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  1. How getting a flu shot could be BAD NEWS for avoiding coronavirus

    It’s the kinda thing where I have to laugh… if only to stop myself from SCREAMING!

    I’ve seen them yammer on about it on TV… and they’ve slipped into news articles, too.

    It’s even on The New York Times webpage about protecting yourself from the deadly coronavirus.

    Get a flu shot!  

    They know it won’t do a THING for coronavirus. How could it?

    But they say there are two reasons to get it anyway:

    1. It’ll stop the flu.
    2. Hey, it can’t hurt.

    Well… here’s what I say.

    WRONG on both counts!

    This common piece of mainstream advice is pretty close to made up… because these “experts” know they’ve got nothing new to say.

    They take the useful stuff… like “wash your hands” and “stop touching your face”… and then mix in a little “get your exercise” and “eat your greens” because it sounds good.

    And since the camera’s still rolling, they toss in a flu shot for good measure.

    But following that advice could be a HUGE and FATEFUL mistake!

    Could THIS make you prone to OTHER infections?!?

    First, the flu shot isn’t exactly very good at helping ANYONE to avoid flu in ANY year… let alone THIS one.

    In fact, it’s a totally CRUMMY way of avoiding flu -- and won’t even come CLOSE to preventing it completely.

    And second… the “can’t hurt” part could be TOTALLY off base when it comes to coronavirus.

    A study last year looked at a phenomenon called “virus interference”… specifically when a vaccine for one virus “interferes” with your immune system's ability to fight off other viruses.

    At the time, the mainstream was able to tout the study as GOOD news: Overall, the influenza vaccine didn’t lead to increased interference.

    EXCEPT… They found a couple of exceptions.

    “Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus.”

    Does that sound good to you? Yeah, me neither.

    That may not have seemed like a big deal at the time – because last year, most people outside of medicine had never even heard of ANY “coronavirus” (even if we’d already fought different strains of them off).

    Now of course this is just one study… and it didn’t look specifically at the coronavirus that causes COVID-19

    So, we have to label this as a “cause for concern” and not “rock-solid evidence.”

    But I’ve got enough concern that I’d avoid the flu shot.

    Then again, I avoid it anyway -- and even if I didn’t, the LAST place in the world I’d wanna be right now is in a pharmacy or medical clinic surrounded by others who are hacking and wheezing.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  2. Dementia drugs FAIL new study – but there’s HOPE for you!

    They called it the last hope against Alzheimer’s disease.

    Not just ONE promising drug…

    But TWO separate medications… in development at the same time… each one set to attack the disease that 5.6 million older Americans are now living with.

    And now, we have the results.

    Both of them FLOPPED!

    Now, the mainstream says, there’s NOTHING in the works that looks even remotely promising.

    Some drug companies have even thrown in the towel completely… and gotten out of the dementia game!

    But I’m going to give you what they’re all out of.

    Because today… I’ve got HOPE!

    A way to BLOCK dementia and SAVE your brain

    The two drugs that were considered the most promising yet just got tested on the best possible patients…

    People genetically PRONE to the disease… but BEFORE symptoms appeared.

    If the drug can help THESE folks, they reasoned, then they can certainly help the REST of us.

    But neither one did JACK.

    Next, they say, they may try higher doses and longer periods… potentially starting DECADES before the disease appears.

    What’s next? Drugging children?

    Drugging us for LIFE… with cradle-to-the-grave meds?

    You know they’d LOVE that – but even then, I’d bet the results would be EXACTLY the same.

    Here’s a fact the mainstream DOESN’T want to talk about…

    More than 300 clinical trials for Alzheimer’s treatments have been conducted… and more than 300 clinical trials for Alzheimer’s treatments have failed.

    Now, I’m not here to dance on failure.

    I absolutely WANT to see them succeed and beat this thing.

    But nearly ALL of the failed drugs target the same approach -- hitting the beta-amyloid plaques that clog the brain.

    There’s no doubt beta-amyloid plays a big role in this disease.

    But after 300 failures… it seems like they’re focusing on the smoke instead of the fire.

    Friend, I hope you NEVER have to live with the news that you or a loved one have Alzheimer’s.

    And if you do ever develop it… I hope they have a way to CURE it by then.

    But since that hasn’t happened yet, let me tell you exactly what I’d do if I had… or were at risk for… this disease.

    1. Uncover the MIMICS -- the conditions that look so much like dementia doctors often mistake it for the real deal. That includes hidden infections – especially yeast infections – as well as chronic Lyme.
    2. Look at your MEDS -- because in many cases, dementia isn’t dementia at all. It’s a side effect, either of one drug (anything recently added is an automatic suspect) or the combined effect of multiple drugs, hammering away at the brain. Work with a doc who can get you off these suspects… ALL of them, if possible.
    3. Get rid of the TOXINS -- because I’m sure that’s what’s playing a major role in this disease, including toxins from food and water. Eliminate new exposure by cutting out processed foods and switching to an all-organic, non-GMO, gluten-free diet.
    4. Power up your BRAIN -- starting with ginkgo biloba, phosphatidyl serine, high-dose intravenous vitamin C, NAC, ALA, etc.

    A naturopathic doc can also help come up with some specifics custom-tailored to your risks and needs.

    In Your Corner,

    Dr. Allan Spreen

  3. When NSAIDs could be the WRONG CHOICE for you

    The advice is confusing and frustrating – and right at a time when Americans need it straight. Instead, they’re left bewildered and even frightened. Can you take an NSAID like ibuprofen for a fever? Or is there ever a time when you might avoid it and try something… ANYTHING… else??? Well, friend, you’ve come to the right place today...
  4. [INSANE] Mainstream plots to DELIBERATELY expose you to MORE radiation

    There’s ONE THING standing between you and a potential case of cancer years from now…. So naturally, the mainstream wants to LITERALLY strip it right off your body! There’s a new push by the establishment to do away with the lead aprons used during imaging tests. They’re what’s supposed to stop stray radiation beams from going where they shouldn’t. During...
  5. Heart failure? Don’t let your doc prescribe you one of these ‘NEVER drugs’

    There are some things we ALL know we should NEVER do. You NEVER stick your hand in the lion cage at the zoo… You NEVER step out into a busy highway… Ad you NEVER stand between a politician and a microphone. If you’re a doctor, you’re SUPPOSED to know to NEVER give certain drugs to heart failure patients… Because some...
  6. Is Big Pharma using coronavirus… to ROB you?!

    They ought to lock these criminals up… and throw away the key! The world is absolutely PANICKING over the COVID-19 coronavirus. Americans are DESPERATE for anything that can cure or even treat the disease. It’s SO BAD now that you can’t even buy a roll of toilet paper… as terrified shoppers stock up like the apocalypse is upon us. And...
  7. The drugs your doc should NEVER give you… but MIGHT anyway

    The worst kind of addiction isn’t a street junkie looking for a fix… And it’s not an American in pain struggling with opioid drugs. It strikes your doc… and EVERYONE else in mainstream allopathic medicine. They’re ADDICTED to prescribing meds you should NEVER get!  Even when they KNOW they’re bad for you… And the studies PROVE they’re more likely to...
  8. Big Pharma pushes scary drug for cognitive problems [YIKES!]

    It’s the kind of bird-brained scheme Wile E. Coyote might come up with. Just disguise some bird poison as an important and life-changing medicine… filled with hope and promise… And wait for Road Runner come along and eat it up. MEEP! MEEP! In the cartoons, you know the Road Runner’s never really fooled… But out in the real world, the...
  9. Could this common reflux drug GIVE YOU the ‘stomach flu’?

    In many parts of the country, the “cold” season is giving way to the “cold and wet” season… which will then be replaced by the “just wet” season. That means people will spend a LOT of time indoors… cooped up together… probably learning to recognize each other by smell alone over these next couple of months. But you could end...
  10. Diet drug in frightening cancer link

    Weight-loss drug linked to deadly disease Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… They cook up a drug they HOPE will make billions… and have NO CLUE if it’s safe or not. And the feds APPROVE it anyway!  Well, it’s happened again. They approved a diet drug BEFORE they knew it was safe. “But you gotta do more...
  11. Could the coronavirus cure the world’s looking for be RIGHT under our noses?

    Right now… as coronavirus rapidly spreads around the world… some of the leading minds in medicine are working desperately on a cure for this deadly disease. And so far, they’ve come up with… NOTHING! There’s NO treatment… NO cure… and NOTHING in the pipelines. But I’ve got what they don’t… A way to help save you and your loved ones...
  12. How to FIGHT the 5G a way that matters for YOUR health

    There’s a nightmare in the making right now – one we can SEE is about to happen. This is no joke… Some of the leading voices in science have even issued stark warnings over it. But it’s going to happen… and there’s not a darned thing ANY of us can do to stop it. We can’t, because it’s already here...
  13. [Flu Shocker] Vaccine failing at ALARMING rate!

    Here’s the LEAST surprising news I’ve heard all winter… This year’s flu shot’s a flop. It’s a failure… a fiasco… a… well, I think I’ve better stop the “f” words right there. When it comes to this vaccine, I have to keep my language in check – because the problem isn’t just that it DOESN’T WORK in many cases. It’s...
  14. WIPE OUT Alzheimer’s with the brain’s ‘master antioxidant’

    It’s like a confession… and a desperate cry for help… all at once. We’re STUCK… and we’ve got NOTHING! The medical mainstream is finally admitting that NONE of their drugs do JACK for Alzheimer’s disease. OK, so that’s mostly stating the obvious. After all, they’ve FLUSHED billions down the drain in the name of dementia research… and still have ZIP...
  15. [Revealed] The flu-beating remedies they DON’T want you to know about

    Well, this has to be more than a little embarrassing for the mainstream… For YEARS, they’ve TALKED UP flu drugs as the best invention since canned beer and TV dinners. For AGES, they’ve insisted you need to take one of these things at the very first sign of a winter sniffle (and never mind that the side effects are often...
  16. Don’t fall for this BOGUS safety alert about your heartburn [False alarm!]

    Americans are DITCHING some of the most dangerous drugs in the pharmacy… and turning to SAFER options for acid reflux. We should CELEBRATE that, right? Well, friend, you’d better believe the drug industry ISN’T celebrating. They’re in full-blown PANIC mode! See, they don’t look at the part where drugs for reflux such as PPIs are DANGEROUS. No, they’re only looking...
  17. Customer Survey

  18. Get Instant Access Your FREE Chia Cookbook

    .author_ {display: none !important; }Get Instant Access Your FREE Chia Cookbook Thank you signing up to receive your free chia seed cookbook. Your download link is below, where you’ll discover how to get the full nutritional benefits of all-natural chia seeds by eating your favorite foods. Download your FREE chia cookbook here I’ve also sent an email to your inbox...
  19. Sugar can cause memory loss

    Eating sweets can rot your brain Sugar rots teeth. But it also rots something far more important: your brain cells. Diabetics have a higher risk of dementia because of their sky-high blood sugar levels -- but you don't have to be a diabetic yourself to suffer from the brain-rotting damage of sugar. Even slight elevations in blood sugar can cause memory problems. Continue reading →
  20. Who is Dr. Allan Spreen, the doctor behind NorthStar Nutritionals?

    You’ve seen his name on the NorthStar Nutritionals blog and web site. You’ve felt his enthusiasm practically burst off the page. You’ve read his suggestions and come to trust his opinions. But maybe you’re still wondering, who exactly is Dr. Allan Spreen, the doctor behind NorthStar Nutritionals?

    What Is Dr. Allan Spreen’s Background?

    Dr. Spreen’s fascination with optimal health started back when he was a high school diver in the 1960s. As his athletic career grew, so did his desire to understand health and athletic performance. While he was an athlete throughout high school and college, by the 1970s he was also beginning to transition from athlete to coach. This new position of coach, guide, and mentor, as well as performing at an even higher level of competition himself, drove him to learn even more about physical performance for young athletes. But it was a personal experience that fueled a passion in him. In the 1960s, when his sister was a sophomore in college, she was diagnosed as schizophrenic. The consulting physician not only disparaged the family by blaming them, but insisted that the damage was done and there was nothing that could help the young woman. He insisted she would spend the rest of her life institutionalized. Luckily, the family refused to listen and found Dr. Abram Hoffer in Canada, who was treating schizophrenics with high doses of B-3 and other supplements. Within two years, Allan Spreen’s sister wasn’t just functioning, but was in law school and headed to a bright future. And the passion for finding alternative, non-conventional ways to achieve health was born in Spreen. By the late 1970s, he realized this passion was leading him to medical school. In 1982, he graduated with his medical degree from East Tennessee State University and went on to become a general practitioner. The combination of medical acumen and athletic prowess drew the attention of the U.S. National and Olympic diving teams, both as an athlete and a coach. As an athlete in his own right, he became a medal winning diving champion. By 1991, he had transitioned to coaching the U.S. national diving teams. And by 1996, he had become known as the Nutrition Physician, sharing his knowledge not only with athletes, but with us here at NorthStar Nutritionals – and with you. Dr. Spreen also serves on the advisory panel of the Health Sciences Institute.

    What Does Dr. Allan Spreen Believe?

    Most importantly, Dr. Spreen believes we can all be healthy. Healthy to a degree most of us have never even imagined. By educating ourselves. By asking questions. By taking control of our own bodies. Too many supplement companies jump on a bandwagon because an ingredient is popular or a mineral is in the news or because a vitamin is the current fad. So these companies quickly throw this new ingredient into their products, without researching quality or proper amounts or even interactions.  And people take the pill because someone tells them to. This goes against everything Dr. Allan Spreen believes. First, he insists that all NorthStar Nutritionals products have quality ingredients. The purest, most effective nutrients available to us. Second, he knows the most impactful amounts of those nutrients. And what he doesn’t know, he takes the time to learn. Which means the products he formulates and endorses are the best possible combinations they can be, to help you achieve Dr. Spreen’s ultimate objective – your maximum health. At which point, he brings you the information he is confident about, and the products he can stand behind, in order for you to make the best decisions for you and your health. Becausethat’s what Dr. Allan Spreen believes in, and works for – you and your good health.

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