Superfoods are all the rage these days, and for good reason.

They are nutritionally dense, address multiple health concerns at once, and usually taste great.

But did you also know that some superfoods can help you with better digestion?

Because sometimes good health isn’t just about your heart, brain, and life expectancy.

Sometimes, good health is far more basic than that.

Sometimes, what you want is to get over the discomfort, gas, bloating, and constipation that comes from poor digestion.

On those days, focus on these superfoods – for overall health AND better digestion.

Asparagus. The bacteria that live in your gut and contribute to healthy digestion can’t do so unless they’re healthy, too. Asparagus contains compounds that nourish the bacteria, as well as protect the gut wall and produce digestive enzymes.

Beans. A single cup of beans can deliver nineteen grams of fiber, which is key to better digestion. Plus, since they are relatively low in calories and fat, you can eat a full cup without feeling guilty. And don’t worry that beans will make your digestive issues worse. People who increased their bean intake reported that they had less gas after about a week.

BenVia Gold chia seeds. The key to better digestion is to get the fiber and nutrients your body – especially your gut – needs to be its healthiest, all while not loading up on calories. Chia seeds do just that. They also keep your feeling fuller, longer, so you’re less likely to snack on foods that are bad for your digestion! And they’re versatile. Sprinkle them on salads, soups, baked goods, oatmeal…anywhere you want a nutty crunch.

Carrots. You knew carrots were good for your eyes, but they’re also good for your gut! First, they have plenty of fiber, to keep things moving. But they’re also prebiotics, so they help take care of the healthy bacteria your gut needs for better digestion!

Cherries. Cherries are truly a superfood, providing antioxidant power, promoting a healthy inflammatory response, protecting brain health – the list keeps going. And now you can add better digestion to the reasons you should be eating cherries. Now’s the season to get them fresh, but don’t forget about them in the winter months, when you can find them in the frozen food aisle, too.

Coconut oil. If you haven’t started using coconut oil, yet, it’s time to start. Especially for better digestion. The oil from this tropical fruit helps reduce the number of bad, or unhealthy, bacteria in your gut so the balance between good and bad is easier to maintain. It helps reduce constipation. And it’s easy to digest, so it doesn’t contribute to whatever tummy issues you may be dealing with.

Fish and fish oil supplements. In fairness, it takes quite a bit of fish oil to help give you better digestion, so it helps to be willing to take a supplement. Still, if you can get the amount of fish oil – either through eating fatty fish, or taking a supplement, or both – you will feel a difference in your overall gut health.

Ginger. Remember when your mother or grandmother would give you ginger ale because your stomach hurt? Turns out, they were really onto something. Ginger ale is too artificial to be of any real help, but real ginger certainly will be. Ginger helps both speed and ease of digestion, and has been used traditionally to help with nausea.

Jicama. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of this crunchy root vegetable – you’ve heard of it now! It aids in better digestion by helping feed the bacteria in your gut and encouraging the good ones to grow. Jicama has a mildly sweet flavor that goes well in salads, or even lightly baked as a potato chip substitute.

Yogurt. Although you probably know that yogurt will help give you better digestion, make sure you’re getting a brand with live, active cultures. Those are the probiotics that go to work in your gut, relieving your symptoms.

You don’t have to live with tummy troubles. Get better digestion from these superfoods and start feeling better today!