Hold onto your hat, because the latest news on that low-dose aspirin therapy your doc has been shoving down your throat for years is not looking so good. According to a study of aspirin and macular degeneration conducted at the University of Sydney, regular aspirin use may be linked with an increased risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Another nail in the aspirin coffin

And although the overall numbers are not big, the increase in cases of AMD sufferers between non-users and users was. In fact, at the ten year mark the percentage of aspirin users with AMD was over 337 percent higher than non-users.

And this isn't the first time aspirin and macular degeneration have been linked. Several years ago researchers in the Netherlands found that low-dose aspirin users were twice as likely to suffer from "wet" AMD.

Now, of course, these findings don't prove that regular aspirin use actually causes AMD. We'll need to see more research before we can make a concrete statement like that. But with numbers like these it does mean that we should be taking this potential link between aspirin and macular degeneration very seriously