Although you know arthritis hip pain may feel more debilitating than other kinds of joint pain, you may not understand why. But you’re not crazy – arthritis hip pain is different. While all of the joints in your body are important, some are vital to moving freely.

These joints are the ball-and-socket joints. Sometimes called ball joints, they are the ones that control major range of motion, and support the skeletal structure. Plus, unlike hinge joints – our fingers for example – ball joints allow us to move in more than one direction. Our ball joints allow us to pivot and rotate, all while being strong enough to bear our weight, or the weight we’re carrying.

Our hips are the largest ball joints in our bodies. So, when our hips – the body’s most important ball joints – don’t move well, nothing moves well. That’s when you want Arthritis Relief Cream . Why?

Because Arthritis Relief Cream is the best topical pain reliever for arthritis hip pain. And here’s why…

Dangerous Temptations

While it’s tempting to reach for an over the counter (OTC) pain killer when pain and stiffness locks up your hips (or any of your joints), it’s not always worth the risk. NSAIDs (such as aspirin and ibuprofen), acetaminophen, and other pain pills come with warnings and side effects lists that seem to be miles long.

You have to think about what other medications you’re taking, be aware of overdoses and interactions. You have to worry about what other problems these OTC pain killers could cause, and balance those risks with just how effective they may – or may not – be on your arthritis hip pain. Plus, if your hips lock or stiffen before it’s time to take another dose, there’s almost nothing you can do.

Big Arthritis Hip Pain Requires Big Relief

A topical pain reliever can be the solution you’re looking for, especially one that uses the active ingredient, menthol, and uses it in the right amount. Menthol is a powerful counterirritant that “distracts” the body with a cooling sensation, and offers penetrating relief to your hips and shoulders. One of the few topical pain relieving active ingredients that has been proven to work against pain, menthol has been recognized as a safe alternative to pain pills for years.

So what can make menthol even more effective on your arthritis hip pain? When it is paired with the right other ingredients. Oils and other natural products that provide support to the menthol, making it easier and faster for your body to absorb – which gets the pain relieving menthol to the source of your pain even sooner.

And that formula is what makes Arthritis Relief Cream topical pain reliever perfect for arthritis hip pain. Arthritis Relief Cream goes to work on contact. No need for anything to build up in your system before you can walk or move comfortably again. The cool tingle starts making you feel better immediately, the oils and natural compounds speed the relief to your joints, and in as little as 30 minutes the pain is relieved  – and can stay  that way for hours! Try getting that result with an NSAID or acetaminophen.

If you’re tired of arthritis hip pain, or even just stiffness, take a few minutes to watch this brief presentation. You’ll see why Arthritis Relief Cream is the best topical pain reliever for arthritis hip pain.

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