Best Antioxidant SupplementsYou know antioxidants are important to your health – but do you know why? Why you should be looking for the best antioxidant supplements… how they help keep you feeling young and vibrant…what they do for your overall health.

How Antioxidants Combat “Corrosion” Inside Your Body

Before any conversation about antioxidants can make much sense, we need to talk about free radicals and oxidative stress. Have you ever seen metal  that’s been left out and exposed to the elements? After a long enough time, it starts to rust. The process that causes that rust is called oxidation. The disturbing part is that a similar process is happening inside your body right now, and it’s called oxidative stress and oxidative damage.

This damage is caused by a long lifetime of exposure to free radicals, which are molecules with unpaired electrons. Their “search” for an electron to pair with begins the process – the oxidative stress. During this search, they cause damage to our bodies. This damage can snowball until it reaches our cells. Once our cells start being attacked, they can start to die off – and that’s oxidative damage.

Oxidative stress and damage can cause our bodies to stop working as efficiently. To the point that they are directly tied to the way our bodies age. From the wrinkles in our skin, to our ability to fight off illnesses, to the ongoing health of our organs and cells, everything is tied into free radicals and the oxidative stress they create.

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid exposure to free radicals. They are in the food we eat, and the water we drink. We’re exposed to them in cleaning products, and cigarette smoke. Free radicals can even be found in the air we breathe, and when we’re exposed to sunlight. Luckily, even though we can’t avoid free radicals, we can fight back – with antioxidants. Antioxidants take on free radicals, limiting the damage they can do, and keeping us feeling and looking younger and healthier than we would without them. The truth is that antioxidants can be your best friends when it comes to holding off every single aspect of aging.

That’s why you need the best antioxidant supplements you can find. So which ones are they? Any antioxidant is better than none, but there are some out there that are true superstars…

So here they are…the 5 best antioxidant supplements:

The Best Antioxidant Supplements: Vitamin C

Proper amounts of Vitamin C are required for your body’s systems to work efficiently and effectively. So not only is it one of the best antioxidant supplements, it’s also a vital nutrient. The list of ways vitamin C’s antioxidant power may work for you is  long, but it includes boosting your immune system, maintaining oral health, helping avoid age-related vision issues, reducing the effects of sun exposure, and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. It’s also believed to be a defense against oxidative damage, and the multiple health issues possibly caused by oxidative stress. Considering that’s just the tip of the iceberg, vitamin C belongs in any list of important antioxidants.

The Best Antioxidant Supplements: Beta Carotene

Beta carotene is the nutrient that gives many fruits and vegetables their orange and yellow colors. In combination with other antioxidants, beta carotene is even more effective. It’s one of the best antioxidant supplements available, but it does more than that. Once in the body, beta carotene can also be converted into Vitamin A – another essential nutrient. But while it is possible to get too much vitamin A when taken directly, the body only converts beta carotene into vitamin A when the body needs it. Beta carotene packs a one-two punch against the signs of aging.

Best Antioxidant Supplements: Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the best antioxidant supplements because it actually works toward maintaining the integrity of your cell membranes, and protects the “good” cholesterol in your body from oxidative damage. Also, as you age, your immune system goes into decline and doesn't respond as well. Vitamin E can help slow that decline, keeping you healthier, longer. From your brain to your heart to your liver, vitamin E seems to keep your whole body firing on all cylinders.

Best Antioxidant Supplements: Curcumin

You know what makes an antioxidant one of the best antioxidant supplements? When it works better than other, standard antioxidants – and that’s just what curcumin does. Curcumin is what gives the spice turmeric its yellow color, so people have taken advantage of its powers for generations by spicing their foods. But now science is backing them up. Curcumin may help support a healthy inflammatory response, help protect your liver function, and keep your digestive tract moving along normally.

Best Antioxidant Supplements: Zinc

Pages upon pages have been written about zinc, and what makes it one of the best antioxidant supplements, but there’s a good reason for that. Zinc’s positive impact on the body is hard to overstate. It is involved in almost every aspect of cellular metabolism, growth, and repair. And unlike some other metals used in the body, zinc itself doesn't oxidize quickly, so it doesn't contribute to oxidative stress. In fact, chronic zinc deprivation is related to an increased sensitivity to oxidative stress. Zinc plays a particularly significant role in protecting the central nervous system and the brain. It’s believed that healthy amounts of zinc may help maintain cognitive and psychological health. Some studies indicate that not having enough may actually contribute structural weaknesses in the brain and liver. In fact, zinc is so powerful an antioxidant that it may even be capable of reducing site-specific cell damage caused by oxidative stress.

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