Last year I warned you about a chemical used to make plastic called Bisphenol-A (BPA). Scientists know that BPA mimics the hormone estrogen in the body. And for a man in his prime, too much estrogen can be the kiss of death for his sex life.

In fact, according to the new report, men exposed to BPA in the workplace had seven times more difficulty ejaculating compared to men who worked at factories without BPA exposure. Also, the BPA factory men experienced erectile problems four times more often than men who worked in non-BPA factories. Plus, the men didn't have to work long in the BPA factory for the dysfunction to start. Even men who worked in the factory for one year or less experienced sexual dysfunction.

Granted, these men worked with BPA on a daily basis. And some of them had BPA levels in their urine up to 50 times higher than normal. So how much is too much? Is a tiny bit okay? Well, you won't see Uncle Sam admitting the truth any time soon.

Considering what we do know about BPA, I'd steer clear of it all together. A chemical that mimics estrogen is bound to cause trouble sooner or later. Choose glass or stainless steel drink and food containers instead. And throw out canned foods (fresh is better anyway) as the inside lining of many of them contain BPA.