1. This SILENT toxin could be DESTROYING your kidneys

    When I mention kidney disease… a lotta people tune right out.

    “Oh, that’s not me.”

    Well, friend, I’ve got news for you…

    There’s a good chance that IS you… whether you know it or not.

    Nearly every senior has at least SOME decline in kidney function -- and about HALF of all folks past the age of 75 have full-blown kidney disease.

    But most DON’T know it… because the earliest stages are often UNDIAGNOSED.

    Docs often don’t pick up on it until it gets pretty advanced.

    The latest research shows one way it can hit that point without you or your doc even noticing… at first…

    And it’s something else that MILLIONS of Americans are living in blissful ignorance of.

    It’s a dangerous toxin hiding in plain sight.

    But I’ve got what you need to get STRONGER kidneys… and protection against major chronic disease… all at once.

    Is this common contaminant KILLING your kidneys?

    Drinking water is a sick issue…

    Because good quality is really, really tough to get.

    I gotta laugh whenever I see a headline that the levels of lead in the water are “within safe limits.”

    Here’s a simple fact…

    There is NO SAFE LEVEL of lead in your water.

    A new study levels of lead that are “safe”… at least, according to nonsensical government standards… are absolutely DANGEROUS for people with declining kidney function.

    The feds allow up to 0.015 mg/L of lead in the water before local authorities are supposed to take action. (Out in the real world, however, many don’t exactly rush to fix the problem. See: Flint).

    But the new study of patients on dialysis finds that levels a third lower than that “safe” level… just 0.01 mg/L… can lead to declining function based on hemoglobin concentration.

    And I gotta believe this isn’t exactly doing any favors for the REST of us -- especially folks with already declining kidney function and undiagnosed kidney disease.

    You can contact your local provider for the latest water test results. You could also get your water tested independently.

    Or you can save yourself some time, trouble and money… and just ASSUME there’s a whole lotta stuff you don’t want in your water.

    Because there almost certainly IS.

    U.S. drinking water routinely contains lead AS WELL AS other unwanted contaminants, like…

    • other metals
    • antibiotics
    • fuel residue
    • hormones
    • and more.

    Then there’s the stuff in there on purpose… like fluoride and chlorine.

    No thank you!

    You could filter your water… not with those popular faucet attachments… but something a little more heavy-duty…

    Like a reverse-osmosis filter, which can remove close to everything.

    The problem with that is those filters ALSO strip out the minerals you NEED in your H2O!

    Instead, you could drink bottled water… but not all of them are as clean as you think!

    Recent tests from Consumer Reports find some brands are contaminated with the dangerous “forever chemical” PFAS… which has been linked to cancer and other problems.

    My choice here… when NONE of the options are really ideal… is glass-bottled spring water a.k.a. “artesian water” a.k.a. “mineral water.”

    In Your Corner,
    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. The SHOCKING reason why you should ALWAYS 'cheat' on your doctor!

    You might think the world of your doctor… and trust him to the ends of the Earth and back again.

    But do yourself a favor, my friend, and take a page out of Ronald Reagan's book…

    TRUST… but VERIFY!

    Reagan didn't come up with that, by the way. It was an old saying by the Russkies that the Gipper turned back on them.

    But new research shows why that should apply as much to your healthcare as it does to nuclear missile talks.

    I'm talking about medical malpractice.

    And taking this one extra step…VERIFYING your doctor's advice, even if you TRUST him… could make a LIFE-OR-DEATH difference!

    Get the RIGHT treatment… EVERY time

    I know we ALL like to trust our doctors.

    But I've got 1,740,000,000 reasons to be skeptical of ANY diagnosis from ANY doctor… no matter how good they are.

    Because that's how much insurers pay out each year to settle diagnostic-related malpractice suits, according to a new analysis.

    No doubt, SOME of those suits are bunk.

    Insurers often look for the fastest, cheapest way out – and sometimes, coughing up dough to shut up some nut with a weird claim is way more efficient than going to trial.

    But the bulk of those cases are caused by docs who've royally SCREWED UP!

    According to the analysis, there are 3 most common reasons for those big mistakes.

    REASON #1: Test? Who needs a test???

    I know, I know. We get tested up the wazoo. We get so many tests, so often, for so many reasons… and many of them are unnecessary.

    Yet the new analysis also finds many cases of malpractice could've been AVOIDED if docs had just ordered up a key test to CONFIRM or DOUBLE-CHECK the diagnosis.

    And nearly 1 in 4 got the right test results at the right time… but didn't actually follow up with the patient about them.

    REASON #2: Show me a sign!

    Nearly as many docs mess up because they've MISSED a key warning sign, test result, or symptom – one that, in hindsight, was STARING them right in the face.

    In other words… they weren't paying attention, or didn't take a close enough look at the test results and/or the patient's description of their signs and symptoms.

    REASON #3: Paging Dr. Know-it-All

    The new study finds 36% of malpractice cases involve “confirmation bias” -- or when docs settle on a diagnosis early and then ONLY look at the evidence that supports that initial knee-jerk reaction (emphasis on the “jerk”).

    Too many docs are SO full of themselves that they think they know what's wrong right away… practically the moment the patient walks in… and nothing they learn after that will SWAY them.

    What do these 3 problems I just shared with you have in common?

    Nearly ALL of them could be solved by getting a second opinion

    And I don't just mean the doc bringing in a colleague from the same practice to stand next to him and nod in agreement.

    Go and get a truly independent opinion from a doctor or specialist at a separate practice.

    And ideally, get the opinion of a naturopathic physician – one who's willing to take some time and go over ALL of your options instead of the most profitable one.

    In Your Corner,
    Dr. Allan Spreen

    P.S. Some docs shouldn't even be in business. Click here for how to spot one who's NOTHING but trouble… from MILES away!

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