Well, what do ya know? Vitamin D has finally hit the big time.

In fact, sometime in the near future, you might be able to say taking it prevents cancer. And you won't go to prison for it. And you won't have to pay a whopping fine... even you're a merchant selling a product that contains vitamin D!

As you remember...

A few weeks back, I told you that the FDA only allows drug makers to talk about diseases. And there are very few exceptions in the vitamin world. Selenium is one of them. Merchants can make "qualified claims" about selenium and cancer prevention. And now, vitamin D seems on the brink of achieving the same superstar status!

Late last month, the Alliance for Natural Health-USA announced plans to petition the FDA on behalf of vitamin D. They are submitting a "qualified health claim" to the FDA about cancer prevention with vitamin D based on literally 6,000 published studies.

If the FDA approves it, you may see something like this on your milk jug: Contains vitamin D, proven to help in the prevention of breast cancer. Of course, the jug will probably be pink.


So, yes, I'm certainly wary of the vitamin D carpetbaggers jumping on the bandwagon to boost sales. But I guess I'll live with it. Better to let vitamin D out of the closet than keep its potential under wraps.