Not long ago – you probably even remember the days – diabetes patients looked like Civil War veterans, hobbled by missing feet and legs.

They hopped around on peglegs and false feet… and some were confined to wheelchairs.

No one uses peglegs or hooks for hands anymore (except pirates).

But people are losing limbs all over again, because…

An ENTIRE class of diabetes meds is bringing back amputations.

As word gets out about these foot-choppin’ side effects, sales of these drugs are plunging.

Rather than set the record straight… come clean about the risks… and work on something that’ll truly help patients… they’re doing just the opposite.

They’ve cooked up a NEW sales pitch to bring these dangerous drugs to MORE people…

And it’s all to help prevent a condition you can tackle entirely on your own -- without any meds at all!

The REAL key to saving your kidneys

Big Pharma is trying to distract you form the amputation risk with a little smoke-and-mirrors study.

It not only claims that SGLT-2 drugs aren’t extra risky… but that one of them has an extra BENEFIT!

The study finds that taking this SGLT2 inhibitor will cut the risk of end-stage kidney disease and death from kidney disease in diabetics by 34 percent.

But while the price of saving your kidneys may not be an arm and a leg… we’re talking DOUBLE the risk of amputation here.

So… your cost could be at least a FOOT.

Oh, and $600 a month (or at the very least the priciest copay on the chart).

Frankly, I wouldn’t touch this drug or any of the other meds in this class for ANYTHING – even if they gave me a lifetime supply for free.

If you’ve got diabetes, you’ve got options:
• Skip all sugar and refined flour.
• Drink more (carefully filtered) water.
• Take supplements such as glucose-tolerance factor (GTF) chromium, Gymnema sylvestre (GS), and berberine.

Follow that, and most diabetes will disappear… or at least regress to the point where you will no longer need meds.

And once you’re at that level, you won’t have to worry about your kidneys, either.

If you already suffer from kidney problems, fish oil, alpha-lipoic acid, n-acetyl-cysteine and some vitamin C should do the trick.

Keep in mind that when your kidneys are functioning poorly, they start to flush out a lot of the good stuff – like magnesium -- as well as the bad stuff.

If you don’t consume enough magnesium to compensate for that loss, your blood sugar will run high.

That’s why I also recommend 500 mg daily of magnesium (preferably either magnesium gluconate or chelated magnesium).