It's the bane of many a teenager's existence. And for many unlucky adults it continues to plague their grown-up years too.

I'm talking about acne.

And, unfortunately, many of the solutions that mainstream medicine offers are not only less than effective... some of them can be downright harsh, with side effects that are almost worse than the bumps and lumps of the acne they're supposed to be curing.

But now researchers from Leeds Metropolitan University say they have stumbled upon an all-natural acne solution that may perform better than prescription creams. They tested thyme, marigold, and myrrh tinctures on acne ranging from mild spots to raised pus-filled cysts. While all three herbal preparations were able to kill the bacterium within five minutes, thyme was by far the fastest.

As an added bonus, they found that the thyme tincture had a stronger antibacterial effect than the active ingredient found in most acne-fighting creams and washes... benzoyl peroxide.

While the researchers are busy making plans to do more research, if you... or a loved one... is suffering with acne, and don't want to wait for more studies to be completed, try consulting a naturopathic doctor or an herbalist to start reaping the benefits of nature's acne fighter today.