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Insomnia: Is it Old Age? Or a Side Effect of Medication

 What Causes InsomniaInsomnia: Is It Old Age? Or A Side Effect of Medication?

All your life, you’ve slept like a baby. 7, 8, maybe even 9 hours a night!

But recently, have you found yourself awake later than you want to be, unable to drift off?

Or are you awake earlier than before, with no hope of getting back to sleep?

So, what causes insomnia? And how do you know if it’s just getting older, or something else?

Insomnia is when you aren’t – when you can’t – get enough sleep. For some people, that may be anything less than 8 hours.  For other people, they may be fine as long as they get 5. But the key is whatever amount of sleep you’re getting, it’s not enough.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • Daytime fatigue
  • Irritability, depression, or anxiety
  • Poor concentration
  • Headaches
  • Or if you’re still tired when you wake up

You could be dealing with insomnia. And maybe it’s just getting older, but maybe not, because some causes of insomnia could surprise you… Continue reading…

What to Watch for When Buying Supplements

Buying SupplementsSupplement Interactions: What to Watch for When Buying Supplements

When most people decide on which supplement to take, they focus on how it can improve their health. And that’s fair.

You’re taking supplements to make you healthier, after all. But supplement interactions with other drugs is important to consider as well.

The last thing you need is for one of the supplements you’re taking to exacerbate another – often entirely unrelated – condition.

In this article, I’m going to talk about some of the most common supplements people take – and the supplement interactions you could be facing.

Astaxanthin – If anyone ever truly finds a fountain of youth, I’d be willing to bet it includes astaxanthin. That’s how amazing this anti-aging supplement is. You’re still going to want to be on the lookout for these supplement interactions, though. If you’re taking blood thinners, blood pressure, or blood sugar medications, talk to your doctor about taking astaxanthin. Because it can lower all of those on its own, it may cause unhealthy drops when combined with medications. It also has the potential to lower serum calcium levels, so use caution taking astaxanthin if you have osteoporosis, or other calcium-related conditions. Continue reading…

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil: Is It Really All That Healthy?

Health Benefits of Coconut OilThe Health Benefits of Coconut Oil: Is It Really All That Healthy?

The health benefits of coconut oil are all over the news these days.

People are raving about it. Except for the people who aren’t – who are saying that the risks outweigh the benefits of coconut oil. So which is it?

Does coconut oil belong in your diet? Or doesn’t it? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference between reality and spin.

So, in this article, we’ll do just that.

Take a look at the health benefits of coconut oil so you can see for yourself if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. Continue reading…

The Best Hair Loss Products for Men

Hair Loss Products for MenThe Best Hair Loss Products for Men

Be honest – how old were you when you started looking for hair loss products for men?

Maybe you were young, and hadn’t hit 30 yet. Or maybe you’ve just started to notice some thinning.

Either way, finding the best hair products for men probably hasn’t been easy, or you wouldn’t be here.

Creams are messy. Surgery can be expensive. Shampoos only do so much. And sprays don’t last. So what are you supposed to do? Watch as your hair fills up your sink – and then suddenly stops because it’s gone? No more settling for products that are messy, only work so well, and don’t even last.

That is definitely not your style.

Which is why we’ve developed Restore FX, gathering 15 of the best hair products for men in one place. For the man who isn’t willing to settle, but only wants the best. Continue reading…

6 Foods That Cause Joint Pain

Foods that Cause Joint Pain6 Foods That Cause Joint Pain

Are your joints still stiff and achy in spite of your research and everything you’ve done?

If so maybe it’s time to stop looking at what you’re doing, and start looking at what you’re eating – because you’re probably eating these 6 foods that cause joint pain.

Now, if you’ve been reading the NorthStar Nutritionals blog for a while, you’ve probably started a light exercise routine.  You watch your posture, and you’ve even changed your mattress.

Yet it still feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle against joint pain and stiffness.

And here’s the reason why – if you’re still eating these foods that can cause joint pain, there’s still more you can do… Continue reading…

Stop Eating These 10 Foods that Give You Cancer

Foods that Cause CancerStop Eating These 10 Foods That Give You Cancer

Most people think about the foods they should eat to stay healthy and cancer-free, but how often do you think about the foods you should stop eating?

The foods that cause cancer – but can easily be avoided.

Good health isn’t just about what you do eat, it’s about what you don’t eat, too.

Take a look at these 10 foods that cause cancer and make sure you aren’t sabotaging your healthy eating habits. Continue reading…

How to Improve Your Blood Sugar Naturally

Lower Blood Sugar NaturallyHow to Improve Your Blood Sugar Naturally

You’re here because you know how important it is to keep your blood sugar at that healthy level.

After all, high blood sugar levels can impact just about every system in your body.

And whether you’re looking to improve your blood sugar naturally, or you simply want to keep it in the healthy range, maintaining your blood sugar has proven to be harder than expected.

The good news is that you really can improve your blood sugar naturally by making some very simple dietary and behavioral changes. And in this article, you’ll see how. Continue reading…

9 Natural Beauty Tips for Your Face

Beauty Tips9 Natural Beauty Tips for Your Face

Your friends don’t think you need beauty tips.

And your husband will always think you’re beautiful – but that’s part of why you want to keep looking your best for him.

We understand – sometimes it doesn’t matter if other people tell you that you still look great.

You know the way your skin has changed. The fine lines that seem to have shown up overnight. Or the glow that isn’t quite as bright any longer, no matter what your friends say.

And while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, having the right beauty tips for your face at your disposal could be the difference between looking ‘okay,’ and looking truly fantastic every morning.

So whether you’re looking to undo some damage caused by sun and time, or if you want to get a head start on looking younger for years to come, these 9 natural beauty tips for your face will help you like what you see in the mirror every day. Continue reading…

5 Strange Reasons Why Your Back Might Hurt

5 Strange Reasons Your Back Hurts (with Easy Solutions for Each)

When you first started asking the question “why does my back hurt?” you probably found the most common causes for lower back pain and upper back pain.

Yet none of those reasons really applied.

Which means you’re still wondering why your back hurts – without any answers and without any idea on where to look next.

Well, I’ve done the searching for you. And I’ve discovered 5 unexpected reasons your back may hurt… Continue reading…

How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain Fast

Treating Lower Back PainHow to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain Fast

By the time you need to know how to relieve back pain fast, you aren’t necessarily looking for long-term solutions.

Losing weight, finding a good massage therapist, and getting into a yoga class are all smart ideas that will probably help your back pain – eventually.

But eventually doesn’t help much when you need to relieve back pain fast, because you’re in pain now.

So let’s look at how you can relieve back pain, fast…

In this article, you’ll discover several easy solutions to relieving your pain in just minutes. Continue reading…

A consumer’s guide to buying supplements

Buying health supplementsIt seems like every time you turn around someone is touting a new breakthrough…or pitching a new product…or telling you to take this pill, or drink this powder.

There are more bottles than you can count on your shelves, or in your medicine cabinet.

Heck, entire stores are devoted just to selling supplements.

It can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve created the NorthStar Nutritionals’ Guide to Buying Supplements – to help you figure out what you need, what you don’t, and how to navigate all the options to find the best choices for you and your health.

This Guide to Buying Supplements has 2 major sections, to better fit your needs.

If you’ve never bought a supplement before, but want to, start with Section 1. In this section, you’ll learn the basics of buying a supplement from identifying what supplement you should be taking, to learning how to test if you’re actually getting anything from your morning pill.

If you are only looking for specific ingredients for some of the most popular conditions, you might want to consider jumping to Section 2. We discuss 5 of the top reasons people take supplements, and what ingredients you should be looking for in order to address them. Continue reading…

Post-Menopause Diet: 6 Changes You Need to Make Now

Post Menopause DietMost women know what a healthy diet looks like when they’re young – but not as many know what a post-menopause diet should look like.

Or even that your diet should change post menopause.

But it makes sense once you think about it.

Everything changes post menopause. So why shouldn’t your dietary needs change, too?

Luckily, a healthy post-menopause diet doesn’t look much different from the healthy diet you’ve been eating up until now.

Just a few easy tweaks… Continue reading…

Nutrition for Older Adults – Getting the Most Out of Your Diet

Nutrition for SeniorsAs you may or may not know, the US government releases new nutritional guidelines every 5 years.

But they can be confusing.

We don’t happen to think that nutrition for seniors changes that much, or that often.

And honestly, nutrition for older adults isn’t that different from healthy nutrition for anyone.

So why make it more complicated than it needs to be?

To keep it easy, we’ve looked at the nutritional guidelines and figured out how you can get the most out of your diet to stay happy, healthy, and strong for years to come. Continue reading…

5 Ways to Improve Your Sexual Performance

Improve Your Sexual PerformanceWhen you look at her, she still makes you feel the same way she did all those years ago.

It’s just your body that responds…well, differently these days.

It’s not as easy to show her how you feel. Or maybe it’s not as satisfying for either one of you as it once was.

But that doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel or resign yourself to a lackluster love life.

We’ve found 5 ways to improve your sexual performance that can have you sweeping her off her feet in no time. Continue reading…

Aspirin Side Effects: Is This Little-Known Pain Reliever a Better Option?

Side Effects of AspirinWhen looking for a pain reliever, it’s easy to just stick with what you know and grab an aspirin.

After all, you may not buy into the idea of using a topical pain reliever.

And you probably don’t know about Soothanol X2 – and the powerful formula gives you virtually instant pain relief in just 2 drops.

But you know aspirin. You know it’s been around since 1899, and that it works well enough. But do you know the side effects of aspirin, too?

A side-by-side comparison of aspirin v Soothanol X2 could look different than you expect… Continue reading…

What is the Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics?

Difference Between Prebiotics and ProbioticsYou’ve heard it…

The recent buzz about prebiotics and probiotics.

But you’re wondering…

What are they, exactly? What’s the difference between prebiotics and probiotics? And why should you be taking them?

In this article, we’ll answer these questions, let you know what you should be taking, and what you should stay away from…

And you’ll finally know the difference between prebiotics and probiotics.

But first, you should know… Continue reading…

Nutrition for Seniors: What Changes as You Age?

Nutrition for SeniorsYou know a lot things change as you age – your body, your hair color – but did you know your nutritional needs change as you age, too?

And that men and women over 50 have different nutritional needs than, say, even 40-year olds?

Well, it’s true. And those needs can change quite drastically. Nutrition for seniors can be very different from the nutrition you could live with in your 20s.

So you need to make sure your diet changes, right along with your needs.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on, why your dietary changes are happening, and what we mean when we talk about “senior nutrition.” Continue reading…

What Causes Lower Back Pain? 4 Hidden Causes and 5 Ways to Fix Them

Causes for Lower Back PainYou know the main reasons for lower back pain – muscle strain, muscle irritation, and arthritis.

And if you know your pain isn’t due to one of those issues, you’re stuck.

All you know is that your back still hurts, but you don’t know why, or how.

And you’re probably wondering what is causing your lower back pain.

Well, you might be surprised…

Keep reading to discover these 4 hidden causes of back pain, and the 5 simple fixes.

Let’s get started with a quick, somewhat personal question… Continue reading…

What’s New in 2015: 5 Healthcare Trends to Watch

2015 Healthcare TrendsEvery year the news is flooded with the latest and greatest health trends.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to tell the unhealthy fads (remember The Grapefruit Diet?) from the health trends that are worth paying attention to.

That’s why we’ve done the research for you and come up with these 5 health trends you should keep an eye on during 2015 – and beyond. Continue reading…