The long list antioxidants benefits is growing by the day, so it's more important than ever to make sure they're part of your everyday health regimen. This part of the NorthStar blog discusses a variety of antioxidant topics, including the best options and how to get them.

  1. 7 Powerful Health Benefits of Selenium

    selenium health benefitsFor the most part, you know which vitamins and minerals you need in your diet to ensure optimal health.

    But every now and then, it’s important to check and make sure you aren’t missing anything – like selenium.

    Because the health benefits of selenium are too often overlooked – but shouldn’t be!

    The health benefits of selenium are simply too important and too extensive, for more people not to know about them.

    Which is why we wanted to make sure you were aware of just how beneficial selenium can be…

    What, Where, How Much…

    Before we get to why you should be taking selenium, let’s start with what it is, where you can find it, and how much is the right amount.

    Selenium is a trace element that is essential to human health. And while the body doesn’t produce selenium naturally, it is found in many common foods.

    You can find selenium in Brazil nuts, tuna, turkey, even cottage cheese, among many other foods. And as the health benefits of selenium are coming to be understood further, it’s being included in multivitamins, as well.

    A person’s need for selenium increases the older they get, but by age 14, everyone should be getting 55 mcg of selenium every day in order to maximize its health benefits.

    And Why…

    Which brings us to why you should make sure you’re getting enough selenium. Try these health benefits -

    1. Antioxidant power. There’s no such thing as too many antioxidants. They’re your body’s first line of defense against illness, premature aging, and systemic breakdown caused by free radicals. Which is why selenium is vital to your overall health. Not only does it act as an antioxidant in its own right, but it stimulates the creation of even more antioxidants. Consider selenium the 2 for 1 antioxidant jackpot.

    2. Thyroid health. Part of the thyroid’s job is to produce hormones that help regulate metabolism. And the thyroid requires the right amount of selenium in order to produce those hormones. In other words, a health benefit of selenium is that it allows your thyroid to function properly.

    3. Supports a healthy immune system. Anything that helps keep you healthy, naturally, is a good thing – and selenium falls in that category. Selenium helps strengthen the antibodies that help your system fight off infection and provide a healthy immune response. Between the antioxidant power and the immunity support, better overall heath becomes a health benefit of selenium!

    4. Supports a healthy inflammatory response. Speaking of healthy responses, when your body triggers an unhealthy inflammatory response, the dominos can fall, creating all kinds of physical and medical conditions. But that doesn’t mean that every inflammatory response is bad. In fact, you often want a healthy inflammatory response, because it’s how your body helps heal itself. And that’s where selenium comes in. Selenium promotes a healthy inflammatory response, providing protection rather than damage.

    5. Healthy heart. So many of the health benefits of selenium apply to heart health. First, selenium keeps circulation flowing to help maintain overall cardiovascular health. But it’s also been linked to healthy cholesterol numbers, specifically keeping LDL cholesterol, or “bad” cholesterolwithin an appropriate range.

    6. Cell protection. Most people don’t think about cell protection, but strong cell walls are essential to, and the very definition of, good health. This gets a little complicated, but bear with us: when your cells come under attack from chemicals we’re exposed to in daily life, they need help staying strong. That help comes in the form of selenoproteins. And selenium is a building block in the formation of those selenoproteins. Think of it this way – if a wall is made of bricks that are made of clay, your cell walls are made up of selenoproteins that are made of selenium!

    7. Prostate and bladder heath. As men age, you know that protecting your prostate and bladder health can go a long way to protecting your overall health. And selenium has been linked to prostate and bladder health. So much so that in a study of more than 30,000 men, the ones with highest selenium levels had the healthiest prostates. Which is why we included selenium in ProTeva Plus, our prostate support supplement, so you can get all the nutrients you need to live your healthiest, most comfortable life.

    The health benefits of selenium are undeniable. And the more researchers learn about this powerful element, the more health benefits we’re sure to discover.

    The good news is selenium is readily available in food and supplement form. So start taking selenium now, and reap its health benefits starting today!

  2. 8 Surprising Health Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng

    Korean red ginseng benefitsSome supplements are very straight forward and easy to understand.

    They’ve been around for years and everyone is comfortable with them.

    Then, there are other ones, the ones that seem a little more mysterious.

    You’ve heard enough to know they’re good for you – but it’s harder to get a grasp of their true benefits.

    Korean red ginseng is definitely one of the more mysterious supplements.

    Well, read on because I’m about to demystify the benefits of Korean red ginseng, so you’ll get your questions answered and know exactly what it’s good for!

    Just What IS Korean Red Ginseng?

    Korean red ginseng is also known as panax ginseng, but differs from American or Siberian ginseng. It’s been valued for its benefits for more than two thousand years as a respected part of Chinese traditional medicine because there are so many specific and overall health benefits.

    It’s a plant that can be used as in a powder, tea, or even a cream, depending on your needs. And just what needs might benefit from Korean red ginseng? Any of these…

    1. Antioxidants. You may have heard that you need to get enough antioxidants in your system to help counter free radicals and oxidative damage. That’s why this is the very first benefit of Korean red ginseng on this list – because it’s a powerful antioxidant, and antioxidants can help keep you healthy, younger looking, younger feeling, mentally sharp… Nearly all signs of health and vitality can be supported with antioxidants.

    2. Promote healthy cholesterol levels. HDL levels should be high. LDL levels should be low. Everyone knows it – but not everyone lives it. Because keeping those cholesterol numbers where they need to be isn’t always easy. Except Korean red ginseng can help you make it easier by promoting the healthy numbers you – and your doctor – are looking for.

    3. Boost immunity. Several different studies indicate that Korean red ginseng is linked to staying healthier – especially when it comes to colds and flus. And in at least one study, when people taking Korean red ginseng did get a cold, it was less severe.

    4. Have a healthy inflammatory response. Most people think that inflammation is always bad. The truth, though, is that your body needs inflammation – to a degree. A healthy inflammatory response is an essential physical reaction, but it needs to be controlled and stay healthy. That’s where Korean red ginseng comes in. This ancient plant contains elements that very well may work with your body and its healthy inflammatory response.

    5. Stay sharp. For many people, losing a step mentally is as distressing as slowing down physically. If you’re one of those people, you need to know about this benefit of Korean red ginseng – it positively impacts the ability to solve problems, concentration, and memory. Formal research is still in its early stages, but it certainly looks promising.

    6. Keep your quality of life high. While quality of life can mean different things to different people, it’s often recognized to be the cumulation of enough energy, sleep, sex, personal satisfaction, and generally feeling good about one’s life. In studies, people taking Korean red ginseng supplements reported feeling better about their quality of life than people taking another supplement. So, whatever quality of life means to you, keep it high with Korean red ginseng.

    7. Improve physical endurance. What does this one mean exactly? This means stamina, energy, fast reaction times, and even agility. A benefit of Korean red ginseng is the ability to go all day without a nap, and still have the energy to enjoy the evening – all without jitters or being kept awake through the night! Which ties directly to…

    8. Have a great sex life. Stamina, energy, and agility are definitely a part of a great sex life. So are desire, libido, and blood flow. And Korean red ginseng benefits you by enhancing all of those aspects of your sex life. And when combined with the supplement shilajit, as it is in Prime Power, you’ve got a testosterone boost as well – which can take your sex life off the charts.

    So here’s the truth – the benefits of Korean red ginseng aren’t mysterious at all. In fact, they’re some of the best health benefits available.

    So don’t shy away from the unknown, embrace it. And feel better, be healthier, and enjoy life - every aspect of it!

  3. 9 Shocking Health Benefits of Eating Beets

    Eating beets benefitsYou know the superfoods: Kale…chia seeds…pomegranates…beets?

    I know, that last one may be shocking but there really are incredible health benefits to eating beets!

    So before you pass them by in the grocery produce section, read on. It’s time to start reaping the benefits of eating beets. Continue reading

  4. Can I Buy BenVia Gold at Walmart? Where to Get Your BenVia Gold Today

    Walmart supplement Benvia gold Walmart is convenient. It’s one-stop shopping – groceries, automotive supplies, clothing, home décor, and more all in one place.

    And yes, vitamins and supplements, too.

    BenVia Gold is convenient too. It’s like one-stop shopping for your diet.

    Protein, vitamins, minerals, and so many other nutrients your body needs.

    So we understand why people have been looking for BenVia Gold ground and seed at Walmart. On the surface, it seems like a good match.

    But you won’t find BenVia Gold at Walmart, and here’s why –

    Continue reading

  5. Get the Best Antioxidants Quickly in these Raw Foods

    Posted by: on

    antioxidants raw foodsYou’ve kicked up your diet already by adding foods high in antioxidants.

    You’re eating more fish, more potatoes, and have even started eating beans and legumes because you know they’re foods that are packed with antioxidants – the best antioxidants that can help counter oxidative stress, turn back oxidative damage, and contribute to your overall health, not to mention protect against premature aging.
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  6. The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil: Is It Really All That Healthy?

    Health Benefits of Coconut OilThe Health Benefits of Coconut Oil: Is It Really All That Healthy?

    The health benefits of coconut oil are all over the news these days.

    People are raving about it. Except for the people who aren’t – who are saying that the risks outweigh the benefits of coconut oil. So which is it?

    Does coconut oil belong in your diet? Or doesn’t it? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference between reality and spin.

    So, in this article, we’ll do just that.

    Take a look at the health benefits of coconut oil so you can see for yourself if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. Continue reading

  7. How to Eat Chia Seeds

    How to Eat Chia SeedsYou've probably heard of BenVia Gold chia seeds by now, so you know what a nutritional powerhouse they are.

    But while people talk a lot about how good chia seeds are for you, and how you important they are in your diet, not many people talk about how to eat chia seeds.

    Sure, it’s obvious you can sprinkle them over your salad, but let’s be completely honest – salads get a little boring after a while. So, what else are you supposed to do with them? Continue reading

  8. Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

    Tips for Eating HealthyYou've read healthy eating tips everywhere.

    You've heard all the fad diets – cutting carbs, eliminating fats, and the rest of the lot. And you've seen the “miracles” revealed on TV – only to find out they don’t work…or they cost an arm and a leg. All designed to work for people in their 20s.

    But your dietary needs are different.

    As you age, your caloric needs decrease, but your nutritional needs don’t. Finding the balance between a healthy diet and the right amount of food can be a challenge.

    Whether you’re trying to put on weight, keep the muscle you have, lose a few stubborn pounds, or simply stay healthy so you feel better…

    These 5 healthy eating tips are designed to help you stay healthy and feel your best, bite after bite. Continue reading

  9. Probiotics in Yogurt: Why You Shouldn’t Eat Yogurt (and try this instead)

    Yogurt ProbioticsIf you have digestive problems, you've probably been told that the probiotics in yogurt will help ease your discomfort.

    And, they’re right. Yogurt can be great for easing digestive issues. After all, it does have probiotics which help clean out your gut.

    But for some people the dream of finally relieving digestive pain becomes a nightmare practically overnight.

    So, what’s really happening when you eat yogurt? Let’s take a closer look… Continue reading

  10. Anti-Aging Superfoods: The Best Foods to Eat in 2015

    Best Anti-Aging SuperfoodsIf you've made a resolution to look better, feel better, to be better in 2015, then you’re going to want to start with diet – and that means loading up on these anti-aging superfoods!

    These are the best foods to eat in 2015, to get healthier, feel better, and look younger. You should probably load up on these now, before everyone else jumps on the superfood bandwagon.

    So, let’s get started with the items you should add to your grocery list as often as possible. Continue reading

  11. What Are Chia Seeds? The Ultimate Superfood or Just Another Fad?

    Pain Free BackYou've probably heard of chia seeds.

    Read some articles praising their nutritional value.

    Maybe you've even read or heard phrases like “superfood” and “the perfect food.”

    And maybe you aren't ready to give in to the hype yet.

    Given all the fads and scams out there, I don’t blame you. It’s understandable if you’re a little skeptical about chia seeds.

    After all, is anything really a perfect food?

    In this article you’ll discover the truth about chia seeds. Not just what they are, but why is everybody raving about them these days and what – if any – benefit they have.

    You’ll also discover the best place to get chia seed – if you desire – and find out how to get 10% off your first supply. Continue reading

  12. Where is the Best Place to Buy Chia Seeds?

    Where Can I Buy Chia SeedsIt seems you can buy chia just about anywhere these days – from health food stores, and warehouse stores, to your local grocery store. As chia has become more popular, its availability has skyrocketed as well.

    But you’re probably wondering whether you can trust every online store offering “pure chia,” and which brands are the best to buy.

    With so many places offering chia, it’s a tough question to answer – especially if you don’t know exactly what to look for.

    So, in this article, we’ll help make your decision as easy as possible. Continue reading

  13. What Are the Best Supplements for Women?

    Best Women’s SupplementsWhile it’s true that everyone, men and women, should take care of their hearts, their cholesterol, their eyesight, it’s also true that, sometimes, it’s nice to have a supplement developed specifically with women in mind.

    The best supplements for women are the ones that address your specific needs. Women face different challenges than men and the best supplements for women help you face those challenges head-on. Continue reading

  14. What Is Oxidative Stress?

    What Is Oxidative Damage Whenever people talk about your health, they throw around words like “antioxidants” “free radicals” “oxidative stress” and “oxidative damage.” And that’s all fine and good, assuming you know what those words mean.

    But too often experts and specialists will discuss all this and not bother to explain what all this has to do with staying healthy. So let’s do it. Let’s talk about oxidative stress, oxidative damage, and free radicals – and what they all have to do with antioxidants and your health. Continue reading

  15. What Is Oxidative Damage?

    What Is Oxidative Damage For years, you were probably taught that wrinkles, age spots, failing vision, , were all an inevitable part of getting older.

    Sure, they’re more likely to occur after you reach “a certain age” but they are not inevitable… in spite of what you may have learned. Those “inevitable” signs of aging are actually caused by oxidative damage. Not old age, at all.

    In order to understand oxidative damage, you first have to understand oxidative stress because oxidative stress causes oxidative damage. So…what exactly is oxidative damage? Continue reading

  16. What Are Free Radicals? Everything You Need to Know…

    What Are Free Radicals?Once something becomes a popular topic – on the news, online, in forums, or around the coffee shop – it’s easy to get confused, or fall behind. Especially when it seems everyone else understands the conversation. That makes it doubly hard to raise your hand and admit you don’t know.

    So, for all of us who have been wondering what are free radicals, but didn't want to admit to not knowing, here’s the down and dirty… Continue reading

  17. RegeneCell Ingredients: Feel Better & Look Younger within Days

    Benefits of AntioxidantsPeople, especially health professionals, talk a lot about how important the benefits of antioxidants are. You hear things like “take this supplement because it’s packed with antioxidants” and “get your fruits and veggies” and even “eat every color in the rainbow.” It’s great advice. Too often, though, doctors and nutritionists stop at the advice, without ever explaining themselves. But since we don’t expect you to follow blindly, we wanted to make sure you know why antioxidants are so important… Continue reading

  18. RegeneCell Ingredients: Feel Better & Look Younger within Days

    RegeneCell IngredientsAging isn't just about getting older. There’s very little we can do about getting older, and truthfully, getting older can be a good thing. But we can fight aging – the tell-tale wrinkles, the more regular doctors’ visits, the ever lengthening list of specialists, even the physical changes. You don’t have to give into them without a fight. That’s why Dr. Mitchell Ghen developed RegeneCell – the single most comprehensive anti-aging supplement on the market.

    Dr. Ghen has brought together more than 70 of the most effective, most reputable anti-aging fighters to create the formula that will help you rejuvenate every system and every cell in your body! How did he do this? By identifying the 10 signs of aging – and then researching the RegeneCell ingredients you need to address every single one of them and more. Continue reading

  19. The 5 Best Antioxidant Supplements to Fight Back Aging

    Best Antioxidant SupplementsYou know antioxidants are important to your health – but do you know why? Why you should be looking for the best antioxidant supplements… how they help keep you feeling young and vibrant…what they do for your overall health.

    How Antioxidants Combat “Corrosion” Inside Your Body

    Before any conversation about antioxidants can make much sense, we need to talk about free radicals and oxidative stress. Have you ever seen metal  that’s been left out and exposed to the elements? After a long enough time, it starts to rust. The process that causes that rust is called oxidation. The disturbing part is that a similar process is happening inside your body right now, and it’s called oxidative stress and oxidative damage. Continue reading

  20. Schisandra Berry Benefits – Get Charged Up Like Never Before

    Peak Adrenal X6 with schisandra berryLegend tells of Russian hunters who would go out at night and could hunt without stopping to drink…

    …or eat…

    ...or rest

    ... all because they chewed on something called a schisandra berry.

    Surely the schisandra berry benefits weren’t that great though. Stories about night hunters being able to go for hours without food or drink, immune to hunger pains or thirst were just stories. And the rumors of boundless energy that gave them the spark to track their prey through the Russian forests had to be exaggerated.

    These were just legends, after all.

    Or were they… Continue reading

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