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  • Actos side effects: Dodge this deadly diabetes drug

    The potentially deadly side effects from prescription diabetes drug Actos is liable to cost you a heck of a lot more than just your copay. But the “bill” might not arrive for a couple of years. Oh, and instead of cash you could be paying for it with your life.


  • What’s the Best Topical Pain Reliever for Arthritis Pain? (VIDEO)

  • L-arginine Powder Benefits: The Sexual Secret You Won’t Mind Sharing

    L-arginine powder benefits Maybe you’re trying to keep it a secret. Maybe you’ve stopped flirting with your wife, so even she doesn’t realize what’s going on. Maybe you’re feeling less and less like a man every day. Well, that’s about to change, thanks to L-arginine powder benefits… We’re breaking the silence about any problems you’re having achieving or maintaining rock hard erections anytime y


  • Silence the ringing in your ears

    Dear Dr. Spreen, For years now I’ve had this annoying ringing in my ears. The doctors say I’m fine, but it’s driving me nuts. Sometimes I have trouble concentrating at work, and now it’s even keeping me up at night. I’m I just going crazy? J.L. from Texas Dear J.L., No, you’re NOT crazy, and you’re far from alone. In fact, experts estimate that up to 50 million Americans suffer with unexplained noises… like buzzing, hissing, or ringing… in their ears. But the medical mainstream can’t see it or measure it—and they certainly don’t have any answers for resolvin


  • Menthol Oil – Fast, Safe, & Effective Topical Pain Relief (VIDEO)

    menthol oil Menthol. You know that comforting smell anywhere – it means pain relief is on the way. Nothing else has that cooling sensation when it touches your skin – or makes you feel better faster. But while menthol is one of the most well-known, powerful, over-the-counter ingredients available for pain, you may not actually know that much about this effective pain reliever…


  • Don’t fall for bogus new statin guidelines

    Are you on a statin? If not, hold onto your hat, as you might be much sooner than you think. In fact, according to new statin “guidelines,” if you’re over 60 it’s practically a done deal… more on that in a moment.


  • Capsaicin Extract: Topical Pain Relief Superstar (VIDEO)

    capsaicin extract
    Capsaicin extract is a superstar ingredient used in many topical pain relievers. Capsaicin extract works on all kinds of joint and muscle pain. Perhaps more importantly, it goes to work almost immediately.

    The very first time you use capsaicin extract, you’ll be amazed at the warm relief. That warmth is your indication that the extract is working, and it means your pain is about to go away


  • Restore FX Reviews: Does Restore FX Really Work?

    Restore FX reviews

    People don’t like to talk about it, but thinning or balding hair can be one of the greatest blows to your self-confidence, self-esteem, even your self-worth. But you don’t really want to deal with greasy tonics, or smelly shampoos. You may even be thinking about expensive, painful, and invasive surge


  • Sleep and pain – can you sleep pain away?

    Let’s face it, when you’re suffering with chronic pain usually the last thing you feel like doing is being more physically active. Yet, your docs, and pain experts, insist that there’s a link between sleep and pain --  good sleep is critical to managing your pain, and that the path to you getting a good night’s sleep is through daytime exercise.

    But when you’re feeling too drained and exhausted to move—and your get-up-and-go went into hiding the moment your pain started keeping you up at night—it’s the very definition of a catch-22.

    Now, an interesting


  • Lack of sleep leads to brain damage

    Catching up on your z’s, stealing some shut eye, sawing logs, grabbing 40 winks, or hitting the hay… no matter what you call it, sleep is absolutely critical to our continued good health. Without enough of it we simply, well, start to fall apart. Although we still have more to learn about exactly what happens during the hours that we’re snoozing, we do know that our bodies use this “down time” to get a whole lot of work done. When we short-change ourselves on sleep, some of that work doesn’t get done, and the consequences of lack of sleep can be devastating, raising our risks fo


  • Arthritis Pain Relief Cream: Best OTC Pain Relief for 2014

    Forgive me for being forward, but I have a personal question for you... When your arthritis pain is a memory... when your hands, shoulders, knees and hips are blessedly free to move and turn and bend WITHOUT pain...


  • Argi-Vive III Reviews–Does it work? Real men say “Yes!”

    121198965Are you embarrassed to admit your sex life isn’t what it used to be? Are you torn between not wanting to mention it to anyone – especially not other men – and really wanting advice on something that might help you with physical stamina and desire?

    Well, you don’t have to be ashamed any longer. Check out these Argi-Vive III revi


  • 5 Surprising Ways to Boost Libido (VIDEO)

    You still love her. And she’s still as sexy as she ever was. That’s not a problem. It’s just…the urge to do something about that attraction isn’t as strong as it once was. And that’s a problem – because you aren’t ready to be the guy who can’t keep up, who can’t satisfy, who remembers what it used to be like but can’t be bothered to do anything about it. No, you’re the man who wants to protect his sexual vitality. Who knows how to please his woman and won’t let anything get in his way.


  • Urinary tract infections / superbug threat continues to grow

    The superbug problem didn’t exactly sneak up on us. The writing has been on the wall for years. In fact, I first started warning Guide to Good Health readers about antibiotic resistance at least six years ago. Heck, even the mainstream media began to catch on a couple of years back. So, you’d think we’d be starting to get a handle on the issue by now. Sadly, that’s not the case. Not by a long shot, according to a recent study published in the journal Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control.


  • Is your mix of meds causing dangerous drug interactions?

    Shockingly, nearly 23 percent of older Americans are being prescribed drugs that directly conflict with each other. In other words, there’s a very good chance that one (or more) of the drugs you’re taking could cause dangerous drug interactions and make one of your conditions worse!


  • What Are the Best Options for Upper Back Pain Relief? (VIDEO)

    In most commercials and ads that talk about back pain, they show a person grabbing at their lower back. But you know better. You know that’s not the only kind of back pain there is. Upper back pain can be just as unbearable, just as debilitating, as any lower back pain. And we know it, too. That’s why we made sure that Soothanol X2 is as effective at upper back pain relief as it is on all kinds of pain.


  • What’s the Best Treatment for Lower Back Pain Relief? (VIDEO)

    If you have lower back pain, you know how disheartening the routine is. You sit for too long, your lower back hurts. You stand for too long, your lower back hurts. On the golf course, in the garden, chatting with friends, or playing with the grandkids – your lower back hurts. And the more doing the things you love hurts, the less you want to do the things you love. But Soothanol X2 can get you back in the swing of things, and not just keeping up, but leading the way!


  • Are You Suffering from Adrenal Fatigue? Peak Adrenal 6 Can Help

    467255563Have you been feeling moody, or irritable? Overly stressed? Are you tired of being so tired? Just about ready to give up and accept that this is just how life is right now? You might be suffering from adrenal fatigue. But, don’t throw in the towel yet, because help is on the way, and it’s called Peak Adrenal X6


  • Prime Power Supplement Reviews—Real men tell their story

    177431139Maybe you think an awesome sex life is beyond your reach.  Maybe, no matter what the claims or the promises, you won’t believe another sales pitch on how to support your libido and rev things up in the bedroom. So we’ve got something better than a sales pitch – Prime Power supplement reviews, from real men, j


  • Azodicarbonamide sandwiches for dinner?

    Back away from that bagel and put down that panini. I have some news you need to know BEFORE you take one more bite.

    Nearly 500 bread-based foods found lining supermarket shelves—or being served in restaurants all over the United States—could contain a potentially hazardous industrial chemical that’s used in plastic products. Continue reading


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