If you’ve ever played Monopoly with a kid, you know what happens when you land on a space that’s going to wipe you out.

It’s the happiest day of their little lives!

They’re giddy as they take all your fake money… practically throwing it in the air and rolling around in it like Scrooge McDuck.

The “adults” in drug company headquarters may not ACT that way. But they probably FEEL just as gleeful and giddy when they see the number of new patients with diabetes rolling in.

You’ve landed on a bad square…

Your health is on the line

You’re about to dump TONS of money on this disease…

And those ghouls couldn’t be happier!

But new research reveals a way you can rain on their parade.

It’s a natural combo that can reduce your need for meds… and keep them from getting their greedy little mitts on your hard-earned cash.

Play your cards right… and you might even BEAT ’EM at their own game, too!

Up-and-coming combo for blood sugar control

Conventional docs almost always start you off on metformin -- which means they’re ALREADY starting off on the wrong foot.

The drug can leave you weak, bloated, gassy… and struggling with low levels of vitamin B12 needed for mood, memory, nerve protection, and more.

That’s the “cheap stuff.” It’s been around forever, is available generically, and no one’s really making much coin off it anymore.

It’s what happens NEXT that has drug company bosses salivating.

The metformin doesn’t do the trick anymore for blood sugar… so your doc prescribes an “add-on.”

That’s the newermore expensive… and way more dangerous classes of medications…

Ones that are linked to everything from weird infections in your groin (seriously!) to amputations of the toes, feet, and legs (YIKES!!!).

But the latest research reveals a different kind of “add-on” -- one that WON’T leave you exposed to ANY of that.

Because it’s NOT a drug. It’s a set of 3 natural therapies:

  1. berberine: for blood sugar control
  2. hesperidin: for reduced inflammation and stronger blood vessels
  3. chromium: for carbohydrate metabolism and blood sugar control.

This trio was tested against a placebo in patients with diabetes who were ALSO taking metformin.

Together, the threesome led to a nice dip in both HbA1c and fasting blood glucose levels in patients taking metformin.

That means these folks would then be less likely to line the pockets of the Big Pharma salesforce in the greedy scenario I just described to you above.

But hang on a moment here…

Because I think we can make this even BETTER.

Heck, I think with a little care and caution… and by working with a naturopathic physician… you not only won’t need a NEW, ADDITIONAL diabetes drug.

You may even be able to ELIMINATE metformin!

DITCH the carbs from your diet. That one move alone… more than ANY med or supplement out there… will bring your glucose back into line.

The three compounds in the new study, especially berberine and chromium, are also excellent natural starting points for additional glucose control.

Ditto for cinnamon.

And most people with diabetes could use some extra vitamins B3, C, and D.

It won’t happen overnight. But given a little time, this could not only help you find a way OFF your meds… but could even lead to a complete remission of your diabetes.

Just be sure you don’t quit any meds… or start anything new… without talking to your doctor first.

In Your Corner,
Dr. Allan Spreen