Beauty is so much more than skin deep. Learn how to invigorate your beauty starting on the inside with the nutrients you need to maintain beautiful, radiant skin and to fight aging naturally.

  1. 14 Dull Skin Remedies Your Ancestors Used

    remedies dull skinThere are commercials for wrinkle reducers and skin tighteners, but you rarely see dull skin remedies.

    Which doesn’t make sense because wrinkles and sags aren’t the only skin issues you deal with as you age.

    At some point, most people are going to look in the mirror and see something…different. It’s hard to identify what’s changed at first.

    There are no new wrinkles. Nothing’s sagging more. But your skin seems duller. Gray. Flat. It’s not your imagination. Your skin does lose its glow the older you get.

    And that’s why you need dull skin remedies, as well as wrinkle reducers and other anti-aging suggestions.

    Luckily, there are dull skin remedies. Ways to counter the dullness and reclaim your youthful glow. And many of them have been around for centuries…

    Masks and Scrubs

    1. Coconut oil. While loved for centuries, coconut oil is only now becoming recognized as a mainstream dull skin remedy. When skin cells die, they become dull and lifeless. Coconut oil helps promote new skin cells, so that your face glows. Use it solo as a moisturizer, or combine it with honey for a fifteen minute face mask.

    2. Honey and oats. The truth is that you can combine honey with just about any of the dull skin remedies in this list and boost their benefits. It’s because honey is an antiseptic, as well as an antioxidant. It may even help reduce swelling and puffiness! For this mask, simply combine two tablespoons honey, three tablespoons powered oats, and an egg yolk. Apply the paste to your face and leave for fifteen minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

    3. Milk. Perhaps the best known of the ancient dull skin remedies, Cleopatra was renowned for her milk baths. You can retain your glowing skin without a full bath, however. Simply mix ¼ dry milk powder with just enough water to form a paste. Spread on your face, and let it dry. Rinse with warm water.

    4. Strawberries and honey. Another great dull skin remedy that includes honey, you’ll want to mash up fresh strawberries to go with a few drops of honey. The antioxidants in this combination will banish dullness. Apply a thick layer to your face and leave for twenty minutes. Rinse with cool water.

    5. Sugar scrub. Even if you’re trying to eat less sugar, you can still reap the benefits from a sugar scrub! It exfoliates without harsh chemicals – and it’s easy. Stir together one tablespoon of brown sugar and one tablespoon of white sugar. Add just enough water for a paste. Rub over your face, using a circular motion. It will remove the dead, dull skin, leaving glowing, beautiful skin behind. Wash your face as usual.

    6. Vinegar. According to legend, Helen of Troy – the face that launched 1000 ships – used vinegar to tighten her skin and keep it bright. Stir one cup apple cider vinegar into one cup of clean water. After you’ve washed your face, apply the solution with a cotton ball and let dry. Who needs a store-bought toner?

    7. Yogurt. The same milk proteins that make milk an effective dull skin remedy make yogurt one, too. Take plain yogurt – you don’t want flavors or fruit on the bottom for this – and coat your face with it. Let it stand for twenty minutes, then rinse.

    Healthy Habits to Do Away with Dullness

    Masks and scrubs can only do so much. Modern women can follow in the steps of their ancestors – and embrace what we’ve learned in the years since!

    8. Clean your face. Every single night. The most important thing you can do to keep your face and skin looking younger is to wash the day off before bed.

    9. Exercise. Working out isn’t just good for your heart and your waistline. It’s also an excellent dull skin remedy! Working up a sweat rinses out toxins and pollutants that have built up, making you look older than necessary.

    10. Exfoliate. The purpose of at least two of the above dull skin remedies is exfoliation. Don’t skip them just because you prefer another option. Exfoliation is key to beautiful skin because it clears away the dead, dull skin that’s giving you a flat complexion and allows new, younger looking skin to shine through. Choose an exfoliating dull skin remedy at least once a week.

    11. Hydrate. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin is beautiful skin. It’s really not hard. Drink plenty of fluids, and love what you see in the mirror.

    12. Moisturize. If cleaning is the most important thing you can do for your face, moisturizing is the second. Luckily, most of the dull skin remedies here will leave you with soft, supple, moisturized skin. Even if these masks take too long for daily use, find a good moisturizer and use it at least twice a day.

    13. Sleep. Your body uses the time when you’re asleep to restore and rejuvenate dry, dull skin. Make sure it has the time by getting the sleep you need. Aim for seven to eight hours per night, every night.

    14. Supplement. Work from the outside in to keep your skin looking gorgeous by taking a supplement that’s specifically designed to help do away with dullness – Lumivella, our anti-aging supplement that works all day, and all night, to keep you looking your very best for years to come.

    Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to get gray and lifeless. Love how you look again, with these dull skin remedies!

  2. Tasty Beauty Recipes Revive Your Skin’s Glow

    recipes beautyTopical ointments can only do so much to help revive your skin’s glow, so it’s important to work from the inside out, too.

    Which means diet, beauty recipes, and supplements are vital to looking your best.

    But what if you’re not the greatest in the kitchen? Or just don’t enjoy making elaborate meals?

    That’s when it’s important to know which foods work to help protect your skin – and have a few simple, delicious beauty recipes you can reach for.

    Mix and match any of these foods to create your own beauty recipes, or try one of ours, as is or for inspiration.

    Almonds: Packed with vitamin E, almonds help keep skin smooth and supple. Plus, they boost hydration, too. And you don’t need huge amounts of them, so they’re easy to work into your favorite beauty recipes. A handful a day will give you the benefits you’re looking for.

    Avocado: Count glowing skin among the many health benefits of avocados. Their levels of vitamin B5 help reduce how much oil your skin produces, without causing dryness. They also decrease the size of your pores, so your skin looks smooth and younger.

    Brussels sprouts and spinach: All antioxidants are great for your skin, but the antioxidants found in these two green veggies make them especially good for your beauty recipes. It’s called alpha lipoic acid, or ALA, and it’s one of the best things you can give your skin. Not only does ALA fight the free radicals that cause aging, but it reduces the appearance of under-eye bags and circles, red splotches, and even wrinkles.

    Dark chocolate: Being healthy doesn’t have to mean being deprived. Beauty recipes with dark chocolate are proof of that. Dark chocolate increases blood flow so your skin gets the nutrients it needs. But it also helps hold in hydration, giving your skin a youthful glow. Just make sure it’s dark chocolate – at least 60% cacao.

    Eggs: Did you swear off eggs because you were told they would raise your cholesterol? Good news – it’s time to work them back into your beauty recipes. Because they give your skin a gorgeous glow. Eggs protect against sun exposure, as well as keeping skin tight and firm by promoting collagen production.

    Olive oil: You know it’s good for your heart, but you may not realize olive oil is good for your skin, too! It’s even the same healthy fat that’s good for your heart that makes olive oil such an important component of your beauty recipes. Sprinkle, drizzle, or dip - olive oil is great for your skin.

    Romaine lettuce: It doesn’t have to be all kale, all the time. Romaine lettuce has even more to offer when it comes to glowing skin. It only takes six leaves of romaine to give you a day’s worth of vitamin A, which is essential to skin cell turn-over, so you have young, healthy skin cells replacing old, tired ones. And romaine improves circulation, allowing your skin to get the nutrients it needs.

    Strawberries: This delicious taste of summer is exactly what you need to revive your skin. While all berries are sources of antioxidants, strawberries specifically have collagen boosting powers, thanks to their high levels of vitamin C. Worried that summer’s over? Frozen strawberries work well, too, and many grocery stores offer them year-round.

    Tomato: Tomatoes are so important in beauty recipes, they probably belong at the top of this list. The lycopene in tomatoes brings so much to the table. First, it protects against sunburn. But it doesn’t stop there. People who eat more tomatoes have higher levels of collagen, and fewer wrinkles.

    Walnuts: These nuts help reinforce and strengthen the cell membranes themselves. Strong cell membranes protect your skin on so many levels, keeping toxins out and nutrients in, so your skin looks its best.

    Whole grains: If you’re looking for another reason to eat whole grains instead of refined flour products, here it is – they’re better for your skin! Whole grains provide antioxidants that refined flours can never hope to match. And they’re easy to work into your beauty recipes. Just swap your refined flour bread or pasta for whole wheat alternatives.

    Beauty Recipes to Get You Started

    Many recipes these days seem to require a culinary degree in order to make them come together. So we’ve found four beauty recipes that can be made easily, with ingredients you’ll find at any grocery store.

    Egg Veggie Scramble:

    • 4 eggs
    • ¼ c milk
    • 1 Roma tomato, diced
    • 2 handfuls fresh spinach
    • 1 small onion, diced
    • Olive oil

    Sauté spinach and onion in olive oil until just soft. In another bowl, scramble eggs and milk together. Once well combined, add egg-milk mixture to pan with veggies. Cook until just eggs are just about set, then add tomatoes. Stir until tomatoes are hot and eggs are at desired texture. Serve immediately.

    Avocado Toast:

    • 2 slices whole grain bread, sliced thick
    • 1 ripe avocado
    • Olive oil
    • Lemon juice
    • Garlic powder
    • Crushed red pepper
    • Cilantro (optional)

    Toast bread to desired darkness. It should at least be crunchy. In a bowl, mash avocado, garlic, and red pepper together. Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice, then stir gently. Spread onto toast. Sprinkle with cilantro, if desired.

    Whole Wheat Pasta with Brussels and Nuts:

    • Whole wheat penne pasta
    • Brussels sprouts
    • Almonds
    • Walnuts
    • Garlic powder
    • Parmesan cheese
    • Olive oil

    Put pasta into boiling water, following the directions on the box. While pasta cooks, slice Brussels sprouts. Sauté in olive oil until soft and caramelized. Add nuts and toast. When pasta is ready, drain and put into a serving bowl. Add Brussels sprouts-nuts mixture. Sprinkle with garlic powder and parmesan cheese. Drizzle with extra olive oil.

    A good rule to remember is that if a food is good for your heart, it’s probably good for your skin. Another one to remember is that beauty recipes can be easy and delicious.

    With those two guidelines, eating for beautiful skin can be simple! And to fill in any nutritional gaps, you can always reach for Lumivella, our anti-aging beauty supplement. It’s even easier than these beauty recipes!

    Good food, easy recipes, and Lumivella – beautiful skin is just around the corner.


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    A little blush, some mascara, and of course, a gentle cleanser to keep your skin looking its best.

    But if you’re wearing or using any of these toxic makeup and toiletry ingredients – and they’re widespread enough, you probably are – then you risk making your health worse, even as you think you look better.

    Don’t just assume that everything you use on your face and skin is safe.

    Instead, look for these toxic makeup and cosmetic ingredients on your labels – and avoid them!

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    You know the ones – the mornings where the bags under your eyes might as well be suitcases, and it feels like you hardly rested at all.

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    But you can prevent them and look your best, no matter what age you are.

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  7. Lumivella Didn’t Work. What Should I Do Now?

    didn't work lumivellaYou were so excited to try our breakthrough anti-aging supplement, Lumivella – but Lumivella didn’t work for you.

    There is very little more disappointing than being excited about something new and then have it not live up to its expectations.

    We really do understand.

    But before you give up on Lumivella, let’s revisit a couple of things…

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  8. 9 Natural Beauty Tips for Your Face

    Beauty Tips9 Natural Beauty Tips for Your Face

    Your friends don’t think you need beauty tips.

    And your husband will always think you’re beautiful – but that’s part of why you want to keep looking your best for him.

    We understand – sometimes it doesn’t matter if other people tell you that you still look great.

    You know the way your skin has changed. The fine lines that seem to have shown up overnight. Or the glow that isn’t quite as bright any longer, no matter what your friends say.

    And while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, having the right beauty tips for your face at your disposal could be the difference between looking ‘okay,’ and looking truly fantastic every morning.

    So whether you’re looking to undo some damage caused by sun and time, or if you want to get a head start on looking younger for years to come, these 9 natural beauty tips for your face will help you like what you see in the mirror every day. Continue reading

  9. What is Beauty Sleep? How to Look Beautiful Overnight

    Beauty SleepFor years, you've heard the old idiom about getting beauty sleep. But is that really true?

    Or is it just an old wives’ tale that sleep helps keep you beautiful?

    Well, in this post, I’m going to share great news with you. Not only are you going to discover exactly what beauty sleep is, but you’ll see how it really is one of the best beauty tips out there.

    If you want to quickly test this out and see for yourself, try this…

    Next time you've gotten a really good night’s sleep, study yourself in the mirror. Eyes are bright. Skin is luminous. Maybe even those small wrinkles you've been noticing aren't so obvious.

    Then compare that the next time you haven’t slept so well. Bet you’ll see the difference immediately…because beauty sleep isn't just a myth.

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  11. Does Lumivella Really Work? How You Can Be Absolutely Sure…

    You know that the signs of aging can come from more than just the passage of time – to start, sun exposure, pollutants, stress, even lack of sleep can all damage and age your skin. And you've heard that Lumivella addresses those other roots of premature aging, but you want to know: does Lumivella really work? Can Lumivella really help…

    • Does Lumivella Work – Sleep & BeautyNeutralize free radicals that age your skin long before its time
    • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and fade away unsightly age spots
    • Restore a luminous glow by flushing away age-accelerating toxins
    • Ease tension and stress in your life, naturally and safely
    • Promote deep, sound, beauty-renewing sleep each and every night
    • Maintain skin moisture and softness naturally at any age?

    Our answer? Absolutely. Because the specially designed Lumivella formula has  ingredients that have been researched and specially formulated to help make you look and feel younger. Here’s how – Continue reading

  12. Lumivella Ingredients – Powerful Nutrients, Powerful Age Fighters

    Lumivella natural skincare When you’re looking for anti-aging supplements, you’re looking for the Lumivella ingredient formula – a formula specially designed to help slow down the clock and help keep you looking younger and more vibrant than you have in years.

    Lumivella can help you…

    • Receive so many compliments you’ll be blushing like a teenager...
    • Find friends snooping around your makeup mirror looking for your new “secret”...
    • Catch yourself staring and smiling in every mirror you pass...
    • Even be begged for your skin care secrets... by your own daughters!

    Just what are these Lumivella ingredients that will help rejuvenate your skin and make you feel more confident every day?

    Let’s take a closer look… Continue reading

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    Is RegeneCell  A Scam?In this day and age, we understand why people ask a question like this one. But in this case, knowing everything we know about RegeneCell, the question kind of makes us laugh.


    Because not only is RegeneCell not a scam, it’s one of the ultimate anti-aging products available anywhere.

    What Is RegeneCell?

    But it’s not enough for us to tell you there’s no RegeneCell scam – we have to prove it. And we understand that. So let’s look at what RegeneCell is. Continue reading

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    Or maybe when reading about RegeneCell, you've run across his name. It makes you wonder - just who is Dr. Ghen, and what does he have to do with RegeneCell?

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  15. Anti-aging supplements - 6 nutrients that promote healthy skin

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    Lumivella promotes healthy skinYou’re diligent about taking care of your skin – you stay out of the sun, use the right lotions, you even try to get enough sleep and avoid stress. And yet you still feel like your skin could use an extra boost and anti-aging supplements just might do the trick. Continue reading

  16. Lumivella Customer Reviews: Does it work? That’s a big YES!

    Lumivella supplement customer reviews Wait until you hear these Lumivella customer reviews from women who have fallen in love with Lumivella, the cutting-edge formula that taps into the very latest discoveries in beauty science. You can literally see their satisfaction on their faces. They look younger than they did only a few weeks ago…their skin looks healthier…they have a youthful glow about them. They’ve got Lumivella luminescence and it shines out of them. So no, you don’t really need to hear from these women – but you’ll want to, because you should know about all the ways they love Lumivella.

    Lumivella Customer Reviews: Overall Impact

    Obviously, the most important goal of a beauty product is that it works, and it works completely. Not just around your eyes, or on fine lines, but over your whole face and on every aspect of aging. According to Priscilla Tyler, that’s exactly what Lumivella does…

    “I’m 63, soon to be 64. People have been complimenting me on how young I look. One person even made the statement that I seem to be getting and looking younger… how about that?”

    And Mary Whiting certainly agrees with her…

    I bought Lumivella because I trust your descriptions and claims. I've used several of your other products and they do everything you promise. Lumivella is totally different from other products I’ve tried. Instead of putting it on my face, I swallow two capsules and there is a subtle glow to my face that I didn't have before. Lumivella makes me feel great—like I have a secret that's helping me to feel radiant. It works! I plan to buy it to use before "big" events like parties, talks (I'm an author and psych researcher), etc. Thanks for being so reliable in your claims!”

    Some of us, though, while we want to improve our overall complexion, we also have trouble spots. Can Lumivella offer targeted results? Absolutely! Just as Suzanne C. from Easley, South Carolina…

    “I tried Lumivella to see if it could eliminate the dark circles beneath my eyes. And it works better than anything I’ve ever tried… including topical creams! Since using Lumivella, I’ve noticed that I’ve been sleeping better, and don’t feel as tired in the morning.”

    Lumivella Customer Reviews: Fast Results

    While we are willing to wait for something that really works, we don’t want to age even more waiting for our anti-aging products to kick in. Something that works quickly would be ideal, wouldn’t it? That’s Lumivella, too! Skeptical? Belinda Young, of Hamilton, Ohio was too…

    “I tried Lumivella because it made more sense that something internal would work better than creams and lotions. There is NO comparison to other products I’ve tried...I just reordered. I haven’t had any Lumivella for a couple months and I can tell a difference in my sleep and skin for sure after just ONE month on the product. Lumivella actually does what it says it does, which is a BIG surprise for me.”

    Sandra Gourd had a similar experience, getting visible results in less than a month…

    “I did receive one compliment since using my first bottle of Lumivella. A friend told me I look younger than before...I had not seen her in just over three weeks. I am truly excited and have ordered the 3-bottle supply with Auto-Delivery Service.”

    People will be asking, “What’s Your Secret?”

    We hope you’re not shy, though, because once you start using Lumivella, people will ask you for your secret, just like they ask Elaine S., of Glen Falls…

    “I have been taking the Lumivella and really enjoy the results. I really like it and have passed on the name when my friends have noticed my nice skin. They ask me ‘What have you been using?’”

    Because friends and colleagues will think you’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth. At least that’s what Debbie Spindler’s friends think…

    “I love Lumivella! I attend an annual meeting and every year since using Lumivella I receive so many compliments. It really is a pleasure when someone asks me why I don’t age. It is also a pleasure to sleep peacefully each night.”

    And you don’t have to hide behind layers of makeup to look younger, or for Lumivella’s results to be apparent. Laurie Delcamp, of Virginia Beach, can attest to that…

    I don’t wear very much make up and have been getting a lot of compliments and questions on what I have been doing to have my skin look so good. And I feel really good. The best thing is I am mentally more upbeat.”

    Lumivella Beauty: More Than Skin Deep

    Lotions and creams are fine, but they only deal with the surface of your skin, or with some of the causes of aging. Lumivella combats every factor that contributes to aging, including both the internal and external effects of stress on the complexion. Your days of only being able to deal with surface aging are over with Lumivella. And your days of having old, gray, or just tired looking skin are in your past, as you can see from these incredible Lumivella customer reviews. These women – and so many others – are putting a new face forward, thanks to Lumivella. You can too, just like Denise Ibanez of Houston…

    “I started to look old, no matter what I used for my skin. I am at the age of 50+ when signs of aging are going to show. I tried Lumivella to see if it would make my skin look more youthful. Lumivella does something that creams don't do—it just simply makes me look youthful. I feel a little more confident about my appearance. I do believe that it makes my hair more manageable. I received so many compliments about my hair. When I don't use Lumivella, it doesn't have that shine or bounce. My lips also look a bit youthful as well. Like a little lift at the end. My make-up looks great when I use Lumivella. I see the difference.  I will keep using it. I am sold on it.”

    Try Lumivella for yourself. Your friends will be asking what’s changed – and you’ll be as eager to tell them as hundreds of other satisfied users. And you’re always completely covered by our “They notice or you don’t pay” guarantee --  you can return your purchase at any time for a full refund, less shipping, if you are not 100% thrilled with what you see and feel. And when you try Lumivella today, you can take 25% off your first order. Don’t wait any longer to unlock your body's hidden potential to keep you looking young and beautiful.Use promo code W650Q4ZL to save 25% when you try Lumivella today. Click here to save 25% when you purchase Lumivella now.

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  17. Lumivella helps keep your skin looking plump and firm

    Collagen is a type of protein found in your tendons, your joints, your bones, and even your teeth. It's also found in your skin. In fact, it works hand-in-hand with elastin to help keep your skin looking plump, firm, and smooth. But as you age, your collagen breaks down. As a result, the skin on your hands feels paper-thin and your cheeks don't look like round rosy apples anymore. Without collagen, your lips even begin to thin. You may find yourself applying lipstick outside the lines of your mouth to create an illusion of fullness. This is when your Hollywood-type friends take more extreme measures. They turn to collagen injections. They want the full, round lips of Angelina Jolie and the tight, high cheekbones of Julia Roberts, so they just inject collagen into their skin...often with disastrous results. But why go to such extremes when there are natural ways to support you body's own collagen production? Lumivella may help support healthy collagen production. You see, collagen can't form properly without an amino acid called hydroxyproline. In fact, this amino acid is the main component of collagen. Ultimately, it helps stabilize the 3-D structure of collagen in the body. Plus, this amino acid may help your body produce more collagen. In fact, in one in vitro study, it seemed to stimulate cells called fibroblasts. (Fibroblasts are tiny cells that help the body produce collagen.) That's why Lumivella contains a patented form of this amino acid. Plus, Lumivella helps your body remove harmful toxins...

    Promote vibrant skin by removing harmful toxins

    Poor skin tone may signal a toxic problem. Toxins come from all sorts of sources, such as the environment, alcohol, and processed foods. Your liver tries to flush out toxins, but sometimes it can't keep up and your skin gets hit with oxidative stress. That's why I'm happy to report that Lumivella contains a powerful antioxidant called "The Great Protector." It helps protect all your cells -- especially the cells in your skin -- from toxins and even free radical damage. This can have a restoring effect on your skin tone. As you'll recall, researchers in Thailand found that 60 men and women who took 500 mg of "The Great Protector" for just 4 weeks improved skin tone. Plus, the dark spots on the right side of the face and left forearm responded particularly well to the antioxidant treatments. As an added bonus, the volunteers even experienced a modest "increase in skin evenness and a reduction in pore sizes." But that's not all. Lumivella also addresses...

    The world's oldest (and simplest) beauty secret

    In my opinion, this next ingredient is what makes Lumivella so inspired. This ingredient tackles the problem of getting enough beauty sleep...because let's face it...when you don't get enough sleep, you don't wake up looking your best. Anyone can tell you that -- over time -- lack of sleep adds years to your face. To help you get a good night's rest, NorthStar Nutritionals added 500 mg of Lactium® to Lumivella. Lactium is a milk protein that promotes relaxation and helps relieve occasional sleeplessness. In fact, one study sponsored by the makers of Lactium showed a lot of promise. Researchers recruited 32 men and women who had complaints about the quality of their sleep. They split the volunteers into two groups. One got Lactium and one got a placebo for four weeks. By the end of that period, the Lactium group's sleep improved by leaps and bounds (based on their scores on the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index). In fact, the Lactium group fell asleep faster and enjoyed better quality sleep than the placebo group But there's more to know about Lactium... What's another beauty "don't" you read about in all the magazines? Stress, of course! Over the years, everyday stress can wreak havoc on your appearance. Well, Lactium might help with this too. In one study with 42 participants, Lactium appeared to help stabilized cortisol levels (a hormone released during stress). On the other hand, cortisol levels rose among volunteers who took the placebo. So with a solid night's sleep -- and a tool to help manage stress levels -- you're well on your way to feeling and looking rejuvenated.

    Nutritional answer to timeless beauty

    Lumivella is the nutritional approach to achieving timeless beauty. Finally, you can improve your skin's appearance from the inside out. To get all the details about this powerful nutritional solution to the visible signs of aging, follow this link. Plus, as a reader of my Guide to Good Health, NorthStar Nutritionals will offer you a very special risk-free guarantee that "your friends will notice a difference in your skin" or you money back. Check out NorthStar Nutritional's Auto-Delivery Service. You'll never pay shipping and never run out of Lumivella! Plus, you can cancel at anytime.

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