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  1. Depression raises heart failure risk by 40 percent!

    No matter what you call it—down in the dumps, feeling blue, in a funk, bummed out, being a Gloomy Gus, or in low spirits—it’s time to start getting serious about depression.

    Because a new study, presented at EuroHeartCare 2014, found that you might not just be dragging around feeling doomed, you very well could BE doomed if you don’t do something about those blues.

    Researchers in Norway uncovered a dramatic link between depression and deadly heart failure. In a study that included almost 63,000 people, scientists found that moderate to severe depression could send your risk of heart failure skyrocketing.

    The large, long-term HUNT study gathered a variety of data from their volunteers, including body mass indexes, physical activity levels, smoking habits, blood pressures, and depression levels.

    During the 11 year study 1,500 people developed heart failure. And when the data was crunched, a glaring link between depression and heart failure was uncovered.

    Depression kills

    People with mild depression had a 5 percent increased risk of developing the potentially deadly heart condition, when compared to the volunteers with no symptoms of depression. But, if you’re in the midst of a moderate or major soul-sucking depression you might want to sit down for this next bit. YOUR risk for heart failure could jump by a staggering 40 percent, according to the study data!

    In other words, the worse you feel the greater your risk. And being depressed could, quite literally, kill you.

    To make matters worse, when you’re depressed you’re your own worst enemy. If you’ve ever had a serious case of the blues you know exactly what I’m talking about.

    Depression makes it hard to care about anything, let alone our health. We stop watching what we eat. Getting up from the couch can seem like too much effort most days. And exercising? Forget about it. Bad habits, like smoking and heavy drinking, often make an appearance. And your weight can balloon.

    But if you’re thinking these factors might be responsible for that 40 percent leap in heart failure risk you’re barking up the wrong tree. The researchers adjusted the data for factors like obesity and smoking before they reached that shocking figure.

    No, for the real reason your heart failure risk skyrockets, you need to take a look at an old enemy… stress.

    You see, when you’re depressed your body reacts by sending your inflammation levels skyrocketing and having your adrenal glands pump out a horde of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol. Your pulse rate rises, your breathing speeds up, your blood pressure climbs and your blood sugar spikes.

    And the more severe your depression, the more severe your stress reaction is going to be. Eventually, the build-up of all those stress hormones triggers inflammation and a hardening and narrowing of your arteries (atherosclerosis) that could lead to heart disease, heart attack or stroke.

    The truth is, ignoring your serious case of depression in the hopes that it might go away might not be just a costly mistake it may be a deadly one.

    Beat depression naturally with supplements

    Reducing your stress and reversing your depression is critical. But don’t become a victim of the failed mainstream medicine approach to the problem... heavy-duty antidepressants (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors).

    Because, despite Big Pharma’s cheerleading—and the wildly positive promises they make in their billion dollar ad campaigns—most depression drugs have been shown to be no more effective than a placebo at best, and linked to serious (and possibly even deadly) side effects at worst.

    Instead, turn to some tried-and-true natural approaches I’ve recommended before, starting with having your vitamin D levels checked. Running low on this important vitamin has been linked with depression. If you find your levels are subpar, top them up by spending more time outdoors and adding a D supplement to your routine. You can safely take up to 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily. Your doctor can help you decide the amount that’s right for you.

    Next, make sure you’re getting enough vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Vitamin B12, often called the “energy vitamin,” is used by every single cell in your body, and B6 is needed to kick your “feel good” neurotransmitters (serotonin and norepinephrine) into action.

    And low levels of vitamin B6 and B12 have been linked to depression. Make sure that you’re taking a good quality B-complex supplement daily.

    If you’re not already following my advice to take an omega-3 supplement, you may want to start. Not only are omega-3s good for your heart health studies show they’re also linked to mood and may help reverse depression.(Bonus, they also help fight inflammation!)

    And, finally, you might want to give curcumin, nature’s antidepressant spice, a try. Curcumin has long been used by opened-minded doctors as a natural mood booster. In one study, curcumin performed at least as well as Big Pharma darling Prozac in beating serious cases of depression. And of course the spice managed this feat without dangerous side effects.

  2. Argi-Vive III Ingredients: Powerful nutrients for maximum sexual support

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    Argi-Vive III ingredients

    Mentally, you’re still the red-blooded, potent lover you were when you were 30. Physically, though, it’s a different story. But, you don’t have to resign yourself to a limp love life. Not with the superstar line-up of Argi-Vive III ingredients available to you…

    The Pink You’ll Brag About

    Argi-Vive III is a pink, powdered drink that will remind you – and the woman you love – you’re still the stud you were when you first married. How are Argi-Vive III ingredients different from all the other supposed sexual enhancers out there? Maybe it’s the fact that it works!

    Every one of the Argi-Vive III ingredients has been specifically selected because it has a traditional or clinical reputation for actually enhancing your ability to have powerful erections, last longer, and perform more often.

    Interested? Of course you are….

    Argi-Vive III Ingredients: Superstar Formula that Makes You a Super Stud

    We started with the secret weapon of the Argi-Vive III ingredients line-up, L-Arginine. L-Arginine works to increase the body’s production of nitric oxide, which helps to make those rock hard erections you remember a reality once more. And, high levels of nitric oxide also cause blood vessels to become elastic – which allows oxygen and nutrients to flow faster and easier through your body.

    Issues of potency, stamina, and performance could become a distant memory. In fact, the L-Arginine in Argi-Vive III is so potent it would take 3 pills to get the same results as 1 drink of Argi-Vive III.

    But as powerful as L-Arginine is, we didn’t stop there. We included niacin (vitamin B-3) in Argi-Vive III’s ingredients to help keep the blood flowing to your extremities – all your extremities. Niacin also helps support the adrenal glands in the creation of sex hormones (you definitely want those at healthy levels). Potassium helps keep the blood flowing as well, so you are literally surging with sexual power.

    Then, we added vitamin B-12. Not necessarily for its physical effects, but because it can help reduce mental fatigue, elevate your mood, and eliminate any psychological blocks that may be getting in your way. After all, those frustrations about past performance could be just that – in the past – now that you’ve found Argi-Vive III.

    We’re not done yet. Our researchers, supported by Dr. Allan Spreen, designed our own proprietary blend of herbs specifically for the Argi-Vive III ingredient formula. Herbs like Panax ginseng, catuaba bark, maca root, and others, all of which are renowned – some for centuries – for turning boys into men and men into studs.

    The herbs and extracts in Argi-Vive III’s ingredients won’t just have you ready for sex, but may have your gentle, conservative wife slipping a certain pink powder into your afternoon tea, eager for your next performance! Want to know more about this blend of sensual herbs and extracts? You can get the complete details here.

    A Toast to Renewed Vigor – Whenever You’re Ready

    Unlike some pills or medications, you can take Argi-Vive III every day, or you can wait for that special occasion – whichever works for you. All you have to do is stir a packet into 6 ounces of your favorite beverage whenever the mood strikes you – or her – and enjoy the moment.

    Don’t spend another night with nothing but wistful memories – not when you can be making new memories right now. If you’re ready to see – and feel – the difference Argi-Vive III can make in your life, give it a try today.

    Simply use promo code W650Q5ZB to receive 20% off your first order! It’s that easy.

    And remember, you’re completely covered by our Gold Standard Guarantee – you can return it any time, for any reason, even if you’re down to your last packet. And you’ll get a full, no-questions-asked refund of your purchase price.

    Go ahead. Order Argi-Vive III now and save 20%. While we promise we’ll be discreet, we almost guarantee you’ll want to brag about it!

    Click here to save 20% on Argi-Vive III now.


  3. SlimSuccess: Has the key to your weight loss dreams been found?

    Spring has sprung. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and you’re hiding in the house weeping over the shocking numbers on the bathroom scale. If you were blindsided by what you saw at your last weigh in, trust me, you’re not alone. Winter has a way of making us ALL pack on the pounds… especially around our comfort-food-loving bellies. And let’s face it, when you’re dragging around a little extra weight, getting out and “enjoying” the beautiful weather can seem more like a chore than it does a reward. You know what that means, right? Yes, it’s time to dust off the dreaded D-word... diet. But if you’re among the many who have struggled to lose weight the old-fashioned way, with diet and exercise alone... if you’ve tried to drop the pounds, but the number on the scale seemed practically super-glued in place… getting started can seem next to impossible.

    Pounds melt off 3 times faster!

    The truth is we could all use a little extra help when it comes to beating the battle of the bulge. But what if I told you that a LOT of help is available, in a new formula called SlimSuccess? And what if I told you that SlimSuccess is SO powerful that you could lose 3 TIMES MORE WEIGHT than you could with diet and exercise alone? It might sound outrageous, but I assure you, it’s true. In fact, for fourteen long years this incredible weight-loss breakthrough… an extract mix shown in 2 double-blind studies to help melt stubborn belly flab… has remained hidden away. Now, one brilliant doctor has finally revealed the truth about what could turn out to be the most potent weight-loss booster ever uncovered. And, believe it or not, it all started with “fat proof mice.” You see, over a decade ago a group of bright scientists stumbled across something amazing while studying our furry little friends. It was a sort of hidden “off switch” buried deep in the mice’s genes. And when they flipped that switch, no matter how much junk food the critters indulged in, they stayed trim and slim. And the most exciting part is that humans share this very same gene with mice. Known as the PLIN gene, this potential “off switch” controls the way we burn and store fat by releasing a protein called perilipin Perilipin is your belly fat’s best friend, essentially coating fat cells and protecting them from your metabolism—and your best efforts at losing weight. But if science could figure out way to break through that protective perilipin coating—essentially flipping the same “off switch” in HUMAN fat cells as they did in mice—than could mean exciting results for humans too. Unfortunately, scientists hit a brick wall, and unable to figure out how to make this incredible weight-loss breakthrough work for humans, the research was dropped and soon forgotten.

    Belly beating breakthrough

    That’s where that brilliant doctor I mentioned earlier comes in. Dr. Mark Stengler, was able to connect the dots between those old “fat proof” mice and some exciting new research being performed at UC Davis Medical Center. There, researchers studying plants used in the ancient Indian medical practice known as Ayurvedic medicine, stumbled upon two powerful tropical plants—Garcinia Mangostana and East Indian Globe Thistle—that both showed great promise in the fight against fat-protecting perilipin. And when the carefully combined and concentrated extracts were introduced to some fat cells, the scientists watched in amazement as the protective perilipin layer practically vanished from sight. But the research didn’t end with those petri dishes and microscopes; the powerful combo was soon put to the true test with real humans. The remarkable results of two double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials showed that this powerful extract combo is the real deal. All of the trial volunteers took a 30-minute stroll every day, and ate a normal 2,000 calorie a day diet. But the lucky folks who got the extract lost an incredible 3 times more weight than the volunteers who didn’t get the extract! With results like that it’s easy to see why Dr. Stengler chose to put these two powerful weight-busting plants at the center of his new breakthrough formula SlimSuccess. But he didn’t stop there. Dr. Stengler knows how tough it can be to stick to your healthy-eating plan when you’re being tempted all the time by well-meaning friends and family. And snack attacks get to the best of us. That’s why he also included natural safranal. Research shows that this powerful compound, carefully extracted from the saffron plant, can help chase away the hungries. In other words, SlimSuccess (from our friends and affiliates at BestHealth Nutritionals) contains the perfect weight-loss-supporting dream team. By combining powerful botanicals that can help you burn fat faster, with one that can give you the willpower you need to say no to diet-sabotaging foods, Dr. Stengler has given you everything you need to say goodbye to that ugly flab faster than you ever dreamed possible. Click here to learn more about this groundbreaking formula, as well as how you can try it risk free… and even score a FREE bonus bottle to boot!
  4. 11 Best Vitamins & Minerals to Fuel Your Sex Drive: One Source

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    best vitamins for sexHas your love life gotten lackluster? Are you looking for a way to turn smoldering embers into a fiercely burning fire? Have you heard there are vitamins for your sex drive and are eager to find out more? Because you know the problem isn’t your relationship; you still love her as much as ever. Luckily, there are many all-natural, healthy ways to get your groove back, so you can show her just how desirable she still is.

    The Best Vitamins for Sex

    1. Niacin, or Vitamin B3 – Can help with blood flow. And that doesn’t just mean improves circulation to your ankles! Plus, niacin assists your adrenal glands in making hormones, so you want those levels well within normal range.
    2. L-Arginine – An amino acid that increases nitric oxide. And what does that mean? Nitric oxide is essential to expanding the blood vessels in the penis, which allows for a stronger, more satisfying erection.
    3. Catuaba bark – Has been used in Brazil as a traditional aphrodisiac for generations.  Indigenous Brazilian tribes drink an infusion, made from the peeled bark of the flowered catuaba tree, to spark their sexual desires. And current scientific studies on animals indicate it can also elevate mood.
    4. Vitamin B12 –B vitamins have been shown to help elevate your mood, and reduce mental fatigue, eliminating some of the psychological stressors that could be getting in your way.
    5. Potassium – Officially known as “vasoactive,” which is just a fancy way of saying potassium also helps with blood flow.
    6. Panax Ginseng Root – Several randomized, clinical studies have indicated that high doses of panax ginseng root are helpful in addressing erection concerns, and may promote powerful erections.
    7. Muira puama – Traditionally considered one of the best vitamins for sex, muira puama is thought to act as an aphrodisiac. People living along the Amazon's Rio Negro River have long used the tree's bark and flowers to enhance sexual prowess.
    8. Ashwaganda root – Probably the most comprehensive herb of the bunch, making it truly the best vitamin for sex. What doesn’t ashwaganda root do? First, it’s been used in traditional medicine literally for thousands of years, to help with lackluster performance. It even shows promise in early animal testing and appears to affect testicles and sperm production similarly to testosterone. Finally, it’s been show to work as an adaptogen in animals, which means it helps the body handle stress. And the less stress in life, the easier it is to give in to a special moment.
    9. Gotu kola leaf – Focuses on the most important sex organ in your body. That’s right, gotu kola leaf works with your brain, and is believed to have a positive impact on stress and generalized anxiety, It can also help increase blood flow. And yes, increased blood flow is helpful when dealing with other organs, too, which is probably why it has been used in traditional medicine for so long.
    10. Maca root – Studies have indicated a “positive effect” on sexual dysfunction and sexual desire in both women and men when taking maca root, so you both benefit in more ways than one.
    11. Epimedium grandiflorum – Also known as Horny Goat Weed, this ancient plant is highly valued by Asian herbalists for boosting a man's life force (or chi) and super-charging his sexual appetite Plus, its traditional use to enhance penis function during sex is beginning to be supported in animal testing.
    You don’t have to feel like less of a man any longer. There are so many options out there – but you don’t have to be overwhelmed by choosing which one is right for you, or what dose you should be taking, or which ones work well together, either. Because every single one of these 11 sexual support ingredients is included in our powerhouse libido booster, Argi-Vive III.

    Great Sex is Just a Drink Away

    Argi-Vive III is a pink powder that, once dissolved in water or your favorite drink, will quickly become one of your favorite beverages. Why a powder instead of a pill? Because Argi-Vive III powder goes to work fast. It dissolves in water before you’ve ever even gotten it into your body, so Argi-Vive III helps whenever the mood strikes you. No waiting for a pill to make its way through your system. One drink, and you’ll have the benefits of all these powerful libido boosters surging through your body. Now that you know the best vitamins for your sex life, click here to learn more about the easiest way to get them all in one place: Argi-Vive III. And when you order now, you’ll save 20% on your first order. Just use promo code W650Q4ZN to grab your 20% savings now. And remember, you’re always covered by our Gold Standard Guarantee: if you don’t agree Argi-Vive III is made up of the best vitamins for sex… if you can’t tell the difference in your performance… if she isn’t smiling like she hasn’t smiled in years…simply return it all – every package you bought, even the ones you have used – and we will refund your purchase price. Any time, no questions asked. Great sex is just a drink away. Click here to get your Argi-Vive III now and save 20%.
  5. Fish oil could help you ace your next dental exam

    I’ve told you before about the link between un-healthy teeth and gums and heart disease. And you may know that mouth problems are often connected to other serious conditions like diabetes and leukemia. Well I’ve got some great news! It turns out that a simple supplement… one I already recommend for everyone… may be the key to keeping your chompers healthy. According to the results of a new study, omega-3-packed fish oil supplements could significantly improve your periodontal health.

    Keep your teeth in tip-top shape

    In the 12-week double-blind study, volunteers with moderate to severe periodontal problems were given standard dental treatments (scaling and root planning) and either a daily placebo, or an omega-3 fish oil fatty acid supplement (180 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA). The inflammation-fighting omega-3 fish oil produced some impressive results. The lucky volunteers who got the fish oil saw a significant improvement in their gingivitis and gum bleeding. And the deep pockets between their teeth and gums… a classic hallmark of periodontal disease… were vastly reduced, sliced almost in half. So if you haven’t already heeded my advice and started taking a daily fish oil supplement you now have one more reason to start. And if you’re already taking one, you can feel good that you’re helping to keep your teeth in tip-top shape.
  6. Vitamin D deficiency could be deadly

    Barely a month goes by when we don’t see yet one more unfounded attack on a vital vitamin or necessary nutrient. It’s become so predictable you can practically set your watch by it. They won’t be satisfied until supplements are removed from the picture completely—and along with them, your freedom to choose. This time it’s vitamin D that’s been placed on the chopping block, a nutrient critical to combatting bone loss, cancer, heart disease, depression, weight gain, inflammation and very likely diabetes, autism, dementia, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, high blood pressure, and more. In fact, this vitamin is SO critical to our health and wellbeing that frankly this latest review trashing this valuable vitamin—published in the April issue of the British Medical Journal (BMJ)—is downright irresponsible. Even worse, when you consider how many of us have a dangerously low vitamin D deficiency, taking the researcher’s conclusions seriously could be as good as signing your own death warrant. According to the researchers, “Despite a few hundred systematic reviews and meta-analyses, highly convincing evidence of a clear role of vitamin D does not exist for any outcome…” Nonsense! Besides, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that BAD science is going to lead to BAD results. And in the case of this BMJ-published “umbrella review,” they should have seen the bad coming from a mile away. Since the researchers chose to include flawed and poorly executed studies in the mix, it really isn’t surprising that the conclusions they reached are essentially rubbish, too.

    Vitamin D deficiency seriously bad for your health

    Let’s take a closer look at what research has already proven about vitamin D. But we’ll have to just hit some of the highlights, because we’d literally be here all day if I tried to cover EVERYTHING that D is good for. To begin with, despite its poor execution, the umbrella review in question still showed around an 11 percent drop in death risk for those taking a D supplement. In fact, study after study has shown us the value of this vitamin, demonstrating what a deficiency of D can lead to... starting with trouble for your ticker. In a seven-year collaboration, researchers from the University of Colorado and Massachusetts General Hospital uncovered evidence linking heart disease and vitamin D deficiency in men and women 65 or older. Seniors with the lowest levels of D were three times more likely to die from heart disease. And those volunteers who had a vitamin D deficiency at the start of the study were 2.5 times more likely to have died from ANY cause by the end of it. Now a new study confirms that if your vitamin D blood levels fall below 20 ng/mL (or 50 nmol/l), your risk of heart disease shoots up by a third. Even worse, if your levels dip into the dangerously low 10 ng/mL area, your risk for atherosclerosis (the hardening and narrowing of your arteries) doubles! But your heart isn’t the only organ that craves D: your brain is a big fan too. In fact, over the years research has linked D deficiencies to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and even depression. And just last year, an animal study—published in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine—showed us just how critical the vitamin is to cognitive performance and memory.

    D doesn’t just target organ health either… it’s a whole-body elixir that could help to both keep cancer at bay,and drive down your diabetes risk.

    Vitamin D targets whole body health

    Studies have shown an association between vitamin D and cancer risk, and many experts agree that the vitamin likely offers some protection against a variety of cancers including breast, colon, prostate and bladder cancers. Even mainstream medicine organizations, like The National Cancer Institute, agree that there’s epidemiological evidence linking adequate D levels to a reduced risk. Research has also revealed that vitamin D could play an important role in preventing diabetes. For example, a Tufts University study found that higher concentrations of D are associated with a lower diabetes risk. And then there’s the meta-analysis of more than 100,000 people that sheds some light on how it is that D may be driving down diabetes risk. Blood work from 28 different studies revealed that those men and women with the highest D levels tended to avoid the dreaded collection of pre-diabetes symptoms… including high blood pressure, high fasting blood sugars, low HDL cholesterol, high triglycerides, and a large belly... that are commonly known as metabolic syndrome. The truth is that a vitamin D deficiency and diabetes link is so promising that even the mainstream medicine drones couldn’t ignore it anymore. Late last year the VERY mainstream National Institutes of Health (NIH) finally decided to fund a large-scale clinical trial to explore the effects of D on the disease. And those really are just a few of the D highlights. There are literally hundreds of studies linking D to good health. The evidence is so vast that public health guidelines here in the United States, as well as those in many other countries, recognize the critical importance of maintaining healthy D levels. Unfortunately, their D recommendations are entirely too low. That’s why up to 90 percent of us may be walking… or dragging… around with a vitamin D deficiency. Besides trying to spend a little bit of time every day outside in the sunshine, I typically recommend taking 2,000 to 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily. Your doctor can run a simple blood test to figure out what your current levels are.
  7. Prostate Defense Ingredients: 8 Nutrients for Perfect Prostate Health

    Prostate Defense ingredients Prostate Defense ingredients feature a revolutionary formula that includes 8 prostate-supporting nutrients for perfect prostate health. Because, let’s face it…every man needs to be conscious of keeping his prostate healthy – 50% of all men will develop prostate issues by the time they’re 50 years old and for men who live past 80, that number skyrockets to 90%!

    With numbers like that, it only makes sense to take action early. Which is why it’s important to know all the options – and what your best options are.

    Prostate Defense Ingredients

    The 8 ingredients in Prostate Defense are recognized as the best for supporting prostate health:
    1. Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant that attacks free-radicals which can damage cells and contribute to prostate concerns.
    1. Zinc: Levels of zinc are highest in the prostate than in any other tissue in the body. Low levels of zinc are associated with unhealthy prostates.
    1. Selenium: An essential element for humans, selenium plays a vital role in reproduction, and offers protection from oxidative stress.
    1. Saw Palmetto : A plant used for centuries to help improve prostate issues, including nighttime urination. It’s the most popular herbal treatment in the U.S. for prostate concerns, but it doesn’t always work for everyone on its own. Combine it with these other supplements, though, and it’s extremely effective.
    1. Nettle Root: Nettle root is used to help improve prostate health. One study showed it to be “significantly” more effective than placebo for dealing with prostate issues.
    1. Pumpkin Seed Oil: When taken orally, pumpkin seed oil is frequently used to address prostate issues. Not only did study participants report decreased symptoms, but their reported quality of life increased – which is a change we can get behind.
    1. Pygeum africanum bark extract: Another traditional treatment used today for symptoms caused by an unhealthy prostate, such as poor urine flow.
    1. Lycopene: Long known to be good for eyesight, lycopene is also a potent antioxidant that may protect cells from damage. In fact, antioxidants in lycopene may promote a healthier prostate.
    You could try tracking down each of these ingredients separately…and who knows, you might even save a buck or two. But think of everything you’d have to figure out – how much of each ingredient do you take every day? Where do you find them all? Are you running out of any or all? Just think what you’d pay in shipping charges alone….it’s enough to make you give up. So we’ve done all of the thinking…measuring…planning for you. Prostate Defense contains all 8 of these powerful prostate supporters in perfectly measured, perfectly balanced amounts, in one bottle. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the benefits of complete prostate support that come with every bottle of Prostate Defense
    • Being able “to go” – and go completely
    • Sleeping through the night, without having to get up to use the bathroom as much
    • Not worrying about where the bathrooms are, or what you’ll miss while you’re in there.
    And when you try Prostate Defense today, you’ll save 25% on your first order. Simply use promo code W650Q4ZK when you check out and save 25% today. Don’t wait any longer for perfect prostate health. All of this physical – and emotional – relief can be yours in 2 softgels, twice a day with Prostate Defense – the only all-in-one defense you’ll ever need. Click here to order Prostate Defense today and save 25%.

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  8. Advanced Glucose Support Reviews: Does it Really Work?

    Advanced Glucose Support supplement reviewsThese Advanced Glucose Support reviews answer the question everyone wants to know when they’re thinking about trying something new – Does it really work? Well, the verdict is in and this is great news for you – Advanced Glucose Support reviews from satisfied customers are off the chart. And these are reviews you need to hear, especially if you’re dealing with Metabolic Syndrome (also known as Syndrome X), or have any of the individual indicators of Metabolic Syndrome. Not sure what Metabolic Syndrome is? Or not convinced Advanced Glucose Support can help you? Well, do any of these numbers look familiar to you?
    • Waist size—40 inches or more around (35 inches for women)
    • Fasting blood sugar—100mg/dL or higher
    • Blood pressure—130/85 or higher
    • HDL cholesterol—below 40mg/dL (50mg/dl for women)
    • Triglyceride levels—150mg/dL or higher
    This collection of risk factors makes up Metabolic Syndrome. And now, with Advanced Glucose Support, there’s something you can do about it. But even if you only have one or two of these issues, Advanced Glucose Support can still help. Just listen…

    Advanced Glucose Support Reviews for Metabolic Syndrome

    Metabolic Syndrome indicates a greater chance of heart attacks, stroke, or diabetes. But even some of these factors individually – high waist size, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and the rest are all numbers our doctors want to keep an eye on. Leanne Radke from Hershey, Pennsylvania says Advanced Glucose Support

    “…is the only metabolic product that works… It helps me so very much, and I’m feeling much better when I am on it. I’ve tried many, many things and nothing has ever helped.”

    Carrie Beaumont has Metabolic Syndrome, too, but now feels…

    “… WAY better since using Advanced Glucose Support. This is actually the first metabolic product I have tried that actually works and I am very pleased. I have more energy and my appetite has decreased somewhat.* I must say that I would certainly recommend it to others.”

    Advanced Glucose Support Reviews for Blood Sugar Levels

    But what if you aren’t ready to call it Metabolic Syndrome? What if you’re just concerned with your blood sugar levels, or have a few lab results that aren’t where you want them to be? You’re not alone, and you don’t have to be discouraged. Just ask Tom H. from Milwaukee, who was in that exact same boat…

    “For the last two years my lab tests revealed high-normal blood sugar levels. I regulated my diet and cut out foods that the doctor recommended. I then began to look for a natural option to support blood sugar and cholesterol. The presentation I watched about Advanced Glucose Support was certainly worth the try. I started the supplement immediately when I received it. My energy levels came about slowly, but certainly noticeable and I felt better. I recently ran out of Advanced Glucose Support and that's when I truly noticed the dramatic difference in how I felt. I have since reordered my supply and will not go without Advanced Glucose Support ever again.”

    Then there’s Marianne McNew, whose labs were concerning her and her doctor…

    “I decided to try Advanced Glucose Support because over the past 5 years, my blood pressure has been creeping up, which concerned me. Also, my blood sugar has been high-normal for about 10 years. Though I can (and have) controlled it with my diet, it’s a task that I’ve not been able to master – in all honesty, it’s a cycle.

    The last time I got my cholesterol checked, my doc told me my triglycerides were getting higher than they should be. Plus, I’m concerned about my magnesium levels. When I realized I had to take some responsibility and make life changes, I stumbled upon Advanced Glucose Support and realized it would be an excellent supplement for me to take. I did not expect to see results so quickly! Thank you so much for making this product.”

    That kind of honesty is impressive, especially in a situation so many of us can relate to. Speaking of being relatable, with all the scams out there, many of us understand how Doreen Parks feels…

    “I was impressed with the ingredients in Advanced Glucose Support. My blood sugar numbers are better. It took about 2 weeks to start seeing and feeling results. But once it kicked in, I can truthfully say it’s head and shoulders above all the other natural products I have tried. I was so sick of spending money on products that do not do what they are advertised to do. Advanced Glucose Support works!”

    Advanced Glucose Support Reviews for Overall Health

    What if you’re just sick of being sick? Advanced Glucose Support can help with that, too. Don’t believe us? Then believe Roger Garkowski from Galveston, Texas…

    “I don’t believe in taking lots of medications for this or that, so Advanced Glucose Support seemed to click with me. It makes me feel stronger and better all the way around. I stopped taking it and slowly went back to feeling sluggish again. I am 55-years old and have always looked and acted younger than my age. I’m extremely active – I work 9 hours a day, teach a night class two nights a week, and I’m currently building my own house (myself). I really think this is making a difference.”

    Or Stephen Marques, who isn’t the only one impressed with how Advanced Glucose Support is impacting him…

    “My young assistant commented that I must have lost some weight* and asked if I was following some diet. As a matter of fact, the only thing I have added to my regular supplements was Advanced Glucose Support – I can’t think of anything else that would have prompted this comment! I haven’t had any lab tests yet, but I can say that I now feel much better than I was before starting to take Advanced Glucose Support and I’ll be placing my next order soon. 73 years old and still going strong!”

    What Do Doctors Think About Advanced Glucose Support?

    But you know when you can really trust a product? When even the doctors swear by it! Doctors like Ronald Weaver of Kentucky, who found what he was looking for in Advanced Glucose Support

    “I have always been looking for natural ways to keep my blood sugar at normal levels. I have tried other similar products before (as well as watching my diet), but I’ve had the most consistent results with my blood sugar and blood pressure while using Advanced Glucose Support. At 78 years old, I’m still practicing medicine and I feel great!”

    And he’s not the only one. Dr. Charles Cross likes Advanced Glucose Support and the individual ingredients…

    “I just started taking Advanced Glucose Support. It seems to work better than another berberine product I’ve tried in the past.”

    The truth is you have no way of knowing if Advanced Glucose Support – or any other product – will work for you until you try it yourself. Still, knowing Advanced Glucose Support reviews are this good, for so many people, assures you it’s worth trying. Especially since you are covered by the NorthStar Nutritionals’ Gold Star Guarantee, so if it doesn’t work, you can send back your entire order – even the empty bottles – and we’ll refund the entire purchase price. As Nick Xander from Phoenix put it…

    “I felt a connection with what Dr. Spreen said about Advanced Glucose Support so I decided to give it a try. I’m personally feeling a lot better. I just feel that a weight as been lifted.”

    We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Great reviews and the easiest guarantee on the market make Advanced Glucose Support a risk-free investment in yourself. And when you try Advanced Glucose Support today, you’ll save 25%. We promise, if you give Advanced Glucose Support a try, you’ll be as excited about it as we are – and as eager to tell your friends! Just use promo code W650Q4ZE when you order and you’ll save 25% on your first order. Click here to try Advanced Glucose Support now and save 25%!

    *Results may vary. Advanced Glucose Support is formulated to support healthy weight maintenance. **Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  9. L-arginine Powder Benefits: The Sexual Secret You Won’t Mind Sharing

    L-arginine powder benefits Maybe you’re trying to keep it a secret. Maybe you’ve stopped flirting with your wife, so even she doesn’t realize what’s going on. Maybe you’re feeling less and less like a man every day. Well, that’s about to change, thanks to L-arginine powder benefits… We’re breaking the silence about any problems you’re having achieving or maintaining rock hard erections anytime you’re ready. Because thanks to Argi-Vive III with the amazing benefits of L-arginine powder, that secret is a thing of the past. Your new secret weapon comes in a pink powdered drink, and you’ll want to shout about it from the rooftops! That’s right – you’ll want to tell everyone you know how your stamina has never been greater, how long you last, how crazy with desire you can make her. Of course you won’t, because a gentleman never kisses and tells. But don’t be surprised if her girlfriends start looking at you a little differently, or send their husbands to chat with you in private. So what exactly is this wonder drink that can literally change your marriage from drab to dramatic? It starts with the amino acid L-arginine, that will help fix the problem. But let’s back up a minute and talk about what caused the problem in the first place… Nitric Oxide and Blood Flow It doesn’t matter how aroused you are, or how sexy she is, if your body isn’t responding properly, you are not going to achieve the erection you want. Often, the disconnect between the brain and the body comes when levels of nitric oxide get low. See, nitric oxide causes the blood vessels in the penis to expand, allowing the blood to flow more freely. As desire surges through you, blood surges as well, and this is the physical response that matches your emotional one. But if the blood vessels aren’t dilated, no blood surge. No blood surge, no erection. Before long, you’re not even thinking about sex any longer, all because of low nitric oxide levels. L-arginine Powder Benefits: Nitric Oxide Booster But this is where L-arginine powder benefits come in. L-arginine amino acid actually helps boost production of nitric oxide, making it possible for you to achieve rock hard erections. But that’s not all. Higher levels of nitric oxide also make the blood vessels more elastic. And what does that mean? That means more oxygen and nutrients are rushed even faster throughout your body, addressing the issues of potency, stamina, and – most importantly – performance. In fact, 2 separate studies support L-arginine’s positive impact on men’s ability to achieve a satisfying erection. The first study from Cologne University reported 73% of men noticed “significant improvement.” The second study was out of Tel Aviv. The results indicated that, while 31% of the men taking L-arginine showed “considerable increase” in their ability to achieve an erection, only 12% of the men in the placebo group experienced a similar response. Those are statistics we’d absolutely call “significant” and “considerable!” L-arginine Powder Benefits: Fast, All-Natural Alternative All of this is very clinical, very scientific. And that’s important, because it’s important to understand the way your body works. But it all boils down to something far less cerebral – it boils down to the fact that you want to make passionate love to your woman. You want to be able to please her, and then please her again. You want to be ready whenever the urge strikes you both. You’re tired of your body betraying you -- and her. But you don’t have to settle any longer. The benefits of L-arginine powder, combined with the other specially chosen, meticulously formulated ingredients of Argi-Vive III will help provide you with the raw, sexual energy you need to be the man she needs. And since our L-arginine is a powder, it goes to work fast. It dissolves in water before you’ve ever even gotten it into your body, so it goes to work whenever the mood strikes you. No waiting for a pill to make its way through your system. Plus, you don’t have to trade one problem for another. L-arginine does not come with a long list of warnings, side effects, or health concerns. In fact, L-arginine powder is considered safe when taken in the proper doses – like the dose you’ll find in Argi-Vive III. Surging erections, all-night staying power, and a proven safety record. These are the reasons we knew we had to include L-arginine powder in Argi-Vive III. But don’t take our word for it. So, if you think you’re man enough to handle the power…if you think she’s ready for you to become a bold, untiring lover… order your supply of Argi-Vive III today. Try Argi-Vive III today and save 20% off the regular price. Just use promo code W650Q4ZC when you place your order and you’ll save 20%. So what are you waiting for? Click here to save 20% on your Argi-Vive III order right now…and get ready for anytime, anywhere sex!
  10. Silence the ringing in your ears

    Dear Dr. Spreen, For years now I’ve had this annoying ringing in my ears. The doctors say I’m fine, but it’s driving me nuts. Sometimes I have trouble concentrating at work, and now it’s even keeping me up at night. Am I just going crazy? J.L. from Texas Dear J.L., No, you’re NOT crazy, and you’re far from alone. In fact, experts estimate that up to 50 million Americans suffer with unexplained noises… like buzzing, hissing, or ringing… in their ears. But the medical mainstream can’t see it or measure it—and they certainly don’t have any answers for resolving it—so they dismiss it, calling it a “phantom” and sending you home to suffer. Luckily they couldn’t be more wrong. You can silence that racket in your head, and it all starts with nutrition. Yes, nutrition. You see, your ear is a very delicate instrument and nutritional deficiencies, free radicals, and even stress can throw things out of whack leaving you with an unwanted symphony of noises in your head. But the right combination of nutritional supplements can deliver blessed silence once and for all. Healthy circulation is critical to healthy ears, so start with gingko biloba that can help open up the fine blood vessels that feed your ears, allowing oxygen and nutrients to flow in. Next, add in circulation-promoting superstar dong quai. Toss in some Rehmannia glutinosa, commonly known as Chinese Foxglove, to deliver some free-radical-fighting antioxidants.  And then there’s the hearing helper magnesium that’s been proven to promote better hearing AND drive away the annoying buzzing, ringing and clicking. All of these, and over a dozen more hearing hero ingredients, can be found in NorthStar Nutritionals breakthrough formula Healthy Hear. Click here to learn more, or to order your own bottle of Healthy Hear, and be on your way to silencing that ringing in your ears once and for all.
  11. Don’t fall for bogus new statin guidelines

    Are you on a statin? If not, hold onto your hat, as you might be much sooner than you think. In fact, according to new statin “guidelines,” if you’re over 60 it’s practically a done deal… more on that in a moment. And if you are already on one, you better back up and make some room, because you’re about to get a LOT more company… around 13 million new statin users (I sure hope you have some extra guest towels on hand). You may have heard by now, while we were ramping up for the holidays—and still bundled up in mittens and scarves—the “geniuses” at The American Heart Association (AHA) and the American College of Cardiology (ACC) got together to dream up the most insane set of new statin guidelines you could imagine. But what Big Pharma’s best buds at the AHA and ACC actually did was give the drug companies the best late Christmas gift EVER. Their proposed Mickey Mouse guidelines vastly expand who can get these dangerous drugs, practically proposing every blessed American adult start popping these cholesterol-lowering “poisonous” pills. And if you suspect I’m exaggerating, unfortunately I’m not.

    Statins for everyone!

    If you’re over 40 you have around a 50% chance of your doc whipping out a prescription pad and dashing off a new statin prescription for you at your next checkup. And if you’re a man 60 or older, you may as well go ahead and clear a spot behind the bathroom mirror for your new statin bottle. If you don’t fall into those two categories, or your cholesterol isn’t elevated, don’t start celebrating too quickly. With the new statin guidelines you might still be getting an invitation to the statins party. Do you smoke? You’re on the guest list. Elevated blood pressure? Good news, your invite’s already in the mail. Diagnosed with diabetes? You get to join the statins club, too. In fact, a recent Duke University analysis found that what the new statin guidelines really mean is that HALF of every single person between the ages of 40 to 75 is now being advised to start downing a statin. And if that sounds crazy to you, that’s because it IS crazy. As I’ve explained before, statins are nothing but bad news.

    Avoid severe statin side effects

    Around 10 to 15 percent of statin users will suffer from—sometimes severe—muscle pain… not to mention serious aches and fatigue. And if you like to exercise for your health, if you become a statin user you better proceed with caution. Your risk for those debilitating muscle pains shoots up to 25 percent. Even worse, you could even be one of the unlucky souls who suffer from—sometimes permanent—muscle damage. But that’s far from the worst side effect that could be hiding in bottom of that statin bottle. Your brain needs cholesterol to stay in tip-top shape. That’s why so many statin users suddenly find themselves suffering from memory problems. And your eyes need the compound to stay crystal clear, so as a statin user you may have cataract surgery in your future. And while those statins are ridding your body of valuable cholesterol, they’re also depleting it of the important antioxidant CoQ10. I’ll give you one guess what organ thrives on the energy-producing abilities of CoQ10:yes, your heart.  In fact, the antioxidant has been proven to slash death risk in heart failure patients by 50 percent, according to researchers in Denmark. But we haven’t even gotten to the worst statin side effect yet. Statins cause your risk for type 2 diabetes to skyrocket. So you could be trading in elevated cholesterol (or even just the potential for elevated cholesterol) for a raging case of diabetes… not to mention all the complications that come along with the disease, including, ironically, hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. But with all those side effect risks, at least you can rest assured that statins are significantly lowering your chance of dying from heart attack or heart disease, right? Wrong. In a massive study of 10,000 people, researchers found that statin users still had the same death rate as those with high cholesterol who went the “usual care” route... watching their weight, getting some regular exercise, and not smoking. And, in fact, that’s exactly where my all-natural heart-healthy “prescription” for lowering cholesterol begins… skip the dangerous statin drugs, start watching what you eat, get a little exercise, and quit smoking. Next add in some heart-supporting supplements. To keep your ticker in tip-top shape I recommend L-Carnitine (1,000 mg), magnesium (500 to 800 mg), Coenzyme Q10 (100 mg), and mixed tocopherols vitamin E (400 to 800 IU). If your doctor is trying to force a statin on you because of the new statin “guidelines” it’s time to find a new doc. I recommend a naturopathic doctor you can trust to tailor an individual all-natural plan for you.
  12. Lack of sleep leads to brain damage

    Catching up on your z’s, stealing some shut eye, sawing logs, grabbing 40 winks, or hitting the hay… no matter what you call it, sleep is absolutely critical to our continued good health. Without enough of it we simply, well, start to fall apart. Although we still have more to learn about exactly what happens during the hours that we’re snoozing, we do know that our bodies use this “down time” to get a whole lot of work done. When we short-change ourselves on sleep, some of that work doesn’t get done, and the consequences of lack of sleep can be devastating, raising our risks for diseases ranging from cancer to diabetes. Men, you ought to think twice before deciding to burn the candle at both ends. Lack of sleep could raise your risk of prostate cancer. And we’re not talking about a little rise in risk here, either. According to one study, published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, & Prevention, if your insomnia has you battling to stay asleep, your prostate cancer risk could even double! And if that doesn’t scare you enough to want to do something about your sleep problems, what if I told you that lack of sleep could send your sperm counts south and even lead to shrunken testicles! (Yeah, I thought THAT might get your attention.) Ladies, don’t think you’ve dodged a bullet here. Lack of sleep can have both men, and women packing on the pounds and fighting skyrocketing blood sugar. In fact, getting less than six hours of quality sleep a night is linked to a higher Body Mass Index, according to a study in the American Journal of Human Biology. And a University of Illinois at Chicago study found that poor sleepers were twice as likely to have type-2 diabetes as those who regularly got a good night’s sleep.

    Lack of sleep means lost neurons

    Now a new study, published in the Journal of Neurosciences, has given us yet one more reason to commit to keeping our date with the Sandman every night. According to researchers, sleep loss can literally cause brain damage! And to make matters worse, sneaking in extra naps—or sleeping in on the weekends—to catch up on your sleep will NOT help reverse the damage you’ve done to your brain. University of Pennsylvania neuroscientists wanted to find out what effects a sporadic sleep schedule… like the one that shift workers are subjected to… would have on the brain. To find out, they put mice on a sleep schedule that had them sleeping for short periods of time during inconsistent hours. And the results were, frankly, nothing short of shocking. The researchers found that the mice suffered MASSIVE brain damage, losing an astounding 25 percent of the neurons in the area of the brain that is responsible for alertness and cognitive function. Apparently the brain’s built-in defense system against sleep deprivation… having new neurons pump out extra sirtuin type-3 protein to energize and protect you… breaks down after a few days

    Getting serious about shuteye

    One thing’s very clear; it’s time to get super-serious about your shuteye. If you’re not already regularly getting a good night’s sleep (typically, eight hours of uninterrupted snoozing) you need to commit to changing that. If you don’t you very well may be facing a future filled with obesity, diabetes, cancer and brain damage! But don’t fall into the trap of quick-fix anti-anxiety or sleep drugs. I’ve warned you before about the many pitfalls of these dangerous pills with their long list of potential side effects including a raised risk of dementia, falling, and death.  And studies show that the drugs are often ineffective, and may not lead to any significant increase in quality sleep anyway. Instead, look for natural solutions to your shuteye problem, starting with cutting back on stimulants like caffeinated coffee, tea, and soda. Next turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. Remove the TV, get rid of any light sources like blinking electronics, and make sure the temperature is comfortable. And finally, ban brain-stimulating back-lit devices like smartphones and tablets for at least an hour before turning in. If you’re particularly sensitive, some energizing supplements like B12 or ginseng may interfere with your sleep, too. Try taking them first thing in the morning, instead of in the afternoon or evening. To ease anxiety symptoms, consider trying 500 mg of magnesium before bed. L-tryptophan if you’re under 40, melatonin if you’re over 40, and GABA no matter what your age, can all be effective, natural, short-term sleep solutions. All of them may be able to help you readjust your bad sleeping habits to get back into a regular routine. And if you’re still having trouble getting sleep, I strongly recommend you make an appointment to see a doctor who is skilled in natural medicine. He’ll be able to pinpoint the real cause of your sleep troubles, and tailor a get-to-sleep plan specifically for you.
  13. Argi-Vive III Reviews–Does it work? Real men say “Yes!”

    121198965Are you embarrassed to admit your sex life isn’t what it used to be? Are you torn between not wanting to mention it to anyone – especially not other men – and really wanting advice on something that might help you with physical stamina and desire?

    Well, you don’t have to be ashamed any longer. Check out these Argi-Vive III reviews and you’ll see why…

    Argi-Vive III – 2 Great Reasons To Try It

    1. Argi-Vive III Works to Reignite Your Sex Life

    Argi-Vive III helps give you strong, firm erections and the stamina surging through your veins to please yourself and your woman again. This potent pink powder, mixed with 6 ounces of water, will make you feel so much like a man that you won’t even care that it’s pink! Because there is nothing girly about how you’re going to feel. Once your passion is stirring, and you can feel desire coursing through you, the color of this drink is going to be the last thing on your mind.

    Not convinced? That brings us to the second reason – we’ve got Argi-Vive III reviews, testimonials from men who use Argi-Vive III – real men just like you –  who rave about how powerful Argi-Vive III makes them feel.

    2. Argi-Vive III Reviews – What Real Man Are Saying

    No matter what other options you’ve tried, or how many other alternatives you’ve considered, Argi-Vive III tops them all, according to Jay Reimer, of Garland, Texas…

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    That’s because Argi-Vive III is one of the fastest ways to promote thick erections and better stamina you'll find anywhere!

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    "I highly recommend that others try Argi-Vive III. At age 62, I have the stamina I had in my 20s. I’ve also noticed more intense and longer lasting orgasms.”

    Here’s the other truth – if you are frustrated with your sex life, your wife might be as well. You can change that, too! Are you ready to remind her of the young stallion she married? Ready to make her feel like she used to, when you were younger? Because you aren’t the only one who’s going to benefit from Argi-Vive III, as James Singleton will tell you…

     "Argi-Vive III really works! And it hasn’t just impressed me… my wife loves it as well!"

     Finding Sexual Satisfaction in a Pink Powder Hard, frequent erections don’t have to be a thing of the past! You can have the stamina for mind-blowing sex! And you can have these solid results right away! One drink, and you’ll be shouting it from the rooftops, just like all these other well satisfied men – thanks to Argi-Vive III. Try Argi-Vive III today and save 20% off the regular price. Just use promo code W650Q4ZA when you place your order and you’ll save 20%. So what are you waiting for? Click here to save 20% on your Argi-Vive III order right now…and get ready for anytime, anywhere sex!
  14. [VIDEO] 5 Surprising Ways to Boost Libido

    You still love her. And she’s still as sexy as she ever was. That’s not a problem. It’s just…the urge to do something about that attraction isn’t as strong as it once was. And that’s a problem – because you aren’t ready to be the guy who can’t keep up, who can’t satisfy, who remembers what it used to be like but can’t be bothered to do anything about it. No, you’re the man who wants to protect his sexual vitality. Who knows how to please his woman and won’t let anything get in his way. So, what can you do to boost libido? But you’ve done the old standbys. You know about wine and oysters, chocolate and flowers… They’ve gotten a little stale. It’s time to shake things up! It’s time to try these 5 surprising ways to boost your libido – from food, to activities, to nutritional supplements, we’ve got you covered…
    1. Spice things up - literally. Yes, there’s a reason we talk about having “spicy sex lives.” There are so many spices, from all over the world, that have been used traditionally to heat up more than just a meal. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try fenugreek, saffron, or fennel. But you don’t have to move that far out of your culinary comfort zone, if you don’t want to. Standbys like clove, ginger, nutmeg, and even garlic have long been considered to be libido boosters.
    2. Raid the kitchen. While we’re on the subject of cooking, you may already have the ingredients you need to light your fire right there in your pantry. Good old fashioned oatmeal is gaining quite a reputation for creating sexual powerhouses. Yes, you read that correctly -- oatmeal. Mix it up with honey, almonds, and/or bananas and you’ve got 4 surprising ingredients that will amp up your sex drive, all in 1 bowl.
    3. Be adventurous together. Get your hearts pumping. This doesn’t have to mean go skydiving – although it can – but you should challenge yourself a bit. Try something new that takes you out of your comfort zone – like taking a dance lesson, riding a roller coaster, or watching a scary movie. The key is to get the adrenaline flowing, and to share the experience with your lady. A sense of adventure, along with a sense of humor, can be a powerfully arousing combination.
    4. Connect, connect, connect. While this one may not be surprising per se, it is certainly one that’s easy to forget. And you may be surprised at just how long it’s been since you’ve bothered to connect. Hold hands when you walk down the street. Place a kiss on the nape of her neck after you’ve zipped her up. Make sure you tell her how beautiful she is – and whisper it in her ear, instead of throwing it away as backhanded compliment. You’ll be amazed – perhaps even surprised! – at how erotic and arousing a simple touch can be.
    5. Choose the right dietary supplements. There’s so much snake oil out there that it’s hard to believe any supplements actually work to enhance your libido and desire – but the right ones do, and do it very well indeed.  Eurycoma longifolia root extract, Korean red ginseng, shilajit, and ViNitrox, among others, have been shown to support healthy sex drive and desire. In other words, they can really help get your motors running. This is why we created Prime Power,  specifically formulated with these 4 ingredients – because the last thing you need is more empty promises about supplements that don’t really work.
    A waning libido can feel like a really big problem – but it doesn’t have to be, not with these surprising ways to boost libido. The answers really are simple, and start with Prime Power – the supplement that really works to support your libido and liven things up in the bedroom. If you’re ready …to get to a new sexual prime …to experience a recharged libido like you’ve never felt before …then work these simple, unexpected changes into your life, and order Prime Power today! Take a minute to watch this short presentation…and you’ll see for yourself exactly why Prime Power is your best option to boost libido naturally. And when you try Prime Power today, you’ll save 25%.
    Supplements to boost libido naturally

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  15. Urinary tract infections / superbug threat continues to grow

    The superbug problem didn’t exactly sneak up on us. The writing has been on the wall for years. In fact, I first started warning Guide to Good Health readers about antibiotic resistance at least six years ago. Heck, even the mainstream media began to catch on a couple of years back. So, you’d think we’d be starting to get a handle on the issue by now. Sadly, that’s not the case. Not by a long shot, according to a recent study published in the journal Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control. According to researchers antibiotic resistant infections, such as urinary tract infections (UTIs), are actually on the RISE. It’s yet another case of mainstream medicine doing too little and doing it too late. Instead of dialing back on their overprescribing, many docs’ reaction to the superbug news was to simply switch from their now mostly-useless go-to antibiotics to different antibiotics. And I’m sure you can guess what happened next. These bad bugs, many of them forms of E. coli, are now becoming resistant to even more commonly prescribed antibiotics. Urinary tract infections are the second most common type of infection here in the U.S., with about 8.1 million people visiting the doctor every year looking for some relief. But these misery-causing bugs are now not only resistant to most antibiotics in the penicillin and cephalosporin families, they’ve also become highly resistant to some of the most commonly used drugs for treating urinary infections Ciprofloxacin and Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole. The best way to deal with a urinary tract infection is, obviously, to not get one in the first place. I shared some specific advice on how to UTI-proof yourself a few years back, including some dietary guidelines and supplement tips. If you missed that issue, click here to catch up on the NorthStar Blog. And if you’re already suffering with one of these nasty infections, don’t turn to antibiotics first. They likely won’t knock out your infection anymore anyway, but they CAN destroy your good gut bugs, leaving you wide open for secondary infections.  Instead, consider giving D-mannose a try. D-mannose is the ingredient found in cranberries that naturally fights off infections. And while you may have heard some conflicting reports over the years about cranberries and UTIs, I can assure you that this powerhouse can knock out just about any bladder infection that’s caused by E. coli. You‘ll find D-mannose online and in most natural food stores. Drink a half to a full teaspoonful dissolved in water every half an hour or so for two days.  If you don’t see an improvement after forty-eight hours, THEN make an appointment to see your doc.
  16. Is your mix of meds causing dangerous drug interactions?

    Getting older sure isn’t for sissies. Your hair starts getting thinner, your middle starts getting thicker, and some days you wake up with your joints feeling stiffer than a frozen fish stick in the middle of February. Even worse, around 75 percent of older adults will also end up facing not just one, but multiple chronic medical conditions. And of course, if you’re going to a conventional medicine doctor, you know what that means; drugs, drugs, and MORE drugs and possible drug interactions. Is it really any wonder that with so many different meds (and their side effects) on board, you can start to feel like your head is spinning? But now a new study—published in the journal PLOS One—finds that many of us have to worry about a heck of a lot more than just those “standard” side effects.

    Docs ignore dangers of prescription drug interactions

    Shockingly, nearly 23 percent of older Americans are being prescribed drugs that directly conflict with each other. In other words, there’s a very good chance that one (or more) of the drugs you’re taking could cause dangerous drug interactions and make one of your conditions worse! For example, if you’re diagnosed with heart disease your doc will likely prescribe you a beta blocker to lower your blood pressure. But if you also suffer from COPD that beta blocker can suddenly become a BIG problem. You see, beta blockers can cause airway resistance. And I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that anything that monkeys with respiration is a real no-no for COPD patients. But believe it or not, that’s not even the worst of it. In a case where competing prescriptions exist, you’d expect swift action to correct the potentially dangerous…or even deadly…drug interactions, right? Well, don’t hold your breath. It turns out that only in an appallingly low 16 percent of the cases, are changes made to the prescribed treatments. Meaning, of course, that 84 percent of patients are left to deal with whatever the consequences are of what the study’s authors quaintly refer to as “therapeutic competition.” (I don’t know about you, but when a doctor chooses to simply ignore the fact that his treatments are making me worse, I’m more inclined to call it malpractice. But hey, maybe that’s just me.)

    1 in 5 are prescribed conflicting drugs

    With one-fifth of older Americans receiving conflicting meds for common conditions including diabetes, COPD, dementia, heart failure, hypertension, osteoarthritis, coronary heart disease, and high cholesterol, the odds are good that you—or someone else you care about—will one day become a victim of this accident-waiting-to-happen practice. Yet it sounds like one of the study’s authors, David Lee, assistant professor at Oregon State University, would like us to give docs a bit of slack. According to Lee, “Many physicians are aware of these concerns, but there isn’t much information available on what to do.” Um, I have an idea, Dr. Lee. Call me crazy, but how about asking docs to apply a little common sense to FIX the problem?! For example, if you find out your heart patient also has COPD, don’t stick your head in the sand. Instead, prescribe a beta blocker that doesnt have respiratory side effects. Or, better yet, look for a non-drug alternative. (Hint, the mineral magnesium has been shown to naturally improve lung function, and black tea, vitamin D, and even dark chocolate have all been shown to help with high blood pressure.) But judging by that lousy 16 percent of people whose docs actually made changes, it’s pretty clear that common sense is in incredibly short supply these days. So it looks like, once again, your best bet is going to be to fend for yourself. Start by making sure your doctor takes your full medical history before he prescribes a single treatment. If he refuses, and tries to dash off a prescription and rush you out of his office in fifteen minutes instead, find yourself a new doc. I would suggest an integrative or holistic physician whose goal will be to get you OFF as many meds as possible by targeting your medical problems at their heart, rather than just treating single symptoms.
  17. Are You Suffering from Adrenal Fatigue? Peak Adrenal 6 Can Help

    467255563Have you been feeling moody, or irritable? Overly stressed? Are you tired of being so tired? Just about ready to give up and accept that this is just how life is right now? You might be suffering from adrenal fatigue. But, don’t throw in the towel yet, because help is on the way, and it’s called Peak Adrenal X6 Peak Adrenal 6 Benefits: Long-Term Results, Not Just a Quick Fix What if you could…
    • safely increase your energy
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    • boost your energy all day, every day
    • address the reason you’re tired, instead of just the symptom
    Wouldn’t you want to know about it? Well, you could do all this – and you can do it safely, and naturally. Too much stress, not enough sleep, too much happening in our brains – all of these situations can stress our bodies to the point of exhaustion. The fight-or-flight response isn’t just triggered by life or death situations. It can be triggered by retirement worries, concerns about our, or our partner’s, health, work stress – in other words, life. And these every day stressors don’t mean that you’re weak or you can’t take it. Your body is reacting on a physiological level! There’s not much you can do about that – but you can give your body the support it needs to help itself recover from stress, so you can maintain optimum health and energy. Peak Adrenal 6: The Right Natural Supplements in the Right Combination Dealing with the fight-or-flight response at the source – the adrenal gland – will help to ease stress, make our bodies more efficient, and in turn, give us more energy. Peak Adrenal X6 has ingredients that will address all of these issues – that will help your body function at its peak performance, reduce stress, relieve draining “brain fog”, and even help you get a good night’s sleep. What’s In Peak Adrenal X6? Peak Adrenal X6 combines traditional remedies with clinically supported ingredients to create the perfect blend of adrenal support. Packed with vitamins that support the adrenal gland and herbs that help the body fight off stress and fatigue, Peak Adrenal X6 offers the one-two punch your body needs to help fight back against adrenal fatigue. Ingredients like…
    • Vitamin C, which is an integral part of the stress response and is found in high doses in the adrenal gland.
    • Siberian ginseng, which has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and appears to help the body respond to stress.
    • Ashwagandha, which offers so much support for one little herb: it helps reduce fatigue and irritability, improve concentration and memory/forgetfulness, improve sleep; reduces cortisol levels; supports healthy blood sugar, C-reactive protein and blood pressure levels – all of which means it doesn’t just address the symptoms of stress, but helps minimize the physical reactions to stress as well.
    • Licorice Root, which may help restore cortisol levels, in turn fighting off fatigue.
    You get all this and more in Peak Adrenal X6. These natural ingredients are carefully balanced to work with your adrenal glands and help fight adrenal fatigue. You don’t have to fall prey to a constant state of exhausting physical stress. Instead, you can have more energy, think more clearly, stay more focused, and sleep better at night – which will help give you more energy the next day. You can throw in the towel, and resign yourself to going through life tired and grumpy. Or, you can break the cycle and choose a natural, healthy alternative – Peak Adrenal X6  – for more energy, all day, every day. It’s your life. Why get tired halfway through it, when you can reach the peak – Peak Adrenal X6. For more information, or to order your supply of Peak Adrenal X6, click here now
  18. Prime Power Supplement Reviews—Real men tell their story

    177431139Maybe you think an awesome sex life is beyond your reach. Maybe, no matter what the claims or the promises, you won’t believe another sales pitch on how to support your libido and rev things up in the bedroom. So we’ve got something better than a sales pitch – Prime Power supplement reviews, from real men, just like you… Listen to James Winter from Hastings, NE, who tells us…

     “I’ve tried many other sex products, and Prime Power is the best I’ve come across.”

    And Troy Stoyle of Edison, NJ, who learned that increasing desire and ability was still within his power…

    I really like Prime Power. It boosts my libido and ability to stay erect.”

    We get these Prime Power supplement reviews for one reason, and one reason only – Prime Power works. What’s an awesome sex life worth to you? So…what is an awesome sex life worth to you? Before you answer that, let me ask you a few other questions…
    • If you knew about a life-enhancing nutrient that could redefine your sex life, but it only grew in the Himalayan Mountains, had to be harvested by men scraping it off the sides of cliffs, and then transported under controlled conditions back to the U.S., what would you be willing to pay for it? $100 per month?
    • If we told you there was a nutrient that could literally change your life as well as the way your woman sees you, feels about you, and thinks about you -- what would you be willing to pay for it? $200 per month?
    • If there was a single pill that could make you so irresistible that your woman stalks you like a lioness in heat, how much would you pay for that? Could you even put a price on it?
    Because that sexual breakthrough is available right now… Prime Power: Ancient Aphrodisiacs Working in Modern Ways Prime Power starts with shilajit, the nutrient that grows on the cliff sides of the Himalayan Mountains. For centuries, men have risked their lives to scrape this tar-like substance from the rocks to help enhance their free testosterone and boost the power of their sperm. And why? Because this wonderful substance has been shown in animal studies to help amp up sperm and cause free testosterone to skyrocket! Then, we add not one, but two, different types of ginseng – Korean Red Ginseng and Malaysian Ginseng – because it doesn’t help if the spirit is willing, but the body is weak. And that’s not an issue any longer with these specifically selected forms of ginseng, which can help give you rock hard erections that will please both of you. Finally, because you will need the extra stamina and staying power, the formula is finished off with fruit extracts to keep you going for as many rounds as she begs you for – because when you can perform like this, even your gentle, conservative wife won’t be able to get enough of you! And it doesn’t matter if you’re still having sex once a week, or if it’s been so long you hardly remember how, Prime Power could put you back in your prime and remind her why she married you in the first place. Prime Power: Get Ready to Power Up Your Sex Life So, we’ll ask again – now that you know this life-changing, libido-supporting supplement actually exists, how much would you pay for it? What if we told you that you didn’t have to pay $200…or even $100? That’s right, you can send your woman into back-arching, mind-blowing ecstasy for $50 per month – or less! A single one-month supply of Prime Power is $50, which is a small investment to make to improve your sex life. But trust us – you’re going to want more than a 1-month supply of Prime Power. And that’s when the savings kick in. If you buy a 6-month supply, you can save over $65! And you’re protected, because if you don’t love the power surging through you, if she doesn’t love your triumphant virility, you can return it and get a full refund of the purchase price for every single bottle. You’re a virile man, nowhere near past your prime. She’s still the sexy, alluring woman you first married. Isn’t it time you both remembered what that can mean? Click here to get your supply of Prime Power – and consider your weekend booked! And when you try Prime Power today, you’ll save 25% on your first order. So don’t delay…order Prime Power today and get ready to power up your sex life.  Use promo code W650Q3ZC to save 25% today. Click here to order your supply of Prime Power and save 25% now.

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  19. Energy secret fights “tired all the time” adrenal fatigue

    Call me crazy, but at my age gulping down a can of Red Bull—or pounding one of those Monster Energy drinks—sounds more like a death wish than a strategy for driving away that “tired all the time” feeling. And, frankly, if you’re over the age of 18, maybe you should start thinking the same way. Because let’s face it, those super-caffeinated syrupy-sweet drinks are likely to leave you feeling overstimulated and more jittery than a cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. Even worse, if you try to sneak in a few zzz’s you can just forget about it. Suddenly it’s as if someone superglued your eyelids open, even if that caffeine-in-a-can jolt took place hours before. Trust me, I get it. When you find yourself dragging through your days—and your brain feels like it’s hung up a “Gone Fishing” sign without bothering to inform you—it could be a sign of adrenal fatigue. And you can start to feel desperate for some relief. I understand that it feels like you don’t have much of a choice sometimes. But the truth is, when your get-up-and-go has gone missing, those temporary “fixes” won’t do a thing to address the real issue of adrenal fatigue. Sure, they might give you a quick spike of gung-ho unfocused energy, but the BIG CRASH is never far behind. When it arrives, you’re left feeling even worse than you did in the first place… moodier, more stressed, and more fatigued. And that’s a crying shame, because for many, the secret to unstoppable energy—not to mention the cause for that “can’t make it through the day” butt-dragging fatigue—could lie in two tiny glands you likely haven’t given any thought to before. I’ll get back to those neglected glands in just a moment, but first let me let you in on the…

    Siberian secret to jitter-free energy

    Hidden in the mysterious and harsh remote regions of Siberia, a remarkable plant grows. This plant may turn out to be the most powerful answer to natural jitter-free energy ever discovered. And although this local legend has long been overlooked by most in the Western world, its revitalizing secrets have built up an underground following that’s rumored to include talented Olympic athletes, top military leaders, and even heroic astronauts. But before I reveal the details on this incredible discovery—and how you can feel better than you have in ages—let’s back up a moment and talk about what’s really at the heart of many cases of butt-dragging, poor-sleeping, can’t think, tiredness. Despite what you may have read, for many people (perhaps even most) a bad heart, low testosterone levels, or even a case of the blues isn’t what’s causing their exhaustion. The real reason could very well be two, tiny little triangle-shaped glands that are found tucked away next to your kidneys. I’m talking about your adrenal glands, of course, and in far too many people, this unexplored source is the REAL party pooper that’s been raining on your parade. But it turns out that a common plant, one discovered growing like a weed in the often severe Siberian climate, could hold the answer to adrenal fatigue and your energy needs. This astonishing plant, Eleutherococcus senticosus (try saying THAT one three times fast), has been used by Siberian villagers in their traditional health tonics for as long as most of the locals can remember. And, it turns out this Siberian secret may be able to do what no energy drink can—help your body operate at its peak adrenal levels.

    Restore your tuckered out adrenals

    That’s why we put it at the heart of our breakthrough new formula Peak Adrenal X6.  So now you, too, can experience the astounding, energy-balancing benefits of this remarkable plant. But we didn’t stop there. We also added five more adrenal-supporting superstars to help maintain your energy levels, reduce your fatigue, drive down your stress, and lift up your mood. I defy you to find a sugar-stuffed caffeinated energy drink that can do all of that!
    Stop letting adrenal fatigue rule your life. Revitalize your adrenal glands instead with fast-acting Peak Adrenal X6 and walk (or skip) away with the jitter-free energy you’ve been praying for, and the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed alertness you deserve. To learn more about this extraordinary energy breakthrough—and how you could turn that “tired all the time” feeling off for good—just click here.
  20. Benefits of Shilajit: Blood of the Mountain Gives You Prime Power

    benefits of shilajit supplementsHigh in the Himalayan Mountains exists a rare, but potent, substance called shilajit – or Blood of the Mountain, as the locals call it – and it is changing men’s lives. But not just men – it’s also changing the lives of the women who love them, as their men continue being the sexual dynamos they were when they first married. And the benefits of shilajit can change your life, too… Shilajit, or Blood of the Mountain: Whatever You Call It, It Works But what is shilajit, what does it do, and what are the benefits of shilajit? Shilajit is a thick, almost tar-like substance that oozes from the rocks of the mountains in the Himalayas. Upon closer examination, laboratory scientists believe it’s created when ancient marine organisms are trapped between layers of rock and squeezed under many tons of pressure. So the only real way to harvest Blood of the Mountain is to scrape it off the sides of mountains, a tedious, time-intensive, and sometimes dangerous process. Shilajit makes such a dramatic difference for men that they are willing to risk their lives for it. Once it is scraped from the rocks, it can be transformed into the breakthrough that could revolutionize your sex life. And we’ve managed to get our hands on a supply in order to bring it directly to you. Because you know the physical frustration that can occur as the years roll by. You’ve been around long enough to really know what you’re doing, to be skilled enough to please your woman, mature enough to understand that her pleasure is as important as yours. And then -- your body starts betraying you. Emotionally, you’re still as passionate as you were when you were younger. But physically, it can be less satisfying than you’re willing to be – or willing to let your lady be. Start Reaping the Benefits of Shilajit Now So what’s a man to do? How about return to being the stud you were at 40? Or 30? Or even 20? It may sound too good to be true, but it doesn’t have to be. Do you want those kinds of results in the bedroom? Listen to this – in a small 90 day study, 35 men boosted their sperm production, and increased their actual sperm count. (In fact, some of the men even got their wives pregnant during the study!) But it also lifted levels of free testosterone, so even if sperm count is no longer a concern, performance certainly is. While this is just one small study, the results are very promising Get Your Hands on Shilajit Today So…where can you find such a powerful nutrient? Shilajit is the main ingredient in Prime Power, the specially designed formula to boost your performance in the bedroom. And because you don’t want any doubt in your mind that you’ll be able to perform in ways you – and your lady – thought were impossible, Prime Power also includes Korean Red Ginseng and Malaysian Ginseng, to help “strengthen your resolve.” And we’ve also included Vinitrox, a unique combination of concentrated fruit extracts, to help give you the energy and stamina to take her where she wants to go – and then keep on going to places she’s never even dreamed of. Prime Power, with shilajit and 3 other powerhouse ingredients, can turn you into the King of the Jungle, and have her purring in no time. You remember how it used to be between you. She remembers, too. So don’t make either one of you wait another moment. Get your hands on some Prime Power, and watch as she gets her hands on you! And when you try Prime Power today, you’ll save 25% on your first order.  Don’t delay…order Prime Power today and start revving things up in the bedroom.  Use promo code W650Q3ZB to save 25% today. Click here to order your supply of Prime Power and save 25% now.

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

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