he tries to get you to roll up your sleeve for a flu or pneumonia vaccine this year… show him this info that I recently shared with you.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. EXPOSED: The ABSURD new claims behind flu & pneumonia shots

    They’ll say just about ANYTHING to get you to roll up your sleeve for a flu shot or pneumonia jab.

    That’s true ANY year.

    But that’s extra-extra-extra true this year, where they’re starting early with the annual propaganda push for vaccination against flu and pneumonia.

    They must REALLY want you to line up and get your shots…

    Because they’re out with some of the WEIRDEST… WILDEST… and just plain WRONGEST claims yet.

    The fact that they’re even MAKING these outrageous statements shows they’re CONVINCED they can play us for fools.

    But you’re no sucker… and neither am I.

    And I’m NOT going to let them get away with this stunt. Not today… and not ever!

    The SNAKE OIL claims behind new vax push

    Maybe it’s because so many people have been avoiding doctors during the pandemic that they’re DESPERATE for business.

    Here’s what may be the kookiest of their absolutely WILD claims

    They say flu and pneumonia shots can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


    The study presented at the (virtual, of course, because no one’s allowed out anymore) Alzheimer's Association International Conference suggests…

    • pneumonia shot between ages 65 and 75 cuts the risk by 40% and
    • flu shot cuts the risk by 17%.

    There are SO many reasons this makes NO sense. Just look at that flu shot.

    This isn’t a benefit of an annual flu shot, or a benefit of a flu shot in your later years.

    According to the study, just ONE flu shot… at ANY point in your life… will cut the risk of Alzheimer’s for the REST of your life.

    That’s just absurd.

    The flu shot doesn’t even protect against FLU for the rest of your life. Heck, it barely protects against flu for a SEASON… yet somehow it can magically prevent Alzheimer’s, FOREVER?

    What’s it gonna protect you from next? Shark attacks? Tornados?? Sharknados???

    Then there’s the BIGGEST hole in the argument of all.

    The SAME people urging you to get all of these shots are also telling you to STAY home.

    If you’re following mainstream advice… if you’re AVOIDING everyone and everything and BATHING in hand sanitizer…

    How in the world could you possibly be at risk of pneumonia or flu???

    And wouldn’t GOING OUT to get those shots – especially if you have to visit a medical clinic for them – now put you at risk of the very infections you’re trying to avoid by staying home?

    I’m not gonna sit here and lecture you on what to do or what not to do. There’s WAY too much of that everywhere else right now… and I think we’re ALL sick of it.

    But I will tell you this…

    NONE” of this makes a lick of sense.

    So, all I can recommend is that you make the best decision for YOU… based on FACTS and SCIENCE… not FEAR and ANXIETY.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

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