Imagine how great it would be to get ½ the sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, and viruses you normally do!

Well, researchers from the UK think it's possible to boost your immunity.

They have evenfound a way to help men and women boost their immunity by a whopping 50 just six weeks!

For their study, researchers recruited 211 healthy adults. Then, the researchers randomly divided the volunteers into three groups. One group took a probiotic contain the L. casei strain of bacteria. One group took the Bifidobacterium strain and another group took a placebo. (Note: Each probiotic contained at least one billion colony forming units of either L. casei or Bifidobacterium.)

At week two, the researchers injected all the volunteers with a seasonal flu vaccine. According to the lead researcher, this is one of the best ways to test immune system strength.

At week six, the researchers measured the volunteers' antibody levels. The volunteers in the L. casei group raised the levels of their IgG3 antibody by 46 percent. And the Bifidobacterium group raised their IgG3 antibodies by 66 percent. The placebo group didn't experience any improvement in their immunity.

According to the report, these boosts in immunity will very likely hold up in clinical practice and help reduce infection rates! So in the next month or two, when your primary care doctor starts pushing the flu vaccine, think again. You have safe, proven options on how to boost your immunity! Take your probiotics instead.