Go nuts to drop diabetes risk

Not that I really needed another reason to love one of my favorite snack foods, but the results of a new study on the benefits of walnuts, published in The Journal of Nutrition, have given me one.

According to researchers, eight ounces or more of walnuts a month could drop your diabetes risk by 24 percent. Now these results were in women, but there's no reason to believe that the benefits of walnuts  wouldn’t be similar  for us guys, too.

As I've mentioned before, walnuts are a good-for-you whole-food snack that have already been associated with heart health, cancer prevention, and improved cognitive function.

Of course, despite the positive studies the FDA says walnut growers aren't allowed to tell you how good they are for you. Well, that is unless you want to move them behind the pharmacy counter.

Think I'm kidding? Oh I only wish I were. Grab yourself a handful of walnuts and click here to read the whole ridiculous story.