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  1. Skin cancer risk PLUNGES with this vitamin trick [No chemicals needed!]

    We’ve all been told, repeatedly, that the ONLY way to avoid skin cancer is to avoid the sun.

    And if you DO have to go outside – ohmygod!!!! – you’d better SLATHER some poorly tested chemicals all over your body’s most sensitive organ.

    That’s right -- your skin.

    Well, friend, the mainstream may have gotten it ALL WRONG…

    Because the key to protecting yourself from the most common form of skin cancer may have NOTHING to do with UV rays.

    According to new research, it’s what’s on the INSIDE that counts!

    The vitamin you almost NEVER hear about

    Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma is one of the most common forms of the disease, striking some 1 million Americans every year.

    This isn’t typically a deadly cancer. But it’s no fun, either.

    It looks like a chunk of your skin was burned off or something…

    And treating it usually means removing that chunk -- leaving you with some battle scars, often in highly visible places such as the face, neck and ears.

    But if you boost your A, your risk of this disease will PLUMMET.

    In the new study, folks with the highest levels of A had a 17% lower risk of skin cancer.

    Apply that across the board… and make sure everyone gets more A

    And that means 170,000 cases of skin cancer every year could VANISH.

    Yet how often do you hear about vitamin A?

    Almost never.

    Your best sources of A include carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin (hello, autumn!)… as well as milk, fish, liver, eggs, and poultry.

    Now, this isn’t to say you can load up on those foods or pop an A supplement and then go bake in the sun ’til you crisp.

    But the notion that any sun exposure will roast you to death is just absurd.

    Get out for 15-30 minutes a day without “protection,” depending on your complexion, to enjoy the benefits of sunshine (including vitamin D).

    Then, if you’re going to be out longer than that, cover up.

    Check online to find a sunscreen free of hormone disruptors and other nasty chemicals. They’re harder to find, but they’re out there.

    A good place to start your search is by punching “EWG sunscreens” into Google. You’ll find a free guide that includes just about every possible brand along with ratings and an explanation of what’s inside for each.


    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. Is a drug for your DOG hiding a CANCER MIRACLE?!?!

    They want you to TRUST them… LISTEN to them… and BELIEVE them…

    Especially when you’re locked in a life-or-death battle with cancer.

    And they really, really, REALLY don’t want you to think for yourself!

    “Trust us,” the mainstream experts all insist. “If there’s a better way to beat cancer, we’ll let you know.”

    Well, friend, that trust has been SHATTERED…

    Because a series of new reports reveal that there just may ALREADY be a way to beat MULTIPLE forms of cancer.

    They’ve KNOWN all about it… and they haven’t said a word.

    There IS one kind of doc out there that’s using this pharmaceutical cancer therapy

    But they’re not oncologists.

    They’re veterinarians!

    Big Fido over Big Pharma

    The drug’s called fenbendazole -- and if you have a pup, maybe you’ve used it without realizing it.

    It’s given to dogs and other pets to fight worms (roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, politicians… ok… just kidding about that last one).

    But a series of recent reports shows how the drug’s real power may not be in DE-WORMING.

    It could be in WIPING OUT cancer!

    A patient named Joe Tippens went “viral” online last year detailing how he beat a deadly form of lung cancer with this very same drug.

    Then, PGA golfer Mark Fuller made a surprise return to the game following a battle with liver cancer, saying he did the same thing.

    These aren’t two weirdos who went rogue.

    A 2018 report in the journal Nature found that the drug blocks the cancer’s microtubules, effectively ELIMINATING cancer cells.

    Now, I’m not saying this drug’s going to cure or even treat anyone’s cancer. We need more studies… human clinical trials… to get the answer.

    The Nature study even said the drug SHOULD get further research as a potential cancer treatment.

    But ain’t it beyond curious that the mainstream has refuse to do it thus far???

    Once again, they’re ONLY interested in meds with the potential to do BILLIONS in sales – and a cheap-o doggie drug isn’t going to fit the bill.

    So, instead of studying it despite the emerging evidence… instead of AT THE VERY LEAST looking into it to see if there’s a cancer-burning fire under all of this smoke… they’ve IGNORED it.

    They ignore fenbendazole… just like they ignore laetrile, a drug based on apricot pit extract that’s been shown to SLOW the progression of cancer and STOP the spread of the tumor.

    And they certainly haven’t been in any rush to examine the multiple ways intravenous vitamin C has been shown to both fight cancer and ease the side effects of mainstream treatments.

    Yet they want US to trust THEM??? They’ve GOT to be kidding!

    Sadly, this is precisely WHY so many desperate patients locked in a life-or-death battle with cancer feel FORCED to take matters into their own hands… and learn about therapies outside of the mainstream’s “official” sources.

    What other choice do they have?

    Well, my friend, I’m here to say there’s ALWAYS a choice – and the one person who has the power to make that decision isn’t some faraway bureaucrat or industry fat cat.

    It’s YOU.

    So, if you’re fighting your own war with cancer, get ALL of your options. Do your homework. And speak to a naturopathic medical doctor with experience in integrative cancer care who can help guide you through all the choices and allow YOU to make the best decision for YOUR health.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  3. [INSANE] Mainstream plots to DELIBERATELY expose you to MORE radiation

    There’s ONE THING standing between you and a potential case of cancer years from now…. So naturally, the mainstream wants to LITERALLY strip it right off your body! There’s a new push by the establishment to do away with the lead aprons used during imaging tests. They’re what’s supposed to stop stray radiation beams from going where they shouldn’t. During...
  4. Diet drug in frightening cancer link

    Weight-loss drug linked to deadly disease Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… They cook up a drug they HOPE will make billions… and have NO CLUE if it’s safe or not. And the feds APPROVE it anyway!  Well, it’s happened again. They approved a diet drug BEFORE they knew it was safe. “But you gotta do more...
  5. How to FIGHT the 5G a way that matters for YOUR health

    There’s a nightmare in the making right now – one we can SEE is about to happen. This is no joke… Some of the leading voices in science have even issued stark warnings over it. But it’s going to happen… and there’s not a darned thing ANY of us can do to stop it. We can’t, because it’s already here...
  6. Big Food is PUMPING you full of these cancer-linked forms of iron [There’s a better way!]

    Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you’re sharing this cherished day… and a nice meal… with those you love. Because by serving up a big ol’ bird at the dinner table, you could be sharing the BEST way to nourish yourself with an essential mineral… One that TOO MANY people are getting TOO MUCH of… and of the WRONG KIND. The science...
  7. How to FIGHT DIRTY against cancer… and WIN!

    Sometimes you’ve gotta fight dirty to win – especially when you’re fighting a dirty enemy. And inside your body, there’s no cell that fights dirtier than cancer cells. They use EVERY trick in the book to hide… grow… spread… and kill. But today, I’m going to give you the weapon you need to fight back… And it’s something that EVERY...
  8. The cancer SHOCKER that’s got doctors SPOOKED

    The mainstream is running scared! They’re NOT terrified of a new disease. They’re NOT worried about hurting patients with the side effects of their sickening meds. And they’re certainly NOT scared of an FDA slap on the wrist. But there’s one thing they’re absolutely terrified of… and they just admitted it out loud for perhaps the very first time. They’re...
  9. Study finds glyphosate levels in people up 1,200 percent

    Dear Reader, Do you have cancer-causing weed killer glyphosate, a.k.a. Roundup, inside of your body? How about your kids and grandkids? According to some new research, that's not just a possibility... but a probability. Some stunning findings have just been released showing that we're all being turned into walking test tubes in Monsanto's long-running experiment with this chemical. And doing...
  10. The Mysterious Link Between Processed Foods and Cancer

    Posted by: on

    cancer and processed foodsWe’ve known heavily processed foods are less healthy than raw foods for decades, but how much physical damage they can cause is only now truly beginning to be understood.

    It’s not just that they’re full of fat, sodium, and preservatives – as it turns out, heavily processed foods are directly linked to cancer.

    Even the so-called “healthy” alternatives in your frozen food or baking aisle aren’t really healthy.

    In fact, it doesn’t matter which aisle you’re in. If you’re buying a heavily processed food, it can be linked to cancer.

    Continue reading

  11. Could Gum Chewing Be Linked to Cancer?

    chewing gumGum chewing can’t possibly be bad for you.

    It keeps your breath fresh and, for many people, it’s instrumental in kicking the smoking habit and losing weight.

    Chewing gum is a harmless habit, right?

    Not necessarily… Turns out, gum chewing – or at least some common ingredients in chewing gum - may actually be linked to cancer.

    Continue reading

  12. Supercharge Your Colon Cancer Diet

    diet colon cancerColon cancer. Even the phrase is scary.

    And trying to get information can feel like wandering around alone in the dark.

    Well, we’re going to turn the lights on!

    You can protect your colon health and possibly even prevent colon cancer with one thing: diet.

    Start eating the right delicious foods, stop eating the unhealthy ones, and get on board with a colon cancer diet that can keep your doctor happy and you healthy!

    Continue reading

  13. 9 Shocking Health Benefits of Eating Beets

    Eating beets benefitsYou know the superfoods: Kale…chia seeds…pomegranates…beets?

    I know, that last one may be shocking but there really are incredible health benefits to eating beets!

    So before you pass them by in the grocery produce section, read on. It’s time to start reaping the benefits of eating beets. Continue reading

  14. The Ultimate Prostate Cancer Diet: Can You Prevent Prostate Cancer With Food?

    Diet prostate cancerThe topics are all over your television, news stream, and radio: how can you prevent prostate cancer?

    Is there a prostate cancer diet? What are your risks for prostate cancer?

    If you’re a man – or a woman who loves a man – you’ve probably realized prostate health should be a major focus of overall health.

    There’s a good reason for that.

    Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men, coming in behind skin cancer.

    And it’s the second deadliest cancer in men, as well.

    In fact, 1 in every 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point. Sadly, 1 in every 38 of those men will die from it.

    However, that doesn’t mean that prostate cancer is inherently a death sentence. More than 2.9 million men diagnosed with prostate cancer are still around, living life to its fullest.

    And perhaps the easiest way to prevent prostate cancer, and increase your odds of beating it, is through diet. Simple, healthy, and delicious changes to your diet can help you help your prostate! Continue reading

  15. Are Whole Grains Linked to Helping Fight Cancer?

    cancer fightWhen it comes to your health, it seems just about every food has been labeled the latest superfood.

    It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. And sometimes, let’s be honest – it doesn’t really matter.

    So long as food is healthy, it doesn’t have to be a superfood. It’s okay for it to just be good for you.

    But when it comes to cancer, you want more than promises or catch phrases.

    That’s where whole grains come in. Because whole grains aren’t just sold as a superfood – whole grains actually are linked to helping fight cancer.
    Continue reading

  16. Stop Eating These 10 Foods that Give You Cancer

    Foods that Cause CancerStop Eating These 10 Foods That Give You Cancer

    Most people think about the foods they should eat to stay healthy and cancer-free, but how often do you think about the foods you should stop eating?

    The foods that cause cancer – but can easily be avoided.

    Good health isn’t just about what you do eat, it’s about what you don’t eat, too.

    Take a look at these 10 foods that cause cancer and make sure you aren’t sabotaging your healthy eating habits. Continue reading

  17. Does Coffee Cause Cancer? Busting 7 Common Cancer Myths

    Cancer MythsHave you ever noticed that some myths about cancer just don’t go away?

    Like the common question I hear almost every week, “will drinking coffee give me cancer?”

    They may die down a bit, but inevitably, they resurface with the next generation. I’m sure you've heard most of these theories before – and may even believe some yourself.

    But, after reading this article, you’ll see that you can do things like drink coffee – safely, and without increasing your risk of cancer.

    Today, we’re putting that – and 6 other cancer myths – to rest once and for all. Continue reading

  18. Will Afreeza have you “inhaling cancer”?

    It looks like MannKind Corporation might have a shiny new superstar on its hands. The drug company’s new darling, inhalable diabetes drug Afrezza, certainly looks like a blockbuster waiting to happen.

    It’s got it all, a novel new delivery system (“Look Ma, no needles!”), 25 million potential customers in the United States alone, and—best of all—a brand spanking new “APPROVED”stamp courtesy of the folks over at the Food and Drug Administration.

    You might even say Afrezzas future’s so bright MannKind has got to wear shades. Continue reading

  19. Coca-Cola Life introduced as soda sales plummet

    It’s working!

    We've got Big Soda -- including new Coca-Cola Life -- on the run, and without a single Nanny State law in sight. All it took was ordinary people like you and me speaking with our wallets.

    In the last nine years soda sales in the U.S. have plummeted. And that slide has sped up. Last year alone sales dropped 3 percent, more than double the drop from the year before—and for good reason. Continue reading

  20. Shocking sleeping pill side effects force changes

    In case you’re keeping score, the FDA has been caught asleep at the wheel yet again. After ten years of being on the market, they’ve finally admitted that for more than 11 hours after taking Lunesta, the sleeping pill's side effects may severely impair a user’s memory, coordination and ability to perform everyday tasks. You know… tasks like driving a two-ton car down the same highway your child’s school bus takes.

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