1. Is this the NEXT pandemic? [Here’s how to BEAT it!]

    They fill our heads every single day with DOOMGLOOMFEAR… and DESTRUCTION.

    And if you listen to the manipulative politicians and their lapdogs in the media…

    NONE of it EVER gets any better!

    They want us COWERING in fear… so we OBEY their endless nonsensical commands.

    Well, friend, new research reveals the TRUE toll of a nation on constant edge.

    Anxiety levels are THROUGH THE ROOF!

    Mood disorders are outta control – and if you ask me, it’s only gonna get WORSE from here.

    But there’s a way to take yourself OUT of this crazy system…

    A way to protect yourself… fight back… and feel just great in the process.

    The TRUE toll of today’s CRAZINESS

    All through my career… for decades now… one number held steady.

    At any given time, about 10% of Americans were battling some form of mood disorder such as anxiety or depression.

    That number alone has made it a MAJOR health concern – not to mention a money-making market for mood meds.

    But over the past year, we’ve blown WAY past that number.

    Today, 40% of Americans – nearly HALF of us! – are struggling with anxiety and/or depression!

    And for the sour icing on this very rotten cake, more than a third are battling sleeping and/or eating problems… either on their own, or along with depression and/or anxiety.

    To put it bluntly… to sum it up in three words…

    We’re a MESS!

    The good news is that seniors are slightly more resilient than everyone else.

    OF COURSE we are -- this ain’t our first rodeo.

    But at least 1 in 4 older adults are now struggling with anxiety and/or depression.

    And you can bet your tail the drug industry is LOVING every minute of this…

    Because it’s a golden opportunity to get millions of new patients onto medications that many of them will keep taking… and taking… and taking.

    Don’t let them MANIPULATE you into these meds, my friend.

    There are BETTER ways to cope with ALL of these problems… and then some.

    Start, of course, by turning OFF the news -- because the fearmongers on the cable networks aren’t interested in giving you the truth. They just want to deliver a constant sense of impending doom to keep you tuned in for the latest.

    Check the news online from sources YOU trust… and then do your own homework on all of it.

    And all 3 of the key conditions on the rise as a result of the current chaos have natural options that are safe, proven, and effective:

    1. ANXIETY: The neurotransmitter GABA can help take the edge off and deliver the calm you’re looking for. Minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, can also help… and don’t dismiss herbal teas, especially chamomile.
    2. DEPRESSION: Make sure you’re getting your B vitamins, especially B12 (if you’re seriously low you may need injections). St. John’s wort is another great option for mood disorders, as well as 5-HTP.
    3. SLEEP: That same 5-HTP is also an excellent natural sleep aid. But if you’re a little older, there’s at least some chance your sleep issues are caused by low levels of the “sleep hormone” melatonin. I like the spray kind of supplemental melatonin -- a spritz or two in the mouth gets absorbed instantly so it goes to work right away.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. Top 2 supplements… UNDER ATTACK by mainstream [Again!]

    Imagine attacking a dog for NOT being cat… slamming a book for NOT being a record…

    Or hating your food for NOT being clothes…

    Nuts, right???

    Of course it is. Yet that’s the nutty new hit job on supplements from the mainstream!

    They’re attacking 2 of America’s favorite nutrients for FAILING to do something they weren’t really meant to do anyway.

    And here’s what makes this downright INSANE

    These AREN’T “exotic” compounds taken by quacks and weirdos.

    These are nutrients we ALL need… but MOST aren’t getting.


    The mainstream SHOULD be urging everyone to step it up.

    Instead, they’re working overtime to make you feel like a dummy for even CONSIDERING them.

    So, let me tell you why you should IGNORE the hype… and ENSURE good nutrition.

    And I’ll even share a way to take care of the issue at the heart of the new study on atrial fibrillation (a.k.a. afib).

    Your TOP 2 supplements… are UNDER ATTACK!

    Off the top of my head, I can rattle off about A DOZEN reasons to take fish oil… and even MORE for vitamin D.

    But preventing afib wouldn’t be ANYWHERE on that list.

    Heck, most people don’t waste a moment worrying about afib until they actually get it (which is a mistake – but more on that shortly).

    Yet the new study focuses on that issue… and that issue alone… for D and omega-3s.

    Not TREATING it, mind you.

    Just PREVENTING it.

    Low to moderate-ish doses of 840mg of omega-3s don’t seem to matter… and a moderate daily D dose of 2,000 IU didn’t make a difference either.

    OK so far, so boring.

    But then this really takes a twisted turn – because the journal that published the study also printed an editorial claiming your fish oil could actually CAUSE atrial fibrillation.

    Did the study make this link?


    Yet the editorial tells docs to warn patients who take fish oil about this risk… and even test and monitor them for afib.

    Picture that out in real-world practice. You hop into the clinic, healthy as can be… and when your doc asks about supplements, you tell him you’re taking a little fish oil.

    Next thing you know, he’s ripping open your gown, hooking up the electrodes and testing your heart for this scary, scary risk.

    How many people will keep taking fish oil after THAT???

    Here’s the reality…

    Some other studies DID make that link… but ONLY in people given VERY HIGH doses of “prescription” drug-company omega-3s. We’re talking 4 grams a day of Big Pharma’s mad science – NOT the 1-2 grams a day of normal, natural fish oil most people take.

    So, based on this new “warning” from the mainstream… I’ve got 2 steps that everyone concerned about cardiovascular health should take.

    1. IGNORE this claptrap and keep taking your fish oil and vitamin D, which are critical to dozens if not hundreds of functions in your body. The fish oil is a natural inflammation-fighter than can protect blood vessels, brain function and more; the D also helps with bone, blood vessels and immune function, just to name a few
    2. PAY MORE ATTENTION to the risk of afib, not just after you get it, as it’s the nation’s top heart rhythm disorder.

    There is one natural ingredient that may go a LONG way toward afib prevention: magnesium.

    Low magnesium has been consistently linked to atrial fibrillation…

    And odds are, you’re low.

    Some 70 to 80% of seniors fall short.

    About 500-800 mg a day hits the sweet spot for most folks.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  3. [New Report] The danger that’s hiding in your own medicine chest!

    The establishment will NEVER miss a chance to threaten… cajole… and manipulate the masses when it comes to vitamins, supplements, and other natural therapies. The media dials up the fear factor… Mainstream doctors warn against them… And the feds issue nonsensical threats over them. But a new analysis of calls and cases from the American Association of Poison Control Centers...
  4. [WARNING] Rheumatoid drug linked to FRIGHTENING new risks

    Baseball season’s almost here… and this pandemic stuff has officials messing with the rules. They’re switching up everything from where players can stand to the length of the games. But there’s one rule they’ll NEVER touch… Three strikes, and yer OUT. If only it were that simple when it comes bad drugs! There’s a new warning for a multibillion-dollar drug...
  5. What new medical paperwork might REALLY mean for you [A closer look]

    You doctor may not have changed. His office may be in the same place. You might have the same struggles with parking… the same old magazines in the waiting room… and the same reception staff waiting to greet you. But next time you walk in, they could hit you with something VERY different. They may call it a “new form”...
  6. [WATCH OUT, ladies!] BP meds get silly new push

    I’m not the most “politically correct” guy in the world… But I can see when women are being EXPLOITED… USED… and outright ABUSED… And all for the sake of an agenda. Ladies, it’s about to happen again. Because right now, the medical mainstream is HATCHING a plot to manipulate millions of women into taking meds most of them DON’T want...
  7. [Lockdown Alert] There’s a DARK SIDE to getting meds by mail!

    You know what happens when you try to ship someone a sweet treat. It’ll arrive some combination of banged-up, battered, moldy, stale, eaten, beaten… and just plain MISTREATED. That’s how the cookie crumbles… but not just when it comes to gifts. Your MEDS are getting that same abuse! They’re not just getting kicked around, either. New research shows they’re being...
  8. Here’s the CRAZIEST thing I’ve heard about cholesterol-cutting meds

    If you’ve ever felt muscle pain or other side effects from statin drugs… the mainstream has a message for you. It’s NOT the drugs. It’s YOU! They’re out with a new report that claims you’re an absolute head case if you’ve ever had side effects from those cholesterol-cutting drugs. They say the side effects you think you felt AREN’T real…...
  9. The FLU drug they could push on you… even if you’re NOT sick!

    Hey, remember the flu? I do! Not long ago, the flu was considered a BIG HONKIN’ DEAL – and the mainstream authorities wouldn’t shut up about vaccines and drugs for it. Now, it’s like a forgotten toy from last year’s Christmas. So the feds just delivered a shiny new present to the companies that make flu drugs, approving a med...
  10. Kidney damage linked to common scans [Cover-up alert!]

    These days, there are so many scans they like to send you out for… And they ain’t always a quick zap-and-go X-ray. When it comes to MRIs… CT scans… and angiograms… They’ve got to light the image up like a flashy Christmas tree on the screen… letting them see what’s going on more clearly in whatever trouble spot they’re examining...
  11. [DANGER in your mouth] FDA finally admits some fillings are TOXIC!

    Hey, you know those fillings you got – the “silver” ones with the mercury in them that they SWORE up and down were totally safe? Yeah, THOSE fillings… Well, my friend, the FDA just issued a startling confession. They just admitted that they were WRONG about those fillings. They’re NOT safe for millions of Americans, especially older folks. And by...
  12. PROOF! Everything you’ve heard about cholesterol is WRONG

    If you’re SO OVER the idea that all your favorite foods are somehow “bad” for you… If you’re SICK to death of being treated like a human pincushion for constant cholesterol checks… And if you’re just plain FED UP with taking drugs to cut your LDL… and battling the side effects that come along for the ride… Then I’ve got...
  13. Crazy new ER plan for stroke: BEAT the CLOCK!

    Remember Alan Funt? People would find themselves in the most absurd situations… then be asked to smile, because YOU’RE on “CANDID CAMERA!” This comic genius was crippled by a stroke in ’93, then died a few years later… So you gotta believe he’d just LOVE the kooky irony of the latest stroke “treatment.” It sounds like a wild idea he...
  14. [BREAKING] This ‘everywhere’ chemical is even MORE poisonous than we thought

    I just LOVE the old crime flicks -- especially the ones where they’re trying to commit the “perfect” murder. Spoiler alert: They NEVER pull it off! Of course, real life ain’t the movies. Out here, they’re KILLING folks all the time… leaving ZERO trace… and NOT getting caught. Could YOU be their next victim? I know I sound like a...
  15. Spot a doc who’s NOTHING but trouble… from miles away!

    I swear, you can’t even turn your darned back for a SECOND in this business. Because the moment you do… The moment you let your guard down… The moment you think nothing could possibly go wrong now… That’s EXACTLY when they stick it to ya! A staggering new report shows how the mainstream medical industry has been PROTECTING itself… by...
  16. [Senior alert] The key to a frustration-free ‘virtual visit’ with your doctor

    They make it sound so simple, don’t they? Wanna see your doc, just fire up your computer or cellphone… and you can do EVERYTHING from the comfort of your sofa. Sounds GREAT. Why didn’t we think of this YEARS ago??? Well, when you actually try it out… you SEE why we didn’t think of this years ago. They call it...
  17. EXPOSED: The ABSURD new claims behind flu & pneumonia shots

    They’ll say just about ANYTHING to get you to roll up your sleeve for a flu shot or pneumonia jab. That’s true ANY year. But that’s extra-extra-extra true this year, where they’re starting early with the annual propaganda push for vaccination against flu and pneumonia. They must REALLY want you to line up and get your shots… Because they’re out...
  18. New diet study trashes ALL the foods you love! [GARBAGE advice]

    The American public is absolutely FED UP with years of nauseating diet advice. QUIT this… GIVE UP that… and don’t you DARE try to have a meal you’ll actually enjoy. If you wanna live longer… you have to practically eat like a monk. Well, friend, a growing number of Americans are waking up to the fact that you CAN have...
  19. FDA cover-up… EXPOSING you to BIG risks? [Shocking New Report]

    If the FDA ever shut down… it would be an improvement! Because they’re not just FAILING to PROTECT you. No, my friend, it’s gone FAR past that point. These creeps are actively working AGAINST you… AIDING and ABETTING a massive Big Pharma fraud to rob you of both your dollars and your health. A new report blows the lid off...
  20. New Alzheimer’s ‘test’ raises hopes… but WON’T improve outcomes

    If the FDA were to debut a new slogan, it should be “much too little, way too late.” And if you think that’s an exaggeration… just take a look at their latest approval for Alzheimer’s disease. It’s not a CURE. It’s not even a TREATMENT… It’s a TEST that’s supposed to help figure out who’s at the highest risk… But...

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