While sleeping back painBack pain during the day is bad enough.

But back pain while sleeping seems worse, somehow.

It’s the one time you’re supposed to be able to find relief.

Even just a comfortable position.

Or maybe you’re fine during the day and your back pain doesn’t kick in until you’re in bed, trying to sleep.

Either way, getting rid of back pain while sleeping just might be easier than you though – or feared.

The Cause – and the Fix

If you’ve done any research on back pain that occurs during the day, you’ll recognize many of the causes of back pain actually occur while sleeping.

After all, what you’re doing with and to your back during the day will continue to affect your back – and your back pain – at night.

Luckily, once you’ve identified the cause, you can also come up with a solution.

1. Poor posture. One of the primary causes of back pain at any time is poor posture. If your shoulders are rounded or your neck out of alignment, it can all cause back pain, even while you’re sleeping.

The Fix: Pay closer attention to how you sit, stand, and even walk. Make sure your spine is in alignment, shoulders a little bit back and down, hips square, feet flat (while sitting, especially), and neck straight. You know what good posture is – now remember to maintain it.

2. A sedentary lifestyle. It can be a vicious circle: your back hurts while you’re sleeping, you don’t sleep well, you don’t have energy, so you don’t get much exercise or even movement. Which makes your back hurt… In the end though, the stronger your back muscles are, the less they will hurt. And it’s easier to maintain good posture with strong back muscles, too!

The Fix: Get moving. Start with light to moderate activity, so that you don’t cause more pain, but get up and move. Current recommendations are 30 minutes of moderate activity, five days a week. That’s good for your heart, and your back!

3. Sitting too long. Even if you’re generally active, sometimes simply sitting too long can cause your back to hurt, and that pain will carry into your sleeping hours. A long plane ride, car trip, or all afternoon meeting can catch up with you at night.

The Fix: Whenever possible, stand up and move around for ten minutes every hour. It’s that simple.

4. Stress. Many people think they’re handling their stress just fine – until they end up with back pain while sleeping. If the pain in your back and the thoughts racing in your head are keeping you awake, you may not be dealing with stress quite as well as you’d thought.

The Fix: Often, exercise can help reduce stress, so you may see a drop in stress once you start moving. However, there are other ways that can help you, as well. Meditation, yoga, prioritizing, and talking to someone are all effective ways to beat stress and back pain, while sleeping or awake.

5. A worn out mattress. Sometimes, your back pain while sleeping is caused by something obvious, once you think about it! When was the last time you bought a new mattress? Pay particular attention to this cause of back pain if you find relief once you’ve been up for a few hours, but the back pain comes back while you’re sleeping.

The Fix: Replace your mattress. If your mattress sags or is lumpy, then it may be a primary cause of back pain while sleeping. Start by trying out a medium firm mattress and see how that feels. You should also consider one that gives you enough support that you don’t have space between you and it. Mostly, though, find a mattress that you find comfortable. No single mattress is going to work for every person.

6. HOW you’re sleeping. Sometimes, the very position you’re in can cause back pain while sleeping. If you’re sleeping flat on your stomach, or on your side with one leg higher than the other, you could be making your back pain worse.

The Fix: If you suspect your sleep position is causing you back pain while sleeping, try one of these instead –

  • Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees
  • Sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees
  • Sleep on your stomach (if you absolutely must) with a pillow below your hips and abdomen

It may take some time, but you really can end back pain while sleeping for good.

And until you’re resting pain-free, there’s Soothanol X2, our fast-acting, topical pain killer, to get you through even your longest nights, peacefully.