Your belly bacteria may be your best bet for brain health.

According to a group of UCLA researchers the good bacteria you get from the foods you eat… like the probiotics in yogurt… can affect your brain health.

When a group of women were given a yogurt that contained a mix of several probiotics, MRI scans performed before and after the four week study showed some remarkable results.

According to the scientists, the tests that were designed to measure how engaged certain regions of the brain were to a variety of visual stimuli confirmed that belly bugs do indeed affect your brain. When shown pictures of angry of frightened faces and asked to match them to other faces showing the same emotion, the brains of the women who got the belly-bug supplements lit up less in response to the images than the brains of the women who got a placebo or nothing at all.

In other words, the probiotics appeared to help them manage the emotional stress the images caused. Not only that, when the probiotic-supplemented brains were at rest they showed more activity in a key area of the brain connected to cognition.

The researchers say that the brain health findings may be a first step in coming up with new ways to prevent or treat digestive, mental and neurological disorders.

But of course, if you’ve been following my advice you don’t need to wait for any more steps to reap the many benefits of probiotics. I’ve explained before how probiotics may be able to help you improve your mood and reduce your anxiety, how they could play a role in diabetes,  and how they may even be able to help boost your immunities by 50 percent!

If you’re not already taking a probiotic this is one wagon you’re going to want to climb up on. Just be sure to choose a quality probiotic from a supplement maker you trust.