Imagine attacking a dog for NOT being cat… slamming a book for NOT being a record…

Or hating your food for NOT being clothes…

Nuts, right???

Of course it is. Yet that’s the nutty new hit job on supplements from the mainstream!

They’re attacking 2 of America’s favorite nutrients for FAILING to do something they weren’t really meant to do anyway.

And here’s what makes this downright INSANE

These AREN’T “exotic” compounds taken by quacks and weirdos.

These are nutrients we ALL need… but MOST aren’t getting.


The mainstream SHOULD be urging everyone to step it up.

Instead, they’re working overtime to make you feel like a dummy for even CONSIDERING them.

So, let me tell you why you should IGNORE the hype… and ENSURE good nutrition.

And I’ll even share a way to take care of the issue at the heart of the new study on atrial fibrillation (a.k.a. afib).

Your TOP 2 supplements… are UNDER ATTACK!

Off the top of my head, I can rattle off about A DOZEN reasons to take fish oil… and even MORE for vitamin D.

But preventing afib wouldn’t be ANYWHERE on that list.

Heck, most people don’t waste a moment worrying about afib until they actually get it (which is a mistake – but more on that shortly).

Yet the new study focuses on that issue… and that issue alone… for D and omega-3s.

Not TREATING it, mind you.


Low to moderate-ish doses of 840mg of omega-3s don’t seem to matter… and a moderate daily D dose of 2,000 IU didn’t make a difference either.

OK so far, so boring.

But then this really takes a twisted turn – because the journal that published the study also printed an editorial claiming your fish oil could actually CAUSE atrial fibrillation.

Did the study make this link?


Yet the editorial tells docs to warn patients who take fish oil about this risk… and even test and monitor them for afib.

Picture that out in real-world practice. You hop into the clinic, healthy as can be… and when your doc asks about supplements, you tell him you’re taking a little fish oil.

Next thing you know, he’s ripping open your gown, hooking up the electrodes and testing your heart for this scary, scary risk.

How many people will keep taking fish oil after THAT???

Here’s the reality…

Some other studies DID make that link… but ONLY in people given VERY HIGH doses of “prescription” drug-company omega-3s. We’re talking 4 grams a day of Big Pharma’s mad science – NOT the 1-2 grams a day of normal, natural fish oil most people take.

So, based on this new “warning” from the mainstream… I’ve got 2 steps that everyone concerned about cardiovascular health should take.

  1. IGNORE this claptrap and keep taking your fish oil and vitamin D, which are critical to dozens if not hundreds of functions in your body. The fish oil is a natural inflammation-fighter than can protect blood vessels, brain function and more; the D also helps with bone, blood vessels and immune function, just to name a few
  2. PAY MORE ATTENTION to the risk of afib, not just after you get it, as it’s the nation’s top heart rhythm disorder.

There is one natural ingredient that may go a LONG way toward afib prevention: magnesium.

Low magnesium has been consistently linked to atrial fibrillation…

And odds are, you’re low.

Some 70 to 80% of seniors fall short.

About 500-800 mg a day hits the sweet spot for most folks.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen