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  1. HIDDEN mineral could RESTORE lost brain function

    Some days, you can almost FEEL the brain cells short-circuiting.

    When that word is STUCK on the tip of your tongue…

    When you're standing next to your car, keys in hand, WONDERING just where in the heck you were going again…

    When you've answered the phone, recognize the voice, but just CAN'T place the name…

    Yes, friend, those li'l "brain burps" are all humbling reminders that you're NOT as young as you used to be.

    And neither is your memory.

    But new research reveals a way to potentially get that LOST cognitive capacity back.

    Because you can actually GROW fresh new brain cells to REPLACE the ones that have been dropping off…

    And all you gotta do is give your body a key mineral to help it make those cells!

    One way to grow new brain cells is with exercise. And OF COURSE you should get some daily activity.

    But the latest research reveals ANOTHER way…

    One that can MIMIC or ENHANCE the effect of exercise inside the brain… and help that crucial regeneration process along.

    It's with selenium – considered a "trace" mineral because you need very little of it.

    Yet most folks don't get even those LOW amounts… often due to factory farming, in which your food is grown in lifeless soil, DEVOID of the minerals.

    When there are no minerals in the soil… there are no minerals in the food.

    A new study on old mice looked at what happens in the brain when those "trace" levels ARE reached.

    It's as if a switch was flicked on… and EVERYTHING came back to life!

    That process of brain cell regeneration… which had been slowed by age… kicked into overdrive.

    The mice began pumping out new neurons…

    And neurons are the key to everything, as they relay information within the brain… control muscle… and more.

    The MORE neurons you have… the BETTER the brain function.

    And in the study, researchers watched as the mice got YOUNGER, cognitively speaking.

    They began to show the cognitive skills they had lost – the sweet and satisfying brainpower of youth.

    All thanks to this single mineral!

    The team repeated the study on younger mice that had a stroke and lost cognitive power as a result. And it worked on them, too.

    Again, this is a trace mineral… so don't buy a jar of selenium capsules and start eating them like Tic Tacs.

    You just need the RIGHT AMOUNT.

    The BEST source of selenium is Brazil nuts -- but I don't know anyone who eats Brazil nuts every day.

    I love nuts myself… and I can't tell you the last time I even SAW a Brazil nut. A jar of mixed nuts usually has maybe four of them.

    The EASIEST way to get selenium is with a multivitamin. Most good ones contain 100% of your daily selenium.

    If yours doesn't… shop around for a new one.

    And don't forget what I shared with you last week about how "beige fat" could also help SAVE your brain.

    If you missed it, just click here to catch up.

  2. COMING SOON: New Alzheimer’s drugs DELUGE! [But will they work???]

    The dam's been cracked… and it's all rushing through now.

    A new report shows how we're about to be swimming… maybe even DROWNING… in new treatments for Alzheimer's disease.

    And it's all because of a big breakthrough.

    No, not a big breakthrough in treatments, mind you.

    This one's a breakthrough in how to manipulate the FDA… and fast-tracking an UNPROVEN drug with UNKNOWN risks onto the market as quickly as possible.

    Ask me, they don't care if the drug WORKS or not. All they care about is getting it approved – FAST.

    And a new report shows how they're planning to pull it off by using the same pathway that a now-infamous Alzheimer's drug used last summer.

    Y'know, the one now subject to multiple investigations AND scary reports over its risks.

    It should've been a lesson in what NOT to do.

    Instead, pharmacies could soon be FLOODED with even MORE of these awful and unproven treatments… aimed at the nation's most desperate patients.

    It's enough to leave you scared… confused… and unsure about what to do next.

    So, I've got some tips on how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

    The new GOLD RUSH?

    They're RACING to give quick approvals to drugs for patients with Alzheimer's…

    But NOT because of evidence they SLOW or even STOP the disease.

    It's because they might clear beta amyloid from the brain.

    Here's how they've thought of beta amyloid…

    It gets in the brain. You suffer decline. It's removed. The decline stops.

    Makes sense, right? I mean, think of a thorn. It sticks in your skin. It hurts. You remove it. You feel better.


    That's not what happens in most studies.

    It seems the amyloid ISN'T the cause of the disease, the way that thorn is a cause of pain… and removing it WON'T stop the progression, the way plucking the thorn can end the pain.

    It may be more like the ashes of a fire. You can sweep them out… but the fire already burned through.

    And you can't un-burn whatever was there.

    But they're standing by, ready to approve meds anyway using a notorious FDA program that lets drug companies BYPASS the usual process where they have to…y'know… actually PROVE that their medication works.

    Without that CRUCIAL vetting process…

    Patients and their families could end up suffering from the one-two punch to the gut of DASHED hopes… and AWFUL side effects.

    Now, I CAN'T tell you I've got something that's proven to work in ALL cases. And anyone who does is LYING.

    But I CAN give you some tips that HAVE worked for some people… WON'T cost an arm and a leg…

    And WON'T expose you to the unknown risks of an experimental medication.

    Here's what I consider my "Big 3": DIET: Cut out ALL processed foods and ALL sugars. Eliminate any sources of potential toxins via diet. No "cheat days." Cold turkey, and permanent. And while you're making changes, eat only organics and non-GMO foods.

    SUPPLEMENTS: Consider natural therapies including phosphatidylserine, ginkgo biloba, huperzine A, grapeseed extract, and green tea extract as well as high-dose fish oil and a B complex.

    OTHER CULPRITS: Speak to a naturopathic physician who can test you for false dementias, or conditions that can mimic dementia but are much more treatable, such as chronic Lyme.

    And while you're there for #3, your doc can check to see if you're suffering from what I believe is the BIGGEST false dementia of all: drug side effects.

    Working to reduce… replace… or eliminate common prescription meds can often lead to dramatic improvements.

    In Your Corner,
    Dr. Allan Spreen

    "Alzheimer's Drugs Race to FDA" - MedpageToday


  3. [Cholesterol alert] Here’s the statins side effect they hope you’ll FORGET!

    Trying to sell a drug with memory loss as a side effect??? Fuhgeddaboudit! That’s what they’re hoping, anyway… with the latest pitch for cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. One recent report goes ON and ON and ON about all the dangers… all the side effects… and all the open questions about the drugs. Yet in the end, the part that MATTERS most…...
  4. [BUSTED!] Shadowy conspiracy BLOCKING Alzheimer's breakthroughs?

    Alzheimer's is one of the most HOPELESS conditions out there. People BEAT cancer. They SURVIVE a stroke. Some even BOUNCE BACK after a heart attack… and in better shape than ever! But not dementia. For most, it's like being sucked slowly into a black hole – one you'll never come back out of, as your family and loved ones watch...
  5. Loved one with dementia? Watch for this DRUG NIGHTMARE!

    You think it’s the disease – and there’s NOTHING you can do as you watch a loved one with dementia suddenly and rapidly decline. Sometimes, it happens before your eyes in a matter of weeks… or even days. But new research reveals the TRUE CULPRIT in many cases -- and it’s NOT always the disease. It’s the TREATMENT!   The problem...
  6. ‘Everywhere’ toxin can WORSEN dementia damage

    No one will TALK about it. They won’t even ACKNOWLEDGE it. And if you bring it up, they treat ya like a kook in a tinfoil hat. But there’s a hush-hush reason for the SURGE of Alzheimer’s disease… One that has NOTHING to do with ANY of the suspects the mainstream will usually try to blame. It’s NOT bad genes...
  7. Dementia drugs FAIL new study – but there’s HOPE for you!

    They called it the last hope against Alzheimer’s disease. Not just ONE promising drug… But TWO separate medications… in development at the same time… each one set to attack the disease that 5.6 million older Americans are now living with. And now, we have the results. Both of them FLOPPED! Now, the mainstream says, there’s NOTHING in the works that...
  8. WIPE OUT Alzheimer’s with the brain’s ‘master antioxidant’

    It’s like a confession… and a desperate cry for help… all at once. We’re STUCK… and we’ve got NOTHING! The medical mainstream is finally admitting that NONE of their drugs do JACK for Alzheimer’s disease. OK, so that’s mostly stating the obvious. After all, they’ve FLUSHED billions down the drain in the name of dementia research… and still have ZIP...
  9. ‘Brain drain’ drug risk is REAL… but they’re BRAINWASHING you to ignore it!

    Me? In a CULT?!?!? Never woulda pegged myself as a cultist… But that’s what the mainstream is calling me -- just for opposing statins, because they can cause memory problems and muscle pain. Agree with me? Welcome to the cult! A new report on the MedPage Today website for medical professionals claims we’re engaged in “fear-mongering.” Now, WHERE could we...
  10. ‘Failed’ Alzheimer’s med RESURRECTED… and could get approved anyway

    A new beta-amyloid-busting drug for Alzheimer’s? That’s what the media says… that’s what the drug industry claims… and that’s what the FDA seems hellbent on approving in a hurry. But don’t get your hopes up! This drug that’s being hailed as a breakthrough… is already BROKEN! I’ll put the pieces back together in a moment and give you the inside...
  11. REVERSE aging in your brain… and RESTORE up to 14 years?

    REVERSE aging in your brain… and RESTORE up to 14 years? A sharper… smarter… and YOUNGER… brain?!?!? That just doesn’t seem possible, I know, especially if it feels like your mind is aging in fast-forward mode. But there’s a way to hit the PAUSE button on that process. And something even more incredible could happen, too… You could hit the...
  12. Mainstream DISMISSES these 3 PROVEN memory boosters [Under attack!]

    The New York Times is out with a big exposé… and who do you think they’re going up against? They’re not going after crooked politicians… They’re not taking down corrupt business for stealing your hard-earned dough… And they’re not attacking Big Pharma for selling poison pills to desperate American patients. Nope. They’re going after your vitamins! They’re attacking the supplements...
  13. Breakthrough CRACKS the ‘Alzheimer’s code’… and helps SAVE your brain from these ‘killers’

    If you feel your memory getting worse… or find you’re more easily confused than you used to be…  The mainstream has ALREADY failed you.   Most docs are getting it all wrong (even if they mean well) – because Alzheimer’s drugs simply DO NOT WORK.   But I’ve uncovered a MAJOR medical breakthrough – one that can help REVERSE memory issues.  This...
  14. The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Dementia

    For generations, avoiding dementia – or not – was a roll of the dice. Essentially, you would get older and hope you kept most of your cognitive abilities in the process. But no more. These days, researchers have learned that avoiding dementia is possible, and more importantly, relatively easy. Continue reading →
  15. How to Avoid These 9 Dangerous Effects of Stress on the Brain

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    [caption id="attachment_7748" align="alignleft" width="300"]stress on the brain effects stress on the brain effects[/caption] You’re stressed. These days, it’s hard not to be. And you know stress is bad for your heart, your mood, your sleep, probably even your relationships. Well, here’s one more reason to focus on relaxing – to avoid these dangerous effects of stress on your brain. From structural changes to emotional ones, the effects of stress on the brain are as life-changing as any other response to stress, yet people pay less attention to them. Well, we’re going to shine a light on the effects of stress on your brain so that you can recognize what’s going on and, more importantly, how to change it! Continue reading →
  16. 9 Shocking Health Benefits of Eating Beets

    Eating beets benefitsYou know the superfoods: Kale…chia seeds…pomegranates…beets? I know, that last one may be shocking but there really are incredible health benefits to eating beets! So before you pass them by in the grocery produce section, read on. It’s time to start reaping the benefits of eating beets. Continue reading →
  17. How to Prevent Memory Loss: 8 Natural Remedies

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    Memory Loss Prevention If you’re already having the occasional “senior moment” or if you’re looking to prevent them, learning about how to prevent memory loss becomes more important the older you get. You know the moments I mean – when you can’t remember where you left your keys…or exactly why you walked into the room…or the name of the street you need to take a left on in order to get to the store. Because, while the occasional senior moment might be amusing, you don’t really need them to become an everyday occurrence. Luckily for you, age-related memory decline is not inevitable. So the sooner you look into how to prevent memory loss, the more success you’ll have. Continue reading →
  18. The Alzheimer’s Diet: Can You Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease With Food?

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    Diet for Alzheimer’s You may have heard about the so-called Alzheimer’s Diet – a new diet that claims it helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. But before you get excited, you want the facts. After all, the Alzheimer’s Association itself called the disease “…the only cause of death in the top 10 in America that cannot be prevented, cured, or slowed.” Add to that the fact that approximately 5.3 million Americans have Alzheimer’s, and it becomes a scary disease. If there really is such a thing as an Alzheimer’s diet, you want to know about it. But how reliable are the reports of an Alzheimer’s diet? And if it exists, how complicated or hard to follow is it? You’ve got questions – but I’ve got answers. This article takes a closer look at the Alzheimer’s diet and how, yes, you may be able to prevent Alzheimer’s with food. Continue reading →
  19. The MIND Diet: 10 Foods That Fight Dementia (and 5 to Forget)

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    The MIND Diet: 10 Foods That Fight Dementia (and 5 to Forget) Eating a healthy diet is important for all of us. But if you’re concerned about dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, knowing which foods fight against these is even more important. Luckily, you’re not the only who feels that way. Researchers at Rush University Medical Center developed the MIND diet. Now you can know for certain what foods fight dementia – and which ones it’s okay to forget. Continue reading →
  20. Medications that Cause Memory Loss

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    Memory Loss with AgeMedications that Cause Memory Loss Memory loss is a common part of aging. We’ve all heard of “senior moments” – and many of us have started having them. The occasional slip is easy to shrug off. Sometimes they’re even amusing, just as long as they stay occasional. But when those “senior moments” start becoming a regular way of life, that’s another story. Suddenly memory loss with age is no longer easy to shrug off, and it’s certainly not amusing. If you are experiencing other signs of dementia along with your current memory loss, that’s when things could become a bit concerning. Continue reading →

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