The New York Times is out with a big exposé… and who do you think they’re going up against?

They’re not going after crooked politicians…

They’re not taking down corrupt business for stealing your hard-earned dough…

And they’re not attacking Big Pharma for selling poison pills to desperate American patients.


They’re going after your vitamins!

They’re attacking the supplements many seniors DEPEND on to help enhance memory and prevent dementia.

And that means by extension… they’re going after YOU!

But don’t quit your vitamins just yet, my friend.

There’s something missing from this latest report…

And I’ve got a word to the wise as to what it is.

The FORBIDDEN secrets to ENHANCING your memory

The report in the Times is a finger-wag right in the face of millions of Americans… AND the growing number of doctors… who recognize the importance of supplements for memory protection.

It says “very smart and well-intentioned people” have essentially been DUPED…

Because NONE of it works???

It CLAIMS you’re wasting time and money… and giving yourself false hope when there’s none.

In reality, the “studies” cited by the Times have a long history of being highly suspect.

So, let me sort fact from fiction on this – because the only thing that’s playing you for a sucker is the Times.

The report’s three “brain busts” are actually some of the biggest brain BOOSTERS around.

First, the Times claims ginkgo biloba won’t do a thing for your thinker.

But ginkgo is a potent circulation-booster that can open up blood vessels, allowing blood to rush through your body to deliver oxygen and nutrients.

And it’s especially good at delivering oxygen to your brain.

Your brain is just 2 to 3% of your body by weight… but sucks up around 20% of all your oxygen.

When it gets what it needs, it works better – which is why studies show this stuff DOES help with memory.

Second, the Times trashes fish oil for a completely different reason -- arguing it won’t help protect your heart, so you’re wasting money on it.

Yep. They just flat-out ignored a major study last year that found 1 gram per day can cut the risk of a heart attack by up to 40%... and fatal heart attack in half.

A 2015 study found that same 1 gram per day enhanced memory in older adults – because your brain also needs the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil.

Third, we’ve got testosterone.

The mainstream just LOVES knocking hormones… so OF COURSE the Times joined in.

But men and women alike – especially older folks – are usually running low in essential hormones. Older guys in particular often need a little testosterone boost for memory and more.

Some guys need actual testosterone therapy…

While others could use a little pregnenolone, which the body converts to other hormones as needed including testosterone.

To get the complete picture of your hormone health… including what you need and how to get it… make an appointment to see a naturopathic doc.

A few quick tests can get it all sorted out.


In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen