Under your eyes bagsSome mornings it feels like it’s not even worth getting out of bed.

You know the ones – the mornings where the bags under your eyes might as well be suitcases, and it feels like you hardly rested at all.

If you find yourself hiding from the mirror more mornings than not, you’ll be pleased to learn there may be something you can do to reduce the bags under your eyes.

But first, it helps to know what causes them!

It’s As Simple As Cause and Effect

As you age, your skin starts to lose elasticity. This is why the skin under your eyes starts to sag, allowing bags to develop under your eyes some mornings. Still, there are days when those bags are more obvious than others.

When you start seeing circles under your eyes, the first thing you should consider is salt consumption. What did you eat last night? For the last couple of days? Was it saltier than usual? Because eating more salt than your body is used to can cause those bags to appear because you retain water.

Interestingly enough, a hot, humid night can cause you to wake up with circles under your eyes for the same reason: water retention.

Another consideration is allergies. If you’ve been exposed to an allergen or your specific allergy season has begun, you can expect to start seeing bags more often.

And for some people, bags are caused by genetics, and there’s not a lot you can do to reverse those – but it doesn’t mean you have to give in gracefully, either! Not if you don’t like how they look.

Perhaps most often, though, they're going to be signs of a simple lack of sleep. If you aren’t resting at night, your body doesn’t have the chance to restore and rejuvenate itself – and you end up with bags. Now you know what people really mean when they say you look tired!

So, how are you supposed to avoid waking up with bags and saggy skin under your eyes? Read on –

Not All Options are Created Equal

The truth is that some of the suggested alternatives available out there make bags under your eyes seem preferable.

These days, you can expose the delicate skin under your eyes to harsh, chemical skin lighteners. Or you can get injectable fillers. Some place will even take lasers to the skin directly under your eyes in order to keep the discoloration at bay!

Luckily, there are safer, more natural options to manage the bag under your eyes.

Treatments You WANT to Know About

Cut back on salt. Since the first thing to consider when you see circles under your eyes is salt consumption, it makes sense that the first treatment is to reduce salt. If your salt intake went up for a meal or two, or if you think it may be a bigger problem, taking in less salt – even if just for a few days as a test – should make a noticeable difference in the way your eyes look.

Apply a cool compress. For more immediate assistance, use a cool compress on your eyes. This can be as basic as a cool, damp washcloth across your closed eyes for ten to fifteen minutes – or it can be a gel mask, a bag of frozen vegetables, cool tea bags, or even chilled spoons. What you use isn’t nearly as important as that it be cool and you leave it in place long enough to work.

Avoid allergens. You’re going to want to do this anyway because of the other symptoms, but managing your allergies will help with bags below your eyes, too! Talk to your doctor about the best course of action for your specific allergies, and then stick to that routine.

Go easy on the alcohol. Too much alcohol can be dehydrating, and dehydration causes skin to lose elasticity. If you drink too much, you end up with circles under your eyes. Hold you alcohol consumption to a glass or two of wine a night – and be sure to drink plenty of water. And speaking of vices…

If you haven’t already, it’s time to quit smoking. Smoking weakens the skin under your eyes leaving it vulnerable to bags and discoloration. You know you should quit. Let this be the reason you finally do.

Raise your head when you sleep. Sleeping with your head elevated helps keep the fluid under your skin from collecting in the bags under your eyes! You can add an extra pillow to your collection, elevate your mattress, or even raise the head of your bed a few inches. It doesn’t have to be much, and you need to be comfortable enough to sleep. So whatever position works for you will work.

Sleep on your back. While you’re rearranging your bedroom, try sleeping on your back instead of your side or your stomach. Gravity works even when you’re asleep, so on your stomach, the fluid is drawn toward your face. Flip onto your back and let gravity work with you instead of against you.

Actually sleep. Have you noticed the last two were about sleeping? That means you should actually get some sleep. Sleep is when your body heals itself, fights off aging, and rejuvenates your cells. If you aren’t getting seven to eight hours of sleep, you aren’t giving your body the opportunity to take care of itself. So start going to bed earlier, or setting your alarm later, but aim for that seven to eight hour window.

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If the bags under your eyes are caused by genetics, habits, or just a busy schedule, you can manage them and like the way you look – with these tips and Lumivella.

They’re what you need to love the way you look.