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  1. Is your health being quietly UNDERMINED... by your own drugs? [You betcha!]

    It could be the EASIEST way yet to improve your health...

    And it's something NO conventional doctor in the world will acknowledge.

    Not yet, anyway.

    They HATE this one, my friend... because it doesn't just mean ADMITTING there's a PROBLEM.

    It means they have to admit they were WRONG.

    Most docs would rather hang themselves by their own stethoscopes than do that!

    But new research, just out, shows how just about ALL of them are making a big mistake -- and not just every now and again.

    They've done it millions of times! 

    Because right now... at this very moment... millions of Americans are on drugs they shouldn't be taking.

    Many of the drugs people take... maybe even you... aren't to treat a condition you have.

    They're to treat a condition CAUSED by another drug!

    And nowhere is that TRUER than with blood pressure meds.

    QUIT these meds... for an INSTANT health boost

    New research finds that 20% of all adults... including 1 in 4 women, and 1 in 7 men... are caught in a vicious cycle.

    They're getting TREATED for high blood pressure... while they're TAKING meds known to CAUSE high blood pressure!

    Yes, many of these people are unwittingly taking drugs to deal with the effects of their OTHER drugs.

    In fact, many of these folks WOULD NOT HAVE hypertension if not for those medications secretly causing it.

    Simply QUITTING those drugs would allow 2.2 million Americans to also DITCH their BP meds.

    The WORST part of this whole thing is this...

    You almost certainly NEVER needed that original drug in the first place!

    That means this problem is also a golden opportunity to eliminate 2 bad meds... with 1 swift motion.

    You gotta get rid of the med causing your BP to rise.

    Because if your BP comes back down to normal (as it should)... you can toss that BP-lowering drug in the trash, too.

    In the new study, the lion's share of the BP-elevating meds breaks down into 2 categories.

    Fortunately, each one has a safer option that WON'T cause blood pressure to rise.

    1. ANTIDEPRESSANTS, which are taken by nearly 10% of folks treated for hypertension. The better option here is curcumin, which has proven to be as effective as the most popular antidepressants in the world. And it could also IMPROVE blood flow... instead of increasing blood pressure.

    2. PAINKILLERS, which 8% of patients taking BP meds are taking. For this issue, start with that very same curcumin... which is also a potent natural anti-inflammatory... and/or other nondrug treatments including bromelain, boswellia, capsaicin, MSM, DMSO, etc.

    And don't forget the power of non-drug, non-supplement options as well.

    Chiropractic therapy... acupuncture... massage therapy... physical therapy... and more have all worked wonders for millions with pain AND mood issues.

    In Your Corner,
    Dr. Allan Spreen

    P.S. If you're an older gal, your conventional doc might try to PUSH hypertension meds on you... and for the SILLIEST reason! To find out how to DODGE this bullet, just click right here.

  2. [BUSTED!] Shadowy conspiracy BLOCKING Alzheimer's breakthroughs?

    Alzheimer's is one of the most HOPELESS conditions out there.

    People BEAT cancer. They SURVIVE a stroke.

    Some even BOUNCE BACK after a heart attack… and in better shape than ever!

    But not dementia.

    For most, it's like being sucked slowly into a black hole – one you'll never come back out of, as your family and loved ones watch in horror.

    Now, a new report exposes WHY so many efforts are FUTILE in improving Alzheimer's patients' conditions

    Despite DECADES of research!

    This report SUPPOSEDLY comes as a big shock to longtime medical insiders and observers.

    Yeah, right.

    But this is SO WILD… many people will find it hard to believe.

    And now it's time for you to decide for yourself.

     The REAL reason there's NO CURE for Alzheimer's

    There's a group of insiders in the medical industry that's CONTROLLING the "Alzheimer's agenda."

    These folks are actively working to SHUT DOWN some of the most promising efforts to treat, beat, slow, reverse or cure Alzheimer's disease!

    Think I'm being paranoid?

    According to STAT -- a very mainstream website dedicated to news on medical research -- several scientists described those who are pulling the string as "a cabal."

    This cabal decides what gets funded… and what DOESN'T.

    STAT reports that this cabal is ACTIVELY BLOCKING research into anything that doesn't fit their dogma.

    They even control WHO GETS TO SPEAK at scientific events!

    And that's the reason there's NO TREATMENT that can slow, stop or even prevent this disease.

    Apparently, some scientists are quietly rebelling against this "stifling" atmosphere – off the record, of course.

    The cabal backs one theory and one theory only…

    That the beta-amyloid plaques that appear in the brains of Alzheimer's patients hold the key to REVERSING the disease.

    But that's increasingly looking like a MISTAKE… or at the very least only PART of the picture.

    Because while the industry has since developed drugs that target those plaques… NOT ONE OF THEM has improved the disease!

    And in the meantime, researchers haven't been able to focus on some of the OTHER potential causes!

    Take the viral theory, for starters.

    Scientists have found that certain infections… especially chronic ones… can lead to dementia at least some of the time.

    All the way back in 1991, scientists found the herpes simplex 1 virus – the cold sores one – in the brains of people with Alzheimer's.

    Last year, researchers discovered that people with a history of the infection had 2.6X the risk of Alzheimer's… but that treating it with antivirals brought the odds right back down.

    Then there's the bacterial theory.

    Several of the germs in the mouth… especially the ones behind tooth decay and gum disease… can get inside the body via bleeding gums and raise all kinds of havoc including heart attack, stroke, cancer, and dementia.

    In one study, an enzyme made by theP. gingivalis bacteria behind gum disease was found in 99% of the brains of people who died of Alzheimer's.

    Those "bad bugs" are ON TOP OF poisons in food, air, and water that can accumulate in the brain…

    And cause severe memory loss and all the symptoms we call "dementia."

    We know from animal studies and anecdotal human evidence that certain detoxifying treatments like chelation can make a HUGE difference.

    But guess what they're not studying?

    That's right.

    Thank your local cabal for that.

    Everything from inflammation to immune function could also play a role in Alzheimer's, according to "forbidden" research.

    My guess is when this all shakes out… they'll discover that Alzheimer's isn't one disease any more than cancer is one disease.

    It's MANY diseases… with MANY potential forms and causes

    And the longer it takes to accept that… the longer it'll be before American seniors get the TRUE help they deserve.

    But that doesn't mean you have to be a victim of this ugly form of industry politics.

    There's no surefire treatment that works in ALL cases… but I think there's evidence for some excellent places to start…

    • DIAL DOWN as many meds as possible
    • ELIMINATE all sources of toxins in diet (meaning ZERO processed foods)
    • RESTRICT carbohydrates, and
    • SUPPORT brain health with supplements of ginkgo biloba, phosphatidylserine, high-dose intravenous vitamin C, NAC, ALA, etc.

    Work closely with a naturopathic physician who can also help discover underlying causes…

    Including "false" dementias such as chronic Lyme…

    And can customize a personalized approach that's best for you.

    In Your Corner,
    Dr. Allan Spreen

  3. Could these common BP drugs give you CANCER? [Terrifying!]

    It happens every year, right around Memorial Day (which is a little over a week away). Just when you're getting ready to plan some fun in the sun… the nags come out in force with their tiresome warnings. DON'T GO OUT!!!! YOU'LL GET CANCER!!! And if you DO go out… they want you to baste yourself in so much sticky...
  4. [WHOOPS!] Docs are giving UTI patients the WRONG MEDS!

    Ladies, it's a classic case of insult after injury. Because when you go to your doc for that "down there" pain… when you have yet ANOTHER urinary tract infection… You're NOT being given the best-of-the-best treatment. In many cases, you might be getting the LAZIEST option possible – just to get you out of the clinic faster! New research exposes...
  5. Loved one with dementia? Watch for this DRUG NIGHTMARE!

    You think it’s the disease – and there’s NOTHING you can do as you watch a loved one with dementia suddenly and rapidly decline. Sometimes, it happens before your eyes in a matter of weeks… or even days. But new research reveals the TRUE CULPRIT in many cases -- and it’s NOT always the disease. It’s the TREATMENT!   The problem...
  6. REAL relief from fibromyalgia pain and fatigue [FINALLY!]

    Want to read your doctor’s mind? Just read his prescription pad! If he gives you an antibiotic… there’s a good chance he has NO IDEA what’s wrong but is hoping it goes away in a few days. If he gives you a painkiller… he’s saying he can’t actually FIX the pain… but, again, is just biding time to see if...
  7. Is this the NEXT pandemic? [Here’s how to BEAT it!]

    They fill our heads every single day with DOOM… GLOOM… FEAR… and DESTRUCTION. And if you listen to the manipulative politicians and their lapdogs in the media… NONE of it EVER gets any better! They want us COWERING in fear… so we OBEY their endless nonsensical commands. Well, friend, new research reveals the TRUE toll of a nation on constant...
  8. Top 2 supplements… UNDER ATTACK by mainstream [Again!]

    Imagine attacking a dog for NOT being cat… slamming a book for NOT being a record… Or hating your food for NOT being clothes… Nuts, right??? Of course it is. Yet that’s the nutty new hit job on supplements from the mainstream! They’re attacking 2 of America’s favorite nutrients for FAILING to do something they weren’t really meant to do...
  9. BEAT post-cancer pain… WITHOUT a painkiller!

    I don’t think there’s ANYONE on the planet pushed through more misery than cancer patients. They’re manipulated… sickened… beaten down… and outright abused. And I can say one thing for sure after over 4 decades in medicine… It’s NOT because of the disease! It’s the mainstream treatments for it… And how cancer docs treat their patients like walking ATMs. Cancer...
  10. [URGENT] How QUITTING an opioid could WRECK your health

    They rushed to get you ON the painkillers… and now they’re rushing to get you OFF. And in both cases, they’re not only WRONG… They’re leading to TRAGIC consequences for America’s seniors, who are caught in the middle of an increasingly BIZARRE and totally UNSCIENTIFIC approach to pain. Yes, friend, this one’s about the opioid drugs that have sucked the...
  11. [New Report] The danger that’s hiding in your own medicine chest!

    The establishment will NEVER miss a chance to threaten… cajole… and manipulate the masses when it comes to vitamins, supplements, and other natural therapies. The media dials up the fear factor… Mainstream doctors warn against them… And the feds issue nonsensical threats over them. But a new analysis of calls and cases from the American Association of Poison Control Centers...
  12. [WARNING] Rheumatoid drug linked to FRIGHTENING new risks

    Baseball season’s almost here… and this pandemic stuff has officials messing with the rules. They’re switching up everything from where players can stand to the length of the games. But there’s one rule they’ll NEVER touch… Three strikes, and yer OUT. If only it were that simple when it comes bad drugs! There’s a new warning for a multibillion-dollar drug...
  13. What new medical paperwork might REALLY mean for you [A closer look]

    You doctor may not have changed. His office may be in the same place. You might have the same struggles with parking… the same old magazines in the waiting room… and the same reception staff waiting to greet you. But next time you walk in, they could hit you with something VERY different. They may call it a “new form”...
  14. [WATCH OUT, ladies!] BP meds get silly new push

    I’m not the most “politically correct” guy in the world… But I can see when women are being EXPLOITED… USED… and outright ABUSED… And all for the sake of an agenda. Ladies, it’s about to happen again. Because right now, the medical mainstream is HATCHING a plot to manipulate millions of women into taking meds most of them DON’T want...
  15. [Game-changer?] Big Pharma may not be THRILLED about new cancer research

    There’s nothing in this world more profitable than cancer. And if you don’t believe me… watch what happens whenever someone finds a cheap option. They’ll run you outta town on a rail! Just look at the pioneers of natural cancer therapies. They’ve been MOCKED… SUED… SHUT DOWN… and even CHASED right out of the country. Well, friend, you gotta wonder...
  16. Did you get the WRONG DRUG by accident? Here’s how to tell!

    Well, here’s one heckuva MIXUP for ya. Two very different kinds of medications were recently RECALLED… And unlike the OTHER recalls lately… it’s not because they were CONTAMINATED. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. It’s because they were the WRONG med! And I gotta warn you before you go any further. As serious as this is… as DANGEROUS as it...
  17. CANCER SCARE: Diabetes drug recalled for contamination!

    It’s not paranoia, friend… They really ARE trying to poison ya! Some of today’s top meds are TOXIC… even when they’re made PERFECTLY and taken CORRECTLY. But guess what? They’re NOT being made perfectly. And as the industry cuts corners to raise profits… there’s some nasty junk getting in the mix. And this is a whole lot worse than finding...
  18. New DISASTER drug combo promoted in BOGUS study

    If juggling daggers ain’t thrilling enough for ya… If Russian roulette looks TOO easy… And if picking fights with mobsters just doesn’t quite get your adrenaline flowing… Then the drug industry is cooking up something extra special, just for you. It’s a heart drug that can give you the thrill of so many risks at once – because it’s not...
  19. Losing your hair… and confidence? Whatever you do, DON’T try this!

    Guys, I get it. Losing your hair feels like losing your youth. And when it happens, you worry about what you might lose next! It could be your strength… your memory… or your ability to “do it” in the bedroom. So, I understand why a lot of men will try just about ANYTHING to keep the old fur from falling...
  20. [Lockdown Alert] There’s a DARK SIDE to getting meds by mail!

    You know what happens when you try to ship someone a sweet treat. It’ll arrive some combination of banged-up, battered, moldy, stale, eaten, beaten… and just plain MISTREATED. That’s how the cookie crumbles… but not just when it comes to gifts. Your MEDS are getting that same abuse! They’re not just getting kicked around, either. New research shows they’re being...