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  1. Probiotics in Yogurt: Why You Shouldn’t Eat Yogurt (and try this instead)

    Yogurt ProbioticsIf you have digestive problems, you've probably been told that the probiotics in yogurt will help ease your discomfort.

    And, they’re right. Yogurt can be great for easing digestive issues. After all, it does have probiotics which help clean out your gut.

    But for some people the dream of finally relieving digestive pain becomes a nightmare practically overnight.

    So, what’s really happening when you eat yogurt? Let’s take a closer look…

    What’s the Key to a Healthy Gut?

    While you probably don’t think much about your gut and how it works, there’s a lot going on in there.

    There are healthy bacteria, which your body needs, and there are unhealthy bacteria that show up from food you eat, colds you catch, and even your environment. And it all has to exist together in a precarious balance in order for your gut to stay healthy.

    When it all gets out of balance, and the unhealthy bacteria take over, that’s when you suddenly start feeling it in your gut.

    The cramps, bloating, gas, and other discomforts make it hard to think about anything else.

    This is when so many people turn to yogurt. But, it’s time you discover…

    Why Yogurt Isn't Helping

     One of the ways your system can be thrown out of balance by exposure to histamines in foods. These histamines can cause all of those symptoms – the gas, cramping, bloating, even diarrhea, and more. You are exposed to histamines so often that your body has a natural defense against them, an enzyme called Diamine oxidase (DAO), which is the body’s primary way of neutralizing the impact of histamines.

    But when you overwhelm your body with histamine-rich foods, the DAO simply can’t keep up. Your system gets thrown out of balance, and you end up feeling horrible. This is when conventional wisdom says you should eat yogurt, which contains live active cultures, to feel better.

    These live active cultures will feed off of the “bad” bacteria and all will be well again. In theory.

    Except that… histamines are found in fermented foods. Like yogurt. So you eat yogurt twice a day, because it’s good for you and will make you feel better, and end up achieving the exact opposite result.

    And why is that unfortunate? Because yogurt is a fermented and highly processed food. In other words, a breeding ground for histamines. The very same histamines that can overwhelm the DAO, throw your system out of balance, and keep you feeling bad.

    All this can help counter-act all the good the probiotics in yogurt are doing for your stomach.

    Instead of rebalancing your system, you overwhelm the DAO with histamines, and make the situation even worse than it was.

    The Worst Part Is Thinking This Is “Normal”

    The biggest problem is that people who struggle with histamine overload aren't bedridden with a stomach flu. They just don’t have as much energy. Or they get cramps and bloated after eating. And they keep eating their “healthy” yogurt.

    And because this feeling isn't as bad as a stomach flu or official food poisoning, people start to believe that this feeling of not-quite-right is normal. They accept this as their “healthy.” Only it’s not. They think they are being healthy, and taking smart steps, by eating yogurt twice a day, and instead they are making themselves worse.

    So How Can You Get a Truly Healthy Gut, Without Any of These Nasty Side Effects?

    The good news is that, if yogurt isn't helping you the way it’s supposed to, you have an alternative: BenVia Gold.

    First, BenVia Gold is loaded with fiber. And, as you know, fiber helps with digestion and regularity. And it’s low in histamines – so you aren't getting those “bad” bacteria which make your stomach feel uncomfortable.

    And BenVia Gold helps you feel fuller so you snack on less processed foods.

    You won’t throw your system out of balance by eating BenVia Gold every day. You won’t overwhelm your body’s levels of DAO. And you won’t have to deal with the discomfort caused by the very food that was supposed to make you feel better – yogurt.

    Plus, BenVia Gold is a tasty, versatile way to help regulate your gut and stay healthy. Sprinkled on salads, or incorporated into your favorite recipes, BenVia Gold even turns brownies into a digestion-saving superfood.

    And it’s packed with more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients than any yogurt you’ll find.

    We’re so confident that BenVia Gold will help balance your gut, and make you healthier than ever, that we've backed it by our Gold Standard Guarantee.

    If you aren't feeling relief from the cramps, bloating, and discomfort that’s been plaguing you while eating yogurt, then return your order and we’ll refund your entire purchase price. No questions asked.

    And if you try BenVia Gold today, we’ll take an extra 20% off every bottle you order. Enter promo code W650RAD at checkout and we’ll take the 20% off, automatically.

    Your discount will automatically be applied when you click this link.

    So drop the yogurt, and try BenVia Gold today.

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  2. What Are the Symptoms of Arthritis?

    Arthritis SymptomsYou’re in pain. And you think it’s your nagging arthritis again.

    Approximately 1 in 5 adult Americans has been diagnosed with arthritis. Far more than that suffer every day without ever knowing if it’s truly arthritis causing their pain.

    So before you go looking for solutions on how to get relief, you need to know what’s causing your pain. In this post, we’ll cover the basics of arthritis – showing you the symptoms, letting you know what to look out for, and helping you figure out what to do next.

    What Causes Arthritis?

    Whenever you experience joint pain, it’s easy to think it’s a symptom of arthritis. But is it?

    Can you tell the difference between arthritis symptoms, and other, unrelated joint issues? Luckily, recognizing actual arthritis symptoms is easier than you may realize.

    There are over 100 different types of arthritis, but the most well-known is osteoarthritis.

    Every joint in your body is susceptible to this “wear and tear” form of arthritis.

    Your joints are made up of bone, cartilage, and lubrication, or synovial fluid, that keeps them moving, bending, and flexing smoothly. As time passes, your body stops creating synovial fluid as efficiently.

    Between this and simple use, your joints can become inflamed, stiff, achy, and painful. Arthritis can also develop due to disease, at the site of an injury, or even due to allergy.

    What are the Symptoms of Arthritis?

    Because there are so many types of arthritis, there are also many arthritis symptoms. But the most common ones are easy to identify…

    Changes in Appearance – In more advanced arthritis, the joint may appear permanently larger, or disfigured, due to long-term swelling, bone changes, and loss of cartilage.

    Changes in the Surrounding Joints – In some cases of arthritis, specifically and most often arthritis of the thumb, the joints around the arthritic one may change in appearance, or even flexibility. As the arthritic joint becomes stiffer, the other joints may compensate for its reduced movement.

    Crepitation – You know that grinding, or grating, feeling in your joints? That has a name: crepitation - and it’s an incredibly common arthritis symptom.

    Cysts – Cysts may develop when the arthritis is in the top finger joint.

    Decrease in Range of Motion – Another of the most common arthritis symptoms is lack of mobility, or loss of range of motion.

    Looseness Sometimes arthritis can be caused by damage or injury to the ligaments. If this is the case, the joint may feel overly loose, or like it slips easily.

    Pain The most obvious, and earliest, arthritis symptom is pain. If it’s arthritis pain, it is usually comes on slowly, and starts as a dull or burning pain. As the disease progresses, it may become sharper, but it’s rare for arthritis to start as a sharp pain.

    Swelling Inflammation is part of the body’s defense mechanism. In order to keep you from using the painful joint, your joints may swell as your body tries to limit its use.

    Warmth The same inflammation and swelling that helps protect the joint may make it feel warm to the touch.

    When Can You Rule Out Arthritis?

    What about joint issues that don’t quite fall into these categories – are they arthritis or not?

    The following symptoms mean that you probably do not have arthritis:

    • Pain that comes on quickly, for no discernable reason
    • Sharp pain that comes on quickly
    • Pain that is accompanied by a fever
    • Redness and/or extreme joint tenderness, accompanied by pain that comes on quickly

    Finding Relief from Arthritis Symptoms

    Of course, it’s important that you check with your doctor before diagnosing yourself with arthritis. You may notice one or several of the above symptoms – your doctor will be able to tell you for sure the source of your pain.

    However, many people have found temporary, but effective, relief of arthritis symptoms from staying as active as possible and using topical pain relievers – which is why we offer Soothanol X2 and Arthritis Relief Cream.

    Harnessing the clinically proven results of menthol and capsaicin, Soothanol X2 and Arthritis Relief Cream provide the relief you've been looking for.

    Whether you prefer the double impact of warming and cooling relief that comes with the capsaicin and menthol of Soothanol X2, or just the cooling relief of the menthol in Arthritis Relief Cream, we've got you covered.

    Only a doctor can officially diagnose arthritis, but until you can get in to see him, you’ve got Soothanol X2 and Arthritis Relief Cream to relieve your arthritis symptoms!

  3. How to Support an Erection Naturally: 7 Powerful Alternatives

    How to Maintain a Strong Erection NaturallyIf you’re spending night after night frustrated that you aren't able to perform like you used to, it’s time you learned how to naturally support a powerful erection .

    The very fact that you've spent hours looking for a solution can drive you mad..

    After all, you remember what it was like when you could go all night, satisfy her over and over again, and then turn around and be ready the next night, too. Now, the your mind is willing, but the  body… The body has you secretly afraid that those golden years may be behind you.

    Some of the alternatives are either scary, or humiliating. Sure, you love your wife, but the thought of an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours goes from exciting to painful somewhere around hour 3. And a pump…? You’re not a bicycle or a flat tire. Continue reading

  4. Fruit can prevent stroke and heart disease

    Power your body with fruit

    They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away -- and since apples come loaded with a bushel of disease-fighting nutrients, there's plenty of truth to that old adage.

    And if you have a daily fruit habit yourself, you might be able to do more than keep the doctor away.

    You just might keep the ambulance away, too. Continue reading

  5. Pistachios may reduce diabetes risk

    A nutty way to drop diabetes risk

    If you've been following my advice, you’re already reaching for super-healthy almonds and walnuts at snack time. These superfoods in hardshell jackets have been proven in study after study to help fight cancer, lower blood pressure, and drive down blood sugar.

    Well I’m happy to report there’s another tasty nut you can add to your healthy snack list. A new Spanish study has found that regularly eating delicious pistachios may help reduce your diabetes risk. Continue reading

  6. Pain in the Lower Back - How to Relieve Your Pain Quickly

    Lower Back PainIf you are wondering what you can do about pain in the lower back, you’re not alone. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, nearly every adult in the country will have lower back pain at some point, for some reason.

    Men and women are even impacted equally, so there’s really no escaping it. But that doesn't mean there’s nothing you can do about it. There are plenty of reasons you might end up with lower back pain. Luckily, there are also plenty of ways to handle lower back pain! Continue reading

  7. Stunning confession: CDC researcher admits to data tampering

    CDC researcher confesses to vaccine cover up

    I haven’t written to you much about childhood vaccines.

    There’s a reason for that. I feel they are a very personal choice. And as I’ve shared with you before, although I have my issues with the dozens of heavy-metal-laced vaccines we’re unloading on our children’s delicate and still-developing immune systems, I do understand that parents have some incredibly tough choices to make.

    But, regardless of your feelings about childhood vaccines, a recent shocking revelation about a potential link between the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine and autism will no doubt have your blood boiling. Continue reading

  8. What’s the best food for prostate health? You’d be surprised…

    Tomatoes are tops for prostates

    Men, I've been telling you for years to eat your tomatoes (especially the cooked variety) to support prostate health and ward off prostate cancer.

    Now a new British study has confirmed what I've been saying all along.

    According to researchers, it appears if you eat over 10 portions of tomatoes a week your prostate cancer risk plummets by an impressive 18 percent. Continue reading

  9. Risky new sleeping pill puts us all in danger

    Here we go again.

    The FDA has approved yet another sleep drug. And this one could turn out to be the worst of the whole rotten lot.

    Ironically, the FDA rejected the very same drug last year because it had “concerns over patient safety.” Fast forward to a year later and, apparently, those concerns about Suvorexant (Belsomra) have somehow been magically lifted. Continue reading

  10. Is cell phone radiation making your child sick?

    I've noticed a troubling trend that’s barely making a blip on anyone’s radar. I’m talking about younger and younger kids being given their very own cell phones.

    You can call me behind the times. Go ahead and accuse me of being over the hill if you like. And feel free to trot out all the arguments you want to about “safety,” but you’re not going to get me to budge on this one. There’s just too much at stake.

    It’s not just that cell phones have given new meaning to the word rude, or that people have become incapable of having a face-to-face conversation with the people they’re actually in the room with. It’s not even that texting and video games have taken the place of family time. Continue reading

  11. Help lower your blood pressure - Are BUGS the key?

    Want to lower your blood pressure a few points? Or maybe just keep your already healthy BP in check?

    Look to your belly.

    Yes, I did say your BELLY. The bacteria in our guts could be the hidden key to help lower your blood pressure, according to a new 9-study-strong review. Continue reading

  12. Total toothpaste has controversial chemical triclosan in it

    Safety alert: Popular toothpaste loaded with triclosan

     I’ve told you about the potential endocrine disruptor triclosan before. In fact, I’ve even warned you that this chemical is found in some toothpaste. But now a new report just released by Bloomberg News has put this highly controversial chemical front and center once again.

    Triclosan—commonly used in products marked as antibacterial—has been linked to thyroid problems, heart issues, developmental problems in animals, and cancer-cell growth. And, Bloomberg has revealed, millions of Americans are unknowingly putting it into their mouths every single day. Continue reading

  13. Common chemical threatens thyroid function and IQ level?

    Common chemical threatens thyroids and IQ’s

    It’s everywhere. And I really do mean EVERYWHERE.

    It’s in you, it’s in me, and it’s in everyone you know, or have ever known, for that matter. It affects the thyroid, a gland that helps regulate our hormones, those compounds that are responsible for controlling and regulating just about every single cell and organ in our bodies.

    And yet very few of us have ever even heard of this creepy, pervasive chemical.

    Perchlorate is nothing new. It’s a naturally occurring chemical. Or I should say it was naturally occurring until someone had the bright idea that we should start manufacturing massive quantities of it ourselves. And that decision could have dire long-term health consequences for all of us. Continue reading

  14. Two low-tech tests could predict dementia up to 12-years earlier

    Dodge dementia with two low-tech tests

     Taking a stroll, and answering a few simple questions, could turn out to be the key to predicting dementia years before it strikes, according to an exciting new study published online in the journal Neurology.

    In the huge study of 27,000 older adults on five continents, close to 1 in 10 volunteers tested positive for pre-dementia based on a test that measures how quickly they walk (gait speed), and a second one that asks a few questions about their cognitive abilities. Continue reading

  15. Blood thinner Pradaxa requires blood monitoring like Coumadin

    Ticking-time-bomb blood thinner could kill you

    No more blood tests!

    That whopper of a selling point has been used to pedal the blood-thinner Pradaxa (dabigatran) since it hit the market in 2010. And boy has it worked.

    At least 850,000 prescriptions have been written for the drug since Big Pharma giant Boehringer Ingelheim first introduced us to their 30-billion-dollar baby.

    Despite its $300 bucks a month price tag, Pradaxa has sold like hotcakes, and if you… or someone you care about… has ever been on the old standby drug Coumadin (warfarin) it’s not hard to understand why.

    Coumadin users… who spend about $4 a month on their drug… are forced to make frequent trips to see their doctor, or a lab tech, to get their blood levels monitored. It’s not long before all that poking leaves them feeling like a black-and-blue pin cushion. Continue reading

  16. Another Big Pharma giant hops on the fish oil bandwagon

    Big Pharma’s back in the fish oil game

    Not so long ago mainstream medicine dismissed the value of fish oil supplements. Oh sure, they admitted that the omega-3s in fatty fish are good for you. But that’s where they drew the line. Fish oil supplements were purely unnecessary hokum… a waste of your money.

    But when they figured out a way to take natural “un-patentable” fish oil and slap a Big Pharma price tag on it, their tune changed really fast. Suddenly Big Pharma giant’s GlaxoSmithKline and Amarin were climbing up on the alternative medicine bandwagon to join us in singing the praises of fish oil. Continue reading

  17. ADHD drugs may double heart problems in kids

    Could your child’s ADHD drug stop his heart?

    That “THUNK!” you just heard was the other shoe dropping.

    A new Dutch study has confirmed that ADHD drugs could be dangerous, and even deadly, for your kids.

    Now if you’re thinking it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that feeding young children (or anyone for that matter) powerful stimulant drugs isn’t going to end well, I couldn’t agree more. But apparently what seems obvious to you and me, isn’t always so clear to those blinded by the shine of the Big Pharma alter where they worship.

    The enormous study, following 714,000 children in Denmark for an average of 9 and a half years, found that the ADHD pills they’re handing out like samples at the supermarket these days, could be putting your child’s or grandchild’s heart in grave danger. Continue reading

  18. Husi Food: The best, most horrifying, reason EVER to quit fast food

    If you need just one more good reason to kick your fast-food habit I’ve got a real doozy for you. And this one’s practically guaranteed to turn mouth-watering to gut-clenching faster than you can say, “Supersize it!”

    How does expired rotting meat strike you?

    I’m betting you’ve never even heard of Husi Food Co. before. I sure hadn’t. But there’s no doubt you’ve heard of some of the restaurants Husi Food supplies chicken meat to, they include McDonalds, StarBucks, KFC, Burger King, and Papa John’s. Continue reading

  19. Build the best defense against deadly CRE superbugs

    I first warned you about carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) well over a year ago. On the superbug block, these nasty bugs are the worst of the worst… a true devil among demons.

    Like other superbug bullies, CRE is resistant to antibiotics. But CRE isn’t only resistant to the run-of-the-mill antibiotics, this ugly bug laughs in the face of the “last-resort” drug carbapenem.

    Now you may never have heard of carbapenem before—it’s not exactly a household name—and good luck pronouncing it (much less enterobacteriaceai!). But this life-saving drug is the antibiotic that docs turn to when nothing else works. And for many with critical infections it can literally mean the difference between life and death. Continue reading

  20. Obamacare is taking on water and sinking fast

    You know that government tax subsidy carrot that they dangled in front of us to make Obamacare easier to swallow? It’s the one that was supposed to make that spiffy new healthcare insurance plan you were forced to buy affordable.

    Well, it turns out they’re flat-out illegal for most of us, according to a District of Columbia federal appeals court ruling this week.

    If you’re one of 4.7 million in the 36 states that didn’t set up their own exchanges… one of the ones that buckled under the pressure and bought insurance through the federally run exchange HealthCare.gov… the D.C. court says you’re not technically eligible for any subsidies the feds promised you.

    Believe it or not, it all appears to boil down to a single, poorly-written sentence by Congress that arguably says subsidies can only be provided to state-based exchanges. So, in other words, they had no right to offer you a break if you were in one of the 36 states that said “Heck no!” to Obamacare. Continue reading

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