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  1. PROOF! Everything you’ve heard about cholesterol is WRONG

    If you’re SO OVER the idea that all your favorite foods are somehow “bad” for you…

    If you’re SICK to death of being treated like a human pincushion for constant cholesterol checks…

    And if you’re just plain FED UP with taking drugs to cut your LDL… and battling the side effects that come along for the ride…

    Then I’ve got the news you’ve been waiting for!

    The GREAT CHOLESTEROL MYTH has just been BUSTED once and for all – and now, it’s not just me saying it.

    A major new study now PROVES… beyond all doubt… that generations of fear-mongering over cholesterol is just plain WRONG.

    If you’re NOT on cholesterol meds, here’s all you need to make sure you NEVER get started on them.

    And if you ARE on them, it’s time to march into your doctor’s office and demand some answers.

    Because odds are… you’re NOT getting the protection you think you are!

    The TRUTH about cholesterol-lowering drugs

    Yes, my friend, it turns out you DON’T need those cholesterol meds they’ve been relentlessly pushing on everyone over the age of 40.

    Taking them WON’T save or extend your life, but that’s not all.

    They also WILL expose you to a nightmare list of side effects… for absolutely ZERO benefit.

    I’m talking about fatiguepain… and brain fog… just to name a few.

    And this isn’t just one little study of a handful of people.

    It’s a MAJOR analysis of DECADES of science, with researchers honing in on 35 clinical trials on statins, ezetimibe, and/or PCSK9 meds versus a placebo or “usual care.”

    More importantly, each of those studies lasted at least a year.

    What they discovered doesn’t just SHAKE the foundation of cholesterol theory.

    It SHATTERS it!

    They found NO consistent benefit to meeting cholesterol goals… with three-quarters of the studies finding NO benefit in terms of death risk

    And nearly half finding NO benefit on the overall risk of cardiovascular disease.

    What’s more, if there were ANY truth to this theory at all, we’d see at least a trend -- that bigger drops in LDL levels would lead to bigger benefits.

    But that didn’t happen.

    In fact, they found no link AT ALL between how much LDL levels dropped and any possible outcomes.

    A handful of the studies found benefits here and there -- and even then, they were modest.

    But the overall sum of the combined data showed no consistency… and that was true for all 3 types of medications.

    In other words… it’s not just the drugs that are flawed.

    The very notion of “cholesterol control” itself is the problem!

    Of course, DON’T stop any med that you’re on without talking to your doctor first. Everyone’s situation is different.

    But you DO want to have that conversation – and make sure he’s aware of this new study published online by in the highly respected (and VERY mainstream) BMJ Evidence Based Medicine.

    If it turns out you’re in a special risk category… and DO need to cut your cholesterol and/or triglycerides… you have other options besides those meds, including…

    • red yeast rice
    • niacin
    • policosanol, and
    • fish oil.

    For maximum heart protection in general, don’t stress your LDL…

    And certainly don’t fear your favorite natural foods like meat, eggs, and cheese… just because of their supposed cholesterol levels.

    Instead, focus on proven protection.

    Keep a healthy weight… go for a walk each day…

    And make sure you have the nutrients that can keep your blood pumping and your heart beating, such as…

    • fish oil
    • L-carnitine
    • coenzyme Q10
    • magnesium, and
    • vitamin E as mixed tocopherols.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

    P.S. Want to know what REALLY happens when your cholesterol levels drop… and why you shouldn’t OBSESS over your levels? Click here to find out.

  2. Crazy new ER plan for stroke: BEAT the CLOCK!

    Remember Alan Funt?

    People would find themselves in the most absurd situations… then be asked to smile, because YOU’RE on “CANDID CAMERA!”

    This comic genius was crippled by a stroke in ’93, then died a few years later…

    So you gotta believe he’d just LOVE the kooky irony of the latest stroke “treatment.”

    It sounds like a wild idea he would’ve cooked up in his prime!

    Picture it…

    You’re RUSHED into the ER after a stroke – except docs have turned the whole thing into a game, complete with a clock and a buzzer.

    Your stroke is being treated like a game – with your LIFE being treated as the prize!

    And this absolutely CRAZY idea could be coming to an emergency room near you!

    The new stroke game… where the stakes are your LIFE

    The new plan is like a classic “beat the clock” game.

    As crazy as that sounds, they actually tested it out in a hospital in Germany -- with a big clock hovering over the proceedings.

    Like in a game show, docs had to hit a buzzer when they completed certain stroke procedures… such as a neurological exam

    Otherwise an alarm would blare.

    Talk about TENSE!

    Not gonna lie. When the clock was going, it saved a few precious minutes here and there – and those minutes are absolutely critical after a stroke.

    Every second counts!

    But while the timing’s important… it’s the RESULTS that matter most, right?

    And that’s where the clock stops… because there were NO differences in the two most important measures.

    The time to the groin puncture was the same whether the clock was there or not… and 90 days later, outcomes in both groups were the same.

    So much for the clock!

    Yet they said they’re gonna keep testing this out some more.

    And given how much mainstream medicine LOVES goofy gimmicks, I can’t help but think this will be coming soon to a hospital near you.

    The problem is… once you’re in that room with the clock counting down, you don’t exactly have much say in what’s going on.

    You might not even be conscious… much less able to lean over and hit the PAUSE button.

    And you’re certainly not about the smile for a hidden camera.

    So, your best bet is to make sure you’re never a contestant in this freaky ER game show scenario… and save your own life.

    There are 2 great vitamins that can help dramatically cut your risk of stroke… and they’re both DIRT cheap!

    • Folic acid: Talk about an unsung hero! There’s a lot it can do for you, including help prevent a stroke. A study a couple of years ago found folic acid supplements will cut the risk by 10% overall… and as much as 15% if you have high inflammation.
    • Vitamin C: There’s probably nothing humbler… yet few nutrients are as important. C can boost your immune system… protect your heart… and prevent gout flareups. But most people SKIP it, assuming they’re covered (they’re not). Don’t be one of THOSE people. As I shared with you last year, it’ll cut your risk of dying from stroke by 28%.

    Maybe set an alarm to remind yourself to take ’em.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  3. [BREAKING] This ‘everywhere’ chemical is even MORE poisonous than we thought

    I just LOVE the old crime flicks -- especially the ones where they’re trying to commit the “perfect” murder. Spoiler alert: They NEVER pull it off! Of course, real life ain’t the movies. Out here, they’re KILLING folks all the time… leaving ZERO trace… and NOT getting caught. Could YOU be their next victim? I know I sound like a...
  4. The doctor’s FIRST choice for gout… is also one of the WORST!

    Imagine fuel that causes your car to STOP… or a meal that makes you HUNGRIER. Or, try to picture an air conditioner that makes your room HOTTER! That’s nothing compared to what you could get from a popular drug for gout -- one that has the FULL backing of the mainstream. Because BEFORE it makes you better… it can make...
  5. Spot a doc who’s NOTHING but trouble… from miles away!

    I swear, you can’t even turn your darned back for a SECOND in this business. Because the moment you do… The moment you let your guard down… The moment you think nothing could possibly go wrong now… That’s EXACTLY when they stick it to ya! A staggering new report shows how the mainstream medical industry has been PROTECTING itself… by...
  6. REPORT: What ‘aspirin therapy’ can REALLY do to seniors [Yikes!]

    Every time I see yet another aspirin commercial, I’ve gotta wonder… What in the HECK ever happened to truth in advertising??? Clearly, it’s a concept that DOESN’T exist anymore… Because if they were REALLY forced to give you the truth… they wouldn’t be ALLOWED to market it as some heart-saving wonder drug. They’d have to show frantic phone calls… ambulance...
  7. FDA label change spells BAD NEWS for diabetes patients

    Scary drug warnings have you down? Well, friend, the FDA is here for you. The agency just took action to make millions of American diabetics feel better about a popular diabetes med… One that’s been linked to horrific side effects… including a warning about foot amputations… right on the label. You’d have to be NUTS to take this drug with...
  8. Do YOU need a probiotic? Here’s what the SCIENCE says!

    They’ll DISMISS you… and they’ll DISRESPECT you. And they’ll do it in a single word! Ask a mainstream doc… even a supposed expert… about a natural therapy… And they’ll look down their nose at ya and sniff “unproven.” The goal isn’t just to get off the topic. It’s to make you feel like such a dum-dum… that you’ll never ask...
  9. [Senior alert] The key to a frustration-free ‘virtual visit’ with your doctor

    They make it sound so simple, don’t they? Wanna see your doc, just fire up your computer or cellphone… and you can do EVERYTHING from the comfort of your sofa. Sounds GREAT. Why didn’t we think of this YEARS ago??? Well, when you actually try it out… you SEE why we didn’t think of this years ago. They call it...
  10. EXPOSED: The ABSURD new claims behind flu & pneumonia shots

    They’ll say just about ANYTHING to get you to roll up your sleeve for a flu shot or pneumonia jab. That’s true ANY year. But that’s extra-extra-extra true this year, where they’re starting early with the annual propaganda push for vaccination against flu and pneumonia. They must REALLY want you to line up and get your shots… Because they’re out...
  11. [SHOCKER] What’s REALLY hiding in your ‘organic’ food

    You’d think shelling out extra scratch for organics would give you BETTER… CLEANER… and SAFER food. You’d THINK that… but you’d be WRONG! In too many cases, that “ORGANIC” label screaming at you from the front of the package is little more than a SCAM – one that’s aimed at separating you from your hard-earned cash. In some cases, what’s...
  12. New diet study trashes ALL the foods you love! [GARBAGE advice]

    The American public is absolutely FED UP with years of nauseating diet advice. QUIT this… GIVE UP that… and don’t you DARE try to have a meal you’ll actually enjoy. If you wanna live longer… you have to practically eat like a monk. Well, friend, a growing number of Americans are waking up to the fact that you CAN have...
  13. The SKIN-CRAWLING side effect of a popular diabetes drug [Ew!]

    The old saying is that they treat you like a number. But now, it’s even WORSE than that. They don’t even treat YOU – they just treat the NUMBERS! They’ve got their noses so deep in the chart with cholesterol… blood pressure… blood sugar… and everything else… That they barely even NOTICE the human being standing there. And if you...
  14. The SKIN-CRAWLING side effect of a popular diabetes drug [Ew!]

    The old saying is that they treat you like a number. But now, it’s even WORSE than that. They don’t even treat YOU – they just treat the NUMBERS! They’ve got their noses so deep in the chart with cholesterol… blood pressure… blood sugar… and everything else… That they barely even NOTICE the human being standing there. And if you...
  15. FDA cover-up… EXPOSING you to BIG risks? [Shocking New Report]

    If the FDA ever shut down… it would be an improvement! Because they’re not just FAILING to PROTECT you. No, my friend, it’s gone FAR past that point. These creeps are actively working AGAINST you… AIDING and ABETTING a massive Big Pharma fraud to rob you of both your dollars and your health. A new report blows the lid off...
  16. New Alzheimer’s ‘test’ raises hopes… but WON’T improve outcomes

    If the FDA were to debut a new slogan, it should be “much too little, way too late.” And if you think that’s an exaggeration… just take a look at their latest approval for Alzheimer’s disease. It’s not a CURE. It’s not even a TREATMENT… It’s a TEST that’s supposed to help figure out who’s at the highest risk… But...
  17. Feds approve new back pain therapy – but don’t get ZAPPED just yet

    Tweak it, strain it, poke it, bang it, hit it… or just plain twist it around. I’m betting at some point or another… ALL of that’s happened to your poor, overtaxed back. And if you’re like me, you’re feeling EVERY SINGLE ONE of those old injuries act up as you get older. I’ll share how I get relief from my...
  18. Do you actually need to be taking this common med? [Study says MAYBE NOT!]

    It’s the question EVERY senior asks at some point… What happens if I just don’t take this pill???? Maybe you’ve even been tempted to toss one out… instead of tossing one down… just to see what happens. The mainstream wants you to think that if you miss a dose, you’ll drop dead. Well, my friend, that’s not NECESSARILY true. New...
  19. ‘Everywhere’ toxin can WORSEN dementia damage

    No one will TALK about it. They won’t even ACKNOWLEDGE it. And if you bring it up, they treat ya like a kook in a tinfoil hat. But there’s a hush-hush reason for the SURGE of Alzheimer’s disease… One that has NOTHING to do with ANY of the suspects the mainstream will usually try to blame. It’s NOT bad genes...
  20. Skin cancer risk PLUNGES with this vitamin trick [No chemicals needed!]

    We’ve all been told, repeatedly, that the ONLY way to avoid skin cancer is to avoid the sun. And if you DO have to go outside – ohmygod!!!! – you’d better SLATHER some poorly tested chemicals all over your body’s most sensitive organ. That’s right -- your skin. Well, friend, the mainstream may have gotten it ALL WRONG… Because the...

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