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  1. Don't Ignore These 9 High Blood Pressure Warnings

    warnings high blood pressureToo many people are unaware that high blood pressure comes with warnings.

    They think that high blood pressure is something you can’t identify until you’re in the doctor’s office waiting for the cuff to release.

    But that is a false and quite frankly dangerous misunderstanding of how high blood pressure works.

    High blood pressure warnings do exist, and you can identify them. You just have to know what they are.

    You Don’t Need a Doctor’s Office

    Luckily, the warning signs of high blood pressure are easy to recognize when you’re at home:

    • Poor circulation or blood flow
    • Headache
    • Lightheadedness or dizziness
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Pounding in the ears and neck
    • Numbness
    • Nosebleed
    • Trouble seeing, blurry vision
    • Bloody urine

    If any or all of these sound familiar, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

    He’ll be able to confirm that they are indeed high blood pressure warnings and not indicative of another, even more serious condition.

    How to Manage Blood Pressure at Home

    You don’t have to wait until you experience high blood pressure warnings to start to manage your blood pressure! As with any health condition, the best offense is a good defense.

    The best news is that if you’re looking to keep your numbers healthy, or if you’ve started to see an upward climb in your blood pressure, these steps may help.

    1. Exercise every day. While 150 minutes of exercise is fine for overall health, when you’re trying to counteract high blood pressure warnings, some sources say more is even better. Go ahead and aim for 30 minutes of aerobic activity every day until your numbers are where you want them. Walking, swimming, and dancing are all good exercises for healthy blood pressure.

    2. Reduce sodium intake. Everyone should get less than 2300 mg/day of sodium, so start by making sure you’re in that range. If you’re hitting that mark and find high blood pressure warnings aren’t clearing up, try to drop down to 1500/mg day. The easiest way to accomplish this is to cut way back on the heavily processed foods you eat. But also check your labels, because sodium can lurk in lightly processed, “healthy” foods, as well. Finally, experiment with seasonings other than salt to enhance the flavor of your foods. Once you wean yourself off of table salt, herbs and spices taste even better.

    3. Watch your caffeine intake. Some people who drink a lot of coffee never have high blood pressure warnings and their numbers stay great. Others are more sensitive to caffeine’s effects. If you find caffeine causes your blood pressure to go places you don’t want it to, find a different way to start your day. Green tea is often easier for people managing their blood pressure, because it has enough caffeine that they don’t have to go cold turkey, but not enough to negatively impact blood pressure.

    4. Reduce stress. Stress contributes to blood pressure problems in two different ways. First, stress itself can cause high blood pressure warnings. But then many people respond to stress in unhealthy ways – smoking, drinking, and overeating – that are bad when you’re trying to manage your blood pressure, too. Find ways to relax, and healthy ways to manage the stress. Your doctor will be happier about your numbers.

    High blood pressure warnings can be scary when they’re happening to you. We understand. But you don’t have to wait around for bad news.

    Talk to your doctor before you feel them. Start taking these steps now. And aim for 120 today.

  2. BP Complete 120 Ingredients: What’s in the BP Complete 120 Formula?

    Ingredients BP Complete 120When you take your health seriously, you’re not willing to trade one unhealthy condition for another.

    You’re not willing to trade worrisome blood pressure numbers for worrisome blood pressure remedies.

    So instead of jumping blindly on the bandwagon of the next new thing, you do your research. You ask questions.

    We get that. We respect it. Which is why now that we have a new blood pressure support supplement, we want to ask – and answer – your questions before you ever have to.

    What are the BP Complete 120 ingredients? How do they help keep your blood pressure where you want it?

    And what makes the formula so special?

    Three for Three

    When we designed the formula, we knew we wanted the BP Complete 120 ingredients to be three things:

    1. Effective
    2. Powerful
    3. Natural

    So we scoured the latest research, avoided the chemical compounds, and found the three ingredients that ticked off all three boxes. And they became the BP Complete 120 ingredients: celery, grapes, and garlic.

    That’s right, the active BP Complete 120 ingredients are foods you already know and may even have in your own kitchen right now.

    So why should you take BP Complete 120 instead of just eating celery, grapes, and garlic? We’re getting there…

    Breaking Down the Formula

    Celery seed extract 300 mg

    Why it’s a BP Complete 120 ingredient – Celery has been valued in Chinese medicine for decades, but is just now gaining respect here in the West. It contains a phytochemical called phtalides that helps relax the arteries. The health of your arteries play a big role in your entire cardiovascular system, including blood pressure, so healthy arteries allow for better, smoother circulation. That way your blood pressure stays where you want it. Also, since celery can remove excess water from your blood stream, which means less volume and better pressure.

    How much you’d have to eat – Hope you like celery! Because if you wanted to eat enough celery to support your blood pressure, you have to eat four stalks. Every single day.

    Grape seed extract 300 mg

    Why it’s a BP Complete 120 ingredient - You can thank the antioxidants in grapes for their place in the BP Complete 120 formula. Not only do they contribute to better blood pressure numbers, but they also promote a healthy inflammatory response. That would have been enough for us to make grape seed extract a BP Complete 120 ingredient, but there’s still more! Grapes punch back, thanks to their antioxidants, by countering the oxidative stress AND triggering protein production.

    How much you’d have to eat – To get the equivalent of the grapes that were used in the study, you’d have to eat approximately 135 grapes every day.

    Garlic extract 720 mg, total

    Why it’s a BP Complete 120 ingredient – You’ve probably heard of an ACE inhibitor, but do you know what it means? ACE stands for angiotensin I-converting enzyme, and it’s produced naturally by your body. The probably comes when it builds up. Once ACE builds up, you’re looking at troublesome  blood pressure numbers. But garlic is a natural ACE inhibitor! So you’re in control of your diet and your numbers. Plus, garlic contains a compound known as allicin, which promotes healthy blood pressure. The unique combination of allicin and the garlic’s natural performance as an ACE inhibitor makes garlic a vital component of the BP Complete 120 formula. The only catch is that the high temperatures you have to use in order to cook garlic destroys the allicin. You have to eat it raw – or in supplement form – to get the benefits.

    How much you’d have to eat – To get the full blood pressure benefits of garlic, you’d need to eat up to four cloves a day. And remember, that’s raw.

    And that’s it. Those are the only active ingredients in BP Complete 120. Nothing scary, nothing unnatural, and nothing to be afraid of.

    Sure, you can eat four stalks of celery, 135 grapes, and four cloves of raw garlic every single day. But we don’t blame you if you’d rather not.

    That’s exactly why we developed BP Complete 120, so you get the results you need and a little more flexibility in your diet.

    The BP Complete 120 ingredients make sense. Effective. Powerful. Natural. Three ingredients. Three capsules. Innumerable benefits. Order today.

  3. BP Complete 120 Benefits: Help Improve Your Blood Pressure in 3 Steps

    Benefits BP Complete 120When we set out to develop our new blood pressure supplement, BP Complete 120, we knew exactly what we wanted the BP Complete 120 benefits to be.

    We wanted natural blood pressure support, based on cutting edge research, with no off-putting or frightening side effects.

    And if we could happen to make the last BP Complete 120 benefit be a tightly focused formula that only uses the best ingredients, well, that would be ideal. Continue reading

  4. 7 Powerful Health Benefits of Selenium

    selenium health benefitsFor the most part, you know which vitamins and minerals you need in your diet to ensure optimal health.

    But every now and then, it’s important to check and make sure you aren’t missing anything – like selenium.

    Because the health benefits of selenium are too often overlooked – but shouldn’t be!

    The health benefits of selenium are simply too important and too extensive, for more people not to know about them.

    Which is why we wanted to make sure you were aware of just how beneficial selenium can be…

    Continue reading

  5. 6 Benefits of Licorice Root to Boost Your Health

    licorice root benefitsMost of us gave up the Easter Bunny decades ago, but you might be tempted to rethink his visit once you know that a health booster may be lurking in your Easter basket!

    Even if you used to turn your nose up at the licorice jelly beans, you’ll change your mind once you learn about the health benefits of licorice root.

    Now, obviously licorice candy isn’t the healthy way to reap the benefits of licorice root. But a health boosting supplement? That’s worth getting excited about. Continue reading

  6. The Shocking Link Between Sleep and Blood Pressure

    Blood pressure and sleepWhen you were younger, you probably didn’t even think about maintaining healthy blood pressure numbers.

    They were just where you needed them to be. Now that you’re older, it’s a little different.

    These days, your doctor is more likely to look closer at those numbers.

    And you’re more likely to look closely. Because you both realize maintaining healthy blood pressure is more important than ever.

    But what happens if, in spite of your best efforts, you just haven’t quite figured out the proper equation for keeping those numbers exactly where you want them?

    Maybe that’s when it’s time to look at how much sleep you’re getting.

    That’s right – sleep. Because sleep and blood pressure are linked in ways you may not realize. Continue reading

  7. Is My Heart Healthy Enough for Sex [Take this heart-sex quiz now]

    sex-heartYour heart should be healthy enough for sex – but you’re still a little concerned.

    After all, it’s your heart. And you’re not a kid any longer. It’s easy to still have lingering doubts. How does your doctor know for certain? How do you?

    Well, it helps to know some basic information about your heart and sex, as well as to answer some very specific – but not too personal, don’t worry – questions about how your heart health may contribute to your sex life.

    So, we’re here for you. Take these tests. Between them and your doctor’s advice, you should be able to put aside any last, low-level concerns.

    Continue reading

  8. 9 Shocking Health Benefits of Eating Beets

    Eating beets benefitsYou know the superfoods: Kale…chia seeds…pomegranates…beets?

    I know, that last one may be shocking but there really are incredible health benefits to eating beets!

    So before you pass them by in the grocery produce section, read on. It’s time to start reaping the benefits of eating beets. Continue reading

  9. Can I Have Sex After a Heart Attack?

    heart attack afterAfter a heart attack, it can feel like everything is different.

    Your diet, your activity level…your sex life…

    Heart attacks tend to have emotional consequences, not just physical ones.

    Even once your doctor has cleared you for physical activity after a heart attack, you may still be nervous about having sex.

    That’s okay. In fact, it’s understandable. The bedroom is the last place you want to have another heart attack!

    The good news is that less than 1% of all heart attacks take place during sex, so once you’ve been cleared by your doctor, you’re no more likely to have a heart attack in that moment than anyone else. Continue reading

  10. 6 Natural Health Tips to Rejuvenate Your Entire Body

    Tips for Natural HealthYou understand that “being healthy” is about more than any one number on your doctor’s chart.

    Being healthy means taking care of yourself head to toe – and using the natural health tips that will help you meet that goal.

    This article will give you those natural health tips – from behavior, to nutrition, to supplements – that you need to help achieve overall wellness, from your brain all the way down.

    So let’s jump right in… Continue reading

  11. Fruit can prevent stroke and heart disease

    Power your body with fruit

    They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away -- and since apples come loaded with a bushel of disease-fighting nutrients, there's plenty of truth to that old adage.

    And if you have a daily fruit habit yourself, you might be able to do more than keep the doctor away.

    You just might keep the ambulance away, too. Continue reading

  12. Help lower your blood pressure - Are BUGS the key?

    Want to lower your blood pressure a few points? Or maybe just keep your already healthy BP in check?

    Look to your belly.

    Yes, I did say your BELLY. The bacteria in our guts could be the hidden key to help lower your blood pressure, according to a new 9-study-strong review. Continue reading

  13. RegeneCell Ingredients: Feel Better & Look Younger within Days

    Benefits of AntioxidantsPeople, especially health professionals, talk a lot about how important the benefits of antioxidants are. You hear things like “take this supplement because it’s packed with antioxidants” and “get your fruits and veggies” and even “eat every color in the rainbow.” It’s great advice. Too often, though, doctors and nutritionists stop at the advice, without ever explaining themselves. But since we don’t expect you to follow blindly, we wanted to make sure you know why antioxidants are so important… Continue reading

  14. Another Big Pharma giant hops on the fish oil bandwagon

    Big Pharma’s back in the fish oil game

    Not so long ago mainstream medicine dismissed the value of fish oil supplements. Oh sure, they admitted that the omega-3s in fatty fish are good for you. But that’s where they drew the line. Fish oil supplements were purely unnecessary hokum… a waste of your money.

    But when they figured out a way to take natural “un-patentable” fish oil and slap a Big Pharma price tag on it, their tune changed really fast. Suddenly Big Pharma giant’s GlaxoSmithKline and Amarin were climbing up on the alternative medicine bandwagon to join us in singing the praises of fish oil. Continue reading

  15. Testosterone won't hurt your heart

    Testosterone proven safe, can protect the heart

    For a middle-aged man or older, it's practically a miracle: a simple safe and effective way to reverse some of most negative signs of aging.

    It can restore energy, increase muscle, help you to lose the spare tire around your middle and lift your mood.

    And perhaps most importantly of all, it can work wonders in the bedroom. Continue reading

  16. Chia Seed Recipes: More Than Just Seeds

    BenVia Gold chia recipes You are really trying to find ways to get chia seeds into your diet with some chia seed recipes. After all, you know they’re unbelievably good for you. They've been shown to have more calcium than milk, more magnesium than broccoli and more antioxidant power than blueberries.

    But just how often can you sprinkle them on your salad or mix them into your morning cereal before even this super-food starts being boring? But you can banish boring, with the chia seed recipes found in our BenVia Gold Cookbook! Continue reading

  17. Top 5 Health Benefits of Chia– Big Results From a Small Seed

    Posted by: on

    BenVia Gold Dietary Support Supplement Have you heard about the health benefits of chia yet? Sure, you’ve heard about chia – the amazing little seed you get in BenVia Gold. After all, it’s sweeping the country, making a name for itself as the perfect food. While it may be hard to believe that anything could be considered a perfect food, this powerful gem will change your mind, thanks to these 5 health benefits of chia… Continue reading

  18. Shocking sleeping pill side effects force changes

    In case you’re keeping score, the FDA has been caught asleep at the wheel yet again. After ten years of being on the market, they’ve finally admitted that for more than 11 hours after taking Lunesta, the sleeping pill's side effects may severely impair a user’s memory, coordination and ability to perform everyday tasks. You know… tasks like driving a two-ton car down the same highway your child’s school bus takes.
  19. Statins and memory loss – Beware of the Statin Stupor

    If you’re on a statin… or are close to someone who is… I’m willing to bet that the results of a new study—published in the journal PLOS ONE—on statins and memory loss won’t surprise you all that much. That’s because memory problems are a common complaint from statin users. The good old Statin Stupor, as I like to call it. In fact, last year even the sleepy and slow FDA finally got around to forcing Big Pharma to add a side-effect warning to their statin drug labels alerting users that they could affect their cognitive function.
  20. Benefits of beans: they’re good for your heart…

    Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart. I’ll spare you the rest of that classic school-yard rhyme about beans. Besides, if you were ever a kid I’m sure you know it anyway. (And if you happen to have spent a year as a 10-year-old boy, you’ve no doubt recited it a few times yourself.) In fact, if you dive into a daily serving of beans—or any legumes for that matter, including peas and lentils—you could significantly lower your heart disease risk, according to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

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