You know the score by now...

It’s not just about how LONG you live

Just as important is how WELL you live. Maybe even more so.

Because if you’re not livin’ the good life every day, what’s the point???

And when it comes to the pleasures of life, there’s nothing BIGGER and BETTER than the ones that come in the bedroom.

And I don’t mean sleeping.

When those magical moments come to a stop… especially if it’s because you just can’t “do it” anymore, even when you want to…

It can feel like LIFE ITSELF is coming to an end.

Now, a new study shows how it might not be just a “feeling”… but a REALITY!

‘Down there’ struggles could lead to something much WORSE

A problem in ONE part of the body is often a sign of issues in OTHER places, too.

And no “part” is more sensitive to your overall health than… well… y’know…

THAT part.

When it stops working, it could be a signal that SOMETHING ELSE is going on…

Like unbalanced hormonespoor circulationa nutritional or mineral problem… or all of the above and more.

So in the new study, it may be SHOCKING… but not all that SURPRISING… to find that any kind of problem “getting it up” will increase your death risk.

And not just by a little…

You could be 51% more likely to die in the next 12 years!

But hang onto your bedsheets… because this gets worse.

Depending on which CULPRIT you can blame… and which SYMPTOMS have come along for your joyless ride… the risks could be EVEN HIGHER.

There are 3 problems in particular you wanna watch out for:

  1. “morning wood” that’s gone SOFT
  2. LOW desire
  3. DIMINISHED “performance.”

Guys who experience this NIGHTMARE “triple play” have an 81% higher risk of death.

The study also nails down another key factor…

Guys who have problems “doing it” along with low levels of testosterone… especially free testosterone… have some of the biggest risks of all.

Now, here’s the MOST important thing about this…

The “little blue pills” guys use to perk things up “down there” might fix the SYMPTOM and restore the physical ABILITY. But those drugs won’t solve the PROBLEM.

They won’t, for example, make more testosterone.

And that means those deadly risks could STILL be there… bubbling beneath the surface…

Ready to “do you in”… even if you can “do it” with the help of pharmaceuticals.

Fortunately, there’s a way to get things cooking in the bedroom AND improve your hormone levels – and more – all that the same time.

Start with the “super hormone” DHEA.

It not only helps your body GENERATE its own testosterone… but it can also RESTORE strength, energy, libido, and more.

You can find DHEA easily enough on its own -- but for best results, look for it in a blend with other proven bedroom-enhancing, age-fighting supernutrients.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen