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  1. Surgery in your future? Watch for this HIDDEN danger!

    If you STRUGGLE after surgery… you know who gets the blame, right?

    Not the hospital or the surgeon or anyone else involved in the procedure.

    Nope – they blame YOU!

    YOU were too sick… too weak… too old!

    Well, friend, new research reveals the TRUE cause for one of the worst possible outcomes after surgery – one many people would argue is worse than death itself.

    That’s the rapid cognitive decline and then dementia that often follows.

    It’s not YOUR fault… at all!

    What IS at fault is one of the most common medications used during surgery.

    But I’ve got what they don’t -- and that’s a way to bring this risk back down, even if you absolutely need to have that operation.

    The TRUE toll of anesthesia

    I’m talking about sevoflurane – a common anesthetic drug used during surgery.

    The new study finds that it essentially causes tau to leak out of neurons and into the brain’s immune cells, called microglia.

    They’re not prepared for that tau invasion… so they respond the way cells often do when they’re thrown onto the defensive.

    They CRANK OUT inflammation!

    That inflammation, in turn, then drives cognitive impairment.

    And, of course, all that tau running loose in there isn’t doing you any favors in PROTECTING you against dementia.

    Next thing you know, it’s “Animal House” in your brain.

    That helps explain why we’ve seen this link so often before…

    Like a 2014 study that found patients who have surgery with anesthesia face up to DOUBLE the dementia risk in the 3-7 years that follow.

    Yet they’ll blame YOU and YOUR AGE for those cognitive problems.

    The nerve!

    You DON’T have to put up with this or any other risk linked to sevoflurane or other anesthetics…

    Because I’ve got 3 tips for anyone about to go under the knife:

    1. SKIP the surgery: Studies find that absurd numbers of common operations – elective procedures in particular – are totally unnecessary, especially for seniors. And some of the most common ops, ranging from meniscus to spinal fusion, seem to exist to score quick cash… NOT to improve lives. So, always do some homework before any operation… and get a second opinion.
    2. STAND UP TO your anesthesiologist: These guys like to think of themselves as the REAL “Dr. Feelgood,” because their entire job is to ensure you don’t feel a thing during surgery. Some of them will give you enough juice to knock out a moose! Tell him you want the lowest effective dose for the shortest possible period… and you REALLY don’t want sevoflurane if it can be avoided.
    3. DETOX, DETOX, DETOX: If you do need surgery, realize it’s not over when they zip you up and you wake up. It’s not even over when you leave the clinic. You need to take QUICK ACTION once you’re home to detoxify and help purge your body of the damage cause by both the drugs – especially anesthesia – and the chemicals released by your own body in response to surgery.

    For that third tip I just mentioned, one option is an all-natural compound called Robuvit. In a study of hysterectomy patients, for example, this patented French oak extract helped fight oxidative stress and free radical damage.

    And this natural antioxidant has shown cognitive benefits in plenty of studies, too.

    Other than that, just eat rightsleep well… and get on your feet as soon as you’re able…

    And you’ll feel like yourself again in no time.

    In Your Corner,
    Dr. Allan Spreen

    P.S. Going in for a joint replacement? You’ll want to know about THIS scary risk.

  2. New drug research STALLED… only AFTER getting the green light?!

    Remember how I recently shared with you the UGLY truth about the OVERHYPED Alzheimer’s drug approved over the summer?

    It FLUNKED the studies that were supposed to “prove” it worked.

    But the company behind it pulled some last-minute shenanigans to get the feds to APPROVE it anyway – AGAINST the advice of the agency’s own experts.

    The only condition? They just have to KEEP studying it to show it works.

    That could take YEARS. Meanwhile, every desperate patient who tries this drug is essentially being treated as a lab rat!

    It’s hardly the FIRST case of this.

    A new report finds the FDA has given quick approval to DOZENS of drugs

    With little to no evidence.

    The SLOW walk… after FAST approval

    A new report looks at 253 drugs authorized via the FDA’s accelerated approval program… all of which are SUPPOSED to remain under study to prove they actually deliver.

    But the report in The BMJ finds 112 of them still HAVEN’T been proven effective.

    And that’s not even the SCARIEST number here.

    Are you sitting down?

    There are 24 STILL-UNPROVEN meds that were approved through this system MORE THAN 5 YEARS AGO.

    Six of ’em have had SOME kind of outcome – withdrawn, approved, or postponed – but the rest NEVER put up the proof.

    The companies behind a dozen of the drugs didn’t even bother answering questions from The BMJ.

    Of the 6 left, 4 were still in the “patient recruitment” phase of their trials… and 2 were still “in discussion” with the FDA about the trials they say they PLAN to run.

    Yeah, I’m betting they’re just gonna milk this out for years and years… and hope NO ONE NOTICES!

    If that’s not the SUREST sign that drug company execs and the feds have nothing but COMPLETE CONTEMPT for the rest of us… I don’t know what is.

    You gotta take matters into your own hands. When a doc prescribes a new med, don’t just take it.

    Talk to him.

    Find out…

    • WHAT it is
    • WHAT it does
    • HOW it works
    • WHAT the risks are, and
    • WHAT evidence they have for it.

    Most importantly, ask if it’s been through the FULL process… or if it’s STUCK somewhere along the way. 

    I’m not gonna tell you whether to take it or not take it.

    That’s up to YOU.

    The important thing is that you KNOW… so that you can make the best possible decision for your health…

    And not what’s best for some greedy drug boss.

    In Your Corner,
    Dr. Allan Spreen

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