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  1. [OUTBREAK] Measles scare PROVES the vaccine is FAILING

    Welcome to the dystopia of our nightmares, my friend.

    If you don’t let them inject you with whatever they want… you could now literally GO TO PRISON!

    Amid the latest measles outbreak, officials in Rockland County, New York, have issued a state of emergency – one that BANS anyone under 18 who isn’t vaccinated from going out in public.

    They claim they’re not REALLY enforcing it…

    But it’s now perfectly legal to lock children up in MEASLES JAIL for up to six months… for the “crime” of not being vaccinated!

    The crazy thing is, this outbreak shows EXACTLY why parents are right to question this screwy system of injecting babies and children with a chemical cocktail and live viruses.

    No one in the mainstream wants to admit what’s REALLY happening…

    But I’m here to give it to you straight.

    This latest scare tactic is REALLY… just a cover-up!

    A police state distraction tactic?

    I’m hearing at least anecdotally that some of the sick in New York State were, in fact, VACCINATED.

    So why do the needle-lovers at the CDC consider you “protected for life” if you’ve received the vaccine?

    As it turns out… they don’t.

    According to the feds’ own website, “vaccine-induced measles immunity” isn’t guaranteed. It only “appears” to work over the long term…

    It’s only “probably” lifelong… and onlyin “most” people.

    The media is now suddenly urging adultswho’ve ALREADY been vaccinated to get another shot.

    A new report in Popular Science said people as young as 44 should get the shot all over again.

    That tells me they’re terrified that the effectiveness is wearing off

    And it’s not just people in their 40s. Remember that Disneyland outbreak?

    At least 30% of those kids were vaccinated… but got sick anyway. (And I’ve heard reports that the real number was even HIGHER).

    How is it possible that such a great vaccine could have a failure rate that high?

    Meanwhile, there’s one set of patients who really DO have lifetime protection…

    Those who didn’t get a shot at all -- people who’ve already been sick with measles.

    Even before the vaccine came out in 1963, only about 400 people died per year from measles in the entire nation.

    While that number is tragic, it’s not the LACK of vaccine that did them in.

    It was the fact that medicine in general 60 to 70 years ago wasn’t nearly as good as it is today.

    Today, measles is actually considered pretty harmless.

    I suspect even without a vaccine, the death rate would be ZERO… or at least close to it.

    I’m not saying you should refuse all vaccines for yourself or your family members (although that’s what I do, in the case of my nieces and nephews).

    But you’re NOT a “wack job” for questioning this entire system!

    And despite the bullying from the feds, school districts, Internet, and even neighbors… you DO have a choice.

    And that CHOICE belongs to YOU – and YOU ALONE.

    But remember – letting your young, unvaccinated family members roam the streets is on the books as punishable by up to SIX MONTHS in prisonand a $500 fine.

  2. [Shocking] Is POLIO making a SECRET comeback?

    Whaddaya do when the disease you claim to have ELIMINATED stages a terrifying return?

    Rebrand it!

    I can’t quite PROVE that this is what’s going on right now… YET.

    But it sure is suspicious that a disease even the mainstream experts are branding as “polio-like” is suddenly on the rise.

    It’s a terrifying and debilitating condition called acute flaccid myelitis.

    It seems to strike in unusual every-other-year waves – and we’re in the middle of one right now, with some 200 kids suffering over the past few months.

    And NO ONE in the mainstream can explain WHAT it is… WHY it strikes… or HOW to stop it!

    What are they afraid of admitting?

    You know what they say…

    If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck… it’s a duck.

    This devastating illness spreading across the country LOOKS like polio… ACTS like polio in the body… DAMAGES your insides, just like polio.

    It even causes paralysis, the most infamous side effect of polio.

    Acute flaccid myelitisis believed to be caused by enterovirus.

    Care to guess what else is from that same enterovirus genus?

    Yep. The virus behind polio!

    Yet it’s almost sick how hard they’re trying not to say the “P” word for this, calling it “polio-like” rather than admitting that this could be a modern version of the disease.


    Polio was supposedly “cured” or at least “eliminated” decades ago… only, it wasn't.

    Admitting this is a new form of polio would be the end of any semblance of vaccine efficacy.

    But I’m not here to spread fear and paranoia.

    That’s THEIR game, not mine.

    I’m here with HOPE – because while the mainstream messes around with the name game, children are suffering.

    They’re NOT getting treatment… because most docs still can’t figure out what to even call this thing!

    But if it’s POLIOor“POLIO-LIKE,”it’s time to take a fresh look at the groundbreaking work of Dr.Fred Klennerin the 1930s.

    In the middle of a polio outbreak in North Carolina, he was said to have CURED 60 out of 60 cases of the disease in infants.

    His secret?

    It wasn't anything weird or exotic. It wasn’t a shot or drug. It wasn’t anything wacky or – back to the duck – “quacky.”

    It was intravenous vitamin C. 

    He even published his findings -- but the mainstream had already declaredpolio“incurable,” so no follow-up work was done.

    Certainly, we need to see studies on IVC on this “polio-like” illness before we can say for sure that it works.

    But given that there are no other real treatment options… and given that vitamin C as close to risk-free as you can get… you can’t lose by asking about it.

    A naturopathic physician is your best bet, given that mainstream docs still avoid anything with the word “vitamin” in front of it.

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    But every now and then, it’s important to check and make sure you aren’t missing anything – like selenium.

    Because the health benefits of selenium are too often overlooked – but shouldn’t be!

    The health benefits of selenium are simply too important and too extensive, for more people not to know about them.

    Which is why we wanted to make sure you were aware of just how beneficial selenium can be…

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  5. 8 Surprising Health Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng

    Korean red ginseng benefitsSome supplements are very straight forward and easy to understand.

    They’ve been around for years and everyone is comfortable with them.

    Then, there are other ones, the ones that seem a little more mysterious.

    You’ve heard enough to know they’re good for you – but it’s harder to get a grasp of their true benefits.

    Korean red ginseng is definitely one of the more mysterious supplements.

    Well, read on because I’m about to demystify the benefits of Korean red ginseng, so you’ll get your questions answered and know exactly what it’s good for!

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  6. 11 Essential Immune System Vitamins

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  7. Vitamins for Your Immune System: 8 Surefire Ways to Stay Healthy

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    You've heard it a hundred times.

    “Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Try to get as many rich, bright colors into your diet as possible. Make sure you choose lean proteins, and whole grains. Go for walks. Stretch. Move every single day.”

    We all know the routine and what we should do. But let’s be honest – it doesn't always happen. You’re busy, and over-scheduled, and always on the go. It’s a lot easier to grab something quick, than to plan a well-balanced meal every single time you sit down to eat. Continue reading

  8. Boost Your Immune System: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy Every Day

    Immune System BoostBoost Your Immune System: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy Every Day

    Over the course of the year, everyone should take care to avoid the hazardous environmental stressors prevalent. And, during this extra stressful time of year (who doesn't get stressed around the holidays), it becomes increasingly important to support your immune system.

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  9. The Best Immune Supplements: How to Stay Healthy Year-Round

    Best Immune Supplements

    You don’t think about immune system supplements when it’s warm outside.

    You fly through the summer. Fresh air. Easy exercise. And fruits and veggies galore – all keeping your immune system at its peak.

    Then the season changes – once people start talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas – it all changes.

    Is your immune system ready for the onslaught of added stress which comes each holiday season? Continue reading

  10. Help lower your blood pressure - Are BUGS the key?

    Want to lower your blood pressure a few points? Or maybe just keep your already healthy BP in check?

    Look to your belly.

    Yes, I did say your BELLY. The bacteria in our guts could be the hidden key to help lower your blood pressure, according to a new 9-study-strong review. Continue reading

  11. RegeneCell Ingredients: Feel Better & Look Younger within Days

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  12. Build the best defense against deadly CRE superbugs

    I first warned you about carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) well over a year ago. On the superbug block, these nasty bugs are the worst of the worst… a true devil among demons.

    Like other superbug bullies, CRE is resistant to antibiotics. But CRE isn’t only resistant to the run-of-the-mill antibiotics, this ugly bug laughs in the face of the “last-resort” drug carbapenem.

    Now you may never have heard of carbapenem before—it’s not exactly a household name—and good luck pronouncing it (much less enterobacteriaceai!). But this life-saving drug is the antibiotic that docs turn to when nothing else works. And for many with critical infections it can literally mean the difference between life and death. Continue reading

  13. Chia Seed Recipes: More Than Just Seeds

    BenVia Gold chia recipes You are really trying to find ways to get chia seeds into your diet with some chia seed recipes. After all, you know they’re unbelievably good for you. They've been shown to have more calcium than milk, more magnesium than broccoli and more antioxidant power than blueberries.

    But just how often can you sprinkle them on your salad or mix them into your morning cereal before even this super-food starts being boring? But you can banish boring, with the chia seed recipes found in our BenVia Gold Cookbook! Continue reading

  14. Top 5 Health Benefits of Chia– Big Results From a Small Seed

    Posted by: on

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  15. Factory farms have your chicken dinner swimming in toxic chemicals

    What used to be covered in feathers, once said cluck, and now flies by at lightning speed? If you said Super Chicken, congratulations, you’ve got a great sense of humor… but you’ve also missed the mark. The answer is chickens on the inspection lines in those hellholes they call factory farms.
  16. [VIDEO] Where to buy chia seeds: premium quality and best price

    Posted by: on
    When America's Nutrition Physician tells you to eat brownies, it comes as a bit of a I was more than a little skeptical when I started watching this video presentation by Dr. Allan Spreen on where to buy the best chia seeds. But in just a few minutes, you'll be as convinced as I am that shelling out exorbitant sums for the latest, greatest superfoods is a waste of money. Unbelievable as it sounds, Dr. Spreen has discovered a stunning secret that can transform ANY food -- even decadent treats like fresh-baked brownies -- into a nutritional goldmine that rivals superfoods like salmon, broccoli, and blueberries.
  17. BenVia Gold Price: A Review of BenVia Gold Chia Price Per Serving

    BenVia Gold chia seedThese days, most of us are looking not just at cost, but at value. But we also know that sometimes spending a little more money is worth it, if we are getting the quality to justify the cost. And this applies to everything from our food to our clothing and yes, even to our health.

    BenVia Gold Chia Seed -- Price Per Bottle, Savings Per Serving

    A single bottle of BenVia Gold chia seed costs $29.95. At approximately 30 servings per bottle, that’s about $1.00 per serving. Not bad. But, if you take advantage of our multi-bottle savings offer, it can be even less. Three bottles cost $79.85 – which brings the cost per serving to only $.89. And, if you know you love BenVia Gold and want an even larger order, you can order 6 bottles and save even more money per serving. And with the NorthStar Nutritionals’ Gold Standard Guarantee, ordering 6 bottles makes sense. Because if you don’t like it, you can return it all for a refund. It’s that simple.

    Does BenVia Gold cost more than regular chia seed?

    Now that you know exactly how much BenVia Gold costs, you might notice that it may be more expensive than some of the other chia products out there. And you know what? You’d be right. We recognize that BenVia Gold is more expensive than some other options.  But we believe it’s worth the extra cost. Because the value you get – that we guarantee – with BenVia Gold is better than any other chia seed available on the market today. And here’s why… BenVia Gold chia is grown exclusively in the nutrient-rich soils of Bolivia. The farming practices are designed to protect the land in order to ensure the highest quality chia for generations to come. Absolutely no pesticides or other chemicals are added, creating a pure chia, free of anything artificial or harmful. This requires a hands-on approach, literally, as the farmers and harvesters of the area care for the crops personally. This care for the soil, the harvest, and the people produce an unparalleled crop. And these are the only chia seeds NorthStar Nutritionals accepts for their BenVia Gold. So, is BenVia Gold a little more expensive than other chia products out there? Yes. And BenVia Gold is worth it. To learn more about BenVia Gold or to order a fresh supply today, just click here now.
  18. Does BenVia Gold really work? BenVia Gold Chia Customer Reviews

    BenVia Gold customersWe’ve said a lot of great things about BenVia Gold chia. In fact, every study, every report, raves about chia. But let’s be honest – most of the studies, most of the reports, are written by people who want you to buy a product. Which means, as transparent as we are, we also understand if you are still skeptical. If you are still asking if BenVia Gold really works. So, this time, instead of answering that question ourselves, we’re going to let our customers – people just like you, with no stake in the company or the product - tell you if BenVia Gold really works.

    BenVia Gold Chia Customer Reviews: Digestion

    The fiber in BenVia Gold chia is supposed to promote regularity and a healthier bowel. Does it? According to customers from all across the country it does!
    "BenVia Gold helps keep me very regular. I am so pleased with the results and found it started to work within 12 hours!" -Katy L. from Houston, TX "I have loose stools [but] BenVia Gold has helped firm them up!" -Mark H. from Reno NV "Can't remember the last time I was this regular. I don't feel bloated and irritable anymore!" -R. Finnely from Buffalo, NY "I tried everything from psyllium husks to [supplements], apples prunes, beans in sauce, prune juice... I just wish I had discovered BenVia Gold about 3 years ago!" -Resse F. from Tampa, FL "BenVia Gold is far and away the best product I’ve tried. It’s especially good for healthier bowel movements. I’ve been surprised by how effective it is. BenVia Gold is a great product." -Mack Dorvy, Topeka, KS

    BenVia Gold Chia Customer Reviews: Weight Maintenance

    Can that same fiber help keep you full, thus helping you maintain, or even lose, weight? Absolutely.
    "Helped me to not be as hungry!" -Janet C. from Chicago, IL "The first day I started taking BenVia Gold I began feeling less hungry. Now I eat less and feel better every day!" -Elbert H. from Minden, NV "I don’t even get hungry anymore." -Baila N. from Lafayette, LA
    And it’s great for cooking...
    "BenVia Gold has been outstanding! It’s easy to mix with foods or drinks and it doesn’t change the flavor of anything, which makes it very easy to use each day. I feel so much better than I thought I would!" — Jack Pratt, Chicago, IL "I like the taste of it, or shall I say ‘no taste of it’ versus flaxseed and it provides more nutritional value!" -Dwight C. from Hanover, MA

    BenVia Gold Chia Customer Reviews: Energy

    Thinking about using BenVia Gold to help with your energy levels? Listen to this –
    "It's been a Godsend for MY ENERGY!" -Danielle G. from Big Sur, CA "120% more productive! I could barely get out of bed, until BenVia Gold!" -Jared L. from Phoenix, AZ "Energy without nervousness and more stamina. I am 71 years old -- now I'm able to stay up longer at night and sleep so well!" -Danielle G. from Big Sur, CA "I no longer need naps and that is really great for a 75 year old! I have more energy to go shopping, out to lunches with friends!" -Janet W., from Sedona, AZ

    BenVia Gold Chia Customer Reviews: Blood Sugar

    But what about more severe medical conditions, like unstable blood sugar levels? BenVia Gold is good for that, too, regardless of if you need to keep your sugar levels up or down.
    "My blood glucose levels would always spike after meals. "With BenVia Gold, they remain more constant." -J. Ross from Evansville, IN "BenVia Gold keeps my blood sugar more stable throughout the morning. I went on vacation without my BenVia Gold and couldn't wait to start back on it!" -Sacha M. from Dennison, OH "Before BenVia Gold, my blood sugar fluctuated up and down. I found that after taking BenVia Gold, my blood sugar is more stable, especially at night." -Campbell C. from Ontario, Canada

    BenVia Gold Chia Customer Reviews: Better Health

    For overall health, wellbeing, and youthfulness, BenVia Gold is hard to beat.
    "I had hoped BenVia Gold would help me—but I really didn’t expect the improvement to be so significant." -Diana Dodson, Tampa, FL "This is the best I’ve felt in a long time. People say I look like I’m 50 (and I’m 70 years old!)." -Richard Custis, Houston, TX "It’s been a Godsend for MY ENERGY!" -Danielle G. from Big Sur, CA "When I first started BenVia Gold, I was skeptical. But I have to honestly say that BenVia Gold gave me back my youth!" -Heath B. from Kansas "BenVia Gold has helped me maintain healthy skin! Also helped my son maintain healthy skin, especially during the Spring and Fall seasons." -Roy B. from Gary, IN "Since 5 days after taking BenVia Gold, my husband has been looking great! We are very impressed." -Janice H. from Sweetwater, TX
    There you go – BenVia Gold really works. Not because we tell you it does. Not even because some study tells you it does. Because other people, from California to Massachusetts, swear by it. Give BenVia Gold a try for yourself. We bet you’ll be swearing by it, too.
  19. BenVia Gold Chia Infographic: Chia in Words and Pictures

    Have you seen this chia infographic yet? If you have, then you know. But if you haven’t – you’re in for a thrill. Chia isn’t just the latest super food; it is the super food. And we offer it: BenVia Gold.

    Benefits of Using BenVia Gold

    Take a look at the chia infographic below and you’ll see: BenVia Gold is packed with the healthy fats doctors and nutritionists recommend for our diets – Omega 3s, Omega 6s and Omega 9s. These are the same fats found in fish and nuts that are heart healthy and good for us. They help keep our bad cholesterol levels low, and our good cholesterol levels high. And you don’t need huge amounts. A single scoop of BenVia Gold provides fiber, protein, and calcium. That single scoop even provides 51 mg of magnesium, which is good for muscle health, nerve health, heart health…too many benefits to begin to list! But just in case you’re interested, this article explains the many benefits of chia in great detail…take a look.

    Is Chia New?

    Not at all. It’s believed the Aztecs used chia seeds centuries ago. And modern research into their health properties started over 20 years ago. That’s why we now have BenVia Gold. Because we want to make sure you have access to all the benefits promised by chia -- benefits you deserve.

    BenVia Gold chia infographic

  20. Is BenVia Gold the same as chia? It’s even better!

    BenVia Gold chia

    Is BenVia Gold the same as chia? At first glance, the answer is simple – BenVia Gold is chia. But it’s really a bit more complicated – BenVia Gold chia is better. There. We said it. BenVia gold is a superior chia than the other options. And we’re going to tell you why.

    Rich Soil Means Rich Seeds

    No matter what is being grown, the nutrients in the soil play a part in the nutrition levels of the crop. If the soil is overworked, or over-farmed, the nutrients no longer infuse the crop. Chia seeds are no different. Which is why our producers grow BenVia Gold chia in the richest, most nutrient saturated soils of Bolivia. They use no-till farming, direct sowing, and rotation practices that protect the soil. All this means BenVia Gold chia seeds are nutritionally packed, every year, every harvest, every time. Part of maintaining that rigorous standard of soil quality – and, in turn, chia quality – is to minimize the chemicals applied to the crop. BenVia Gold chia is grown with no weeding or pesticide chemicals added. None. All weeding is done 100% by hand. The growing sites themselves were chosen specifically for their soil sustainability. Most of them are in environmentally protected areas, so steps must be taken to protect the areas. These steps contribute to the consistency of BenVia Gold chia by insuring the continued existence of the indigenous plants and animals that have contributed to the soil’s richness from the beginning.

    More Than Just Soil

    The producers of BenVia Gold chia also see a bigger picture than just this harvest – or even the next several. They also understand the need to be socially responsible, as well as environmentally so. Local farmers, workers who care about the land, are hired to work and harvest the chia crops. They are paid fairly for their work, and the communities are supported as well. In fact, each person involved in the production of BenVia Gold chia receives regular training to keep them current with changing technologies and best practices. This business decision insures that BenVia Gold chia producers are trained experts who know – and care about – the land, the soil, and what is best for long-term sustainability.

    International Certifications

    BenVia Gold chia has received international certifications of quality assurances throughout the entire production process. They have received the GAP certification for Agricultural Process; GMP and HACCP for Selection and Cleaning Process; Organic Certification; and ISO 9001 certification for Manufacturing and Commercialization Process. These guarantee product traceability, controlled quality, a 99.9% level of purity, a strong production forecast, and ongoing monitoring and improvement of operations. Which all sounds really impressive but…what does all that mean? That means that we aren’t the only ones telling you BenVia Gold chia is quality guaranteed. These organizations are at the forefront of quality control all over the world - and BenVia Gold chia has been granted every one of these certifications.

    Is BenVia Gold Chia better?

    In a word, yes. And it’s not just our opinion. It’s backed up by national and international third parties. Our procedures and best practices are, well, best. Sure, you can get other brands of chia lots of places. And some of it is even cheaper. But the only place you can get BenVia Gold chia – and the quality assurances that come with it – is here at NorthStar Nutritionals. That’s a lot of reassurance for a little extra money. That’s BenVia Gold superiority.

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