It’s being passed around from person to person… reaching MILLIONS of Americans from coast to coast.

And I’m NOT talking about the coronavirus!

It’s the claptrap, misinformation, disinformation, and outright LIES floating around about the infection.

And much like COVID-19 itself, the misunderstandings and mistruths are spreading rapidly through communities.

It’s time to wipe out this “other infection” fast…

So, I’m here today to set the record straight with the inside scoop on some of the biggest MYTHS and MISTAKES in circulation right now.

The TOP 4 biggest coronavirus myths… EXPOSED!

#1 MASK ABOUT-FACE: C’mon, you knew they were LYING about this from Day 1, when they claimed “masks won’t help” and told people to STOP buying them. They later had to BEG for masks -- y’know, the ones they just said didn’t work.

Truth is, N95 masks can protect you – but only when worn properly. If it makes you feel good to wear a plain ol’ cloth mask instead, I won’t stand in your way.

But the question has to be asked… if they’ve been LYING about masks, what else are they HIDING from us???

#2 NO TREATMENT: They keep saying there’s ZERO treatment for COVID-19. But while there’s no OFFICIAL treatment, experts are testing multiple therapeutics, some of which show some promise.

Even mainstream doctors – including those at the Northwell Health hospitals in New York – have seen encouraging results from intravenous vitamin C, which docs also used with some success in China.

#3 SHELTER IN PLACE: I’m not saying it’s time to go to the movies or the mall right now (not that any of them are open). OF COURSE you should keep your distance from crowds – but I’d say the same thing to some of my patients at ANY time, depending on their age and their general level of health.

That DOESN’T mean you need to lock the doors… SHUT the blinds… and COWER in the dark basement. Not only will that stress you out – also bad for your health – but you won’t get the sun needed for the vitamin D that can arm your immune system.

So, find a way to safely step outside and soak up some sun every afternoon. It’s spring. Don’t DEPRIVE yourself or your body of this incredible weather!

#4 PREPARE FOR THE WORST: COVID-19 is a MILD infection 80% of the time. The other 20% may feel miserable… and there’s a high death rate in folks who are some combination of older and sicker to begin with… but this is NOT the “doomsday” germ the media makes it out to be.

The simple act of washing your hands with soap and water is ENOUGH to protect you. What does that tell you??

Taking vitamins and the immune-boosting supplements can help, too. So will following conventional food safety rules when you’re cooking at home or ordering take-out.

Because the LAST thing you want right now is to get sick from ANYTHING that’s serious enough to send you into a germy hospital.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen