Is BenVia Gold A Scam? An Honest BenVia Gold Review


Is BenVia Gold a scam? This is a question we get from time to time. So we’re happy to talk about it and give you an honest review of BenVia Gold. But first, let’s back up a minute and talk about chia seeds in general.

There are lots of claims out there about chia seeds, so it’s easy to think some of them are far-fetched. Some companies claim that chia seeds will help you lose weight, and this simply hasn’t been supported. But study after study has proven the overall health benefits of chia seeds – and every claim we make about BenVia Gold has been backed up (and we have the documentation on file to prove it!). So here’s an honest BenVia Gold review, to set the record straight.

Here’s what we know about BenVia Gold…

…BenVia Gold gives you energy. As long ago as 3800 BC, the Mayans named chia after their word for “strength.” And the Aztecs called chia seeds “the running food” because of the energy and endurance their warriors experienced after eating them. Today, athletes report that same endurance boost, thanks to chia.

…BenVia Gold assists with regularity and digestive issues. Fiber has been known to promote regularity for as long as anyone can remember. A diet full of fiber helps keep our intestinal tract healthy and moving properly. BenVia Gold gives you 24% of your daily recommended allowance of fiber in one single scoop.

…BenVia Gold helps you manage your weight. But wait, didn’t we just say that weight loss claims haven’t been proven? We did, but that doesn’t mean BenVia Gold is a scam. Other chia seed suppliers may claim that their product will actually cause you to lose weight. But that’s not what we’re saying. What we know is that the fiber that helps keep you regular also helps keep you feeling full. And when you feel fuller, it’s easier to manage your weight. Plus, one scoop of BenVia Gold is only about 55 calories, giving you the full feeling you need, for less than 100 calories.

…BenVia Gold supports your cardiovascular system, including blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It’s packed with the fatty acids – Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 – that are shown to support heart health, which keeps our arteries and blood pressure healthy, too! Plus, Omega 3s help raise the levels of good cholesterol and support healthy triglyceride levels.

…BenVia Gold can help you look younger. Those same omegas are important to healthy skin, hair, and nails. A serving of BenVia Gold gives you over 3,800 total milligrams of omegas, plus calcium to help keep your teeth and bones strong, too.

Is BenVia Gold New?

BenVia Gold may be relatively new to the market, but chia isn’t. It’s believed the Aztecs used chia seeds centuries ago. And modern research into their health properties started over 20 years ago. In fact, long-term customers of NorthStar Nutritionals may remember Salba, which was the first chia we offered. Even though we decided not to offer Salba any longer, we were too impressed with chia to stop offering it altogether. That’s why we now have BenVia Gold. Because we want to make sure you have access to all the benefits promised by chia.

Although BenVia Gold was originally harvested by the mighty Aztecs in modern day Mexico, today the golden crop thrives further south in Bolivia. You see, Bolivia has the ideal climate and a pristine environment for BenVia Gold to grow in all year long. It’s grown under controlled conditions in some of the most nutrient-rich soil in the world. Because the soil’s natural nutrient stores have never been depleted, BenVia Gold is packed with more naturally occurring beneficial vitamins and minerals than many fruits, vegetables and dairy products farmed elsewhere.

The growers also take great care in harvesting under strict guidelines to maximize the total nutritional benefit, which means crops are harvested only a few times a year. All while worldwide demand continues to skyrocket. Happily, though, NorthStar Nutritionals has been designated BenVia Gold’s premier U.S. supplier.

Our Gold Standard: Our Customers’ BenVia Gold Reviews

So you see, there’s no BenVia Gold scam here. BenVia Gold is real. And its health benefits are very real.  Not only do the science and medical communities back us up, thousands of our own customers agree – which is the BenVia Gold review we care most about.

But if you’re still skeptical, just give BenVia Gold a try for yourself. If it doesn’t work, or you don’t like it, you can return it at any time for any reason, thanks to our Gold Standard Guarantee. But, we’re sure you’ll come to believe in BenVia Gold as much as we do.