nutrients brainNo one thinks about brain nutrients when they’re younger.

Memories are sharp, decisions are easy, and learning is a snap.

Then you have your first “senior moment” and you realize that maybe it’s time to start thinking about brain health, specifically, along with overall health in general.

Those brain nutrients become a little more important.

Luckily, the brain nutrients you need to stay sharp for years to come are easy to find, and come wrapped in delicious packages!

1. Berries for antioxidants. Antioxidants fight the free radicals and oxidative damage that can destroy memories and reduce overall cognitive function. Berries promote a healthy inflammatory response, which keeps structural damage to a minimum. And they protect the brain’s ability to learn, think, and function. Plus, they actually promote brain cell growth. So not only are they preventing damage, they’re supporting new cells! The brighter the berry, the better! Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, any berry, and you’re not going to go wrong.

2. Whole grains for carbohydrates. Yes, your brain – your whole body – needs carbohydrates. They convert into sugar, which gives your brain energy. The key is to get the carbohydrates, and therefore the sugar, from the right sources: whole grains. No added sugars. No blood sugar spikes. Just steady, brain-supporting energy.

3. Salmon, herring, and mackerel for omega-3s. Arguably one of the most important brain nutrients of them all, omega-3 fatty acids are a vital part of the brain’s structural foundation. Omega-3s can reduce the effects of aging on the brain, promote a healthy inflammatory response, and keep brain signals firing properly. It’s even been linked to better mood and sharper focus, where deficiencies in omega-3s have been connected to memory loss and confusion. Not a fan of fish? You can get your omega-3s in certain oils, vegetables, and nuts, too!

4. Eggs for B-vitamins (specifically B-6, B-12, and folic acid). Scrambled, poached, hard-boiled, it doesn’t matter. The B-vitamins in eggs help protect the brain’s blood flow and function. And they may make learning easier as you age, as well. Finally, there’s some indication that eggs help slow or even prevent brain shrinkage. You can order brain health for breakfast.

5. Avocado for…just about everything. It might be easier to list which brain nutrients you can’t get in avocado. It’s an excellent source of omega-3s and the B-vitamins we’ve already discussed. But it also provides important brain nutrients vitamins C, E, and K that are essential for brain health and function. And as if that wasn’t enough, avocados help our body absorb other vitamins from other sources that your brain needs to function at its top level. The bottom line? Eat avocados.

6. Dark chocolate for flavonoids. Where to start? Flavonoids protect most aspects of your brain as it ages. They keep information flowing, and protects brain structure by keeping brain cells alive longer. This helps protect memory, focus, and the ability to problem solve. This brain nutrient may even help protect against age-related short-term memory loss in seniors.

7. Broccoli for vitamin K. Since avocado shouldn’t be your only source of vitamin K, reach for broccoli as well. Not only with it supply your brain with the vitamin K you need to boost brain power, it’s also a source of vital compounds called “glucosinolates.” These help your nervous system function so your brain cells keeps clicking!

8. Walnuts for polyphenol. Walnuts for…what? It’s okay if you don’t recognize polyphenol. What you need to know is that walnuts come with a brain nutrient that promotes a healthy inflammatory response and acts as a powerful antioxidant! It may even reverse certain markers of age in the brain. Reaction time, learning, memory – walnuts (and polyphenol) can help strengthen all of it.

9. Pumpkin seeds for zinc (and magnesium, too). Now that autumn is here, it’s the perfect time to grab some pumpkin seeds! Zinc enhances memory and helps overall cognitive function. And it’s not the only brain nutrient you get from pumpkin seeds. Magnesium helps with mood, too!

There you go – nine essential brain nutrients and the foods they’re in! Delicious, healthy, easy to find and prepare. The only problem is actually eating all of them.

That’s the one issue with getting all the brain nutrients you need from diet alone, so much food! Which is why we developed Sense of Mind, our brain health supplement.

Support memory, cognitive function, focus, and problem solving, all with two capsules a day. It makes easy even easier.

With diet, and Sense of Mind, you can get the brain nutrients you need to forget about senior moments!