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Why Exercise for Seniors is Vital to Staying Independent

Senior ExerciseYou get plenty of exercise going up and down stairs, playing with the grandchildren, at the grocery store, or in the garden.

Surely you don’t need any more than that, right?

That all counts as exercise for seniors, doesn’t it?

After all, it’s difficult enough to keep up with everything going on in your life. And now you’re expected to save some of your energy for exercise?

Well, not so fast.

Sure. All of those are considered physical activities, and they are very important. Keep doing them!

But they aren’t exercise. And to stay your healthiest, you need both.

First, you should know… Continue reading…

Unhealthy Habits: Vices You Can (and Should!) Embrace

Unhealthy HabitsHave you ever noticed how the people who live the longest, seem to have the most unhealthy habits?

While not a scientific fact, we all have that friend who we look at and say, “How can they keep living like that?”

Well, perhaps it’s because some of the “unhealthy habits” you hear about aren’t unhealthy at all.

And not only that, but these vices can actually help you look younger, feel better, and live longer…than those who abstain completely.

In this article, you’ll discover the 5 “unhealthy” habits you can – and should – embrace.

Here’s number 1… Continue reading…

Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

Tips for Eating HealthyYou’ve read healthy eating tips everywhere.

You’ve heard all the fad diets – cutting carbs, eliminating fats, and the rest of the lot. And you’ve seen the “miracles” revealed on TV – only to find out they don’t work…or they cost an arm and a leg. All designed to work for people in their 20s.

But your dietary needs are different.

As you age, your caloric needs decrease, but your nutritional needs don’t. Finding the balance between a healthy diet and the right amount of food can be a challenge.

Whether you’re trying to put on weight, keep the muscle you have, lose a few stubborn pounds, or simply stay healthy so you feel better…

These 5 healthy eating tips are designed to help you stay healthy and feel your best, bite after bite. Continue reading…

How to Relieve Pain without Medications

Pain Relief without MedicationsWhen you’re frequently in pain – from arthritis, a bad back, an old injury, or any other reason – you probably have a cabinet full of medications.

So many, in fact, that sometimes you think it would be nice to be able to relieve pain without medications. Without having to swallow yet another pill, or keep a close schedule – or risk ending up in pain again.

But you’ve probably been convinced, time and time again, that this is impossible. That you have to relieve your pain with prescribed drugs.

That’s simply not true.

There are ways to relieve pain without medication. And in this article, we’re going to explore several of them. Continue reading…

Stages of Dementia: What Are They? And Should I Be Worried?

Dementia StagesWhenever someone talks about dementia, you get a little scared.

For most people, what’s scary about anything is the unknown. The unknown causes us to question everything…

What’s going to happen to my loved one? Am I going to be okay? Can I take care of them? What happens next?

Or worse. What if it happens to you?

Am I destined to get it? What are the signs of dementia? Is there a way to protect against it?

But for every question, there is an answer. And once you have an answer, things tend to get a little less scary. So we wanted to look at the stages of dementia, help you understand it a little better, and answer some of those questions. Continue reading…

9 Ways to Relieve Pain: Little Known Secrets to Soothe Pain Fast you’ve suffered with pain in your back, neck, joints, hip, or even pain from arthritis…

You’ve probably tried every trick in the book.

From pain pills, to prescription drugs.

You’ve taken advice from your doctor. And you’ve probably even tried to diagnose and treat pain yourself.

Which is perfectly fine. Pain is very tough to get rid of – especially if it’s the type that stays dormant for some time, and flares up every now and then.

And that’s why I’m here to reveal to you the little-known ways to relieve pain. Simple tips and tricks to relieve even your worst pain – in the comfort of your home, and without any more pain pills. Continue reading…

Probiotics in Yogurt: Why You Shouldn’t Eat Yogurt (and try this instead)

Yogurt ProbioticsIf you have digestive problems, you’ve probably been told that the probiotics in yogurt will help ease your discomfort.

And, they’re right. Yogurt can be great for easing digestive issues. After all, it does have probiotics which help clean out your gut.

But for some people the dream of finally relieving digestive pain becomes a nightmare practically overnight.

So, what’s really happening when you eat yogurt? Let’s take a closer look… Continue reading…

Natural Cures for Arthritis: How to Get Rid of Arthritis Pain—Naturally

Natural Cure for ArthritisYou’ve heard the big promises. And you’re wondering, “is there a natural cure for arthritis?”

Unfortunately, the easy and short answer to that question is no. Sadly, there isn’t a natural cure for arthritis (in fact, even Big Pharma will admit it hasn’t found a cure!).

But that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through the pain, stiffness, and discomfort that comes from arthritis, because there are ways to moderate, and control, your arthritis pain – even if there’s no specific, permanent cure.

Before we get into the best ways to ease your arthritis pain naturally, you should know exactly what you’re dealing with. Continue reading…

Fiber Supplements for Weight Loss? Discover the Little-Known Fat Loss Secret

Fiber Supplements for Weight LossWith so many recalls, and warnings, over weight loss supplements, it’s easy to think you have no safe, healthy options out there to help you lose weight.

Luckily, that’s not true.

There are many weight loss supplements available – but one of the most overlooked options is fiber.

It’s a little-known way to help you lose weight – safely, consistently, and quickly.

So, whether you’re looking to knock off 5 pounds, you’re trying to shed some stubborn belly fat, or you have other weight loss goals in mind, you should definitely know about fiber supplements for weight loss. They might be exactly what you’re looking for to take your weight loss efforts to the next level. Continue reading…

Does Coffee Cause Cancer? Busting 7 Common Cancer Myths

Cancer MythsHave you ever noticed that some myths about cancer just don’t go away?

Like the common question I hear almost every week, “will drinking coffee give me cancer?”

They may die down a bit, but inevitably, they resurface with the next generation. I’m sure you’ve heard most of these theories before – and may even believe some yourself.

But, after reading this article, you’ll see that you can do things like drink coffee – safely, and without increasing your risk of cancer.

Today, we’re putting that – and 6 other cancer myths – to rest once and for all. Continue reading…

Exposed: The Dangers of Weight Loss Pills

Weight Loss Pill DangersOver the past few years, you’ve probably noticed weight loss pills becoming a lot more popular.

And, of course – when you’re trying to lose weight – you want every tool available to you.

But some weight loss pills can be more dangerous than they’re worth.

Your goal is to get healthier – not make yourself sick!

But just how sick can a weight loss pill make you?

You’d be surprised… Continue reading…

Joints Ache? Find Out Exactly What to Do for Soothing Relief

Aching JointsStiff…sore…achy…uncomfortable…there are lots of ways to describe it when your joints ache, but the bottom line is the same: when your joints ache, you want to feel better.

Luckily, relieving those achy joints is easier than you may think…

A Simple Temperature Change Can Help Joint Discomfort

The old home remedy of applying ice or heat to joints that ache really does work. You just need to know which to use, when.

If your joints are inflamed, or the pain is sudden, apply an ice pack. Continue reading…

Pain Killers: Why You Should Look for Alternatives Today

Alternatives to Pain KillersYou might think that if you can get a pain killer without a prescription, it must be perfectly safe.

Unfortunately, the frightening truth is that over-the-counter pain killers do have side effects – even when used properly, and according to package directions.

Drug companies aren’t publicizing this, for obvious reasons – they’d rather you live in pain and build their profits.

But, here’s the shocking truth about pain killers. And the reasons why you should avoid pain killers altogether, and go with a natural alternative. Continue reading…

Anti-Aging Superfoods: The Best Foods to Eat in 2015

Best Anti-Aging SuperfoodsIf you’ve made a resolution to look better, feel better, to be better in 2015, then you’re going to want to start with diet – and that means loading up on these anti-aging superfoods!

These are the best foods to eat in 2015, to get healthier, feel better, and look younger. You should probably load up on these now, before everyone else jumps on the superfood bandwagon.

So, let’s get started with the items you should add to your grocery list as often as possible. Continue reading…

Topical Pain Relievers: What Are They? And How Do They Work?

Topical Pain ReliefYou’ve heard about the nasty side effects of pain pills.

After all the reasons to stay away from them are endless.

Maybe you don’t want to flood your system with medication just because you have a muscle ache.

Maybe you are concerned about the side effects of NSAIDs.

Or maybe you just don’t want to choke down another pill.

And now, you’re here – looking for an alternative way to quickly, easily, and effectively relieve your pain. Continue reading…

What Are Chia Seeds? The Ultimate Superfood or Just Another Fad?

Pain Free BackYou’ve probably heard of chia seeds.

Read some articles praising their nutritional value.

Maybe you’ve even read or heard phrases like “superfood” and “the perfect food.”

And maybe you aren’t ready to give in to the hype yet.

Given all the fads and scams out there, I don’t blame you. It’s understandable if you’re a little skeptical about chia seeds.

After all, is anything really a perfect food?

In this article you’ll discover the truth about chia seeds. Not just what they are, but why is everybody raving about them these days and what – if any – benefit they have.

You’ll also discover the best place to get chia seed – if you desire – and find out how to get 10% off your first supply. Continue reading…

Easy Weight Loss Tips: 5 Tricks to Help Hit Your Weight Loss Goals

Simple Weight Loss TipsEvery year – whether it’s part of a New Year’s resolution, a plan to get ready for summer, or a pre-holiday promise to lose weight – you say the same thing.

You’re finally going to get back in shape. Or simply lose 5 or 10 lbs. to fit into a new pair of jeans.

Or maybe you just want to lose weight to look and feel healthier.

Whatever your personal motivation, there’s a clear reason you haven’t already hit your goals:

Weight loss is hard. Continue reading…

Capzasin Arthritis Pain Relief: A Head-to-Head Comparison with Soothanol X2

Capzasin Pain Relief CreamYou’ve seen Capzasin Arthritis Pain Relief at the drug store, and it seems like it should work as a topical pain reliever.

It’s certainly convenient, and, we’ll admit it, it’s less expensive than our option – Soothanol X2.

It makes sense that you would consider trying it out. But before you do, let’s compare it to Soothanol X2 a little more closely… Continue reading…

Where is the Best Place to Buy Chia Seeds?

Where Can I Buy Chia SeedsIt seems you can buy chia just about anywhere these days – from health food stores, and warehouse stores, to your local grocery store. As chia has become more popular, its availability has skyrocketed as well.

But you’re probably wondering whether you can trust every online store offering “pure chia,” and which brands are the best to buy.

With so many places offering chia, it’s a tough question to answer – especially if you don’t know exactly what to look for.

So, in this article, we’ll help make your decision as easy as possible. Continue reading…