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Benefits of Going Vegan: Could It Improve Your Blood Sugar?

going vegan benefitsWhen it comes to improving blood sugar, you know it all – the expensive medications, the diligent calorie counting, the strenuous exercise, the unrelenting stress.

Then there’s the being prepared for the blood sugar spikes, as well as the times your blood sugar plummets.

Sure, you’re in control of your blood sugar…more or less…but it’s certainly no easy task.

What if it didn’t have to be? What if simply going vegan could improve your blood sugar? But if it were that easy, surely you would’ve heard about it, right?

Not necessarily. But it’s true – one of the many benefits of going vegan may be improving your blood sugar numbers.

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How to Naturally Avoid Blood Sugar Spikes

spikes blood sugarYou know when you’re blood sugar has spiked.

The fatigue, thirst, blurry vision, and foggy brain are all dead giveaways.

Not to mention that nervous feeling you sometimes get. Even if you don’t experience all of them, you probably recognize some of them.

These symptoms are not the only reason you need to avoid blood sugar spikes.

As aggravating as they can be, the long-term implications of high blood sugar are far worse.

High blood sugar can increase your risk of stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, and more.

But there’s good news – it is possible to avoid blood sugar spikes naturally, so that you can stay healthy and in control for a long time to come.

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What is Acai Berry? The Secrets Behind the Superfood

acai berry what isBy now you’ve probably heard about the acai berry – how it’s the latest superfood, how people are loving what it’s doing for their health…but what is acai berry?

In this day and age, information moves so quickly that you can hear about something and not actually know what it is.

So if you’re feeling that way about the health benefits of the acai berry, that’s okay because here is everything you need to know about it (including the correct pronunciation).

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Cinnamon and Weight Loss: Are they REALLY Linked?

weight loss cinnamon When we first heard about cinnamon being linked to weight loss, we were intrigued and I’ll be the first to admit it.

Since reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of overall health, anything natural that might help with weight loss is worth looking at.

So, what exactly did we find from our own research? Is there a correlation between cinnamon and weight loss? Can it really help you lose weight? What are the health benefits of cinnamon?

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The Dangers of Juice Cleansing

Juice cleansing dangersThe idea of juicing certainly isn’t new – we even predicted it would be the health trend of 2015.

It can help you get more servings of vegetables and fruits than you might get from diet alone. After all five to nine servings of vegetables a day is a lot of vegetables!

So, if juicing is good for you, why are we even talking about the dangers of juice cleansing?

Because juicing and juice cleanses are two different things – and there are lot of myths out there about juice cleanses.

In this article, we’ll look at the differences between juicing and juice cleanses, as well as examine some of those myths, and assess the benefits and the dangers of juice cleanses.

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7 Foods That Help With Bad Blood Circulation

blood circulation foods There are many reasons you might be interested in knowing what foods help with blood circulation – heart health, brain health…

But let’s be honest, sexual health is definitely one of those reasons, too!

After all, who says you have to settle for a lackluster sex life once you reach a certain age? Not us!

So whatever your reason for wanting to work foods that help with bad blood circulation into your diet, the good news is that it’s easy – and delicious – with these seven options.

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How Does Stress Affect Your Immune System?

Stress immune system Sure, you know stress can make you feel bad, but did you know that it can actually make you sick?

Because of the way stress affects your immune system, it does more than just make you feel bad – it really can make you sick.

And the longer you’re stressed, the more your immune system is affected.

Which is a problem because, according to a survey done by the American Psychological Association in 2011, “most” Americans report having moderate to high stress levels, and 44% of people feel like their stress levels went up in the five previous years.

So, how does stress affect your immune system? Let’s look…

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Are Whole Grains Linked to Helping Fight Cancer?

cancer fightWhen it comes to your health, it seems just about every food has been labeled the latest superfood.

It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. And sometimes, let’s be honest – it doesn’t really matter.

So long as food is healthy, it doesn’t have to be a superfood. It’s okay for it to just be good for you.

But when it comes to cancer, you want more than promises or catch phrases.

That’s where whole grains come in. Because whole grains aren’t just sold as a superfood – whole grains actually are linked to helping fight cancer.
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5 Natural Ways to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes preventSome are looking for ways to prevent diabetes because their doctors have told them it’s time to.

Others want to prevent diabetes because they’ve made some choices that have put them at risk.

We all want to change things before we have that daunting conversation with our doctors.

Whatever has caused you to start thinking about diabetes, one thing is constant across the board – if you’re reading this article, you’re ready to find natural, healthy ways to prevent diabetes.
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Is There a Cure for Back Pain?

Back pain cure Sometimes, you’re looking for a cure for back pain because of the lower ache that just won’t go away.

Other times, you want a cure for back pain because of the sudden twinge that almost buckles your knees.

Whichever the case, one thing stays the same – you want your back to stop hurting and you want it to stop now.

But the frustrating truth is that there is no cure for back pain. However, there are ways to ease it and achieve almost complete back pain relief – even if it’s only temporary.

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How to Prevent Memory Loss: 8 Natural Remedies

Memory Loss Prevention If you’re already having the occasional “senior moment” or if you’re looking to prevent them, learning about how to prevent memory loss becomes more important the older you get.

You know the moments I mean – when you can’t remember where you left your keys…or exactly why you walked into the room…or the name of the street you need to take a left on in order to get to the store.

Because, while the occasional senior moment might be amusing, you don’t really need them to become an everyday occurrence. Luckily for you, age-related memory decline is not inevitable.

So the sooner you look into how to prevent memory loss, the more success you’ll have. Continue reading…

Sleep Health: How Sleep Affects Your Physical Health

Physical Health SleepYou’ve recently learned about sleep health and how it can affect your mental health, but how does sleep affect your physical health?

If you think being too tired only affects your mood, judgement, and mental health, you’re in for a big surprise.

Because while feeling grumpy or even a little slow are definitely side effects of being sleep deprived, they aren’t the only ones you need to look out for

Just like getting too little sleep impacts your mental health, it also impacts your physical health too!

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How to Improve Your Health by Standing

standing healthFor years, people thought that if you went to the gym, or for a good walk some days a week, that it was enough exercise to keep you healthy and physically fit.

Unfortunately, we’re learning that this is no longer the case. More and more studies are indicating that sitting can be detrimental to your health (even if you do go to the gym every day) and that standing can improve your health.

In this article, we’ll look at what sitting for too long does to your body, how to improve your health by standing, and ways you can find the right balance.

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5 Ways to Treat Depression and Anxiety Without a Pill

treat depression waysSome days are harder than others – that’s the truth.

But you still want to maintain your healthy lifestyle, so you’re looking for ways to treat depression and anxiety without pills.

While depression and anxiety can be frustrating, the good news is that we understand more about both conditions than ever before.

Which means there are ways to treat depression and anxiety without pills that past generations didn’t have.

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Get the Best Antioxidants Quickly in these Raw Foods

antioxidants raw foodsYou’ve kicked up your diet already by adding foods high in antioxidants.

You’re eating more fish, more potatoes, and have even started eating beans and legumes because you know they’re foods that are packed with antioxidants – the best antioxidants that can help counter oxidative stress, turn back oxidative damage, and contribute to your overall health, not to mention protect against premature aging.
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