Arthritis. The very word is enough to make us cringe. From a dull, constant ache to debilitating pain and stiffness in our joints, it’s a condition that has the power to impact us all day, every day. But Celadrin, when combined with menthol, can take away that power and give you back range of motion, and less pain.

First, understand that every form of arthritis is related to cell membrane damage. When the cell membranes around our joints begin to deteriorate, either due to age or to disease, the vital fatty acids stop moving so freely through – or lubricating – our joints. These combine to trigger our immune systems. When all of this comes together, we end up with swelling, stiffness, and pain – arthritis.

What Is Celadrin?

Celadrin is a blend of fatty acids that have been scientifically combined to be a stable compound. Generally speaking, Celadrin is an inactive ingredient. It’s most often combined with menthol, as the active ingredient. Sometimes, you will find “cetyl esters (proprietary blend of esterfied fatty acids)” on a label – as is the case with our product Arthritis Relief Cream – but that still means Celadrin.

What Does Celadrin Do?

When combined with the active ingredient of menthol, Celadrin provides comforting support for all sorts of arthritis pain. It works similarly to omega-3 oils, only more definitively. According to a double-blind, placebo-controlled study reported in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, patients who used a topical cream with Celadrin and menthol on their knees showed a “significant improvement”. This specific combination, with Celadrin, was found to be “an effective treatment” for improving knee range of motion, going up and down stairs, standing up, sitting down, and just plain old walking around more comfortably.

 Celadrin and Menthol Ease Arthritis Pain

We know menthol is a powerful pain reliever. When combined with Celadrin, its effect is profound. Menthol rushes to the joint, relieving your arthritis pain, and Celadrin supports it by targeting the cells directly. And since the effects of Celadrin are cumulative, meaning it works better the longer you use it, it’s far easier to keep using it when the menthol is keeping your pain at bay.

When Can You Use Celadrin?

The Celadrin-menthol combination is great for use on arthritispain. But it is also effective on any joint pain or injury. Whenever – wherever – a joint is inflamed and painful, you can use a product that includes Celadrin and menthol, such as NorthStar Nutritional’s Arthritis Relief Cream.

Yes, active ingredients are always the most important part of choosing an arthritis pain reliever. But the inactive ingredients can be important, too. It comes down to this – do you want inactive ingredients that only work superficially, like masking a smell, or moisturizing your skin? Or do you want an inactive ingredient specially balanced and formulated to help support the pain relieving ingredients, like in our Arthritis Relief Cream? Because, if you want the extra support – and who doesn’t? – Celadrin will support the menthol, and your health.

Where to Find Celadrin?

Because of the powerful 1-2 punch it forms with menthol, we decided to include Celadrin in our Arthritis Relief Cream formula. So you’ll get carefully measured doses of both menthol and Celadrin – the two ingredients shown to produce “significant improvement” in that scientific study – creating the perfect arthritis pain reliever for your hands, knees, hips, back, and shoulders.

And you can get it right here – through this special link. Try Arthritis Relief Cream with Celadrin today and receive our Gold Standard Guarantee. If you’re not absolutely thrilled every time you use Arthritis Relief Cream…if you aren’t finally free from the grips of your arthritis…simply return your most recent purchase tubes for a full and courteous refund of the product price.

With Arthritis Relief Cream with Celadrin, we’re confident you can finally say “goodbye” to your arthritis pain today