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The variety of vitamins and natural supplements available today can be confusing and overwhelming. The NorthStar blog on herbs and supplements provides the latest updates on what's out there, what works, what doesn't and why.

  1. Schisandra Berry Benefits – Get Charged Up Like Never Before

    Peak Adrenal X6 with schisandra berryLegend tells of Russian hunters who would go out at night and could hunt without stopping to drink…

    …or eat…

    ...or rest

    ... all because they chewed on something called a schisandra berry.

    Surely the schisandra berry benefits weren’t that great though. Stories about night hunters being able to go for hours without food or drink, immune to hunger pains or thirst were just stories. And the rumors of boundless energy that gave them the spark to track their prey through the Russian forests had to be exaggerated.

    These were just legends, after all.

    Or were they…

    Legendary Schisandra Berry Benefits

    The schisandra berry is native to China, Russia, and parts of Korea. It’s bright red, and grows in clusters like grapes – but tastes nothing like them.

    In fact, in China, schisandra berries are sometimes known as “five taste fruit” because the berry itself is reported to have a sour, sweet, bitter, warm, and salty taste.

    The legends around the schisandra berry benefits grew and spread throughout Russia because hunters would use its extract to fortify themselves through the long nights of hunting. It wasn't until the Cold War ended that Western researchers really had a chance to study this scarlet berry – but once they did, they were blown away to discover just how much of the legend was real.

    Still, you don’t need legendary performance, you’re just tired and run down – would like to feel like your old self again.

    Wait a minute, though…

    How often are you asking yourself why you feel so tired?

    How familiar are the symptoms of adrenal fatigue?

    Because, maybe it’s more than just needing a good night’s sleep…

    Adrenal Gland - Fight or Flight

    For some of us, the reason we’re so tired has nothing to do with just needing a night or two of solid sleep – it goes deeper than that, to the very way our bodies function.

    When you’re in a stressful situation, your adrenal glands flood your body with adrenaline, giving you the energy that you need to deal with the emergency. Once the emergency is over, your adrenal glands are supposed to have time to relax and recharge. Only, in this stress-filled world we live in, your adrenal glands never get that chance…

    They can’t tell the difference between a true emergency where you need extra adrenaline in order to live, and the stress of daily life – so they never get “down time.”

    And you know what happens when anything, including your adrenal glands, never get to relax?

    They get tired, run down, exhausted, and simply stop working efficiently.

    They’re worn out, so you’re worn out. And, if this is the case, no amount of sleep is going to help. Your adrenal glands need support and nourishment to recharge. Anything less will just cover the problem, not fix it.

    And this is one of the most valuable schisandra berry benefits – the way it supports your entire system.

    Antioxidant Powers of the Schisandra Berry

    First, like most dark fruits, schisandra berry benefits include being an antioxidant.

    It works like this – free radicals come from pollution and toxins we are exposed to everyday, in our foods, in our air, even from sunlight. These free radicals damage our cells, causing them to age, weaken, and tire out.

    But antioxidants go on the warpath against free radicals, protecting our bodies from the damaging effects.

    Stronger, healthier cells means a stronger, healthier body and a stronger, healthier body means a stronger, healthier you!

    Schisandra Berry as an Adaptogen

    Adaptogens are plants, such as the schisandra berry, that help the body respond to stress caused by internal and external forces.

    There are several reasons you might want to consider taking adaptogen, including the fact that it may actually help your body adapt better to the stressors that are wearing out your adrenal glands and making you tired all the time.

    In fact, the best known schisandra berry benefit is the fact that it is an adaptogen with anti-fatigue properties!

    Schisandra Berry to Help Cope

    with stress…

    ...with fatigue…

    …with exhaustion related errors… with the challenges of everyday life.

    These other schisandra berry benefits are worthwhile.

    But what got the schisandra berry its reputation as an “energy berry” is its ability to help the body cope with stress and fatigue.

    According to human studies, schisandra berry stimulates nitric oxide production for improved blood flow, and has been shown to reduce exhaustion-related errors. Add that to the fact that it has an anti-stress effect, and may help with the recovery of the adrenal gland, and it becomes obvious why this little berry has such a following.

    The legends and stories of Russian hunters with superhuman powers may be exaggerated, but the benefits of schisandra berry certainly aren’t. Not when it’s actually been shown to improve mental performance, and in one study using 1-1.5 grams of schisandra, it doubled the work capacity of healthy adults.

    Sure, there are other ways to boost your energy, but with the chance of results like this, schisandra berry deserves a place on the top of any energy-boosting list – which is why we included it in our Peak Adrenal X6 formula!

    Peak Adrenal X6Peak Adrenal X6 is the latest development in adrenal support and anti-fatigue supplements. What would you do with possibly of…

    • Boundless energy
    • More get up and go than you’ve had in years…
    • Alertness and focus with every project you take on…
    • A power surge that gets you through the day, but still allows you to sleep at night?

    That’s what we’re talking about with Peak Adrenal X6, and the schisandra berry benefits.

    But Peak Adrenal X6 offers even more. Because it’s not always about what you gain. Sometimes, it’s about what you could lose.

    How would you like to get rid of…

    • Stiff joints…
    • Occasional headaches…
    • Muscle weakness…
    • Trouble sleeping…
    • Moodiness…
    • Brain fog…

    Because you can.

    And thanks to our Northstar Nutritionals’ Anytime Guarantee, you can try Peak Adrenal X6 risk free. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with Peak Adrenal X6, if you don’t have more energy, sleep better, and wake refreshed and ready to take on your day, simply return it and we’ll refund your purchase price. It’s that easy.

    If you order today, you can take an extra 25% off your Peak Adrenal X6 order, as well. All you have to do is enter promo code W650Q7ZD when you check out and watch the savings pile up!

    Balanced energy throughout your day, better and more restful sleep, a happier and more energetic you. It’s the benefits of schisandra berry – and Peak Adrenal X6.

    Order Peak Adrenal X6 today!

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  2. Siberian Ginseng – The Russian Secret for All-Day Energy

    Siberian ginseng in Peak Adrenal X6Have you heard about the Siberian secret that is Siberian ginseng?

    If you’re already taking Peak Adrenal X6, then you probably do. But if you’re like the rest of us, you may have only heard bits and pieces here and there.

    We’re about to change all that, because Siberian ginseng shouldn't be anybody’s secret any longer!

    If you know you have adrenal fatigue or if you’re just struggling with feeling tired and moody more often than you like (and this article might help you answer the question Why Am I Tired All the Time?), you need to know about Siberian ginseng.

    What Is Siberian Ginseng?

    Although it’s commonly referred to as Siberian ginseng, it’s not really a ginseng at all. Its official name is Eleutherococcus senticosus, or eleuthro, and it’s actually a woody plant native to Asia and Russia. And there in Russia is where people first discovered just how powerful this ingredient is, because this one plant works in not one, but two different ways to help you feel great all the time...

    No more feeling draggy, just hoping to make it through the day. No more irritability caused by being  a bit over stressed. Because we've harnessed the power of pure Siberian ginseng and are making it more available than ever.

    Siberian Ginseng as an Adaptogen

    Adaptogens are a family of plants that support the body’s natural systems and its ability to handle stress from internal and external sources.

    For more information about adaptogens, check out this article on adaptogens and why you should take them.

    To sum it up, though, many of us are tired, grumpy, and unfocused because our bodies are in a constant state of stress.

    See, our bodies weren’t designed to handle today’s busy, stressful world. They were designed to handle quick bursts of stress and long stretches of calm relaxation. During the quick bursts of stress, our adrenal glands flood our systems with adrenaline, giving us the ability for fight or flight.

    It was after the quick stress, during the long stretch of relaxation that our adrenal glands recharged, so they could be ready at the next emergency. Only life today has reversed it – now we deal with long stretches of stress and quick bursts of relaxation. Now, our adrenal glands simply don’t have the time to relax, recharge, and keep working efficiently.

    Instead, they are constantly on alert, constantly under stress. Just as you stop working as well when you get stressed, so do your adrenal glands. And it’s this constant stress that very well could be making you tired, out of sorts, irritable, and unfocused.

    But what people in Russia have known for generations is that Siberian ginseng gives your adrenal glands, and your whole body, the break it needs.

    Once your adrenal glands are getting the support they need, getting the rest they need, you’ll feel supported and rested, too. Imagine being able to sleep through the night, get through the day with energy to spare, be able to concentrate on the job at hand and have a sunny outlook through it all. All this is the Siberian secret, and can be yours with Siberian ginseng.

    Stay Alert with Siberian Ginseng

    Remember we said Siberian Ginseng works in two different ways to help change your life?

    Well, Siberian ginseng does more than just help the body adapt to stress. Researchers have discovered special anti-fatigue compounds in this amazing plant. They’re called eleutherosides, but you don’t have to worry about remembering that name.

    All you need to know is that when they were tested in an 8-week double blind study on college recreational athletes, 400 mg twice a day increased endurance by a full 23%.

    Who wouldn't want 23% more endurance? More ability to power through?

    And that was in people already in peak condition. Can you imagine what the eleutherosides in Siberian ginseng could do for you?

    Siberian Ginseng in Peak Adrenal X6

    Now you’re beginning to understand why we made Siberian ginseng the keystone of our breakthrough adrenal health supplement, Peak Adrenal X6. Combine the power of Siberian ginseng with ashwagandha, schisandra extract, and the rest of the Peak Adrenal X6 ingredients, and you've got a formula that will help beat back your blahs and give you a new lease on life.

    We have so much confidence in Peak Adrenal X6 that we have backed it by our Northstar Nutritionals’ Anytime Guarantee. If you aren't 100% satisfied with how you feel after taking Peak Adrenal X6, simply return it to us – every bottle from your order, even the empties – and we will refund your purchase price. No questions asked.

    If you've have adrenal fatigue, or just need some help getting through your day, Peak Adrenal X6 with Siberian ginseng can help – and for less than a daily stop at your local coffee shop!

    And if you place your order today, you can save even more. Just enter promo code W650Q7ZC at check out and we’ll take 25% off your entire purchase.

    Peak Adrenal X6 with Siberian ginseng – now it’s your secret way to get through the day. Order now!

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

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    “It’s as plain as the nose on your face.”

    My grandmother always delivered this little gem with a twinkle in her eye when I found myself struggling to wrap my noodle around something that should have been as obvious as…well… the nose on my face.

    It used to make me cringe. But I must admit that lately—when it comes to the obvious importance of vitamin D—I often feel like yelling it from the rooftops.

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    Men’s Hair Loss Guide 2014: 5 Options That Can Work For You Now 

    Natural hair loss treatments

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    Natural Blood sugar support supplements

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  18. Benefits of probiotics—they may help protect your bones

    Step on a crack and break your mother’s back… but not if she’s on a probiotic. I know, that’s not exactly the way the old childhood chant goes, but some exciting new ‘benefits of probiotics’ research might soon force us to make that change to the old classic. Once again, good-belly-bug-producing probiotics -- already linked to better overall health -- are making news. This time the focus is on our bones.
  19. NorthStar Nutritionals Reviews: 5-Star Reviews & 6 Reasons to Shop With Us

    With so many companies out there that sell vitamins and supplements, it makes sense to ask why you should use NorthStar Nutritionals for your supplement needs. It’s a question we respect and can easily answer – with not 1 but 6 reasons you should turn to NorthStar Nutritionals.

    1. NorthStar Nutritionals is in partnership with Dr. Allan Spreen, MD, one of the most highly respected doctors in the mainstream medical and alternative medicine communities. Nationally recognized as the Nutrition Physician, Dr. Spreen has been committed to helping patients find their ultimate health for decades. His vision guides every vitamin, supplement, and pain relief formula we develop. You could even say Dr. Spreen is our North Star, the man who guides us and keeps us on track, making sure NorthStar Nutritionals keeps us on the cutting edge of nutritional supplement breakthroughs.

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