Guys, I get it. Losing your hair feels like losing your youth.

And when it happens, you worry about what you might lose next!

It could be your strength… your memory… or your ability to “do it” in the bedroom.

So, I understand why a lot of men will try just about ANYTHING to keep the old fur from falling out.

What I DON’T understand is why so many are STILL taking that popular drug that’s supposed to make you sprout like a living Chia head.

Sure, it promises to restore those luscious locks.

But remember all that stuff you were afraid of losing if your hair fell out?

This drug can take all that and MORE from you.

In fact, a new warning reveals how it can rob you of EVERYTHING.

Hair-raising side effects could mess you up good

If you thought the whole idea of regrowing hair was to give yourself a boost of lion-like confidence… thanks to your lush mane…

Well, think again – because the new study finds just the opposite can happen.

The drug finasteride can turn you into a mental wreck!

Turns out, guys who take it for hair loss have more than 4X the risk of depression and anxiety

About 4X the risk of suicidal ideation (i.e., thinking about it and/or planning it)…

And a 63% higher risk of suicidality (which includes both attempted and completed suicides).

You couldn’t PAY me to even OPEN the bottle and SNIFF this stuff…

Because this ISN’T the first study to make the link.

Back in 2012, researchers looked at guys who had taken finasteride… but were no longer on it.

They were STILL battling depressive conditions

Including 44% who reported suicidal thoughts.

Compare that to just 3% of a control group of balding men who’d never tried the drug.

And THAT ain’t even the worst of it!

Even if you avoid those mood disorders and suicide risks… and even if your hair comes back and you’re feeling sexier than ever…

You not be able to ACT on it.

The drug carries a warning label for just about every sex problem you can think of… including struggles with desire, ability, erection, and more. It can even mess with orgasm and ejaculation.

And many of these side effects can also linger… even after you QUIT the med.


Like I said earlier, I get why you want to keep your hair… but if THIS is the price, my advice is to embrace the Mr. Clean look.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen

P.S. Last year, I shared with you how the FDA had a frightening new alert about an allergy med that’s known for doing weird things to your brain – including triggering suicidal thoughts.

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