Foods that Cause Constipation6 Foods That Cause Constipation

As you age, natural changes  in your body can cause regularity issues.

But did you know there are some surprising foods that cause constipation?

Since your body is already working differently to digest food and keep you regular, make sure you give it all the help you can by limiting these 6 foods that can cause constipation.

1) Bananas. Like I said, some of the foods that cause constipation can be surprising! Bananas are interesting because when they are very ripe, they can help ease constipation. But the key is that they have to be very ripe. Bananas that are still green, or even simply under-ripe, can cause constipation. The problem is that under-ripe bananas are full of starch, which is difficult to digest. Plus, they have more pectin than ripe bananas, which draws moisture out of the intestines, exacerbating the situation

2) Chocolate. As much as this one pains me, it’s true – chocolate is a food that causes constipation when eaten in too large amounts. The high levels of fat in chocolate can cause digestion to slow down. However, since dark chocolate is also good for your heart , consider eating it in moderation if it isn’t causing you too many digestive problems

3) Dairy. Especially high or full fat dairy. Between the high fat content that slows down digestion, and the low fiber levels that don’t aid in regularity, most dairy products can cause constipation. If you are lactose intolerant, it can be even worse, so take that into consideration before you eat any dairy, even the low-fat kinds

4) Fried foods. Fried and heavily battered foods cause constipation for a few reasons. From chips to fried fish, the heavy grease slows down your digestive system. And most fried foods are low in fiber, so you can’t depend on fiber to help counter the effects of the grease

5) Processed foods. As with fried foods, processed foods like frozen dinners can cause constipation because they tend to be high fat and low fiber. Also, your digestive system needs water to help move things along. Since processed foods have so much salt in them, they can be dehydrating, which affects regularity, too

6) Red meat. Have you noticed that high fat, low fiber foods cause constipation? That holds true with red meat, as well. Plus, because red meat has protein fibers which are harder for the body to digest, it stays in your system longer – and that can contribute to discomfort, as well as constipation.

Using Diet to Avoid Constipation

So what are you supposed to do? In a perfect world, you would never be constipated – but we don’t live in an ideal world and sometimes foods do cause issues. Luckily, they are relatively easy to correct.

Fill up on fiber. Eat plenty of fruits – dried or fresh – and vegetables. When you’re indulging in a food that causes constipation, like steak perhaps, be sure to have side dishes that have plenty of fiber like a baked potato, sweet potato, or steamed broccoli. Start your morning with a high fiber cereal such as oatmeal.

Stay hydrated. Plain old water can help keep your regular. Not only does your digestive tract require hydration to keep it healthy and active, but dehydration can make stools harder to pass. So make sure you get 8 glasses of water a day if you’ve been struggling with foods causing constipation.

And if you still need something extra, add BenVia Gold chia to your daily routine. The average adult only gets 15 g of fiber in their diet per day. But women should be getting 25 g of fiber per day, and men should be getting 38. That’s why adding BenVia Gold is an important step to maintain regularity.

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Sure, there are foods that cause constipation. But there are foods that can help keep you regular, too – like BenVia Gold chia. Whole seed or ground, it’s your secret to making any food a high fiber food!
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