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The variety of vitamins and natural supplements available today can be confusing and overwhelming. The NorthStar blog on herbs and supplements provides the latest updates on what's out there, what works, what doesn't and why.

  1. How to FIGHT DIRTY against cancer… and WIN!

    Sometimes you’ve gotta fight dirty to win – especially when you’re fighting a dirty enemy.

    And inside your body, there’s no cell that fights dirtier than cancer cells.

    They use EVERY trick in the book to hide… grow… spread… and kill.

    But today, I’m going to give you the weapon you need to fight back

    And it’s something that EVERY DOCTOR in the country has access to, right now.

    In a moment, I’ll give you exactly what you need to tell your doctor so he can offer it to you.

    He may not love it. He might say it’s pointless. He might even think you’re a little bit of a kook.

    But odds are, he’ll also agree that it’s harmless… so he shouldn’t give you too much grief over trying it.

    And when he sees what happens next…

    Well, let’s just say your own doctor could turn into a true believer himself!

    A cancer-destroying VITAMIN?

    Like I said, cancer fights dirty.

    In a battle like that, you need a weapon that’s not afraid to fight dirty back – and that’s where this tumor-fighting secret is at its best.

    It’s almost like a double agent.

    Cancer sees it and THINKS it’s a friend… and invites it right inside the cells. It soaks up it like sugar.

    And that’s when this double agent rips off its mask and reveals its true face.

    It’s not a friend at all – well, not to cancer.

    It’s an enemy – one that then destroys the cancer from the inside.

    And by the time the cancer cells figure out what’s going on, it’s already too late!

    So, what’s this weapon called?

    You’re going to laugh, because it’s something you already know pretty well…

    Vitamin C!

    But it’s NOT the kind you get from orange juice… or even a vitamin pill… because you just can’t reach the levels needed to fight cancer that way.

    You have to get it intravenously – the only way to rapidly raise blood levels high enough.

    Along with fighting the cancer directly, intravenous vitamin C can also:

    • ENHANCE chemo to make it more effect
    • ELIMINATE sickness from chemo
    • FIGHT side effects of radiation, and
    • HELP you heal faster after cancer surgery.

    Even the feds are starting to admit that IVC is helpful in many forms of cancer, especially for dealing with chemo…

    And it’s gaining a grudging acceptance among mainstream docs as a result.

    Yet most STILL won’t offer it!

    You have to ask, and you may even have to guide them through it. (Teaching the doctor about medicine – how ’bout that?)

    So, here’s what you do: Tell them you want the Riordan IVC protocol.

    If they know what it is, you’re all set.

    If they’ve never heard of it, no worries: It’s available for free online.

    You can search Google for it, print it, and then bring it to your doctor.

    He SHOULD be able to make it happen – but if he’s still struggling to figure it out, visit an experienced integrative oncologist.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. EVERY senior needs this ‘repair kit’ nutrient to SLASH risk of death

    You have a repair kit in your closet… in the garage and/or shed… and I’m guessing one in your car, too.

    You no doubt have what you need to fix anything -- whether it’s a torn shirt, a broken pipe, a flat tire, or a creaky door.

    But what if I told you there’s a repair kit for your BODY, too?

    There IS one – one that can UNDO the damage of everything normally blamed on age and disease.

    And you won’t believe how easy it is to get!

    EXTEND your life with this overlooked vitamin

    This REPAIR KIT nutrient is plain ol’ vitamin C.

    But don’t dismiss it just because it’s so simple and basic.

    It’s also so FORGOTTEN, too!

    Many people don’t even bother with it – but research reported on by Life Extension showed what happens when you make an effort to raise your levels.

    Over the course of more than 16 years, folks with the HIGHEST vitamin C levels had a…

    • 25% lower risk of death from ANY cause
    • 28% lower risk of death from cancer
    • 28% lower risk of death from stroke, and
    • 35% lower risk of death from heart disease.

    Seriously, if a drug did that, how much do you think they’d charge for it?

    Whatever you’re guessing, I’d say double it. Maybe triple it. Heck, quadruple it… and they’ll still probably charge more.

    But YOU can get it… right NOW… for literal pennies.

    The study theorizes that the reason for the benefit is that vitamin C fights off oxidative stressprotecting your DNA from damage and enhancing the endothelial layer of the blood vessels to fight off heart disease.

    And sure, it’s a neat antioxidant.

    But it’s also the #1 component of collagen, which is top repair protein in the body.

    Anything that needs fixin’ needs good collagen – and the only way to get good collagen is with the right levels of vitamin C.

    That makes vitamin C the most important tool in your body’s repair kit.

    And along with the benefits found in the new study, higher (intravenous) levels can carry out even more complicated “repairs.”

    Specifically, it can KILL OFF nearly any bacteria… and WIPE OUT cancer cells (and almost any type!).

    Those cancer cells in particular LOVE vitamin C. Well… they THINK they do. They suck it up like sugar, pulling it in faster than normal cells.

    But they essentially POISON themselves with it in the process.

    The C disrupts their cellular metabolism, and they DIE.

    So, for general daily support, protection against infection, good heart health and an overall longer, healthier life… boost your C.

    If it makes you gassy or whatever, split up the doses so you’re taking it three or four times a day. Over time, you may build tolerance and can handle fewer, higher doses.

    And if you’re fighting off a serious infection or a “deadly” disease like cancer, get yourself hooked up with intravenous C from a naturopathic medical doctor.

  3. Dodge deadly drugs with the 3 most ‘dangerous’ natural cures

    If a SINGLE PERSON taking a vitamin suffers from a side effect, it’s treated like a national emergency. They launch a RECALL. They demand INVESTIGATIONS. They alert the MEDIA. But now, a report from the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service has exposed the truth about supplements. There’s nothing safer! In fact, the three “worst” natural therapies… the “most dangerous” ones of all…...
  4. [Breakthrough] WIPE OUT pain with this ‘miracle’ oil

    It’s the latest craze in healthcare… a proven natural therapy for everything from pain to cancer. But it’s pretty much doomed already. It’s got FOUR big “problems” working against it … It’s safe. It’s cheap. It’s effective. It’s natural. Now, I know that none of that SOUNDS like a problem. Of course, It’s NOT a problem for you –  but it’s a BIG problem for Big Pharma! If it ain't...
  5. [Shocker] The only thing ‘complicated’ about your diabetes is your MEDS!

    There’s a health crisis hiding in plain sight. Nearly EVERY doctor has SEEN it… yet almost NONE have been able to RECOGNIZE it. And even those who know something’s wrong can’t explain it. But I can… Millions of Americans with diabetes are quietly suffering from a debilitating nutritional deficiency. Docs CAN easily test for it, but almost none DO. It’s time to...
  6. The flu med your doc is pushing on you could make you SICKER

    So many people suffer needlessly every winter… And here’s why. The TOP reason so many people suffer with the agonizing symptoms for days on end… is that we don’t recognize those first warning signs. Sure, it FEELS like something’s wrong… But early on, the flu can masquerade as something more minor. By the time we realize we’ve been bitten by...
  7. New research finds omega 3s and vitamin D are vital for lupus patients

    Dear Reader, The Lupus Foundation of America calls the disease a "cruel mystery." But what's really mysterious here is how in the world two natural, safe, and effective treatments for this autoimmune disease keep being left in the dust... while risky meds continue to sell like hotcakes. One thing is very clear: If you or someone you love is suffering...
  8. The Dangers of Natural Supplements

    supplements naturalHave you seen the recent sensational headlines about natural supplements sending people to emergency rooms in staggering numbers?

    They certainly caught our attention. So we read more.

    Sure enough more than 23,000 emergency room visits are caused by supplements every single year.

    The headlines definitely had our attention. So we read more.

    They certainly got us to read their articles, I’ll concede that point and give them credit for it.

    But I’m also glad that I took the time to read the information presented and didn’t just take the headline at face value. Continue reading

  9. Does Homeopathic Pain Relief Work? The Truth Exposed…

    homeopathic pain reliefAt first glance, homeopathic pain relief looks like a great idea. After all, homeopathic pain relief means all-natural ingredients that can soothe, relieve, and ease your pain in an organic way without chemicals or scary drugs.

    What’s not to love?

    Except…does homeopathic pain relief actually work? Can you really take on your toughest, most persistent pain with herbs and supplements? What’s the truth behind the hype? Continue reading

  10. Is There A Natural Arthritis Cure? 6 Ways to Ease Arthritis Pain

    Posted by: on

    Natural Cures for ArthritisIf you are one of the 52.5 million people in the United States with arthritis, you’re probably always on the lookout for a natural arthritis cure. And while currently there is no cure for arthritis, there are supplements that can help ease arthritis pain naturally. Continue reading

  11. What to Watch for When Buying Supplements

    Buying SupplementsSupplement Interactions: What to Watch for When Buying Supplements

    When most people decide on which supplement to take, they focus on how it can improve their health. And that’s fair.

    You’re taking supplements to make you healthier, after all. But supplement interactions with other drugs is important to consider as well.

    The last thing you need is for one of the supplements you’re taking to exacerbate another – often entirely unrelated – condition.

    In this article, I’m going to talk about some of the most common supplements people take – and the supplement interactions you could be facing.

    Astaxanthin – If anyone ever truly finds a fountain of youth, I’d be willing to bet it includes astaxanthin. That’s how amazing this anti-aging supplement is. You’re still going to want to be on the lookout for these supplement interactions, though. If you’re taking blood thinners, blood pressure, or blood sugar medications, talk to your doctor about taking astaxanthin. Because it can lower all of those on its own, it may cause unhealthy drops when combined with medications. It also has the potential to lower serum calcium levels, so use caution taking astaxanthin if you have osteoporosis, or other calcium-related conditions. Continue reading

  12. A consumer’s guide to buying supplements

    Buying health supplementsIt seems like every time you turn around someone is touting a new breakthrough…or pitching a new product…or telling you to take this pill, or drink this powder.

    There are more bottles than you can count on your shelves, or in your medicine cabinet.

    Heck, entire stores are devoted just to selling supplements.

    It can be overwhelming.

    That’s why we've created the NorthStar Nutritionals’ Guide to Buying Supplements – to help you figure out what you need, what you don’t, and how to navigate all the options to find the best choices for you and your health.

    This Guide to Buying Supplements has 2 major sections, to better fit your needs.

    If you've never bought a supplement before, but want to, start with Section 1. In this section, you’ll learn the basics of buying a supplement from identifying what supplement you should be taking, to learning how to test if you’re actually getting anything from your morning pill.

    If you are only looking for specific ingredients for some of the most popular conditions, you might want to consider jumping to Section 2. We discuss 5 of the top reasons people take supplements, and what ingredients you should be looking for in order to address them. Continue reading

  13. The Top 11 Natural Male Libido Boosters

    Top Natural Male Libido BoostersIf you think it’s too late for you to have strong, frequent erections, the desire for mind-blowing sex, and a healthy physical response that allows you to be ready to go whenever she is, then you absolutely must read this article.

    In it, I reveal to you the top 11 natural male libido boosters that can help you get back the sexual prowess you've been missing for years. Whether you just started suffering from some “performance anxiety” last night, or it’s been years since you felt just right in the bedroom, we've got you covered. Continue reading

  14. RegeneCell Ingredients: Feel Better & Look Younger within Days

    Benefits of AntioxidantsPeople, especially health professionals, talk a lot about how important the benefits of antioxidants are. You hear things like “take this supplement because it’s packed with antioxidants” and “get your fruits and veggies” and even “eat every color in the rainbow.” It’s great advice. Too often, though, doctors and nutritionists stop at the advice, without ever explaining themselves. But since we don’t expect you to follow blindly, we wanted to make sure you know why antioxidants are so important… Continue reading

  15. RegeneCell Ingredients: Feel Better & Look Younger within Days

    RegeneCell IngredientsAging isn't just about getting older. There’s very little we can do about getting older, and truthfully, getting older can be a good thing. But we can fight aging – the tell-tale wrinkles, the more regular doctors’ visits, the ever lengthening list of specialists, even the physical changes. You don’t have to give into them without a fight. That’s why Dr. Mitchell Ghen developed RegeneCell – the single most comprehensive anti-aging supplement on the market.

    Dr. Ghen has brought together more than 70 of the most effective, most reputable anti-aging fighters to create the formula that will help you rejuvenate every system and every cell in your body! How did he do this? By identifying the 10 signs of aging – and then researching the RegeneCell ingredients you need to address every single one of them and more. Continue reading

  16. The Best Sexual Health Supplements for Men

    You’re ready to last as long as necessary, and perform as well as possible, to give her the pleasure she craves – but sometimes…the body doesn't quite respond the way you both wish it would. Still, you've never run from a challenge in your life, so instead of just giving up, you’re looking to take your sex life to the next level. Even if you haven’t even thought about sex for years, a sexual health supplement can help you get back that feeling you had in your 20s.

    So here are the top 5 best sexual supplements for men: Continue reading

  17. What are the Side Effects of Arthritis Relief Cream?

    Here’s the truth: nothing is 100% side effect-free, all the time, for every person… not even Arthritis Relief Cream.

    And although the researchers here at NorthStar Nutritionals have formulated Arthritis Relief Cream to minimize side effects as much as possible, we wanted to share them with you for a couple of reasons:

     1. You’re smart enough to know that nothing is completely side effect-free

     2. Your trust is important to us, so we strive for transparency

    With that in mind, here are 5 potential side effects of Arthritis Relief CreamContinue reading

  18. Panax Ginseng Benefits – What You’ve Been Waiting For

    Argi-Vive with panax ginsengYou know what we’re excited to tell you about?

    The panax ginseng benefits in Argi-Vive III.

    And if that doesn’t sound like something to be excited about, then you really need to read this!

    Because the panax ginseng benefits are what give Argi-Vive III its extra boost – which gives you an extra boost, too.

    We understand that, even though you still love and desire your wife, time may be taking a toll you don’t particularly want to talk about, or even think about.

    But it really is okay.

    You’re not alone. Continue reading

  19. The Inside Scoop: Do Topical Pain Relievers Work?

    Soothanol X2 topical pain reliever There are so many different pain relief options out there, all making different claims; it’s easy to get lost in the noise.

    But sometimes a topical pain reliever can be your best option.

    Topical pain relievers are fast, targeted, and you don’t have to worry about interactions with other oral medications you may be taking.

    But not all topical pain relievers are created equal.

    So you want to know – which topical pain relievers really work?

    And how?

    What’s the truth? Continue reading

  20. Lumivella Ingredients – Powerful Nutrients, Powerful Age Fighters

    Lumivella natural skincare When you’re looking for anti-aging supplements, you’re looking for the Lumivella ingredient formula – a formula specially designed to help slow down the clock and help keep you looking younger and more vibrant than you have in years.

    Lumivella can help you…

    • Receive so many compliments you’ll be blushing like a teenager...
    • Find friends snooping around your makeup mirror looking for your new “secret”...
    • Catch yourself staring and smiling in every mirror you pass...
    • Even be begged for your skin care secrets... by your own daughters!

    Just what are these Lumivella ingredients that will help rejuvenate your skin and make you feel more confident every day?

    Let’s take a closer look… Continue reading

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