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  1. Could this common reflux drug GIVE YOU the ‘stomach flu’?

    In many parts of the country, the “cold” season is giving way to the “cold and wet” season… which will then be replaced by the “just wet” season.

    That means people will spend a LOT of time indoors… cooped up together… probably learning to recognize each other by smell alone over these next couple of months.

    But you could end up sharing something a whole lot worse

    A virus!

    Too much time in closed quarters allows viruses to spread quickly -- especially the nasty germs behind stomach infections.

    But a new study shows that if you get sick, it’s not just each other you can blame.

    It’s your MEDS!

    Acid relief… WITHOUT infections!

    New research finds a scary new risk associated with the PPI meds taken for acid reflux by so many millions -- especially seniors.

    They can lead directly to viral gastroenteritis.

    And the reason is baked into the very nature of how the drugs operate.

    See, that bubbling cauldron of acid in your stomach can BOIL germs alive… including the germs behind nasty stomach infections.

    When all is well, the acid can KILL a “stomach flu” virus -- even if you’ve been exposed, as you often are this time of year.

    But when those acid blockers “work”… and your acid levels drop… the bugs survive.

    And when they survive, you get sick.

    REALLY sick.

    Like, I’m-just-gonna-spend-the-night-here-in-the-bathroom-so-I-don’t-miss-the-toilet sick.

    It’s so bad, the new study finds that taking PPI drugs will increase your risk of the acute viral form of gastroenteritis by whopping 80%.

    That’s overall.

    In seniors, the risk is even bigger – because these drugs will DOUBLE your odds of facing this nasty infection!

    The biggest jump in risk is in winter…

    But other studies have also found that PPIs will increase the risk of any number of infections that could STRIKE at any time of year.

    And that includes one of the worst of all -- C. diff, which has been turning into one of the nation’s top superbug threats.

    One study found PPIs increase the risk of C. diff by as much as 60%.

    Trust me – a little extra acid isn’t nearly as bad as “deadly diarrhea.”

    For some quick acid relief, try licorice… and I don’t mean the candy. You want an extract of licorice root sold as DGL.

    But to get complete control over long-term issues with stomach acid, you need more than just that.

    Try these two natural therapies…

    • Acidophilus: Don’t just swallow it, as you normally would. Pop open the capsules into your mouth and into your saliva to absorb and swallow.
    • Digestive enzymes: These will improve digestion, and ultimately stop acid from bubbling up where it shouldn’t. Look for a formula that includes betaine hydrochloride.

    These two steps will work MOST of the time. But not ALL of the time.

    If you’re still having problems, get tested for other possible causes of reflux… including an undiagnosed ulcer and/or food sensitivities.

  2. Diet drug in frightening cancer link

    [WARNING] Weight-loss drug linked to deadly disease

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

    They cook up a drug they HOPE will make billions… and have NO CLUE if it’s safe or not.

    And the feds APPROVE it anyway! 

    Well, it’s happened again. They approved a diet drug BEFORE they knew it was safe.

    “But you gotta do more safety studies once it’s on the market,” they insisted, wagging a finger and winking at the same time (and maybe even insisting on a pinkie promise for good measure).

    And after YEARS of waiting… we finally have that study.

    You’re not gonna BELIEVE what they’ve been KEEPING from you all these years.

    So once again that leaves it to me to do what they won’t…and give you…

    • THE TRUTH about this drug
    • WHY you should avoid it, and
    • HOW to get the better results… with no meds.

    It’s a whole lot easier than you might think!

    Could this diet drug be hiding a DEADLY risk?

    About a decade back, the FDA actually did their job… briefly… and REJECTED the diet drug lorcaserin .

    The feds were CONCERNED about its safety -- specifically over its heart risk.

    Then, they had a change of heart.

    They approved it… and asked for safety research to be done AFTER the masses started taking it.

    Now that we have that research, the FDA says the data shows…


    A link to cancer!

    So, what are the feds doing about it?

    Yep. You guessed it. Same thing they always do: a whole lotta nothing!

    They’re not pulling the drug from the market. They’re just suggesting patients and doctors “consider” the risks and benefits.

    Oh, and if you think the drug did something weird to you, you’re “encouraged” to let them know.

    Gee, thanks, guys. Really lookin’ out for us there.

    Besides that newly exposed cancer link, this drug is known for some pretty horrible possible side effects including nightmares, bladder pain, and – try not to wince when you read this – painful, bloody urine.

    It’s so bad that even if it WERE a weight-loss miracle… I wouldn’t TOUCH the horrid thing.

    But it’s not!

    In one study, just 40% of patients had “success” -- and don’t be fooled by that word.

    In this case, that “success” meant they lost a lousy 5% of body weight

    And it took a FULL YEAR to do it.

    If THAT’S what passes for success… I sure don’t want to see failure.

    By the way, you have to follow a diet and exercise plan while on the drug or it won’t work.

    Why even bother???

    If you’re so desperate for weight loss that you’re considering a drug, there’s a good chance you’re also at risk for diabetes (or maybe already have it).

    You can solve all your problems at once by ditching carbs.

    If your sweet tooth starts complaining, have a bowl of berries…

    But other than that: no sweets, no bread, no taters, no juice, you know the drill.

    And if you need more than weight loss… if you need a little help with blood sugar control… chromium, berberine, Gymnema sylvestre and even vanadium can all get you back on the right track.

  3. Could the coronavirus cure the world’s looking for be RIGHT under our noses?

    Right now… as coronavirus rapidly spreads around the world… some of the leading minds in medicine are working desperately on a cure for this deadly disease. And so far, they’ve come up with… NOTHING! There’s NO treatment… NO cure… and NOTHING in the pipelines. But I’ve got what they don’t… A way to help save you and your loved ones...
  4. How to FIGHT the 5G a way that matters for YOUR health

    There’s a nightmare in the making right now – one we can SEE is about to happen. This is no joke… Some of the leading voices in science have even issued stark warnings over it. But it’s going to happen… and there’s not a darned thing ANY of us can do to stop it. We can’t, because it’s already here...
  5. [Flu Shocker] Vaccine failing at ALARMING rate!

    Here’s the LEAST surprising news I’ve heard all winter… This year’s flu shot’s a flop. It’s a failure… a fiasco… a… well, I think I’ve better stop the “f” words right there. When it comes to this vaccine, I have to keep my language in check – because the problem isn’t just that it DOESN’T WORK in many cases. It’s...
  6. WIPE OUT Alzheimer’s with the brain’s ‘master antioxidant’

    It’s like a confession… and a desperate cry for help… all at once. We’re STUCK… and we’ve got NOTHING! The medical mainstream is finally admitting that NONE of their drugs do JACK for Alzheimer’s disease. OK, so that’s mostly stating the obvious. After all, they’ve FLUSHED billions down the drain in the name of dementia research… and still have ZIP...
  7. [Revealed] The flu-beating remedies they DON’T want you to know about

    Well, this has to be more than a little embarrassing for the mainstream… For YEARS, they’ve TALKED UP flu drugs as the best invention since canned beer and TV dinners. For AGES, they’ve insisted you need to take one of these things at the very first sign of a winter sniffle (and never mind that the side effects are often...
  8. Don’t fall for this BOGUS safety alert about your heartburn [False alarm!]

    Americans are DITCHING some of the most dangerous drugs in the pharmacy… and turning to SAFER options for acid reflux. We should CELEBRATE that, right? Well, friend, you’d better believe the drug industry ISN’T celebrating. They’re in full-blown PANIC mode! See, they don’t look at the part where drugs for reflux such as PPIs are DANGEROUS. No, they’re only looking...
  9. ‘Brain drain’ drug risk is REAL… but they’re BRAINWASHING you to ignore it!

    Me? In a CULT?!?!? Never woulda pegged myself as a cultist… But that’s what the mainstream is calling me -- just for opposing statins, because they can cause memory problems and muscle pain. Agree with me? Welcome to the cult! A new report on the MedPage Today website for medical professionals claims we’re engaged in “fear-mongering.” Now, WHERE could we...
  10. [Exposed!] How a CHEAP compound became an EXPENSIVE heart drug

    Here’s my new plan to make a million bucks… I’m gonna sell a HOT new drug that everyone will want. It’s gonna be a top seller because it’ll promise to SLASH the risk of death from two of the scariest bogeymen for heart patients: heart attack by 40% stroke by 60% When I say this drug will be HOT, I...
  11. Frightening new UTI cure packs scary death risk

    It’s a scary infection… but somehow, they’ve just managed to make it even more horrifying. They’re out with a new treatment for complicated urinary tract infections. On the one hand, the powerful new antibiotic cefiderocol seems to work just great, essentially punching a hole in the cell wall of the bacteria that’s making you sick. In studies, it CURED 72.6...
  12. [Finally!] Heal your gut wounds with this rainforest vine

    You’re WRITHING in pain… and SCARED out of your wits. Having an ulcer isn’t just painful… It can put you in the crosshairs for cancer! As if that weren’t bad enough, the drugs the mainstream offers put a target on your back for bone loss… And even dementia. That’s about as bad as anything can get. But you don’t have...
  13. [BULLETIN] Phony scare over natural heart supplement

    You don’t have to be a “Breaking Bad” fan to know the first move in the illegal drugs biz. You gotta wipe out the competition… any way you can. Well, turns out the LEGAL drug industry isn’t so different… They’re out with a whole new series of cholesterol meds… from expensive injections to cut LDL to pricey new synthetic fish...
  14. [Mainstream Mea Culpa] DITCH cough medicine for this Chinese concoction

    Ah, there it is… that unmistakable sound of the season. No, not jingle bells… But COUGHING all the way! Yes, friend, cough season is here. Odds are… at some point this winter… you’ll be hacking away. Even the feds say to stop trying cough medicine.   It just WON’T do the trick. But that doesn’t mean you have to put...
  15. Common scan can WRECK your kidneys [Yikes!]

    They’ll make it sound as easy as snapping a photo with your cellphone. “Just a scan,” they’ll tell you. “We’re just taking a picture to help us figure out what’s going on.” Sure, sounds good. But wait a minute… what are you sticking in my arm??? Yeah, the scans they like to send you out for these days… like MRIs...
  16. Will your next doctor appointment be INFILTRATED with MISINFORMATION?

    The room goes dark… except for a single, bare light bulb… shining directly into your eyes. “Are you taking any vitamins? How about herbs? Can you tell me about your supplements?” your doc asks. It’s an interrogation… masquerading as a “counseling session”! According to to a report in Medscape, your doc is supposed to tell you that you’re wasting your...
  17. DODGE sepsis death with this crazy… but PROVEN… concoction

    Every two minutes. That’s how often an American DIES of a devastating form of infection known as sepsis. By the time you’re done reading this, five more lives will be lost to it. Every year, sepsis is responsible for 1.7 million hospitalizations -- more than the populations of 11 U.S. states. But NONE of those people have to SUFFER… and...
  18. SECRET risks of flu meds – and how to STOP infection naturally

    The “flu drug” is SUPPOSED to make you feel better. Instead, you pop one pill… and you’re rushing to the toilet.  Because now… along with ALL of the nasty symptoms of flu… you’re puking your guts out. And maybe leaking out the “other” end, too. I’m not TRYING to gross you out (and sorry if you were just eating)… but...
  19. ‘Failed’ Alzheimer’s med RESURRECTED… and could get approved anyway

    A new beta-amyloid-busting drug for Alzheimer’s? That’s what the media says… that’s what the drug industry claims… and that’s what the FDA seems hellbent on approving in a hurry. But don’t get your hopes up! This drug that’s being hailed as a breakthrough… is already BROKEN! I’ll put the pieces back together in a moment and give you the inside...
  20. REVERSE aging in your brain… and RESTORE up to 14 years?

    REVERSE aging in your brain… and RESTORE up to 14 years? A sharper… smarter… and YOUNGER… brain?!?!? That just doesn’t seem possible, I know, especially if it feels like your mind is aging in fast-forward mode. But there’s a way to hit the PAUSE button on that process. And something even more incredible could happen, too… You could hit the...

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