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Keeping your blood sugar numbers in the healthy range is more important than ever. Learn the latest developments in natural blood sugar support on the NorthStar blog on blood sugar support.

  1. Get PERFECT blood sugar… without risky meds


    THIS is what passes for PROGRESS at the FDA?

    A few years back, the agency screwed up big time by allowing a dangerous drug for diabetes onto the market with little true testing.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Well, obviously, EVERYTHING went wrong…

    But leave it to the screwballs in the mainstream to see this as a positive.

    They’re actually CELEBRATING it!

    A recent report in MedPage Today calls this – I kid you not – “The Most Wonderful Mistake the FDA Ever Made.”

    If you ask me, the most “wonderful” mistake is NO mistake at all!

    And I’ve got a FOOL-PROOF way to control your blood sugar… no screw-ups necessary!

    NEVER make a mistake with your blood sugar

    This all starts with the fiasco involving the diabetes drug rosiglitazone, a.k.a. Avandia.

    I’m sure you remember it.

    That’s the drug behind a big scare in 2007 when a study linked it to major heart risk.

    That study was done AFTER it was on the market and WHILE it was being taken daily by patients across the country.

    Crazy, right?

    The studies since then have been upside down and inside out.

    It DOES cause heart problems. No, wait, it DOESN’T. Hold on… yes it does! Wait again… NOPE!

    The FDA eventually concluded the med is “safe,” and that’s the “wonderful” mistake…

    The feds now demand more testingas a result of the fiasco -- and by the way, it turns out the drug is safer than lollipops after all.

    But not even an open half-licked lollipop found candy-side down in the gutter is as bad as this med.

    Heck, if anything, this “wonderful” mistake only proves how screwed-up the system STILL is.

    See, the “newer” study that “proved” the drug was safe wasn’t a NEW study… and didn’t really prove ANYTHING.

    It was an older study that had been unblinded – in other words, everyone knew who was on the drug and the placebo, even the patients.

    Once that happened, a leading cardiac expert said, “the integrity of the trial was destroyed.”

    Yes. This is what MedPage Today is celebrating as “the most wonderful mistake.”

    Sounds to me like a pretty HORRIBLE one.

    It’s a mistake you don’t have to make.

    You don’t have to trust the feds to tell you what’s safe and what’s not. Clearly, they’ve got NO CLUE.

    I can think of three better ways to control blood sugar right off the top of my head:

    1. chromium: Ideally, take chromium GTF.
    2. Gymnema sylvestreTry 400-800 mg per day.
    3. cinnamon: Look for a water-based extract.
    4. berberine: A typical dosage is 1,000 to 1,500 mg daily.

    Add those to a diet in which you’ve eliminated refined and processed flour products, and you’ll quickly regain control over blood sugar… without having to worry about the FDA checking its own work.

  2. 7 Reasons to Love Ivy Gourd

    gourd ivyIt’s summer and that means the freshest, most delicious fruit of the year.

    Strawberries, peaches, cherries…they will never get old. But this year, you might want to think about expanding your horizons a bit, and giving ivy gourd a try.

    And just what it ivy gourd? Perhaps one of the healthiest fruits you’ve never heard of.

    Ivy gourd is indigenous to Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific islands – but it’s also made its way to Hawaii, Florida, and Texas, here in the United States.

    Although its nickname is “baby watermelon” it’s actually part of the pumpkin family.

    And along with being delicious and versatile, it has amazing health benefits…

    1. PACKED with antioxidants and vitamins B 1 and 2. Since one of the biggest health benefits of other summer fruits is their antioxidant power, it’s good to know that ivy gourd brings just as much to the table in this regard. Fight back against free radical attack and oxidative damage with the antioxidants in this exotic fruit.

    2. May help boost energy. If you aren’t getting enough iron in your diet, you’ll know it. The ongoing fatigue and lack of energy is impossible to miss. But since ivy gourd is an excellent source of iron – a single serving provides more than 15% of your daily recommended allowance - you may find yourself with more energy than you thought possible any longer.

    3. It’s traditional medicine. Ivy gourd has been used for centuries throughout Asia and Africa to help people with so many different problems. And every part of the plant, from the bark and leaves to the fruit itself, has at least one traditional benefit. Many people trust and rely on ivy gourd to help them maintain their health. Why can’t you?

    4. It tastes good! Ready to impress your friends with an exotic, delicious recipe? Reach for ivy gourd. Healthy, spicy, and original, ivy gourd recipes are sure to surprise and delight at your next dinner party. Try this ivy gourd masala to start:

    Ivy Gourd Masala


    Ivy gourd - 1/2kg
    Olive oil
    Medium sized onion - 1
    Big tomato - 1
    Chilli powder - 2 teaspoons
    Coriander powder - 1 heaped tablespoon
    Turmeric powder - 1 teaspoon
    Pepper powder - 1 teaspoon
    Mustard seeds - 1 teaspoon
    Cumin seeds - 1 teaspoon
    Curry leaves - 1 bunch
    Mint leaves - Handful


    • Cut the ivy gourd, slicing each fruit lengthwise.
    • Dice the onions and tomatoes finely.
    • Chop the mint leaves as finely as possible.
    • Heat oil in a nonstick pan and add the mustard and cumin seeds and curry leaves.
    • Throw in the onions and tomatoes.
    • After the onions and tomatoes have fried for a while add the sliced ivy gourd and all of the powders.
    • Sprinkle salt for taste.
    • Stir the mixture well and allow it to fry for at least ten minutes.
    • Garnish with chopped mint leaves before serving.

    5. Fiber protects digestive health. When you’re especially busy, like in the summer months, it’s easy to find things a little backed up. Not moving quite as regularly as you’d like. And the last thing you want is to be stuck in the bathroom longer than normal while you wait for everything to clear out. The fiber in ivy gourd can prevent that from happening in the first place, so you stay healthy all day, all week, all the time. Even better news? It’s very low in calories, as well.

    6. Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. One of the most common uses of ivy gourd is to help maintain blood sugar health. You know how important blood sugar control is. Now, with ivy gourd, you’ve got another tool in your belt to help keep your blood sugar levels exactly where you want them. We’re so impressed with the blood sugar control results that we added ivy gourd to our Gluco-Sure formula, so you know it’s effective!

    Sure, ivy gourd is probably new to you. But that doesn’t mean you should be intimidated. Embrace the new, and feel all the health benefits of ivy gourd!

  3. Exercise Your Way to a Healthy Blood Sugar Level

    blood sugar level healthyYou know how important it is to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

    That’s why you eat right and keep a close eye on your numbers.

    But did you realize that exercise can help keep your blood sugar levels healthy and where you want them?

    Of course you have to maintain a healthy, appropriate diet.

    Nothing can replace your meal plans when it comes to keeping healthy blood sugar levels. But your food choices are only the beginning…

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  4. Avoid These 12 Harmful Foods for Your Best Blood Sugar Diet

    Perhaps you’re a little concerned about your blood sugar levels.

    Or maybe you just want to make sure they stay where they are.

    Either way, it’s important to avoid harmful foods and adopt a healthy blood sugar diet!

    The hardest thing about that, though, isn’t eliminating the cookies and sodas from your diet.

    Sure, you may miss them, but your health is worth it. No, the hardest thing is recognizing the harmful foods masquerading as healthy foods.

    Don’t be taken in by these twelve harmful foods that will ruin your best blood sugar diet! Continue reading

  5. 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger

    ginger root health benefitsThis time of year, it’s almost impossible to walk into any store and not be bombarded with gingerbread.

    From cookies to houses to decorations, gingerbread is everywhere it seems.

    But that might not be a bad thing once you know the health benefits of ginger root!

    Okay, so gingerbread may not be the healthiest choice you can make, but adding ginger to your daily routine can have amazing health benefits.

    Plus, you can take it in tea, capsules, powder, or as a seasoning and reap the rewards.

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  6. 10 Secrets to Hitting a Healthy Blood Sugar Level This Holiday Season

    blood sugar level healthyMaintaining a healthy blood sugar level can be an undertaking year-round, but it’s especially challenging during the holidays.

    It’s easy to be tempted by rich foods and indulgent treats you don’t usually get the rest of the time – after all, who wouldn’t be tempted?

    The good news, though, is that you can maintain your blood sugar levels and still enjoy the holidays – even indulge a little – with just a little planning and forethought.

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  7. The Complete (and delicious) Diet for Healthy Blood Sugar

    blood sugar healthyWhen it comes to eating for healthy blood sugar, you might think you have to give up delicious food.

    Reality is, however, that you don’t.

    Eating to keep your blood sugar healthy isn’t just easy – it’s delicious, too!

    Work these twenty foods into your diet to help keep your blood sugar healthy – and your doctor happy!

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  8. Gluco-Sure Scam: The Truth Behind the Whispers

    scam gluco-sureReputation is everything.

    Especially today with so many online review sites and forums.

    Which is why as soon as we started to hear whispers about a Gluco-Sure scam, we wanted to address it immediately.

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  9. Claim Your Advanced Glucose Support Coupons Today!

    coupons advanced glucose supportYou really want to try Advanced Glucose Support, our top-selling blood sugar support supplement.

    But let’s be honest – Advanced Glucose Support coupons would be nice, too.

    Guess what? We agree with you!

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  10. What Midnight Hunger Has to Do With Your Blood Sugar

    hunger midnightIt’s the middle of the night, and instead of being sound asleep, you’re standing in front of the refrigerator consumed by midnight hunger pangs.

    If it only happens once in a while, that could be about a particularly active day or a smaller dinner than usual.

    But if it’s happening several times a week, midnight hunger may have something to do with low blood sugar.
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  11. Benefits of Going Vegan: Could It Improve Your Blood Sugar?

    going vegan benefitsWhen it comes to improving blood sugar, you know it all – the expensive medications, the diligent calorie counting, the strenuous exercise, the unrelenting stress.

    Then there’s the being prepared for the blood sugar spikes, as well as the times your blood sugar plummets.

    Sure, you’re in control of your blood sugar…more or less…but it’s certainly no easy task.

    What if it didn’t have to be? What if simply going vegan could improve your blood sugar? But if it were that easy, surely you would’ve heard about it, right?

    Not necessarily. But it’s true – one of the many benefits of going vegan may be improving your blood sugar numbers.

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  12. How to Naturally Avoid Blood Sugar Spikes

    spikes blood sugarYou know when you’re blood sugar has spiked.

    The fatigue, thirst, blurry vision, and foggy brain are all dead giveaways.

    Not to mention that nervous feeling you sometimes get. Even if you don’t experience all of them, you probably recognize some of them.

    These symptoms are not the only reason you need to avoid blood sugar spikes.

    As aggravating as they can be, the long-term implications of high blood sugar are far worse.

    High blood sugar can increase your risk of stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, and more.

    But there’s good news – it is possible to avoid blood sugar spikes naturally, so that you can stay healthy and in control for a long time to come.

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  13. What Artificial Sweeteners Do to Your Blood Sugar

    Blood Sugar Artificial SweetenersFor years you’ve been taught that if you’re worried about your blood sugar, artificial sweeteners are a safe, tasty alternative to sugar.

    And not just for blood sugar – artificial sweeteners are supposed to be helpful for weight loss and achieving overall health, too.

    Even if they weren’t good for you, they were supposed to be neutral when it comes to achieving or maintaining good health.

    Unfortunately, new studies are indicating that what you’ve always been taught, may not be so accurate after all.

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  14. How to Treat High Blood Sugar: 10 Helpful Tips

    Posted by: on

    Treat High Blood Sugar Naturally So your doctor has told you that you have high blood glucose levels – which means it’s time to figure out how to treat high blood sugar. While high blood sugar is cause for concern, it’s not reason to panic or overreact. In fact, you may be surprised that how to treat high blood sugar is as easy as it can be with these 10 tips. Continue reading

  15. How to Improve Your Blood Sugar Naturally

    Lower Blood Sugar NaturallyHow to Improve Your Blood Sugar Naturally

    You’re here because you know how important it is to keep your blood sugar at that healthy level.

    After all, high blood sugar levels can impact just about every system in your body.

    And whether you’re looking to improve your blood sugar naturally, or you simply want to keep it in the healthy range, maintaining your blood sugar has proven to be harder than expected.

    The good news is that you really can improve your blood sugar naturally by making some very simple dietary and behavioral changes. And in this article, you’ll see how. Continue reading

  16. Foods for Diabetics to avoid and What You Should Eat Instead

    Foods for Diabetics to AvoidWhile being diagnosed with diabetes probably means you will have to change your diet, it doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying food!

    In fact, foods diabetics should eat are no different from the foods included in any healthy diet.

    The key is to make smart, healthy choices, and watch your portions. Like anything else, it’ll take some practice.

    But once you know what foods to avoid – and what foods you can eat – you’ll be healthier and still enjoying every bite. Continue reading

  17. Pistachios may reduce diabetes risk

    A nutty way to drop diabetes risk

    If you've been following my advice, you’re already reaching for super-healthy almonds and walnuts at snack time. These superfoods in hardshell jackets have been proven in study after study to help fight cancer, lower blood pressure, and drive down blood sugar.

    Well I’m happy to report there’s another tasty nut you can add to your healthy snack list. A new Spanish study has found that regularly eating delicious pistachios may help reduce your diabetes risk. Continue reading

  18. The sunshine vitamin may help reduce blood sugar and weight

    We already knew vitamin D was a superstar, but June sure was a banner month for the sunshine vitamin. Besides being linked to better blood pressure control and dropping your risk of an early death, new research finds that D could turn out to be the key to lowering your blood sugar AND your weight.

    It turns out that the sunshine vitamin treatments act on the brain to improve both weight and blood glucose control in the overweight, according to an animal study presented at the joint meeting of the International Society of Endocrinology and the Endocrine Society in Chicago. Continue reading

  19. Will Afreeza have you “inhaling cancer”?

    It looks like MannKind Corporation might have a shiny new superstar on its hands. The drug company’s new darling, inhalable diabetes drug Afrezza, certainly looks like a blockbuster waiting to happen.

    It’s got it all, a novel new delivery system (“Look Ma, no needles!”), 25 million potential customers in the United States alone, and—best of all—a brand spanking new “APPROVED”stamp courtesy of the folks over at the Food and Drug Administration.

    You might even say Afrezzas future’s so bright MannKind has got to wear shades. Continue reading

  20. Best Blood Sugar Support: Advanced Glucose Support vs. Gluco-Sure

    Natural Blood sugar support supplements

    When it comes to choosing a healthy blood sugar support supplement, picking the right one is very important. But it can be confusing, because there are many different blood sugar support options out there. Even NorthStar Nutritionals has 2 different blood sugar support supplements: Advanced Glucose Support and Gluco-Sure.

    So what’s the difference between Advanced Glucose Support and Gluco-Sure when it comes to healthy blood sugar support? And which one should you choose? Only you can decide the right product for you, but we can help you understand the difference between Advanced Glucose Support and Gluco-Sure, so you have all the information you need to make the best choice for your health.

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