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6 Quick and Fun Exercises to Improve Your Spinal Health

health spinalHow often do you think about spinal health? Never, right?

That’s probably your answer – but it may not be entirely true.

Because if you think about posture, you’re thinking about spinal health, if you realize it or not!

Keeping your spine long, straight, strong, and flexible – in other words, maintaining good posture – really is the same thing as taking care of spinal health.

Standing tall and sitting up straight are perfect first steps to proper posture, but if you aren’t doing exercises as well then you aren’t doing everything you can to take care of your spinal health.

Which is why we’ve come up with these six exercises to help improve spinal health. Continue reading…

How to Avoid These 9 Dangerous Effects of Stress on the Brain

stress on the brain effects

stress on the brain effects

You’re stressed. These days, it’s hard not to be.

And you know stress is bad for your heart, your mood, your sleep, probably even your relationships.

Well, here’s one more reason to focus on relaxing – to avoid these dangerous effects of stress on your brain.

From structural changes to emotional ones, the effects of stress on the brain are as life-changing as any other response to stress, yet people pay less attention to them.

Well, we’re going to shine a light on the effects of stress on your brain so that you can recognize what’s going on and, more importantly, how to change it! Continue reading…

7 Reasons Why You Should Eliminate Sugar For Good

sugar eliminateFor many people trying to lose weight, a good first step is to reduce or eliminate sugar from their diets.

But what if you aren’t trying to lose weight?

What if you’re just trying to live the healthiest life you can live?

The answer is simple – it’s STILL time to eliminate sugar from your diet!

Because sugar contributes to so many more health problems than just obesity. Continue reading…

Living With Psoriasis: How to Treat Your Skin Naturally and Avoid Flare-Ups

psoriasis living withLiving with psoriasis can be a roller coaster.

Flare-ups can last months – and then it can just clear up on its own.

You may feel fine one day, and have a flare-up the very next one, with no warning.

When you get frustrated, it’s important to remember these two facts:

1. While there is no cure, there are treatments that can help.

2. While a flare-up may sometimes appear out of nowhere, there are triggers, as well. Once you identify your triggers, living with psoriasis can become easier. Continue reading…

Avoiding Sunlight Could Hurt Your Health: 7 Benefits of Sunlight

Maybe you’ve wised up over the years.

Or maybe it only took one good sunburn to teach you a lesson.

Either way, you’re probably spending little to no time at all in the sun any longer.

Because the benefits of sunlight just don’t outweigh the dangers.

Except…  what if that’s not completely true?

What if there are benefits of sunlight that you’re missing by staying out of the sun so religiously?

Because that’s what we’re here to discuss today.

The ways you’re actually harming yourself, not helping, by avoiding the sun completely – and just what you can do about it! Continue reading…

What Low Oxygen Could Mean For Your Sex Life

oxygen lowHere’s what you know…

Your sex life isn’t quite what you’d like it to be these days.

Here’s what you don’t know…


You’re eating right, getting exercise, and goodness knows she’s still sexy so desire isn’t the problem.

Here’s what you may not know: there are many unexpected reasons your sex life might be falling off, like low oxygen levels or how you’re getting your exercise.

So let’s look at low oxygen and four other unexpected changes you can make that might bring your sex life back up where you – and she – want it! Continue reading…

Ways Bad Furniture Can Implicate Your Health

furniture bad Hips ache. Muscles cramp. Joints throb. And you just don’t understand why.

You’re active, you eat right, you sleep well. It doesn’t make sense. Unless…

Unless you have the wrong furniture.

That’s right – bad furniture can negatively impact your health.

Go ahead and laugh. It does seem ridiculous, and we admit it.

But that’s part of the issue – bad furniture being a health concern does seem unthinkable, so people don’t think about it.

And they get sicker and more uncomfortable. So maybe it’s worth reading more… Continue reading…

Can Sitting All Day Shorten Your Life?

all day sittingYou’ve heard the back and forth – one side says sitting all day is the modern equivalent of smoking.

The other side says it’s not that bad, and anyway, standing has its own drawbacks.

What’s the truth? Just how bad is sitting all day? What can you do to counteract its effects?

In this article, we’re going to take a hard, honest look at what sitting all day really does to your body, and what it means to you.

Continue reading…

How to Balance Your Hormones for Better Skin

hormones balance yourWe all know that teenagers deal with skin problems. Acne, dryness, oiliness, all of it.

But not many of us realize that the reason teenagers are dealing with skin problems is actually the same for mature people dealing with skin issues.

The underlying cause isn’t too much chocolate – it’s hormones.

Just as teenagers are dealing with hormonal fluctuations, mature adults are as well.

Which is why you could have had clear skin for decades, only to now be feeling like you’re 16 again.

There’s good news, though. If you balance your hormones, you can have better skin!

And want even better news? You don’t have to go through any scary hormone replacement therapy to balance your hormones. You can balance hormones and get better skin simply by eating the right foods.

Continue reading…

The Effects of Menopause on Your Joints

menopause effects ofThe odds are good that you are well aware of the effects of menopause.

The hot flashes, the mood swings, the change in libido, as well as the physical changes.

But you may not have connected that ache you’ve started feeling in your joints with going through menopause.

Or worse, maybe you have thought achy joints were an effect of menopause and have been told you were crazy.

Either way, the fact is that discomfort in your joints really can be a part of going through menopause.

Continue reading…

The Ultimate Guide to Treating Joint Instability

instability jointsMost of the conversation about joint health is focused on arthritis, and that’s appropriate.

But it also means that joint instability doesn’t get much attention – and that’s not appropriate.

Because joint instability can be painful and difficult to live with in its own right.

And surprisingly, joint instability can lead to arthritis.

Instead of complaining about the lack of information about joint instability, we’re going to talk about it. Let’s look at joint instability, why it’s a problem, and what you can do to keep your joints healthy.

Continue reading…

What a Good Night’s Sleep Can Do For Your Libido

sleep good nightsIs your sex life a little lackluster these days?

Worse, are you feeling like it might be your fault?

Not because you don’t find her beautiful and sexy any more.

But because as much as you want to want to have sex, you just…don’t.

If this sounds familiar, there’s one more question.

And it may seem unrelated, but it’s not – when was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?

Never mind a week or a month of good nights – just one really good night’s sleep.

Where you went to bed when you were already sleepy, no tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, only woke once or twice – or maybe not at all – and then felt refreshed and awake when it was time to get up.

If you can’t remember the answer to that question, you may have just found the answer to your first question.

Because something as simple as a good night’s sleep can do wonders for your libido.

Continue reading…

The 12 Shocking Foods That Can Cause a Bad Complexion

You haven’t been a teenager in more years than you may want to admit.

So why does your skin look like you’re a hormonal high schooler?

Or maybe having a bad complexion means something different to you.

Maybe you’re dealing with dullness and fine lines.

Or maybe you’re one of the lucky few who gets to deal with breakouts and wrinkles.

But no matter how many cleansers and toners and lotions you use, your bad complexion only gets so much better – and never as clear and youthful as you’d like it.

The problem may not be how you’re treating your face on the outside, but how you’re treating it from the inside.

Check out these twelve foods that can cause a bad complexion and see if any of these may be the source of your problem…

Continue reading…

How Weight Loss Can Improve Your Sex Life

Weight loss howSex can be awkward to talk about. It can also be awkward to think about.

At the same time, if your sex life isn’t up to par, it’s difficult to think about anything else.

But in all of this thinking and worrying, have you given any thought about how weight loss might help improve your sex life?

Because as unrelated as sex and weight may seem on the surface, if you’re carrying around more weight than you’d like, they can be connected.

Continue reading…

Exercise Your Way to a Healthy Blood Sugar Level

blood sugar level healthyYou know how important it is to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

That’s why you eat right and keep a close eye on your numbers.

But did you realize that exercise can help keep your blood sugar levels healthy and where you want them?

Of course you have to maintain a healthy, appropriate diet.

Nothing can replace your meal plans when it comes to keeping healthy blood sugar levels. But your food choices are only the beginning…

Continue reading…

Get An Energy Boost with These Deep Breathing Techniques

techniques deep breathingSome days, you’re tired from the moment your alarm goes off. Other days, you’re fine until mid-afternoon – and then you’re exhausted.

Or what about the nights you’re dozing off in front of the television, but don’t dare go to sleep this early…

This is when an energy boost would come in handy – and when deep breathing techniques are exactly what you’re looking for.

No caffeine to keep you up into the wee hours of the night. No sugar that will spike your energy but then make you “crash”.

And certainly no scary chemicals that could lead you down a path you want to avoid. Just deep breathing using techniques that rejuvenate and recharge, so you’ve got the energy to get through the day and still sleep at night.

In this article, you’ll get a general overview of deep breathing techniques, how to perform them, and what they will do for you.

We will also explain four very specific deep breathing techniques you can choose from whenever you could use a lift.

Continue reading…

13 Dangers of Botox: Why You Should ALWAYS Avoid It

botox dangers ofYou want to look your best, regardless of your age. The tell-tale fine lines and wrinkles in your mirror can be frustrating.

Especially when you don’t feel any older than you used to. But here’s the truth: the dangers of Botox simply aren’t worth it.

Sure, it’s marketed as “safe”. You’ve been told it’s a quick, easy procedure that can show nearly immediate results.

It’s understandable that you’re tempted. But beyond the marketing, underneath the spin, are the real dangers to Botox.

Dangers that get minimized or swept under the rug, or simply flat out ignored.

Let’s take a real, objective look at the dangers of Botox. Then you can reevaluate just how tempting this so-called “safe” procedure really is.

Continue reading…