licorice root benefitsMost of us gave up the Easter Bunny decades ago, but you might be tempted to rethink his visit once you know that a health booster may be lurking in your Easter basket!

Even if you used to turn your nose up at the licorice jelly beans, you’ll change your mind once you learn about the health benefits of licorice root.

Now, obviously licorice candy isn’t the healthy way to reap the benefits of licorice root. But a health boosting supplement? That’s worth getting excited about.

More Than Just Candy

True licorice root, as opposed to artificial flavoring, has health benefits you’ve probably never even though of…

1. Aids in digestion. Having “tummy troubles” can mean different things to different people, but the odds are good that whatever your definition is, licorice root can help. From promoting a healthy inflammatory response in your intestines to simply reducing nausea or even keeping you regular, licorice is good for your tummy.

2. Fights fatigue. If you find yourself tired all the time, you’ll be relieved to hear about this benefit of licorice root (and may want to learn more about adrenal fatigue, too!) because licorice root can help address the core causes of deep fatigue. In turn, once you’ve dealt with those fundamental issues, your body can produce the energy you need to get through your busiest days.

3. Promotes heart health. By now you know that heart health means so much more than just your heart. It’s cholesterol, blood pressure, and more. Good thing licorice helps with plaque, cholesterol, and artery health. Heart health is more than just your heart, so licorice helps with more than just your heart!

4. Takes on oral health. Recent studies indicate that licorice root may be particularly effective against bacteria that builds up in your mouth, on your teeth, and over your gums. This bacteria is what leads to cavities and gum issues. As such, applying it topically or taking it orally may help slow or prevent tooth decay caused by bacteria!

5. Opens your respiratory system. In fairness, you’ve probably never considered an ability to produce mucus to be a health benefit, but it actually is. See, your lungs and full respiratory system need a certain amount of “clean” mucus in order to help keep old, thick mucus from building up. And that’s where licorice comes in – it helps your body produce new, clean mucus that keeps your lungs breathing clearly.

6. Reduces stress. If you think that stress is caused by external factors, you’re not alone. You’re also only half right. Because stress is actually caused by your adrenal gland’s response to those external factors. When you get stressed, your adrenal glands produce stress hormones. If you stay stressed long enough, your adrenal glands just get tired. It’s that simple. They get overworked and go into overdrive. But this last health benefit of licorice root helps with that directly. Because licorice root supports and nourishes your adrenal glands, so that they get the relief they need. Once they stop working overtime, your level of stress drops. In part, thanks to licorice root.

How to Take Licorice Root

It’s official – the health benefits of licorice root are worth it. But since you don’t want to pop licorice gumdrops, how are you supposed to get licorice root benefits?

Luckily, there are several options when it comes to getting your licorice root. It’s available in liquid extract, powder, or even tea. You can also take on stress and all the other symptoms of adrenal fatigue with the licorice root found in Peak Adrenal X6.

However you take your licorice root, however, the key is to take it. After all, who can say no to a supplement that tastes so good, and does so much!