hyaluronic acid benefitsThere was a time, not long ago, that the only people who could reap the benefits of hyaluronic acid were people willing to risk painful, temporary injections.

Luckily, that time has passed. Now, everyone can benefit from hyaluronic acid.

The only problem today is that so few people know they should be considering the benefits of hyaluronic acid!

Unknown Benefits of an Unknown Substance

It’s simply not well enough known or widely enough used for people to be excited about what hyaluronic acid can do for them. But we’re going to change that, starting right now.

Hyaluronic acid, also known as HA, is a viscous substance that’s found in many of the fluids throughout the body. It wasn’t too long ago that even scientists were referring to it as “goo.” It acts as both the oil that keeps the machine moving freely, and the shock absorber that keeps parts bouncing back.

It’s also a carrier for nutrients. While most of your body receives the nutrients it needs through the bloodstream, not every part has access to blood flow – think bones and joints. But they still need the nutrients to keep them healthy. Bones, joints, and the rest get those nutrients from hyaluronic acid.

And that’s just the beginning…

1. Anti-aging properties. The benefit of hyaluronic acid that catches most people’s attention is what it can do for aging skin. Because hyaluronic acid is a building block in collagen and elastin, both, it’s beginning to be recognized as a way to turn back time. It keeps the collagen and elastin moist, which keeps your skin supple. So skin bounces back the way it did when you were younger, giving your complexion a more youthful appearance.

2. Helps heal. While anti-aging is worthwhile, it’s not the only benefit of hyaluronic acid related to your skin. Topical application of hyaluronic acid has been shown to help support your body’s natural healing process. All of which makes hyaluronic acid a valuable addition to your medicine cabinet.

3. Oral health. Hyaluronic acid offers the same healing benefit to your mouth that it does to you skin. When applied topically, gels containing hyaluronic acid help your mouth’s overall health just as effectively. So if you floss a little too vigorously, or slip with a chip, it’s okay!

4. Joint health. Most people who have heard of the benefits of hyaluronic acid have heard of this one. Hyaluronic acid is a key component in synovial fluid – the lubrication in your joints. Your body makes plenty of synovial fluid when you’re young, but as you age, this production slows down. It’s one of the reasons your joints get stiff and achy the older you get. But supplying the body with additional hyaluronic acid helps keep the levels of synovial fluid up, which in turn, helps keep your joints healthy, strong, and moving smoothly.

5. Eye health. The synovial fluid found in your joints is also found in your eyes. And it has the same benefit – health. Your eyes need hyaluronic acid in order to stay springy, not get hard. It’s actually one of the times where HA is acting as a shock absorber. Without enough hyaluronic acid, your eyes would be even more fragile than they are now, at their healthiest. In fact, we’re so convinced that hyaluronic acid will benefit your eye health that we added it to our vision supplement, OcuXanthin!

Anti-aging…healing…joint health…eye protection… Now you understand why we were so excited to get you excited about hyaluronic acid!

Other people may not know how important this unusual substance is for practically every part of your body – but you do. And that’s what matters.