If you watch any TV at all… you’ve almost certainly seen the ads.

They show happy, active autoimmune patients bouncing through life without a care in the world -- thanks to the magic of tofacitinib (a.k.a. Xeljanz).

Just pop a pill or two, and you’re off to climb the Himalayas… audition for the NFL… skydive with the Army Rangers… wrestle an alligator… or dive with the sharks.

What do those activities have in common?

I’d bet all of them are SAFER than taking this drug!

The FDA has just been forced to admit that in the higher doses given for ulcerative colitis… this drug can lead to blood clots and even death.

And as a result, they’re adding an ominous new “black-box warning” to the label for the drug.

Turns out, that could just be the tip of the proverbial ol’ iceberg!

EXPOSED: The true risks of a best-selling medication

There’s a HUGE problem with the FDA’s sudden “concern” over the drug.


It’s now been SEVEN YEARS since they allowed this drug onto the market…

And somehow – only now – they’re just getting around to figuring out the risks due to a “required post-marketing safety study.”

Um, whatever happened to PRE-marketing safety studies??? Shouldn’t we have known about these horrors BEFORE they approved the darned thing?

Better yet -- maybe if we had known all this sooner, they would’ve NEVER OK’ed the drug in the first place!

If you’re a patient over 50 with at least one cardiac risk factor, the risks you’re facing if you take higher doses of the drug include:

  • sudden cardiac death
  • pulmonary embolism
  • deep venous thrombosis
  • arterial thrombosis, and
  • all-cause mortality (a.k.a. DEATH from ANYTHING).

The feds keep emphasizing that these are “ONLY” the doses used for ulcerative colitis… as if no one else could possibly be getting the drug at THESE levels.

Just one problem…

The new study underway right now… the study that exposed these risks… involved rheumatoid arthritis patients getting THOSE higher doses of the drug.

So, while only LOWER doses have been APPROVED for rheumatoid arthritis (and psoriatic arthritis, too)… the reality is that docs could be prescribing it “off-label,” especially if the lower “official” doses didn’t work out.

In other words… this situation could be MUCH worse than the feds will ever admit.

The feds claim that even WITH these risks, the drug is important to have around… since autoimmune patients don’t have many other options.

And that’s just not true at all.

For ulcerative colitis, for example, a combination of careful diet and probiotics under the guidance of a naturopathic medical doctor can often bring dramatic relief.

For rheumatoid, often the answer is in probiotics and vitamin B6.

And for ALL autoimmune disorders, there’s another very intriguing option – and I’m going to share it with you later this month.

Keep an eye on your email… because this powerful new option could change your life dramatically.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen