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  1. Prostate Defense Reviews: What Real Men Say About Prostate Defense

    155472626There are some things it’s easy to talk to your guy friends about: sports, cars, women. Then there are the things you can talk to your guy friends about, if they are close enough: retirement goals and fears, your health, your family.

    But then…then there are the things you wish you could talk to another guy about, but sometimes, just can’t. Prostate health tends to fall into this last category. You want to ask if anyone’s tried Prostate Defense. You want to ask if it helps – how it works – but really, how are you even going to start that conversation?

    You don’t have to worry about it any longer, because real men, just like you, have already come to us with those answers – and they are thrilled with Prostate Defense. They were so ecstatic about the relief they received from Prostate Defense that they couldn’t keep quiet about it. And as honored as we were to hear such rave Prostate Defense reviews, more than that, we are excited to pass these words onto you, so that you can find the same kind of support as they have.

    Prostate Defense Reviews: Fast-Acting Results

    Fast-acting support like Jim Ruzzo in New York experienced when, within only two weeks, he…

     “…was able to sleep through the night with only one visit to the toilet.”

    Or Benjamin Ware, out of Baltimore, who had great results after only 10 days…

    “After about 10 days, Prostate Defense cut my trips to the restroom in half.

    Does that still seem like a long time? Then maybe you should listen to Dave Crosby, of Jacksonville, Florida, who

    “…went from having to ‘push to flow’ to actually having a mild stream. And it only took 2-3 days to notice the difference!

    That’s right – 2-3 days taking Prostate Defense, and he was already seeing results.

    Prostate Defense Reviews: Long-Term Results

    But just because Prostate Defense is fast, doesn’t mean it’s a flash in the pan. Not according to Max Burns of Worcester, Massachusetts, who tells us...

    “I have been using Prostate Defense for about 4 or 5 years. I thought it was another flash in the pan when you said it helps you ‘Pee Like A Firehose’. You do. It works like a miracle and I use it twice daily. No other product works this well. I am finally truly satisfied with Prostate Defense.”

    Years. Men have been satisfied with Prostate Defense for years.

    According to Jamie Carter, out of Binghamton, no other product works well enough to steal men away…

    “I’ve been using Prostate Defense for over 10 years now and I find that it’s really the only thing that does the job.There’s nothing else like it on the market. I’ve tried a couple of other products but they just simply don’t work as well. It’s great to have a product that works as well as Prostate Defense.

    Many Prostate Issues – One Prostate Defense

    And it’s not just urine flow that Prostate Defense can address. It’s all the concerns of an aging prostate, as Alex S. from New Jersey learned...

    “It took one week to notice better flow in the bathroom, and more sexual desire in the bedroom. Prostate Defense is definitely the best prostate solution I’ve tried.

    Whether it takes 2 days, or 2 weeks, once you start experiencing the relief Prostate Defense offers, we guarantee you’ll be a customer for life, just like these guys. In fact, we think Tim Whelley from Scottsdale, Arizona sums it up best…

    “I’ve been taking Prostate Defense for a long, long time.Through the years, I’ve taken a lot of prostate pills and this is the best one of all.

    So, if you’re looking to take control of your health, your life, your schedule, do what these – and thousands of other men have already done. Click here to learn more about Prostate Defense, then place your order today. You’ll be so satisfied, you’ll be telling everyone you know about it, too!

    And when you try Prostate Defense today, you’ll save 25% on your first order. Don’t delay…order Prostate Defense today and start supporting perfect prostate health.  Use promo code W650Q3ZD to save 25% today.

    Results may vary. Prostate Defense is targeted to help support a healthy prostate.

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.


  2. Why am I always tired? And what can I do to get more energy?

    467467593Many of us are asking that more and more these days, and maybe you are too. It doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep you get, or how much coffee you drink -- you still feel tired, stressed, and a step or two slower than you want to be. And you constantly ask yourself, “Why am I always tired?”

    Let’s take a look at what might be going on…

    Recognizing Adrenal Fatigue

    The answer very well might be a condition known as adrenal fatigue. And the right supplement could deliver blessed relief...and energy!

    But first, it’s important to identify the problem.

    If you are dealing with…

    • Occasional sleeplessness -- either trouble getting to sleep, or staying asleep
    • Getting a good night’s sleep and still feeling tired
    • Tired in the afternoon, but wide awake at bedtime
    • Lack of motivation, or trouble finishing projects
    • Irritability, or snappishness

    Your adrenal glands could be overworked, stressed, and as tired as you are!

    What Causes Adrenal Fatigue: Constant Fight or Flight

    When you are stressed, your body reads this as you being threatened. The adrenal glands kick in, flooding your body with adrenaline and giving you the extra energy, focus, and strength to handle the immediacy of the perceived “threat.”

    This is commonly known as the fight or flight response, because you have the power to either fight off the threat, or escape from it. Back before modern civilization, when humans were living in caves and huts, this was a necessary response to ensure survival.  When we would fight, or when we would flee, our bodies would flood with adrenaline, we would exert that energy, and then, once the threat was eliminated, our bodies would relax again.

    Unfortunately, our bodies haven’t evolved as quickly as civilization has. Your body doesn’t recognize the difference between a saber tooth tiger attack and the stress from a long, daily commute…or being worried about retirement…or scared over your spouse’s health.

    Your body still responds to these long-term, constant stressors the same way it used to respond to short-term, immediate emergencies – with fight or flight. But, the difference is that we never get the physical release of the adrenaline that comes from fighting or fleeing. It just keeps coming, without ever relaxing again. Which means your adrenal glands never get the break they need to completely recover resulting in the constant, nagging feeling – “Why am I always tired?”

    Addressing Adrenal Fatigue: How to Break the Fight or Flight Cycle

    But it’s possible to break out of fight or flight and reset your adrenal glands. You can sleep better, and wake rested and ready to face the day. You can regain your focus and motivation. You can have more energy and feel like your old self again.

    Here are 3 things you can do right now, to start addressing adrenal fatigue and ramping up your energy levels:

    1. Take a look at your sleep patterns. Are you going to bed at the same time every night? Getting up at the same time every morning – even on weekends? Make your bedroom an electronics-free oasis, so that your body starts to learn that getting in bed means it’s time to sleep.
    2. Make sure your diet is healthy. Get plenty of water, so you stay hydrated. Eat plenty of protein, and other energy boosting foods.  For other great ideas on natural ways to boost your energy, click here for more information
    3. Supplement your diet with the purest natural ingredients to support the adrenal glands. The best – and easiest – way to do this is with Peak Adrenal X6.

    Peak Adrenal X6 contains the most reliable ingredients for natural adrenal support, specially formulated and right at your fingertips -  vitamin C, vitamin B-5, Siberian ginseng, and more – all working together to provide optimal adrenal support, to help you break free from the fatigue doldrums.

     Peak Adrenal X6 can…

    • Help your body better manage stress
    • Provide needed energy support
    • Reduce fatigue
    • Support your adrenal glands naturally
    • Improve your mood and help you feel good again

    It’s NOT just aging. Being tired all the time is NOT just in your head. And you DON’T have to feel this way.

    Adrenal fatigue is a real condition, and real help is here - Peak Adrenal X6.

    For more information, or to order your supply of Peak Adrenal X6, click here now.

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  3. 6 Natural Energy Boosters: What helps dragging energy levels?

    175285184Remember when it seemed you had never-ending energy? When you were able to rise with the sun, and go all night? We remember too, and we want you to feel that way again. “Oh, you’re just getting older,” or “That’s what happens as we age,”  aren’t good enough answers for us. You don’t have to accept less energy and more fatigue as inevitable. Here are few natural energy boosters -- easy things you can do every day to relieve your fatigue and get you energized for life… Behavior Changes -- Natural Energy Boosters

     1. Get Enough Sleep. This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed how few of us actually get the amount of sleep we need at night. In fact, it seems to be a point of pride for some people to claim to function well on only a few hours of rest. Except most of us don’t function well on very little sleep. Recent studies indicate even as adults, we still need 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

    Lack of sleep has even been linked to chronic illnesses, and yet we don’t get enough. Instead, we use caffeine to get us through the morning. However if we’re not actually rested, we have to reach for the caffeine, or other stimulant, again and again. But if we can truly sleep for eight hours every night, not only do we wake more rested, we have more energy throughout the day.

     2. Take Up Yoga. Both exercise and meditation can help increase our energy levels, and yoga is an amazing way to do both at the same time. Yoga literally gets the blood flowing, which gets oxygen to our cells, our brains, our whole body. This, in turn, gives us more energy throughout our day.

    Yoga also increases our body’s ability to handle stress. The less stressed we are, the more efficiently our bodies function. The more efficiently our bodies function, the more energy we have. And you don’t need to join a gym or buy a bunch of fancy workout clothes. You can do basic yoga moves right in your own bedroom.

    Dietary Changes Can Be Natural Energy Boosters

     3. Drink Plenty of Water. While we all know that drinking water is good for us, not many of us think about it in terms of energy levels. But our bodies are mostly water. It is essential to life. As our muscles get dehydrated, they function less well, and we get draggy and fatigued. Our mental capacity slows down. Everything slows down. Plus, being dehydrated can slow our metabolism, which makes us feel tired. All of which can be prevented by a simple glass of water – or three!

     4. Be Nutty. Proteins are natural energy boosters. Magnesium helps our bodies turn sugar into energy. And nuts, especially almonds, are loaded with both. A handful of almonds mid-day can give you the lift you need to get through your afternoon, without adding the empty calories and inevitable energy crash of a sugary snack.

    Reach for the Right Supplements

     5. Caffeine. Caffeine is a common and easily available way to give yourself a quick boost. And it doesn’t have to be bad for you. It seems that 2-4 small cups of organic coffee or green tea per day will do just that – give the average adult a quick boost of energy. And let’s be honest, some days that quick boost to get us over the slump is all we need. Just be careful not to consume too much so you’re not wide awake when you don’t want to be. And avoid energy drinks and shots, which are some of the most unhealthy, artificial, and chemical laden ways to consume caffeine.

    6. Natural Supplements. Now this can get a bit confusing. There are so many and they all claim to do the same thing…but not quite the same thing. Weeding through all the information can make you want to throw up your hands and give up. That’s why we developed Peak Adrenal X6 – to take the guesswork out of it.

    Peak Adrenal X6 is a revolution in natural energy boosters. It addresses your energy shortage at the source – your overworked and stressed adrenal glands. Peak Adrenal X6 contains 4 of the strongest adaptogens on earth…rejuvenating herbs that help nourish hungry adrenal glands. Plus, it contains a shot of healthy energy vitamins…vitamins that years of stress can deplete. The combination could be key to increasing your energy and alertness – naturally – without the jittery side effects of stimulants. And that’s not all.  Peak Adrenal X6 also tackles a whole host of mysterious issues that can be caused by weak adrenals.  Things like…
    • stiff joints
    • occasional headaches
    • muscle weakness
    • trouble sleeping
    • moodiness
    • brain fog…
    Remember how it felt to wake up in the morning with energy coursing through your young body?  Get ready to feel that great again…with Peak Adrenal X6. Click here to learn more or to order your supply of Peak Adrenal X6 today.
  4. Is omega 3 fish oil your heart’s best friend?

    A recently completed NIH study might have you soon adding more fish to your menu. According to researchers, the more fatty fish you have in your diet, the more your heart is protected. In fact, if you eat as much fish as our friends in Japan, you may even be able to ward off heart disease. It’s the omega-3s that are found in fish oil that are the key, of course. Fish oil naturally reduces inflammation and helps keep plaque from forming in your arteries. The researchers partnered with Japanese scientists to follow a mix of nearly 300 American and Japanese men for five years. They tracked a variety of heart-disease-related factors, including cholesterol levels, cigarette smoking, drinking, and diabetes and blood pressure status. (Even genetics were considered.) After taking into account all the heart-related factors, the American men, shockingly, had three times more artery calcification than their Japanese counterparts! What was the difference between the two groups? It turns out that the Japanese men had 100% higher levels of omega 3s in their blood streams. In Japan an average person eats about 100 grams of fish every single day—that equals about one and half servings. Even fish fans might find that much fish difficult to swallow. That’s where an omega 3 fish oil supplement can help fill the gap. Just be sure the one you choose comes from a source you trust.
  5. Does Saw Palmetto work? Can it help support your prostate?

    147260014You’ve heard about the symptoms - a frequent need to urinate, having trouble starting or stopping urination, waning sex drive. As much as you dread it, you accept it, because it’s all just a part of aging, right? Wrong! Prostate issues are common, in fact most men will deal with them, but they may not be inevitable, or all-consuming. You’ve probably also heard about saw palmetto and how it can help support prostate health. But is what you’ve heard about saw palmetto true? Does saw palmetto work, and will it work for you? Let’s take a look… Saw Palmetto – Avoiding the “Unavoidable”? For centuries, Native American men used the fruit of a dwarf palm plant indigenous to the southern United States to help with symptoms related to an aging urinary tract and declining libido. This plant – the Serenoa repens – is what we know as saw palmetto. Over the years, we’ve come to recognize the symptoms it addresses as being indicative of prostate issues – but we still appreciate a centuries’ old solution. Especially when that natural solution is backed by science. Early studies point to saw palmetto as providing “statistically significant improvement in urinary symptoms” for men with prostate issues. But perhaps even more importantly, some participants in one study reported an improved quality-of-life score. Because let’s be honest, all the numbers in the world don’t matter as much as how you feel. In another preliminary study that looked at urinary symptoms and sexual function, results were even more encouraging. After 8 weeks, not only had the urinary symptoms decreased, but the sexual function scores had increased. Encouraging, indeed! Does saw palmetto work? Judging from these studies, the answer appears to be a definite yes. But what about those studies that show saw palmetto doesn’t work? How can both sets of studies be true? Well, saw palmetto doesn’t always work for everyone by itself. In fact, there’s at least one study out there that indicates saw palmetto doesn’t work any better than a placebo for half the men who take it. In order for saw palmetto to work most effectively, it’s best to combine it with the right complementary ingredients – ingredients such as nettle root, pumpkin seed oil, and vitamin E. At that point, saw palmetto works synergistically with these other prostate supporter ingredients and they all work better than they would by themselves. Solutions and Safety Prostate concerns are real for every man. That’s why, when looking for solutions, you want something that you can trust. Something that will ease your concerns, not make them worse. Does saw palmetto work? It has an incredible track record of safety. Side effects are rare, especially when used as directed. So, using quality saw palmetto in the proper doses, with the right partner ingredients, goes a long way to maintaining your prostate health and avoiding those embarrassing issues. Quality and Quantity When your prostate is healthy, you don’t have to worry about finding a bathroom in time. You don’t have to get up two, three, even more times, in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. You can maintain that same youthful romantic spark that satisfies both you and your wife. For maximum prostate support, you just need the right solution. The supplement that gives you the highest level of quality saw palmetto, and other key prostate supporting ingredients, in just the right amounts. That solution is Prostate Defense. With Prostate Defense, you get peace of mind, superior prostate support, and a boost to your love life. Saw palmetto, combined with the other powerhouse ingredients, work together to make Prostate Defense as tough as you are. Click here to learn about the only defense you need -- Prostate Defense. And when you try Prostate Defense today, you’ll save 25%.  Don’t delay…order Prostate Defense today and start supporting perfect prostate health.  Use promo code W650Q3ZA to save 25% today.

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  6. What are the 10 best prostate health supplements for 2014? Infographic

    This infographic shows the 10 best prostate health supplements for 2014. Are you getting enough of these prostate supporters in your diet? prostate health supplements infographic
  7. Vitamin D builds immunities

    If you had been watching me wade through my daily stack of research reading the other day, you’d have spotted me do one heck of a double take. Wondering what the line that caught my eye was? “Our data suggest vitamin D may be involved in maintaining the health of the immune system as well as the skeletal system.”  This remarkable “confession” was spoken by Dr. Mary Ward, one of the author’s on a new study on D that’s been accepted for publication in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Now, there’s no denying the importance of vitamin D. There’s even a stack of research proving the critical role it plays in our health from fighting off respiratory infections to keeping you out of a nursing home… if you know where to look for it, of course. (Hint, it’s not in the mainstream media, but you can start with a search in the NorthStar Blog’s archives.)

    Be sure to get your D!

    But it’s still quite rare to see such a straightforward conclusion about the significance a vitamin plays in keeping us healthy, from such a mainstream, source. In this case, Irish researchers completed an observational study on 957 adults who were at least 60 years old. They found that those volunteers who were vitamin D deficient had significantly higher biomarkers for inflammation. And that’s important, because these biomarkers are linked to heart disease and other inflammatory conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. So what does this all mean to you and me? I’ll let Dr. Ward explain, “The results indicate immune function may be compromised in older individuals with vitamin D deficiency.” In other words, be sure to get your D! To raise your vitamin D levels, I recommend spending more time outside. But since many of us can’t—or don’t—get all the D we need from sunshine alone I also generally recommend taking up to 5000 IU of vitamin D3 daily. A blood test can help you, and your doc, figure out what’s right for you.
  8. “Break-proofing” your hips against hip fractures

    She broke her hip, ended up in a nursing home, and never came out again. It’s a devastating story we’ve all heard before. But once you reach a certain age, it can quickly go from a sad tale to a frightening one. Because when you enter your golden years you start to fear that it could one day be your own story. Let’s face it; there are few things as frightening as the prospect of losing your independence. And while I don’t want to scare you even more, I must admit that the fear is justified. In the US alone, over 300,000 of us a year will fall victim to that bane of graceful aging, a hip fracture. But “break-proofing” your bones is probably much easier than you think. And while there aren’t, of course, any guarantees that you’ll never suffer from a painful and debilitating hip fracture, a few common supplements could go a long way towards making it highly unlikely. Now if I were to ask you what vitamins you should take for bone health, I bet you would respond with “calcium.” And you would be absolutely right. There’s no question that bone-friendly calcium should be in your “break-proofing” kit. But there are a couple of other nutrients that are essential for bone-health that you might not be aware of. To give your bones everything they need, you should make sure you’re getting enough of these four key nutrients…
    1. Calcium
    2. Vitamin D
    3. Vitamin K
    4. Magnesium
    Raising your levels of these nutrients by choosing the right foods is an excellent first step. Then, rounding them out with supplements can complete the picture. You can up your calcium intake by eating more canned sardines and salmon, both of which have soft calcium rich bones. And dairy products are another good choice. Fish is also a great food to turn to when you want to raise you vitamin D levels. Both the flesh and oil of fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and swordfish are naturally rich in D. Egg yolks, and beef will also provide some D. And don’t forget to spend a little time out in the sunshine every day for another natural boost of this vital vitamin. Vitamin K is often overlooked when it comes to bone health, but it’s an important player in keeping your bones healthy.  K can be found in leafy greens like kale and spinach, broccoli, asparagus, avocados, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, olive oil, meat, egg yolk, yogurt and green tea. We already knew that the final nutrient in that “break-proofing” kit of yours, magnesium, was a bone-health hero. But a new study out of Norway drives the point home. Norway has MORE than their fair share of hip fractures every year, and researchers wanted to know why. It turns out that the water in certain regions of Norway is super low in magnesium, and in those areas hip fractures tend to sky-rocket. To raise your own magnesium levels, eat more pumpkin seeds, spinach, Swiss chard, sesame seeds, black beans, quinoa, cashews, and sunflower seeds.
  9. Is a sluggish thyroid making you fat and tired?

    I’ve been warning you about them for years now. Every single day in your home, at work, and even in your car you’re being exposed to these hidden chemicals. The furniture you sit on, the food and water you drink, and even the very air you breathe is laced with them. They’re called endocrine disruptors, and although the FDA turns a blind eye towards them—claiming they’re perfectly safe in the levels to which we’re being exposed—the science says differently. A stack of studies have found that these chemicals could wreak havoc with our hormones, leading to a laundry list of health problems. In fact, they may even cause the center of your entire endocrine system—the thyroid gland—to essentially short-circuit. You can’t see these invisible invaders, but you can certainly feel their destructive effects. And if the delicate balance of your endocrine system is compromised—and your thyroid does go on the fritz—you can be sure trouble isn’t far behind.

    Chemicals monkey with your metabolism

    You see, your thyroid acts like an orchestra conductor directing your entire energy and metabolism system. But when it’s bombarded with these man-made monsters, it can get knocked off balance, and you could be left feeling fat, slow, and simply plumb-tuckered-out. (Sound all too familiar?) And once you suffer from a sluggish thyroid, no matter how hard you try, losing weight can feel almost impossible. Some days you can feel so run down that exercise seems out of the question. And even if you do somehow manage to get up the gumption to start moving more, those numbers on the scale can start to feel like they’re super-glued in place. But if this describes you, don’t despair. Hope is on the horizon. It turns out reenergizing your thyroid isn’t nearly as difficult as you might imagine. My friend, and colleague, Dr. Mark Stengler, could help you get things back on track in no time.

    Jumpstart your sluggish thyroid

    Dr. Stengler is a true pioneer in reversing the thyroid-dampening effects of those damaging disruptors. In fact, his brilliant solution to jumpstarting your sluggish thyroid is so stunningly simple you might find it hard to believe. Well, that is until you feel your own energy surging back. Dr. Stengler has uncovered the missing link to unstoppable energy and boosted weight loss. And now you can put his discovery to work for you with his brand new breakthrough formula Thyroid Performance Plus. Imagine feeling like you’ve doubled your energy in just weeks, having more bounce in your step than a 10-year old hopped up on a sugar high, and feeling more trim and slim than you have in years. With a healthy functioning thyroid, this fantasy could be YOUR reality. Brimming with the exact combination of herbs and nutrients you need to help get your short-circuited thyroid back on track, Thyroid Performance Plus really can be an answer to your prayers. Click here to learn more, or to place an order.
  10. Prostate Defense Price: How Much Does Prostate Defense Cost?

    Prostate Defense What’s the price of Prostate Defense? How much should you expect to pay for a prostate support supplement? The short answer is -- it depends. There are so many options out there, starting with the very basic ingredients that are relatively inexpensive on their own. But in clinical and observational studies, a handful of powerhouse supplements have been shown to be dominant forces in protecting and maintaining prostate health: Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium, Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Pygeum Africanum bark extract, and Lycopene. These are the building blocks for male prostate health – and Prostate Defense has them all. The Surprising Cost of the Alternatives If you were to buy each of these ingredients individually – assuming you could even find them individually – it would cost you almost $70.00 just to get them all into your medicine cabinet. And that’s before shipping costs! Plus, you would still have to worry about amounts – what’s an international unit? How many micrograms in a gram? Does each bottle of pills have the same number of doses, or do you have to buy more bottles of one than the other? And does the formula you’ve managed to cobble together balance every ingredient in perfect harmony to make this handful of pills the perfect blend for optimal prostate health? That’s a lot of money to spend in order to still have so many questions! Prostate Defense Price: Premium Support in 1 Bottle Which is where Prostate Defense comes in. At $39.95 per bottle, the Prostate Defense price may seem expensive at first glance. But when you take a closer look, Prostate Defense…
    • Contains the best natural supplements for prostate health, all in one formula…
    • Balances each ingredient perfectly to produce maximum prostate health…
    • Carries NorthStar Nutritionals’ unparalleled commitment to quality…
    • Is backed by our Gold Standard guarantee -- If you don’t like it, we’ll take it back, no questions asked.
    Try finding all that for less than $40.00 anywhere else. Plus, you can save even more when you buy 3 or 6 bottles. Men Taking Their Lives Back But you don’t have to take our word for it. Instead, listen to Dan A., who raves about Prostate Defense --  “Of everything I’ve tried, this is THE BEST!” Or Mike from Worcester, MA, who has been using Prostate Defense for years, because he “thought it was another flash in the pan, but it works like a miracle!” What about Frank from Texas… “It is fantastic. At 69, I feel like when I was 20 years old. I have ‘pointed’ a number of men to this product, Prostate Defense. DO NOT STOP MAKING THIS PRODUCT. Thanks and GOD Bless you guys. “ These are real men, men who decided they didn’t have to be afraid or embarrassed. They decided to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands, and they chose Prostate Defense. No more questions. No more juggling multiple pills and calculating doses. No more concerns about quality. Just one terrific product that takes care of it all, for one very reasonable price – Prostate Defense.
    Click here to order your supply of the only defense you need -- Prostate Defense.
  11. Synerflex Price: How Much Does SynerFlex Joint Health Formula Cost?

    SynerFlex priceWhen it comes to joint health supplements, how much should you expect to pay? What’s a fair price? We love a good deal as much as the next person. But we do get a bit suspicious when something is too cheap. After all, we all know the old adage “you get what you pay for.” If something is cheap, we expect it to be, well, cheap. So what’s the price of SynerFlex joint health formula?  The Synerflex price is about $1.33 per serving if you buy 1 bottle, and about $1.19 per serving if you take advantage of our multi-bottle savings.  That may be more expensive than some other joint products. While we can’t tell you what goes into their products, we can tell you exactly what goes into each bottle of SynerFlex…

    Is SynerFlex Expensive?

    Well, at first glance, some might think so. But we know what makes SynerFlex so much better than every other option out there. See, for those few extra cents a day, you don’t just get a so-so product. You get the SynerFlex formula… First, we start with Hyal-Joint, which isn’t just ordinary hyaluronic acid. It’s a proprietary blend of ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and collagen, working together to make both even more effective. Then, we add boron. But as with the hyaluronic acid, we don’t just use any boron. Instead, we insist upon calcium fructoborate, a superior form of boron that’s both bio-available and bio-active. Translation – it works! If you wanted to, you could probably find this combination of hyaluronic acid and boron – not the same quality, mind you, but the basic ingredients – at a drugstore. So why should you choose SynerFlex? Because those aren’t the only ingredients in SynerFlex. What you can get at a drugstore isn’t enough for us. Not when there are other superstar ingredients that can help boost the effectiveness of SynerFlex and take your joint comfort to the next level…

    Ingredients for Fast Relief

    We’ve also added hops flower extract, called Perluxan.  While boron and hyaluronic acid can take a while to build up in your system, hops help you feel better faster. We included Boswellia serrata extract to help ease that stiffness in your joints. Finally, ginger root and black pepper are antioxidant extracts that help you fight off free radicals. Plus – black pepper helps the body absorb minerals, so all of the ingredients start working even sooner. And as with our anchor ingredients boron and hyaluronic acid, we demand the highest quality for all our ingredients, so we can provide you with superior product formulations at all times. And here’s something else you may not have known – SynerFlex is the only joint health product available on the market today with this unique, specialized formula. Sure, there are others that claim to be as good, but only SynerFlex contains these ingredients in the exact amounts for optimal joint health.

    SynerFlex Price: Is Superior Joint Health Worth a Few Extra Cents a Day?

    If you bought all of these supplements individually, you’d have to spend at least $52, probably more once you add in shipping. That’s $1.73 per dose, not including shipping costs. Then you’d have to worry about taking the correct dose of each one, and balancing the amounts so that each ingredient can achieve ultimate effectiveness. But we’ve done all of that for you. Your daily dose of SynerFlex has everything you need to maintain optimal joint health – just the right amount, every time. Plus, with SynerFlex (and all NorthStar Nutritionals products) you’re satisfaction is always assured with our Gold Star Guarantee. That’s something you won’t get anywhere else. SynerFlex might cost a bit more than other joint products. But once you factor in the quality and peace of mind that comes with it, we think you ‘ll agree that it’s worth every penny. Sure, there may be other, cheaper, products – but there’s only one SynerFlex. Click here to learn more about SynerFlex or to order your supply today.
  12. What’s the best prostate supplement for maximum prostate health?

    Best prostate supplementProstate health is one of those subjects most men don’t like to think about, let alone talk about. But it’s vital to a man’s overall health and well-being. An unhealthy prostate gland can impact physical, emotional, even sexual quality of life. That’s why we want to talk about the best prostate supplement to keep your prostate healthy. Because it’s better to talk about keeping your prostate healthy before there’s a problem.

    Symptoms of an Unhealthy Prostate

    First, let’s figure out what we’re talking about when we say “prostate issues” or talk about an unhealthy prostate. Symptoms of a problem can include urinary difficulties, including decreased flow, the inability to completely empty your bladder, and a constant urge to “go.” Sometimes it means waking up several times during the night, unable to get a good night’s sleep. Sexual dissatisfaction seems to be linked to prostate issues as well. All of this impacts a man’s emotional well-being, as much as his physical well-being.

    8 Building Blocks of Prostate Health

    Luckily, the supplements that are recognized to contribute to prostate health are well-known and easily available. They are Lycopene, Nettle Root, Pumpkin Seed oil, Pygeum Africanum bark extract, Saw Palmetto, Selenium, Vitamin E, and Zinc. So how do these powerhouse nutrients tackle prostate issues? In a few different ways…

    Antioxidant Power and Prevention

    Prevention is the best medicine, so keeping your prostate healthy is easier than trying to fix a problem once it’s already occurred. That’s where Lycopene, Vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc are on the case.  Both Lycopene and Vitamin E are powerful antioxidants that help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. Free radical damage can produce prostate issues. So keeping free radicals in check can help keep those prostate issues at bay. Selenium is a mineral that is vital to the normal functions of the human body, offering protection against oxidative stress and cellular damage. Finally, Zinc – the greatest amounts of Zinc in the human body are found in the prostate. Unhealthy prostates tend to have disproportionately low levels of Zinc.

    Attacking the Problem at the Source

    But even if there’s already a problem, it’s not too late to have a healthier prostate. Nettle Root, Pumpkin Seed oil, Pygeum Africanum bark extract and Saw Palmetto go to work to help resolve issues. All 4 of these powerhouse supplements tackle the problem head on, often easing most of the symptoms that come along with prostate issues. In fact, Nettle Root worked “significantly better” on these symptoms than a placebo, and men who used Pumpkin Seed oil reported markedly increased quality of life. These 8 supplements are the most potent weapons in your arsenal to help keep your prostate healthy. While they may work individually, when used in combination they are a formidable force. But finding each of them, and finding them in the right amounts, can be a daunting task. Ideally, you’d be able to find all these ingredients in one perfectly designed formula…

    Prostate Defense – The Best Prostate Supplement

    That’s why NorthStar Nutritionals designed Prostate Defense.  Prostate Defense contains all 8 prostate-specific nutrients in a unique, scientific combination, each one targeting a key part of your total prostate health. In study after study, scientists have shown that one ingredient alone just doesn’t cut it. (In fact, one study proved that saw palmetto alone FAILS for more than half of the men who take it. For them it’s no better than a placebo.) When you combine these prostate-targeted “platforms” into one formula, that’s when you can look forward to REAL relief. And that’s what you’ll get with Prostate Defense --the best ingredients for the job, all in one bottle. Maintaining your health, and helping to stop prostate worries before they start -- all with one supplement – Prostate Defense Click here to learn about the only defense you need -- Prostate Defense. And when you try Prostate Defense today, you’ll save 15%.  Don’t delay…order Prostate Defense today and start supporting perfect prostate health.  Use promo code W650Q2ZC to save 15% today.
  13. Intravenous vitamin C kills cancer cells and extends lives

    A group of brave researchers at the University of Kentucky Medical Center just dropped a bomb on the medical mainstream. They announced that common vitamin C can kill cancer cells, and that some cancer patients can benefit from high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy. Not only that, the researchers say that the antioxidant appears to also reduce some of the most devastating and toxic side effects of conventional chemotherapy drugs. As you can imagine, the mainstream is reeling from the news. After all, in their view, nutrition-based therapies like vitamin C may as well be Voodoo. Now to be fair, the Kentucky-based scientist’s announcement really shouldn’t have been that much of a bomb, since their findings are right in line with an ever-growing stack of small, but strong, pro-C studies over the years. In fact, you’ve read about some of them right here in the Guide to Good Health. Not to mention there’s a virtual ton of first hand experiences by doctors who have been using intravenous vitamin C to treat their cancer patients since the 70s, as well as the cancer-patients who have reaped the benefits.

    Vitamin C was blacklisted based on bogus trials

    But mainstream medicine is kind of like a spoiled child with his fingers stuck firmly in his ears. Tell a conventional medicine doc that vitamin C has the potential to kill cancer cells and he’ll respond with, “What’s that? Sorry I can’t hear you. My fingers are in my ears.” But wait, all those doctors must have a good reason for refusing to give this life-saving therapy a try, right? Sadly, that’s just not the case. And wait until you hear what the actual reason is. Incredibly, intravenous vitamin C was blacklisted based on some unsuccessful clinical trials on ORAL vitamin C. Yes, countless people have suffered through (and perhaps even lost) their fights with cancer while the mainstream has turned its back on a perfectly safe, and potentially life-saving therapy, based on irrelevant clinical trials! Even a child could tell you that vitamin C sent directly into a vein is not the same thing as swallowing a pill. Oral doses of the water soluble vitamin could NEVER reach the same concentrations as an intravenous dose can.

    Cancer patients lived longer and better with vitamin C

    Thankfully, the University of Kentucky researchers must have smelled something rotten in Denmark. Despite the blacklisting, they felt intravenous vitamin C was still worth another look. In the lab, they were able to prove that the vitamin does indeed kill human cancer cells. Next they showed that high doses of intravenous vitamin C inhibited the growth of tumors… and in some cases even shrank them… in mice with ovarian cancer. And then it was on to that all-important human trial. The clinical trial tracked 27 volunteers who had just been diagnosed with stage-III or stage-IV ovarian cancer.  Each of the patients received either one of two conventional chemotherapy drugs.  But some of the volunteers were also given high doses of intravenous vitamin C. And the results were stunning. Well, stunning, that is, to the mainstream, anyway. For the rest of us they were impressive, but entirely expected. Those volunteers who had received the intravenous vitamin C experienced significantly less of the notoriously nasty side effects of chemo. There was less toxicity to the brain, bone marrow, and major organs. Not only that, the volunteers who got the intravenous vitamin C also lived nearly 9 months longer than those who didn’t get the therapy! In other words, they lived both better AND longer. So it’s official. Intravenous vitamin C helps kill cancer cells, and we even know why. According to study co-author Dr. Jeanne Drisko, “Vitamin C in the bloodstream helps kill cancer cells because it chemically converts into hydrogen peroxide when it interacts with tumors.” When you raise your C levels up high enough—as you do with intravenous therapy—the vitamin slips into the spaces around the cancer cells and does essentially what your white blood cells typically do… beat the cancer into submission. And unlike harsh chemo drugs it leaves the healthy cells unharmed.
    Are you listening mainstream? It’s time to take those fingers out of your ears!
  14. [VIDEO] Do Glucosamine and Chondroitin Really Help Arthritis Pain?

    We all know glucosamine and chondroitin are good for our joints, right? This combination has been touted for years as the magic pill for joint pain. Most of us know at least one person who takes it. Many of you may take it yourselves. But…does it really work for arthritis pain? It seems like an unnecessary question, but we aren’t the only ones asking it. Even Harvard University Medical answers with “it depends.” And while we have no problem disagreeing with the Harvard establishment, in this case, we very much agree. Because sometimes glucosamine and chondroitin work on arthritis pain. But sometimes, well, they just don’t. And this is exactly why we didn’t include glucosamine and chondroitin in our SynerFlex joint health formula. Instead, we selected 5 separate active ingredients, all of which target joint pain and stiffness in ways that glucosamine and chondroitin simply don’t. If you want to learn more about SynerFlex and how to keep your joints moving smoothly and comfortably, check out the video below to get the full story. But if you want to know why we stayed away from glucosamine and chondroitin in this particular formulation, keep reading…

    The History of Glucosamine and Chondroitin

    Glucosamine and chondroitin first became popular as a way to deal with joint pain and stiffness in the 1990s. Up until then, there were very few supplements to help achy joints, and these two ingredients seemed like a miracle. And for many people, they have been, and still are. We’ve seen great success from people using glucosamine and chondroitin to relieve stiffness, pain, and aches in their joints. But not everyone had such great results, which got us wondering why.

    What Glucosamine and Chondroitin Are Supposed To Do

    Both glucosamine and chondroitin are found naturally in our bodies. They are an integral part of healthy cartilage. As we age, the cartilage in our joints begins to break down and wear away. This can cause pain and stiffness. This is why it is believed that adding glucosamine and chondroitin to our diets in supplement form can help slow, or even prevent, this disintegration, which, in turn, eases the pain and stiffness.

    What the Studies Actually Show

    While it all makes sense in theory, if you actually look at the studies, they are mixed at best. Although some studies of glucosamine sulfate indicated it “modestly reduced” symptoms of osteoarthritis, others indicated that there was no noticeable difference between a glucosamine supplement and a placebo. And few studies suggested other forms of glucosamine didn’t have any impact at all. Studies of chondroitin alone are even more discouraging. The initial studies were conducted poorly, so their results are unreliable. Since then, studies have been erratic, some showing moderate results, some showing none at all. Read closer and many doctors appear to be relying on anecdotal, subjective accounts from patients regarding the efficacy of glucosamine and chondroitin.

    Other Causes of Joint Pain

    When a glucosamine and chondroitin combination works, it works because it addresses the deterioration of cartilage. Only, that’s not the only cause of joint pain and stiffness. Joint pain can be caused by many things, including (but of course not limited to) decreased levels of hyaluronic acid, tendonitis, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis – any number of conditions. None of which is caused by deteriorating cartilage. And if your pain isn’t caused by a condition glucosamine and chondroitin is supposed to address, glucosamine and chondroitin will not – cannot – help ease your pain. It’s that simple.

    Do Glucosamine and Chondroitin Really Work for Arthritis Pain?

    Harvard got it right: it depends. Some studies have indicated it’s a good combination for arthritis pain relief. Others don’t back that up. Still, many people find relief in taking them. If you’re one of them, we certainly aren’t going to tell you to stop. Easing your pain is our goal, and if glucosamine and chondroitin help do that, great. But, if you aren’t getting the results you were expecting from glucosamine and chondroitin, know that you aren’t alone. And know that you have an alternative: SynerFlex. A joint health product packed with ingredients that not only target your discomfort, but that actually work in ways that glucosamine and chondroitin simply can’t Take a minute to watch this short presentation…and you’ll see for yourself exactly why SynerFlex is your best option for superior joint health. And when you try SynerFlex today, you’ll save 25%...so don’t delay. Get back to living life to your full potential…and on your own terms.

    Order Synerflex Today and Save 25%

  15. Probiotic health benefits: May help women lose twice the weight

    Since you’re a Guide to Good Health reader, I’m guessing I probably don’t need to tell you how important a bellyful of good bacteria is. As you know, your gut is the center of your entire immune system. And keeping your intestinal flora balanced can help keep you healthy. The trouble is, in today’s world it can be tough to do that. An on-the-go diet that’s way too high in junk and way too low in fresh healthy organic foods, stress and even medications like antibiotics all act like bulls on the loose in a china shop, shattering the balance of your gut flora making you vulnerable to getting sick. The health benefits of probiotics can quickly get you back on track, replenishing the good bacteria in your digestive tract. And what a difference it can make! One UK study I told you about a few years ago, found one of the health benefits of probiotics is that they could boost your immunities by an astounding fifty percent, in some cases. And it almost goes without saying that probiotics are some of the best protection you can get against antibiotic-resistant superbugs. In fact, because of the amazing health benefits of probiotics, I think they are a “must take” supplement that everyone should be including in their daily routine.

    Lower your body fat with belly bugs

    Good belly bugs do a lot more for you than just fight off the common cold or the flu. And we’re learning more about their effects every day. Just last year I told you about an exciting mouse study that revealed a connection between gut flora and diabetes. Researchers found that gut bacteria produce biochemicals and hormones that can literally stop diabetes from ever developing! But as I read the latest issue of the British Journal of Nutrition it wasn’t that diabetes study that came to mind, but rather an earlier one that I had shared with my readers years ago. I’ll get back to that new probiotic research in BJN in just a moment, but first let me refresh your memory about that earlier study. In 2009, Finnish researchers concluded that certain probiotics can help women manage their weight after a pregnancy.  They divided 256 pregnant women into three groups. The first group received dietary counseling and a daily probiotic. The second group got the same counseling, but received a placebo. And the third group didn’t get any dietary counseling, but got the placebo. The women continued with whichever regimen they were assigned to throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Once they stopped breastfeeding they were brought in for measurements of weight and waist circumference. The women who took the probiotic came out on top. A year after having their babies they were sporting the best post-baby bodies, with the lowest body fat percentages. And just as exciting, the women taking the probiotic ended up carting around less fat around their midsections than the other two groups.

    Drop more pounds with probiotics

    Now, Canadian researchers have more exciting news for us about probiotic health benefits and weight. And this time it could lead to you taking your belt in a few extra notches. Scientists recruited 125 overweight men and women. For 12 weeks all of the volunteers followed a prescribed weight loss plan. That was followed with another 12 weeks of weight maintenance. During the study half of the group was given a probiotic (in this case from the Lactobacillus rhamnous family), and the other half was given a placebo. The women who got probiotics lost more weight than the placebo takers during the diet phase—an average of 1.8 kg more. That’s almost 4 extra pounds. And during the maintenance period the probiotic takers continued to lose weight, eventually dropping a total of 5.2 kilograms or about 11.5 pound each! In other words, the women in the probiotic group lost twice the weight. And the only difference between the two groups was the probiotic. Unfortunately, the guys in the study didn’t see the same results. The researchers aren’t positive why that is. The study may simply not have gone on long enough, or the dosages might need adjusting for the men. But there’s no reason to think that probiotics can’t have similar effects on weight for men, too.
    For their immune and digestion health benefits alone, probiotics should be on YOUR daily menu. And if they also happen to help you beat the battle of the bulge, that’s just very welcome icing on an already delicious cake.
  16. [VIDEO] What’s the Very Best Supplement for Your Joints?

    When you’re looking for a joint health solution, the options can be overwhelming. Your local drug store is packed with products, all making claims of being the best. Every time you search on your computer or turn on the TV, there’s a different company selling their new solution. But when your joints ache and you just want to feel better, what is the best option out there? And how are you supposed to choose?

    How to Choose Between So Many Joint Health Options

    First, when choosing a product, make sure it is targeted specifically toward joint discomfort. A general pain reliever may be fine for a headache, but you don’t have to settle for one when there are options available that focus specifically on your joints. Especially when some of the general pain relievers like aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen have some pretty scary side effects. Look for supplements that contain ingredients with a proven track record, like hyaluronic acid and boron. And stay away from ingredients that may have great reputations, but don’t work for everyone or can take months to start working, like glucosamine and chondroitin. Pay attention to what else is in the formula. Are there other active ingredients? What assistance do they provide? Are they there to simply make the label look better, or do they actually contribute to your well-being? And are they targeted to your joint problems, or something else entirely?

    SynerFlex: For Superior Joint Health

    We created SynerFlex joint health formula as an easy, more advanced way to cushion your joints. SynerFlex is specially formulated -- both in what we’ve put into it and what we’ve left out of it -- to address the aches and discomfort brought about by age, an active life, or both. We have many happy customers that can tell you how well SynerFlex works and what a difference it’s made in their lives. Click here to hear from several of them. But, it’s not enough for us to tell you SynerFlex is best. We want to show you exactly why. So, let’s take a look… SynerFlex was specifically formulated to help spring your joints to life and give you maximum joint support – and comfort. And it does this better than any other product available today – by using some of the most powerful joint health breakthroughs, including…
    • Boron –  the “master mineral” for healthy joints, in the premium form your body can use
    • Hyal-Joint, made with hyaluronic acid – the joint-lubricating secret of elite athletes and trainers, without the needles
    • Two powerful soothing herbs – cutting-edge hops extract and a, potent form of Boswellia for fast comfort…
    • The joint health “amplifier” – a bio-enhancing blend of antioxidant extracts to take the SynerFlex   formula to another level
    Take a minute to watch this short presentation…and you’ll see for yourself exactly why SynerFlex is your best option for superior joint health. And when you try SynerFlex today, you’ll save 25%...so don’t delay. Get back to living life to your full potential…and on your own terms.
    Order Synerflex Today and Save 25%

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  17. Boron Benefits: What are they and Do They Help Your Joints?

    Boron benefitsIf you are looking for a supplement that will benefit your joints, you’ve probably heard a lot about ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin, and maybe even hyaluronic acid. But here’s one you may not know about –and it’s critical to your joint comfort. It’s called boron.  Most of us have never even heard of boron. Which is a real shame, because boron is a mineral we should all know about – that we all need – but probably not getting enough of…

    Why Boron is Important

    Boron is a mineral that we should be getting in our diets, but most of us simply aren’t – at least not in the amounts we should. Due to soil depletion, there isn’t much boron left in the soil where our crops are grown in the U.S. Less boron in the soil means less boron in the crops we grow, which means less boron in our diets. Studies have indicated that in areas where people consume small amounts of boron, incidences of problematic joints are higher than in areas where people consume more boron. See, boron naturally helps to promote a healthy inflammatory response. Inflammation is part of what contributes to the degradation – the general wear and tear – of joints, which in turn, causes our pain. So the presence of proper amounts of boron in our bodies helps boost the overall health of our joints. That sounds pretty important!

    Boron Benefits: Promising Results

    Studies done on the effects of boron have been consistently impressive. In one study, groups with mild to moderate symptoms found “substantial improvement” in the categories of pain, stiffness, and overall joint function. Even when looking at passive movement, which is when someone moves our joints for us, study participants taking boron reported “significantly less pain” than those on the placebo. And the average condition of study participants with symptoms ranging from mild all the way to severe was “significantly better” than the patients in the placebo group. In another study, participants with symptoms from mild to severe all experienced improvement, thanks to the addition of boron, as calcium fructoborate, to their daily routine.

    Boron: A Powerful Tool for Superior Joint Health

    Bottom line -- our bodies need certain amounts of boron for our joints to move smoothly and comfortably. And most of us aren’t getting enough. But with the proper amounts of this powerful mineral, like the amount of boron in SynerFlex joint health formula, our joints can be healthier, move easier, and just plain feel good. And don’t you deserve that? Click here for more information on SynerFlex or to order your supply today.
  18. What are the Hyaluronic Acid benefits and Does it Help Joints?

    hyaluronic acid benefitsThere’s a lot of buzz about hyaluronic acid supplements these days, as a way to keep our joints moving smoothly and comfortably. We certainly like what the studies have shown. So much so that we’ve included hyaluronic acid in SynerFlex, our special formulation for maintaining optimal joint health. Let’s take a look at hyaluronic acid, answer some questions, and see how it can benefit your joints.

    What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do?

    Our joints are made of bone, cartilage, and synovial fluid. This synovial fluid is what acts as a lubricant for our joints, keeping them moving and bending smoothly and without pain. Unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies stop producing synovial fluid in the same amounts. As it dries up, our joints become stiff, achy, even painful. Moving, walking, or standing stops being as easy as it was when we were younger. This is when it’s time to reach for some extra help. Hyaluronic acid actually works with the body to help it start making synovial fluid again. It may take approximately four weeks for enough HA to build up in our systems for the process to work, but once it does, our bodies are able to produce this essential lubricant again.

    Hyaluronic Acid Supplements, Then and Now

    For years, the only effective way to get hyaluronic acid into our bodies was through painful injections directly into the joints. This was inefficient and, quite frankly, painful. But now, hyaluronic acid is available in oral form, making it a widely available and far more appealing option for keeping your joints healthy. According to a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, year-long study in Japan, the ingestion of oral hyaluronic acid supplements showed “beneficial therapeutic effects” for study participants. Oral forms of hyaluronic acid, such as Hyal-Joint that’s used in SynerFlex, open up whole new and exciting doors for maintaining healthy, comfortable joints.

    What Joints Does Hyaluronic Acid Benefit?

    Hyaluronic acid supplements have been shown to be effective for almost all aspects of joint health. Most of our joints can benefit from hyaluronic acid supplements, including the ball joints (like hips, shoulders, and knees) that control major range of motion – and can often dictate how your whole body feels. From the aches in your fingers, to the stiffness in your knees, hyaluronic acid may be just what you’re looking for. Moving with ease and comfort doesn’t have to be a dream any longer. Not with SynerFlex joint health formula – hyaluronic acid working in conjunction with 4 other powerful joint supporter ingredients – makes your dreams of superior joint health a reality.  Not only does SynerFlex with hyaluronic acid work, but it works fast. There may be better known joint supplements out there. But none that works better than SynerFlex. But don’t take our word for it.  You can click here to see how SynerFlex is working right now for people just like you. Go ahead. Give SynerFlex a try today. The studies – and the results – speak for themselves.  Click here to learn more about SynerFlex or to order your supply now.
  19. The key to keeping colds at bay

    This time of year it can start to feel like the warm weather and sunshiny skies will never return. And it’s also prime time for that last cold of the season to sneak up on you, kicking you when you’re down.

    And with all the cold prevention advice I’ve given over the years there is one tried-and-true method that always tops my list. It happens to also be the simplest of all, and that’s frequently washing your hands.

    I know it’s not very exciting, but I can tell you from experience it works. And now a new review in the Canadian Medical Association Journal is backing me up.

    A look at 67 randomized controlled trials found that simple hand washing couldn’t be beaten for warding off the sniffles and sneezes.

    Add some zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D and a quality probiotic to the mix and you might just be able to skate right on through to spring without having to suffer through one last cold.

  20. Advanced Glucose Support Ingredients

    Advanced Glucose Support supplement ingredientsAs much as we love an active ingredient that works really well, there is something we love even more. When we take 2, 3, or even 4 active ingredients, and combine them to make them even better together than they were individually. That’s what we’ve been able to do with the 4-ingredient combination we’ve scientifically formulated in Advanced Glucose Support. Advanced Glucose Support ingredients have been specifically targeted to address concerns you may have with blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and more. What many people don’t realize is how important healthy levels of glucose are. Unhealthy glucose levels in our blood can create something called oxidative stress – when our bodies can no longer cleanse themselves of free radicals, or counter the damage done by the free radicals. This damage is what contributes to many different symptoms of aging. And yet blood glucose is also very important. Glucose comes from carbohydrate-based foods, and is the primary source of energy for our bodies. A healthy fasting blood sugar range is 70-100 mg/dL. A healthy post-meal blood sugar level is under 180 mg/dL. Ideally, we can stay in this ranges with diet alone. But that doesn’t always happen. So we designed Advanced Glucose Support ingredients to help your body maintain its healthy blood sugar levels. But how does one product target so many concerns? By utilizing the 4-ingredient combination we were just talking about…

    Advanced Glucose Support Ingredients: The Power 4 Combo

    Vitamin D-3 has been studied in people with blood sugar concerns, and the results are very encouraging. In at least one study, people taking Vitamin D-3 and calcium experienced improved fasting blood sugar more than people taking a placebo. While more research is needed, the initial results are promising. Another study out of India indicates that Vitamin D, when given in a fortified yogurt, might not only help stabilize blood sugar levels, but has the potential to actually improve blood sugar levels. In another study of people with blood sugar concerns, the addition of 2,000 IUs of Vitamin D-3 a day brought about better glucose control. With results this positive, we knew Vitamin D-3 was essential in our Advanced Glucose Support formula. Indian Barbary. Also known as berberine, Indian Barbary helps with blood sugar concerns and can support healthy cholesterol. When compared to people taking placebo, those taking Indian Barbary showed significant results in fasting blood sugar levels, post-meal blood sugar levels, reduction in total cholesterol levels, and reduction in LDL, or “bad” cholesterol. It’s a one-two punch for blood sugar and cholesterol, all in 1,000 mg of Indian Barbary. Chromium. According to the University of Maryland, study participants taking chromium had healthier short-term and long-term blood sugar levels than those in the placebo group. There seems to be a correlation between the amount of chromium in our system and the body’s ability to handle glucose. And according to Oregon State, chromium can help our bodies process the insulin it creates even more appropriately. Short- and long-term support for healthy blood sugar levels, and the potential to help our bodies process the insulin we produce naturally…what’s not to love about chromium? Magnesium plays a vital role in how our bodies metabolize glucose. Our bodies produce insulin naturally. It’s the hormone that distributes glucose to cells throughout our body. Magnesium plays a crucial role in allowing the insulin to move the glucose. Therefore, a magnesium deficiency can contribute to high glucose levels in our bodies and blood. Numerous studies have indicated that higher intake of magnesium can contribute to a reduced risk of issues relating to out of balance blood sugar levels.

    Why Advanced Glucose Support Ingredients Matter to You

    Keeping your blood sugar levels in a healthy range is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. As much as you try, sometimes you need more help than just diet. At that point, the right supplement can do wonders. And that’s where Advanced Glucose Support ingredients come in – to provide your body with advanced levels of glucose support. It certainly makes the name easy to remember! Any one of these nutrients by itself can be effective in the battle to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. But when combined in just the right amounts, the Advanced Glucose Support ingredients are a powerful blend working together to create something greater than they could alone, supporting your glucose levels better than any single one of them can manage – all in the one little pill that’s Advanced Glucose Support. Try Advanced Glucose Support for yourself  and save 25% today! You’re always covered by our Gold Standard Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Just use promo code W650Q4ZD  when you order to save 25% on your first order. Click here to place your Advanced Glucose Support order and grab your 25% savings now.

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