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  1. Could Big Pharma’s constipation ‘cure’ make you want to OFF yourself? [Scary]

    I’ve heard of plenty of ways to describe constipation.

    Painful… frustrating… exhausting… embarrassing… and a few I can’t print here!

    But I’ve never – not once – heard anyone say they’ve thought about KILLING themselves over it.

    But if you take the new gut-clearing med, that’s EXACTLY what could be running through your head!

    That’s an ACTUAL RISK linked to a newly approved constipation drug.

    And it’s one you don’t have to face…

    Because there are much BETTER and far SAFER options.

    I’ll share the… er… poop on those in a moment.

    First, I’ve got what you need to see if you’re fighting this painful, frustrating,exhausting, and embarrassingbattle.

    Out of the bathroom… and into a nightmare

    The feds rushed the drug prucalopride through the approvals process so quickly, it was… well… it was like they had all taken laxatives and needed to get out of that room ASAP.


    And if that drug were as effective at clearing the gut as it was clearing that meeting room… then you could say patients have a choice.

    But it’s not.

    Only between 20 and 40% of the patients who took the drug in studies got relief.

    That’s it.

    Those numbers look even worse, given that the PLACEBO gave between 10 and 20% of folks that same improvement.

    And when I say “improvement”… we’re not talking about a bowel-clearing miracle here.

    In the study, just three “spontaneous” bowel movements a week was considered an improvement. (Let’s hope they weren’t TOO spontaneous).

    For that incredibly small benefit, they took a drug that belongs to a class KNOWN to increase the risk of heart problems.

    While none popped up – or pooped out – in the study, that’s GOTTA make you nervous.

    But what REALLY has to make you nervous is that suicide risk.

    Some people who took the drug reported thinking about it… and some even made ATTEMPTS at it.

    There’s no word yet on how big the risk is.

    The more common ones are the usual suspects: headache, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal distension, dizziness, vomiting, flatulence, and fatigue.

    Sounds like fun.

    Here’s a better idea. Here’s THREE better ideas, in fact:

    1. Cascara sagrada: Better known as sacred bark,” cascara was the go-to remedy for constipation generations ago. About 500-1,000 mg twice daily should get things moving in three or four days. This stuff is best for short-term use, while you work with a doc to figure out the real cause of your constipation.
    2. magnesium: Odds are, you need more magnesium anyway.Take 500 mg of magnesiumat bedtime. If you’re still plugged up, double the dose the next night.
    3. aloe vera juice: Drink half a cup, twice a day -- once in the morn and once at night.
  2. [Urgent Warning] Big Pharma tips docs off to ALARMING drug risks

    It’s the letter you were NEVER meant to see.

    It was sent to doctors around the country on the hush-hush… to quietly warn them about a whole mess of new dangers linked to a popular drug.

    People with inflammation of the large intestine are suffering horrific, newly uncovered drug risks.

    But all the dirty details were being HIDDEN from those patients!

    Well, guess what? They sent this letter to ME…

    And I’m about to blow the lid off this thing… and let you know the REAL risks of the drug.

    The hidden horrors of a billion-dollar blockbuster

    The new warning -- oh, sorry, they call it a “safety signal” (you just can’t make this up) – is for a drug called tofacitinib (a.k.a. Xeljanz).

    It’s givento patients with such nasty conditions as rheumatoid arthritis… psoriatic arthritis… and ulcerative colitis.

    Last year alone, it brought in $1.77 billion for its maker, Pfizer. That’s a LOT of money on the line.

    But Pfizer isn’t just adding a little sticker to its label…

    It sent out a ridiculously massive joke of a pamphlet-- one that just keeps unfolding when you open it up, ultimately reaching about one foot by two and a half feet, covered in fine print on both sides (and good luck trying to fold it back up again).

    Once I broke out my magnifying glass, the first thing I spotted was that a higher dose that’s only approved for ulcerative colitispatients -- 10mg/twice-a-day dose -- increases the risk of pulmonary embolism.

    That’s already bad… and MUCH worse than the abdominal pain and diarrhea that come with chronic cases of UC.

    And then this pamphlet gets to “overall mortality,” a.k.a. PATIENT DEATH.

    Even with THAT, those pharma giant jugheads were just getting warmed up.

    Because later on, they warn of hospitalization and death from serious infections… specifically from pneumonia, cellulitis, shingles, UTIs, diverticulitis, and appendicitis.

    Then, FOUR pages into this thing, they throw in one heck of an “oh by the way” revelation…

    The drug’s been linked to CANCER, too!

    Now, ulcerative colitis is certainly no picnic.

    But bear in mind: This drug won’t CURE it. There is NO cure.

    Xeljanz is just a “treatment” that can MAYBE help… but ONLY if you’re willing to risk ALL these ways to DIE horribly.

    Here’s the kicker…

    At the VERY END of the letter… after several feet of warnings on all the ways the drug will KILL you… they declare that “patient safety is of the utmost importance."

    Uh, if safety is “of the utmost importance,” wouldn't it be best for Pfizer to pull the drug off the market???

    Here’s a better plan…

    You can ease this condition dramatically with a combination of probioticsprebiotics (also called fructooligosaccharides, or FOS), upon which probiotics feed and multiply… and a diet that’s careful to avoid food allergies and sensitivities (which can include dairy, among others).

    You may also want to try chlorella.

    Extracted from green algae, it’s extremely rich in bowel-cleaning chlorophyll. And studies have shown that it can help relieve symptoms and improve quality of life.

    Speak to a naturopathic medical doctor who can help you through these changes and keep tabs on your progress.

  3. Nutrient-Rich Sweet Treats and Desserts

    rich-nutrientEating empty calories just to sate a sweet tooth is so outdated. But does that mean that you have to give up desserts entirely?

    Not if you follow a few simple guidelines and focus on nutrient-rich sweet treats! Continue reading

  4. Why a Lack of Fiber Could Be Killing You

    fiber lack ofThe average adult needs between 25 and 30 grams of fiber per day.

    Unfortunately, the average American adult only gets about 15 grams of fiber per day – just about half the amount you need!

    And it turns out this lack of fiber could be killing you.

    Sound alarmist? That’s because it’s alarming – but it’s also the truth.

    Getting enough fiber isn’t just about feeling fuller, longer, so you stick to your diet.

    It’s not even only about the sustained energy that comes from the healthy carbohydrates where most people find their fiber.

    Getting enough fiber is about fighting off diseases that can actually kill you.

    Now that we’ve gotten your attention, let’s look at what a lack of fiber is doing to your health…

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  5. 12 Tips to Stay Regular While on Vacation

    regular stayIt’s summer and that means summer vacation!

    Whether you’re globetrotting, heading to the beach, the mountains, or somewhere in between, the last thing you want is to deal with stomach issues on the road.

    Luckily, it doesn’t take much effort or even planning to stay regular every step of the way!

    We’ve even compiled this go-to guide, with the tips you need to keep “going”, no matter where you’re going.

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  6. 4 Delicious Easy-to-Digest Meals

    digest easy toMany things change as our bodies age, some good, some not so good.

    For some people, it becomes more important to eat east-to-digest foods and meals than it once was.

    But that doesn’t mean your meals have to be bland, uninteresting, or tasteless.

    Your digestive tract may need a little TLC, but your taste buds are just fine!

    So, we’ve collected four recipes, and even a few tips, that taste good AND keep your tummy happy.

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  7. 10 Tips to Cure Acid Reflux Naturally

    acid reflux cureThat burning sensation in the middle of your chest.

    That acidy taste in the back of your throat.

    You may think they are the issues, but they might just be the symptoms.

    If you experience these more than twice a week, you could be dealing with more than just heartburn.

    You could be dealing with acid reflux. The good news is, that you can cure acid reflux at home, naturally.

    And in this article, we’ll tell you how…

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  8. 10 Must-Have Superfoods for Better Digestion

    Superfoods are all the rage these days, and for good reason.

    They are nutritionally dense, address multiple health concerns at once, and usually taste great.

    But did you also know that some superfoods can help you with better digestion?

    Because sometimes good health isn’t just about your heart, brain, and life expectancy.

    Sometimes, good health is far more basic than that.

    Sometimes, what you want is to get over the discomfort, gas, bloating, and constipation that comes from poor digestion.

    On those days, focus on these superfoods – for overall health AND better digestion.

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  9. Listen to Your Gut: The Complete Guide of Good and Bad Gut Bacteria

    Posted by: on

    Nothing is more important than your health – but if don’t know how to listen to your gut, you aren’t taking care of your health the way you think you are.

    Don’t get us wrong, eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising are essential steps to maintaining your health and we’re not arguing that.

    But listening to your gut is the piece you may be missing.

    We’ve been taught that bacteria is bad, and when it’s on your kitchen counter or in a scrape on your knee, it is.

    Bad when it’s in your gut, it’s the cornerstone of health. Continue reading

  10. 6 Unknown Causes of Stomach Pressure

    pressure stomachSome of the causes of stomach pressure are so common they’re clichéd.

    After all, everyone knows beans are a magical fruit…

    But what happens when you’ve stopped eating the obvious foods that can cause stomach pressure and discomfort, but you’re still dealing with it?

    If this is the case, then it’s time to look beyond the obvious.

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  11. How is My Stomach REALLY? [Take the Leaky Gut Test]

    test leaky gut Are you suffering from symptoms from your head all the way down?

    Do you really not feel well, in spite of being “just fine”?

    Has your doctor given you a laundry list of treatments that don’t seem to be working?

    If any of this sounds familiar, we may have answers for you – finally.

    Because your symptoms may not be the problem at all. The problem may be in your gut.

    Take the leaky gut test, and learn if relief is just around the corner…


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  12. 6 Benefits of Licorice Root to Boost Your Health

    licorice root benefitsMost of us gave up the Easter Bunny decades ago, but you might be tempted to rethink his visit once you know that a health booster may be lurking in your Easter basket!

    Even if you used to turn your nose up at the licorice jelly beans, you’ll change your mind once you learn about the health benefits of licorice root.

    Now, obviously licorice candy isn’t the healthy way to reap the benefits of licorice root. But a health boosting supplement? That’s worth getting excited about. Continue reading

  13. Could Nettle Root Extract Be the Key to Great Health?

    If there were leaves…or stems…or roots of a plant that could change your health, wouldn’t you want to know about them?

    And what if there was one single plant that you could use every part of to support and promote great health?

    Well, I’ve got news for you. From the leaves to the stems to the nettle root extract, you’re going to want to know about every part of the stinging nettle plant – and how it can help you maintain your best health. Continue reading

  14. 10 Shocking Foods That Keep You Regular

    How often should you be having bowel movements?

    What are foods that keep you regular?

    These aren’t exactly questions people ask each other openly.

    But just because most people are uncomfortable discussing digestive health doesn’t mean people aren’t thinking about digestive health.

    Between 15% and 20% of the American population deals with ongoing constipation issues. Which is why it’s important that you have answers.

    You deserve to understand what’s normal. And know all the foods that can keep you regular – including the ones you don’t expect! Continue reading

  15. 13 Surprising Foods and Drinks for a Healthy Digestive System

    digestive system healthyYou try to take care of yourself but some days it doesn’t always work. Some days, it feels like every attempt to keep a healthy digestive system backfires.

    Those are the days that a little patience, and the right dietary choices are in order. Make sure you’re getting these foods and beverages on a regular basis and make for a healthy digestive system, every day. Continue reading

  16. The Dangerous Link Between Stress and Digestion

    You’ve been having digestion issues. You know something is wrong.

    But the tests and appointments show nothing. Even your doctor isn’t taking you seriously any longer.

    If this sounds remotely familiar, it’s time to start think out of the box.

    It’s time to look at how stress and digestion are linked.

    Because even if there’s not a physical problem that shows up on a scan, there’s still a real problem – and you deserve to be treated with concern and respect.

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  17. 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger

    ginger root health benefitsThis time of year, it’s almost impossible to walk into any store and not be bombarded with gingerbread.

    From cookies to houses to decorations, gingerbread is everywhere it seems.

    But that might not be a bad thing once you know the health benefits of ginger root!

    Okay, so gingerbread may not be the healthiest choice you can make, but adding ginger to your daily routine can have amazing health benefits.

    Plus, you can take it in tea, capsules, powder, or as a seasoning and reap the rewards.

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  18. 12 Constipation Remedies You Can’t Live Without

    Remedies constipationYour holiday season is going along swimmingly when one day, it hits you: constipation.

    The rich food and busy schedule has caught up with you.

    There’s nothing worse, but you don’t have to be debilitated by the discomfort, bloating, and uncertainty that comes with not being able to go.

    Instead, try these 12 natural constipation remedies and get your holiday back on track!

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  19. 11 Secrets to a Healthy Holiday Diet

    Diet holidayYou want to enjoy the holidays – but you want to stay healthy, too.

    Luckily, that’s possible if you’re willing to invest just a little effort into your holiday diet.

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  20. 6 Unknown Health Benefits of Eating Pumpkin

    eating pumpking benefitsNow that it’s autumn, it seems that pumpkin-flavored treats are everywhere.

    As overwhelming as it may seem, though, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because there are so many health benefits of eating pumpkin.

    Of course, in order to get the benefits of pumpkin, you have to be eating real pumpkin, so your favorite coffee flavorings probably don’t count.

    But real pumpkin will give you these benefits and more, year-round. Continue reading

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