1. [DANGER in your mouth] FDA finally admits some fillings are TOXIC!

    Hey, you know those fillings you got – the “silver” ones with the mercury in them that they SWORE up and down were totally safe?

    Yeah, THOSE fillings…

    Well, my friend, the FDA just issued a startling confession. They just admitted that they were WRONG about those fillings.

    They’re NOT safe for millions of Americans, especially older folks.

    And by the time you’re done reading this… you might be ready to grab the pliers and yank your own teeth out!

    But don’t call the Tooth Fairy for an unscheduled stop just yet… because you’re NOT necessarily stuck with this risk.

    Here’s why.

    FDA warns against mercury in fillings

    The new warning covers “amalgam” fillings… better known as “silver” fillings… but are really mercury mixed with silver, tin, and/or copper.

    For generations, the mainstream INSISTED that a little mercury in your mouth is just fine.

    It’s supposedly “stable”… and only sits in the tooth… and never ever causes a problem.

    What’s a little mercury between teeth, right???

    Except… the FDA is now warning that’s NOT the case for everyone.

    As if they JUST figured this out!

    They now admit that, over time, you can be exposed to a little mercury “vapor” coming off the tooth – and since it’s already in your mouth, you’re INHALING mercury vapor with every breath you take.

    Oh, and if you GRIND your teeth… which, let’s face it, EVERYBODY is doing here in 2020… you’re getting even more.

    Mercury is toxic is to pretty much everything that matters inside your body.

    It can DAMAGE your nervous, digestive and immune systems… and WRECK your vision.

    It could lead to WEIRD skin problems… and MESS with organs such as the lungs and kidneys.

    So… who’s at risk?

    The FDA says it’s only – and I quote – “certain high-risk individuals,” which makes it sound like a handful of people here and there.

    But the list is ACTUALLY so long… you have to wonder who’s left out!

    This warning covers:

    • pregnant women and those who hope to become pregnant
    • nursing moms and their babes
    • children under 6
    • people with neurological diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, etc.)
    • people with impaired kidney function
    • people sensitive to mercury (ummm, isn’t that, like, EVERYONE???)

    It doesn’t mention seniors specifically…

    But nearly EVERY older American has some degree of kidney impairment… and HALF of folks over 75 have full-blown kidney disease.

    And here’s the thing about that…

    Most kidney impairment and even early-stage kidney disease are undiagnosed

    So you could have it right now and not know it.

    Basically, if you’re a little older, just ASSUME you’re a “certain high-risk individual.” Heck, even if you’re NOT older… you’re probably at the very least “sensitive to mercury.”

    And this is just ONE risk of modern oral “care.”

    There’s also the brain-rotting, bone-cracking fluoride found in most of the toothpastes and rinses out there (and also in drinking water)…

    And many dental sealants use the dangerous hormone-disrupting chemical BPA… which, as I shared with you recently, is even MORE poisonous than we thought!

    At some point, they might have to declare your mouth a toxic waste superfund site!

    Some dentists have had enough of all this… and not only REFUSE to work with mercury but offer safe replacements with resin-based composite.

    If you want some SAFER dental work, look up the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and see if they have a specialist near you.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

    P.S. Keep your eye out for tomorrow afternoon’s eAlert from my friend and HSI colleague Melissa Young. She’ll have a sneak preview of our new protocol – one that could spice up your life so much, it’ll make you BLUSH!

  2. PROOF! Everything you’ve heard about cholesterol is WRONG

    If you’re SO OVER the idea that all your favorite foods are somehow “bad” for you…

    If you’re SICK to death of being treated like a human pincushion for constant cholesterol checks…

    And if you’re just plain FED UP with taking drugs to cut your LDL… and battling the side effects that come along for the ride…

    Then I’ve got the news you’ve been waiting for!

    The GREAT CHOLESTEROL MYTH has just been BUSTED once and for all – and now, it’s not just me saying it.

    A major new study now PROVES… beyond all doubt… that generations of fear-mongering over cholesterol is just plain WRONG.

    If you’re NOT on cholesterol meds, here’s all you need to make sure you NEVER get started on them.

    And if you ARE on them, it’s time to march into your doctor’s office and demand some answers.

    Because odds are… you’re NOT getting the protection you think you are!

    The TRUTH about cholesterol-lowering drugs

    Yes, my friend, it turns out you DON’T need those cholesterol meds they’ve been relentlessly pushing on everyone over the age of 40.

    Taking them WON’T save or extend your life, but that’s not all.

    They also WILL expose you to a nightmare list of side effects… for absolutely ZERO benefit.

    I’m talking about fatiguepain… and brain fog… just to name a few.

    And this isn’t just one little study of a handful of people.

    It’s a MAJOR analysis of DECADES of science, with researchers honing in on 35 clinical trials on statins, ezetimibe, and/or PCSK9 meds versus a placebo or “usual care.”

    More importantly, each of those studies lasted at least a year.

    What they discovered doesn’t just SHAKE the foundation of cholesterol theory.

    It SHATTERS it!

    They found NO consistent benefit to meeting cholesterol goals… with three-quarters of the studies finding NO benefit in terms of death risk

    And nearly half finding NO benefit on the overall risk of cardiovascular disease.

    What’s more, if there were ANY truth to this theory at all, we’d see at least a trend -- that bigger drops in LDL levels would lead to bigger benefits.

    But that didn’t happen.

    In fact, they found no link AT ALL between how much LDL levels dropped and any possible outcomes.

    A handful of the studies found benefits here and there -- and even then, they were modest.

    But the overall sum of the combined data showed no consistency… and that was true for all 3 types of medications.

    In other words… it’s not just the drugs that are flawed.

    The very notion of “cholesterol control” itself is the problem!

    Of course, DON’T stop any med that you’re on without talking to your doctor first. Everyone’s situation is different.

    But you DO want to have that conversation – and make sure he’s aware of this new study published online by in the highly respected (and VERY mainstream) BMJ Evidence Based Medicine.

    If it turns out you’re in a special risk category… and DO need to cut your cholesterol and/or triglycerides… you have other options besides those meds, including…

    • red yeast rice
    • niacin
    • policosanol, and
    • fish oil.

    For maximum heart protection in general, don’t stress your LDL…

    And certainly don’t fear your favorite natural foods like meat, eggs, and cheese… just because of their supposed cholesterol levels.

    Instead, focus on proven protection.

    Keep a healthy weight… go for a walk each day…

    And make sure you have the nutrients that can keep your blood pumping and your heart beating, such as…

    • fish oil
    • L-carnitine
    • coenzyme Q10
    • magnesium, and
    • vitamin E as mixed tocopherols.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

    P.S. Want to know what REALLY happens when your cholesterol levels drop… and why you shouldn’t OBSESS over your levels? Click here to find out.

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