A new Australian study found that watching TV shortens your time here on Earth.In fact, scientists from the University of Queensland studied TV habits for 11,000 adults. They found that watching just ONE HOUR of TV could shorten your life by almost 22 minutes.

The problem isn't really the TV...it's the fact that you're sitting in your favorite armchair watching TV. This lack of activity promotes weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease. In fact, the researchers determined watching just
ONE HOUR of TV is as bad for your health as smoking two cigarettes a day.

On the other hand...

Another large study found that doing just 15 minutes of exercise could add three years to your life. Taiwanese researchers determined this by monitoring more than 400,000 adults for 13 years. And we're not talking about heavy running or major workouts. The research showed that "moderate" exercise, such as brisk walking, is all you need.

So before breakfast tomorrow, squeeze in a 15 minute walk. Just try to get your heart rate up. This alone -- done consistently -- will add years to your life!