1. Could this HIDDEN fat SAVE your brain?

    Is there anything in the country with a worse reputation than fat?

    They'll WARN you not to eat it…

    They'll URGE you to burn it off…

    And they'll INSIST it's the root of ALL your health problems.

    Meanwhile, no one ever stops to wonder if maybe they've fingered the WRONG bad guy.

    Well, friend, it's time to take the fear outta fat… including the type already inside your body.

    Because while there IS one form you want to burn off as much as you can… there's another type of fat you need to know about…

    One that could play a critical role in your health and metabolism.

    And now, the latest research reveals one more power of this type of fat…

    It just might SAVE your brain from cognitive decline… dementia… or a whole lot worse!

    OK, the bad stuff is WHITE fat…

    And not IN your food… where it's totally fine… but ON your body.

    White fat constitutes the "visceral fat" that builds up in your middle -- making it tough to fit into your pants, for one, but more importantly can ENGULF your organs and practically strangle the poor things.

    Too much white fat could also SCREW with hormone levels… and DRIVE UP inflammation…

    Including inflammation in the BRAIN… which is why obesity and diabetes are such close pals with cognitive decline and dementia.

    But you've got ANOTHER type of fat – one that may help CANCEL OUT white fat.

    It's called beige fat.

    A new animal study finds beige fat could help UNDO the inflammatory effects of white fat on the brain.

    In mice bred WITHOUT beige fat, their other forms of fat… such as subcutaneous fat, which is normally a mix of white and beige… began to act like all-white visceral fat…

    RAMPING UP inflammation, including in the brain.

    The mice essentially AGED FASTER… leading to cognitive problems and a host of other health issues, including diabetes.

    Then, the researchers conducted a second experiment, transplanting beige fat into obese mice with dementia…

    And believe it or not, they had improvements in memory and cognitive function.

    The beige fat, it seemed, TRIGGERED an immune response that cut inflammation in the brain.

    The downside is most of us DON'T HAVE ENOUGH beige fat – and most Americans have WAY TOO MUCH white fat to boot.

    The other downside is that it was a study on mice, not people.

    But you DO want to bring your fat back into balance for better health AND better cognitive function… because too much white fat is as bad for people as it is for rodents.

    First, you can burn off some of that white fat with a simple low-carb diet.

    Try it. It works. Trust me.

    As the white fat MELTS away… the ratio of white-to-beige will swing back into your favor…

    Although it might not be quite enough via diet alone.

    So, the second option is to boost beige fat more directly -- and I don't mean by getting a "fat transplant" like those mice had.

    It's a little easier than that!

    The antioxidant resveratrol , for example, has been shown in animal studies to raise beige levels. So could the herbal remedy berberine (which is also great for blood sugar control).

    And if you like spicy food, you're in luck…

    Capsaicin, which gives chili peppers that fire-breathing heat, also helps turn up the temperature in your body… transforming unhealthy white fat cells into the much better beige ones.

  2. Guys: This ‘female’ bone problem could have YOU in the crosshairs

    Gents, you might think you're off the hook when it comes to bone health.

    Sure, you have a lot of OTHER issues to worry about…

    But thinner, weaker bone?

    That's a woman's disease!

    Well, friend, I'm here today with a reality check.

    Because while bone loss IS more common in women… osteoporosis has become a growing problem in men.

    And there's one key cause of it, too.

    Thankfully, it's one that's ENTIRELY within your control!

    So today, I'll not only share why guys need to pay just as much attention to bone health as women.

    I'll also REVEAL the steps you can take to help keep PAINFUL and CRIPPLING breaks at bay.

    Here's the problem, guys… and it's a familiar one.

    It's your weight.

    Specifically, your levels of body fat.

    The more meat on your bones… the more those bones will STRUGGLE!

    A new study finds that older guys with EXCESS fat accumulation tend to have LOWER bone mineral density.

    As I'm sure you've heard, BMD is a crucial measure of bone strength.

    The LOWER your bone mineral density… the HIGHER your odds of a potentially devastating break or fracture…

    And the MORE LIKELY you'll face a condition such as osteopenia… or full-on osteoporosis.

    Scientists are now urging docs to screen "bigger" guys for this condition.

    Next thing you know, your doc will be sizing you up for bone drugs!

    Here's why that's a problem…

    Not only do they NOT always protect bone… but they could actually CAUSE breaks and fractures with long-term use.

    There's another way, my friend.

    TWO other ways, in fact… and I'd suggest hitting them BOTH simultaneously.

    First, lose the weight. It's not just the bone risk… as if that's not bad enough… but everything else excess body fat will do to you.

    You know what I'm talking about -- heart disease, diabetes, metabolic problems, hormonal issues, and just all-around poor health.

    It's easier than you think. QUIT processed foods… RESTRICT carbs… and you're well on your way.

    And second, give your bones what they need to carry out repairs and rebuilding.

    You WON'T get that from a med.

    But you WILL get it from some very basic natural therapies, especially…

    • calcium
    • vitamin D
    • vitamin K, and
    • magnesium.

    Here's the catch: It's an all-or-nothing deal. They ALL need each other… or the whole process falls apart.

    So, make sure you're getting the right amounts needed each day from both diet and supplements.

    Just speak to a doc before taking K supplements… as they don't mix well with certain meds, especially the blood thinner warfarin.

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